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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Elizabeth Wong - HRH has Spoken

Okay. I am reproducing the following excerpt from what is said to be the press statement by HRH the Sultan of Selangor on the Elizabeth Wong issue. The full press statement appears at Rocky's Bru. Among others, the Sultan says:

"His Royal Highness is upset and worried as of late the intrusion of someone’s privacy and private rights was being used to destroy one’s dignity and reputation. It is a sad thing as one’s life and private rights were being made public and subject to public scrutiny by publicising in the mass media.

To Yang Berhormat Elizabeth Wong, His Royal Highness felt sad and sympathised with her as to the unfortunate event she had suffered and hoped that Yang Berhormat Elizabeth Wong will remain calm and be patient in continuing with her life henceforth". (all emphasises are mine).

I am not involved at all in all these. I don't even know who Elizabeth Wong was until I saw her picture (not the naked ones, I must hastily add) in the media when her nude picture controversy came to light. But as a human being, I must express my gratitude to HRH the Sultan of Selangor for this extremely wise statement and position. I must say, and I am saying this without any intention of being patronising or condescending, that that was a Royal conduct befitting of a Royal and a Ruler who is wise, fair and is obviously full of humility.

Now. It is obvious that whoever who was involved in this sordid episode, apart from having committing a criminal offence, has saddened, worried and upset HRH the Sultan of Selangor. That means the person who took the picture. And also the person who made the picture public. That's not all. The hot shot editors of all the newspapers which exploited this issue for various reasons, journalists who partook in this disgusting and shameless journalistic voyeurism and those producers of all the TV news who also participated in this wholly shameful act of breach of privacy shamelessly masked as "berita untuk anda semua" have also saddened and caused HRH great upset and sadness. And if any politician(s) or political party or parties is or are involved in any way in this controversy, they are also guilty of making HRH the Sultan of Selangor upset, worried and sad.

The question to be asked therefore is this. Have all these people committed treason by making HRH upset and sad? Or by doing something which HRH deems unfortunate and worrying?

All of us noticed that Hishamuddin Hussein, Zahid Hamidi, Khairy Jamaluddin et al have all come out strongly recently to support the Rulers. In fact Khairy was reported to have said that traitors should be banished. Demonstrations were organised to convey this message to those who were deemed to have angered the Sultan of Perak in particular and The Rulers in general.

I wonder whether, in the light of the above statement by the Sultan of Selangor, they would now do the same.

Alas, it astounds me that so far, nobody has come out to support the above statement by the Sultan.


skylight said...

Only the wise sees the truth.

Anonymous said...

Those ball lickers kept quiet because they are most likely the culprit! If not it is their boss, or family member. All pieces of shit!

Surely you don't want to banish yourself right?


Dear Art

As a member of the Malaysian Bar, please tell me, isnt there a law that states quite clearly that anyone found with indecent material (photos, CDs, DVD , videos etc etc), unless these are immediately surrendered to the police, is criminally guilty of holding pornograhic material? And if they cause it to be disemminated or circulated among the public, that is a further criminal act? If this is true, then why are not the police going after the so-called hot-shot editors and the so called jounalists responsible and charging them for a ciminal act?

I believe Eli Wong has a clear case for pursuing an invasion of privacy against all thses so-called hot-shots. Perhaps you should take up ths case!

LAT said...

All these so call "Royal Defenders" chose to defend "issues" they LIKE only. Seek to uphold "Constitutional Mornarch" as enshrinded in our Constitution ? No, but "UMNOtutional Mornarch" ! I would perceived them as a group of "brain-drained" gorillas jumping and demonstrating on the street trained and instructed by KJ-OXford !

Anonymous said...

A very sad Malaysia. I give up.

peng said...

You have a good point here. Most are good at practicing 'double-speak'..