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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Malaysia's Funniest Man 2008

Malaysian Insider proclaims Mahathir Mohamad as Malaysian of the Year 2008. ARTiculations... hereby proclaim him as Malaysia’s Funniest Man 2008.

And the award goes to...Mahathir Mohammad.

Mahathir should be awarded or crowned as Malaysia's Funniest Man of 2008. He merajuk with Pak Lah and he left UMNO thinking there would be an exodus from UMNO. As it turned out, only Sanusi Junid, his wife and his son Jani followed suit. Even Mukhriz did not.

He then continued to critisise UMNO from outside UMNO. Had people done that during his reign as UMNO President, he would have said "it is none of your business!". He then told UMNO supporters not to vote for UMNO just to show their unhappiness at UMNO leadership. But at the same time, he accused Zaid Ibrahim of sabotaging UMNO and supporting other parties. He is obviously one damn funny character.

Then he became obsessed with UMNO elections. He wanted those whom he think would follow his "outside orders" to win. He threw his obvious support for some candidates and poured scorn on others. He of course supports his son Mukhriz, his protege Najib and Muhiyuddin. Others he accused of money politics. He even threatened UMNO's disciplinary board. He said if actions are not taken by the board against these evil money politicians, he would expose them one by one. He assumed the functions and cloak of a complainant, investigator, prosecutor and Judge. That is so Mahathir. Nothing new about that. Then what happened? After making innuendos about the identities of those whom he thought had been involved in money politics and making a meal out of it, he said he has got no proof after all! Uahahahahahaha...he's such a funny man, this Mahathir.

He now laments the fact that UMNO is infested to the root with money politics. He says now that the leaders are not doing enough about it. Funny. Because he knew all the while that money politics thrived in UMNO during his 22 year reign as its President. He himself had cried about it once during UMNO General Assembly. What did he do to combat money politics other than crying? He did nuts! And now he laments, complains, whines, shouts and screams about it. He is one funny man.

He now blames Pak lah for all the bad things in UMNO and all the corruptions in Malaysia. He accused Pak Lah of cronysm and nepotism. How very funny that is. First of all, he was the one who chose Pak Lah as his successor in true UMNO tradition of power transmission (meaning the outgoing President has the right to choose his successor who would of course continue to protect the outgoing President's interests). Then when Pak Lah exhibited signs of being his own man and decided to scrap Mahathir's favourite crooked bridge project, he turned against Pak Lah. Isn't that a bit more than funny? I think it is. He is totally blameless for anything and everything. Other people are all wrong except for him.

Than he instigated UMNO members to challenge Pak Lah. However he realised that it is difficult to do so because of the provisions in the UMNO Constitutions or election regulations giving massive advantage to incumbent and imposing various difficulties on any challenger. Mahathir than shouted and screamed that those provisions are unfair and ought to be removed. Hahahaha...he forgets that he was the one who inserted those provisions in the first place. He did that to make it difficult for him to be challenged when he was the UMNO President. He wanted to cling to his position no matter what. So he ensured that he could not be challenged. Now when he wanted Pak Lah to be challenged, he suddenly found that those provisions are undemocratic and demanded that those provisions be removed. ROTFLMAO!!! Uahahahahaha... ur da funny man Mahathir.

He then went about saying Pak Lah destroyed UMNO. Of course he forgets that he was the one, through his Counsel in the UMNO 11 case, argued that the original UMNO was an illegal society and ought to be deregistered. When the Court did so, he said it wasn't him but the Court which declared UMNO illegal. He then registered UMNO Baru, which is the current UMNO. How funny is that? Robim Williams does not even come close. Eddy Murphy pales in comparison to this man.

Then he said bloggers should be more responsible forgetting that he was more than irresponsible. Apart from making innuendos in respect of those whom he believed were involved in money politics, he also stoke up racial sentiments when it suits him. Then he tells Malaysians and politicians not to stoke up racial sentiments. Oh ur such a foony foony man Mahathir.

Before that, he was angry to the bone with the findings of the Royal Commission on the Linggam video tape. He said the Royal Commission was unfair on him and had made findings which are not supported by evidence. He accused the Royal Commission of making findings based on assumptions. But at the same time, he also assumed that Anwar Ibrahim was a sodomite. And he assumed Pak Lah and KJ and everybody else as corrupt. Whatever it was, this fighting old man never challenge the finding of the Royal Commission in Court. Perhaps he could not trust the Courts too. Why is it that he could not trust the Courts? Well, he should know the answer because he is the most knowing, the most clever and the most wise. He is the man.

He had 22 years at the top. He pioneered absolutism in Malaysia. He is the father of tolled highways; independent power producers; sodomy charges; Formula 1 racing; Le Tour de Langkawi (although he abhors the Monsoon Cup for one reason or another!); tallest twin building in the world, longest teh tarik in the world and everything which is the thickest, thinnest, biggest and everything else. Now, he is Malaysia’ Funniest Man 2008.

Long live Mahathir.


mei1 said...

Malaysia's Funniest Man of 2008? "Yeak", I think "the best Bolehland Oscar actor of 2008" is more appropriate. what do you think?

Cruzeiro said...

In a sense, I actually agree that Mahathir desrves the title of "Malaysian of the Year".

You see, this kinda "awards" don't necessarily go to the best person, or the one who does the most good.

It is simply the person who makes the most outrageous headlines - for better or worse.

Maybe in this case it was simply for being as what you say, the "Funniest" Man.

IMHO, I believe the award should go to his supporters on the street (not the ones who stand to gain), for being the stupidest!

ajipp said...

you are wrong mr harun

besides crying, mahathir also jampi, doa terkumat - kamit untuk membenteras korupsi.....

kaedah ini sepatutnya di patent kan oleh kerajaan malaysia....

Born2Reign said...

The first animal that came to mind is the Tasmaniam devil. Looks harmless and small, but has a bad temper, bites and is ferocious. Madhater is like that - senile, grumbling, complain, complain, has inflated ego...

Anyway it's a new year, I want to close this chapter on Madhater.

Anonymous said...

i think TDM should share the award with the IGP, the AG, the CJ and the PIGS in Umno.

zorro said...

Funniest or Most Insidious? Just semantics probably?

Anonymous said...

My dear Ar.H.... ;-)

Not only in 2008 but the funniest ever. Yes, funnier than Jamali Shadat, Scenario, etc etc

You can also add other adjectives such as recalcitrant, egoistical, deafest, myopic ... and so on.

He also forgets that where one fingers point at someone, three will point back at oneself.


Satish said...

Hmm...for me, I think the funniest Malaysian is Dato Syed Hamid Albar..

Remember when the journalist was put in ISA,..he said it was for her safety !!

Anonymous said...

Well. U don't call him "kar" Tun for no reason, right?

koolgeek said...

when all things failed, he tries to divert the 'disunited' malays attention to interfere in the wars at Middle East.

home is almost collapsing, yet he is busy trying to put out bush fire far far away.

his strategy, project himself as the hero of the islamic world so malays can then all 'sembah' him again.

koolgeek said...

open letter to barack hussein obama pulak... he is not only the farniest malaysian of 2008.. he is also the farniest man of 2009.

Drachen said...

Mamak is also the most cynical man in Malaysia. He still thinks Malaysians are congenitally stupid and everything - I mean EVERYTHING - is to be exploited to his own advantage.

Anonymous said...

Samy Velu is in the top 5 funnies, so many clowns -very hard to decide.

My vote would go to our home minister Albar the clown.


Vijay Kumar Murugavell

LAT said...

True Malaysia Malay like you are so very different from UMNO- Malay,because you speak nothing but the TRUTH but these UMNO-Malay-TRASH only know how to talk cock !

Daef said...


Plus a Lifetime Award for My Ends Justifies Whatever Means.