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Monday, July 18, 2011


UiTM has apparently invited nominations for the Ibrahim Ali Award. The award is reserved for those “students who have proven they have "clear and consistent" principles in upholding their race.”

UiTM Ibrahim Ali Award

(Source: IMPAK UiTM).

Great. Congratulations UiTM.

For this act, I am bestowing UiTM with the Manage-To-Entertain-Despite-Total-Lobotomy-Done-On-You Award.

This award entitles you to a free “noodle eatery hair and shirt guard”.


Damn, since UiTM’s initiative is so good, I am throwing in a 2nd prize, which is :-


Oh well, UiTM is so good, I would throw in a 3rd prize as well (I am feeling generous today) :-


Soon, Malaysia will have its inaugural entry into this website, I suppose.

Malaysia Boley!


rendrazaleigh. said...

naughty but funny. LOL

nn said...

joke of the year.

Anonymous said...


With education institutions like UiTM, no wonder the local graduates cannot find employment except to apply to MACC to be porn watching officers or to JAKIM as khalwat spies.

Anonymous said...

everything's not spared in their quest for power.

Uni even bend that low to help
promote it.

We are really heading to wawasan 2020.

And this is mahathirst vision all along

Anonymous said...

wow , this marah institute sudah naik jadi univarsity kah !?

peacefully Potent said...

After watching the events unfolded for the past few weeks, I learned many things. I learned about Aunty Bersih. I learned about necessity for Clean and Fair election. Foremost, I learned a new terminology called Najib. It started as possibly a Malay word but it is international now. Absolutely applicable in English, Italian, Latin Indian or Mandarin. Cakap tak serupa bikin, = Bikin tak serupa cakap = Najib.

Do I deserve an award too ?!? ;-)

Deux Anges said...

The thing I find most sad about this is that my dad spent nearly the whole of his working life, 30-odd years, as a lecturer at uITM, or just ITM as it was known at the time. He is a man (yes, we are of Chinese origin) who spent his entire career trying to uplift the Malay people.
In fact, there was a time when many non-Malays teaching in ITM around the late 70's and early 80's; Chinese, Indian, Ceylonese and even a few Filipinos. This part of history seems to have been dissapeared Stalin-style. Melayu mudah lupa indeed!
Now the thing is that I am actually not bitter nor angry about it. Malaysia has provided my family with enough opportunities and a good enough education for me to broaden my horizons and spread my wings. However, these wings have taken me to distant shores and the truly saddest thing is that I am unlikely to return.

flyer168 said...


OMG, with the blessings & approval of the Education Minister???

Like that Die lor....

Our Education system down into the gutter again!!!

Linwenquan said...

Very soon we will see hundreds of Ibrahim Ali clones spewing racists sentiments. UiTM is certainly proud to have this dinosaur amongst its alumni who claims to be a Mass Com (Mass Hysteria more aptly)graduate and a student of propaganda from a 'School of Freedom' in Germany, who cannot even think and articulate logically. (Incidentally,propaganda is a dirty word in postwar Germany) Instead of encouraging its students to pursue studies that will stand them in good stead in facing the challenges and demands of globalisation, we have UiTM promoting the cult and mischief of a miscreant and a literal 'katak dibawah tempurung'. Good luck, UiTM and congratulations. You have made my day.

Anonymous said...

Since when a frog also has a consistent principles....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

those who chicken out during the demo like katak should go and get reward from Big bro Katak

Antares said...

Hahahahaha! Fascists are sooooo funny, aren't they? Heeheeheehee!

Anonymous said...

What a contradiction? The Education Ministry forbids students from involving themselves in politics but at the same time approves an "Ibrahim Ali" award offered by a loud mouth racist, obnoxious and cowardly politician to UiTM. One can only deduce the present government via the Education Ministry as propagating racism in local education institutions. I pity the UiTM students as they will be hard pressed to find employment after graduating from a real low class and low standard "university".

UiTM = University of Imbeciles & Topnotch Morons.

Anonymous said...

Fascists are funny until they start knocking on your door.

Anonymous said...

Actually I am wrong.

It should be

'Fascists are funny until they start knocking DOWN your door'.

Anonymous said...

Why fret on things like this? I am sure we can outdo whatever the UMNO people do.

For example, we could equally have some kind of a Mat-Sabu award. Only flunkies need to apply, and those who have clear articulations on their political beliefs need NOT apply. Smart ones, those with CGPA above 3.0, are automatically disqualified. Those who could intersperse within their speeches, innuendos or sexually-inclined satires (that kampung people loves soooo much) have higher points to win. Looks are important: those who have them will be least considered. And the ones who have any history of being in the close proximity with women in a hotel room disguised under "health consultancy" for minyak urut, stand more chance to be given the award.

Equally possible too would be an Anwar-Ibrahim-Lifetime-Achievement award. Academic excellence not necessarily a must: ability to talk is. Those with penchant for spinning, or melodramatizing tiny injuries so that they appear as life-threatening ones, are encouraged to apply. Knowledge of Economics, or lack thereof, is a plus. Potential winning points include the applicant's free and open mindedness on sexuality. In fact gays should apply. Straight heteros can also apply although their applications will be subjected to other lifestyled-people's rights of refusals.

For increased chances of winning, applicants are encouraged to visit LemanPulut's site, and the ones with the nastiest and most scatological comments shooting down Leman Pulut after this will gain merits that can serve towards favourable outcomes in their applications for said award.

September 16th is the deadline for nominations.


Sam said...

Salam Art,

You are hilarious !. Good one !.

Anonymous said...

Do not be disparaged by these things Mr Art..little acts by little people.

We ARE moving on and forward and if there are people who will not see.....they must have their little reasons.

I wish you well


Anonymous said...

These comical/desperate acts are far too common now, its not funny anymore.

Institute of higher learning was roped in to promoting their narrow agenda.

If decent people/activist dont act soon to inject some decency, it is quite predictable where it will all end.

If left totally to the politicians with narrow personal and party agenda, this country will soon be controlled by handful of power brokers.

Already you can see only handful of people is pulling the commercial string in Sarawak, sabah, and even Malaysia as a whole.

Looking at the recent spate of mergers/acquisition, it's going to get even more concentrated.

So they will keep beating the drum so your attention is focused on the noise. You may know the whole ordeal, but innocent minds like your child, your grandchild, may not.

Mind you, they set the drum into the institute of education/ bimbingan.

Anonymous said...

What I.A. "Katak" is trying to instill in these young ignorant mind reminds me of the ugly stories of criminal syndicates that kidnapped kids, maimed them, so they will be more efeectively in begging a la "Slum Dog Millionaire".

He is brainwashing these young minds with all the BS, that they are handicap and need crutches to survive. Furthermore, he is trying to convince them that they are born with exclusive rights to these so called "crutches".

I.A. is doing the bumi a great disservice. It's about time to award him with the ultimate award, the Distinguish RIP Award.

Anonymous said...

and my taxes go towards an institution that promote racism. damn shit.

Navi said...

The first outright winner of the Principled Katak award should go to the Vice chancellor of UITM itself who approved the award.
While the World is marching forwards, our so-called leaders are taking steps back into ignorance and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Months later , this award-winner pegi minta kerja :-

A: Mr.Boss, saya Alison.
B: Ok, tell me about yourself.

A : I won this Aliba's son award of rm5k & his honor sendiri gave me the prize !
B : WHO is dat fellow !?

A : Oh, u dun know him ?? He is our malay hero , greater than Hang Tua & mamaktiu man !

B : Bagus ...how GREAT is he ?
A : He ah ? dulu he anti-bn BUT now sayang-bn ; b4 he represented
new & old umNO & Pas but now frog-jumps as independent but pro-bn hoping to be a mentri of hutan !

B : wow, apa lagi ?
A : He said kristians mau control our country ...men mau cari call-girls because their wives
NOT sexy like yen2 & cannot make-love shiok2 ...he was supposed to lead thousands of perkosa members on 709 to lawan the YELLOW bersih BUT his bini said 'TAK boleh' ...his inglis veri good one like mine & he likes toking ' shit shit shit '...we love him veri2 much & hope he can be our NEXT pm after GE13 or 14 !

B : WOW, he manyak lcly !
A : YES, He is my IDOL... bigger than Saifool , Baginda, Semivalue , dato Ts, dogtor Ti, Mee ramli ..,
michael jackson , Yau min, Ronni ,
Rambo, James bomb, Bruce Lee, Jet Lee, dato khan , and ...and .... ...Tarzan !

B : OK ,ok, cukup,CUKUP !
A : Hehehehe ... you want me !?

B : YES, to go & fly kite with your idol !
A : When !?
B : NOW & get OUT !
A : ...?...? ... @#$%^&* !

AT Saari said...


feeling embarrased of their own (Impak mgmt)stupidity they decided to remove the posting of the announcement on the Katak Award from their web.

is this not what we call 'Buat Kerja Tarak Guna Otak Punya' and this tarak guna otak work comes from a suppose to be an institution of higher learning.

Anonymous said...

what happen if other previous graduates want to name their reward after them?Boy! You dont ask University to name the reward after you!

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