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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Missing The Concept

In image building, it is good to have a concept. But the trouble with having a concept is that the concept should be followed up with or backed by a blueprinted plan to achieve whatever is set out to be achieved by the concept. It must be borne in mind however, having a concept is one thing, implementing a concept is another and of course, missing a concept, especially in Malaysia, is as easy as getting dead or into a coma in a police lock-up.

So, let us say we have a concept and our concept is "change". We should then have some ideas as to what change we want to achieve. Then we should have a plan on how to achieve that change which we want. After that, we should all go out and do whatever is being planned in order to achieve that change. That is how it works. Well, at least, that is how I think it should work.

1Malaysia, as a concept, is lovely, I think. It is like saying to all of us peaceful citizens of Malaysia, "my friends, lets be together and love this nation of ours; lets live work, eat, drink, joke and whatever together; lets all cari makan together, share whatever we have; lets make this beautiful country of ours a better place for us and for our children." That is how 1Malaysia could be "marketed" and "sold" to all of us by an honest Government which is passionate about this country pf ours and the people.

Well, that is as far as I understand it to be. Or rather, that is as far as I wish it should be. In so far as how our Government wishes it to be, I would not know. Because, so far, this concept has not been explained. Nor has it been said anywhere by anybody on what this concept is all about; what its objectives are and what are the plans to achieve its objectives.

Whatever this concept might entail, the signs and the body language are however not good. Yes. Not good at all. Why, you may ask me.

Well, just yesterday, our newly minted DPM was reported to have said that the Chinese are ungrateful for voting for PR and not for the BN Government. He further was quoted to have said that the Government felt deceived by the Chinese. Apparently, despite the Government's "assistance" to the various vernacular schools, the Chinese still did not vote for the BN and therefore they were not grateful. He also lamented the fact that the Chinese had failed to reciprocate after receiving various benefits from the Government.

That is what I call a classic - in the same vein as Si Luncai, Pak Pandir, Lebai Malang, well you get the idea - case of missing the blinking concept. If those statements are to be the norm from our DPM, then I must say 1Malaysia would be just another concept which soon will buy a one way ticket to junksville. Just like Islam Hadhari. Just like Bersih Cekap Amanah. Just like Gemilang Terbilang and Cemerlang. All will Hilang!

The people are entitled to developments. Regardless of whether they are Chinese, Indians, Malays or whatever. The schools are the responsibility of the Ministry of Education. Sufficient allocations to the schools are part and parcel of the administration of the education system in the country. And the people are entitled to a good education. Therefore, allocations to schools IS THE RESPONSIBILITY of the Government. And this responsibility is there ALL THE TIME. Not only during by-elections or General Elections time.

When the Government makes allocations to these schools, such allocations ARE NOT GIFTS to whoever. Such allocations constitute the Government's discharge of one of its duties to the people. The people therefore don't have to be grateful to the Government for that. They don't even have to thank the Government. They could even go out to out vote the Government because of whatever reason despite the fact that the Government had done its duty in making the allocations to the schools. That is the people's right. And what do you call that? It is called DEMOCRACY!

And quite what are the so called benefits which the Government has given the Chinese about which the DPM was lamenting? I want to know. What? And when? Are these vote buying exercise? What? Pray tell me. Because you have obviously tickled my curiosity.

To those who do not know the concept of Governmental duties, allow me to explain in simple language. I am even typing this real slowly in case you cannot read fast enough.

A Governmental position, such as a Ministry, is a position of trust. The Minister is a trustee. All the powers which the Minister has are held by the Minister on trust. For who? For the people. For the subject. The people/subject are the beneficiary of this trust.

As a trustee, the Minister has fiduciary duties to the people. Fiduciary duties demand that the Minister must AT ALL TIME execute his powers in the best interest of the beneficiaries of the trust, which in case you have already forgotten, are the people. The Minister therefore should avoid any position of conflict of interest in executing his Ministerial powers.

What is a conflict of interest? Well, that is easy. Basically, if the Minister is about to do something, he should avoid a position where his personal interest might benefit from whatever action he wants to take. Easy. For example, if a Minister wants to make allocations to schools to an area where a by-election is going on or about to go on, and a candidate from the Minister's party is also running in that by-election, the Minister should then postpone his decision. Why? Because the Minister would be in a position of a conflict of interest. Why is it a conflict of interest? Because in such circumstances, it could be argued that the reason for such allocation is to make the Minister's party popular thus ensuring a victory of the Minister's party in the by-election. It could also be argued that the Minister chose to make the allocation to the schools in the by-election areas because of the by-elections and not because of the needs of those schools.

That is the concept of Ministerial powers and their exercise in a Common Law-based democracy. Like the one in Malaysia.

People, lets not be conned by any other concept.


Antares said...

Lucidly ARTiculated, my friend. Only an obese & slightly retarded mole - or other troglodytic, tempurung-dwelling lifeform - could fail to understand your message.

Kris said...

As clarifying as always. It is disappointing to note the DPMS statements, that they were deceived and that we should be grateful. Juxtapose this against the statements they make when he and his cohorts are handed positions of power, that "they are grateful for the trust and faith the people have shown them in appointing them". Who is beholden to whom? You answered that in your post, as our elected administration in ostensibly a healthy vibrant democracy, they are responsible and beholden to us to serve the people and the nation. How soon they forget...

Malaysian Malaysia said...

whoa, interesting..as expected from a law student...you made it very clear for an engineering student like me..this is another nice blog..thanks for those nice posts dude...u earned my respect! :)

animah said...

It's worrying that the DPM is completely off the mark with basic concepts.

But is there not also a clear case of conflict of interest involving the PM who is also the Finance Minister being related to the CEO of a major bank. Now if CIMB were to breach some banking regulation, do you think Bank Negara would dare take action, given that they fall under the Ministry of Finance?

Nazir (or better still Najib) should resign.

Pink Bunny said...

Art, marry me please!!!

Kufu said...

It is really baffling that a DPM can utter such nonsense statements. Some things never change, but the man on the street is changing or should I say learning. If the man on the street can articulate that it is nonsense, one just wonder how cohesive is this 1Malaysia? Everything coming out from the cabinet seems to be nonsense at the moment. It kind of portrays that being a minister in Malaysia is 'kacangputeheasy', which unfortunately is not true. Stupidity runs deep somewhere here.

LAT said...


You have rung out the message very loud and clear for us "Anak Malaysia" ! My heartfelt thanks my learned friend.

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm very glad that the DPM uttered those words, which proves my suspicions about him all along. And now it's confirmed, none in UMNO and the cabinet is of any quality.


donplaypuks® said...

I was 100% certain Mopeydopeymuhy would come back with 'I was misquoted' or 'It was a Zionist conspiracy to embarass me!'.

And sure enough, today he claimed the Chinese reporters did the dirty on him.

We should all push for Merictocracy and Open Government so that scarce resources (natural, human and economic) becomes the norm not only CONCEPTUALLY but also in actual practice.

Singam said...

But, but... isn't it the God-given right of the ruling party to co-opt the instruments of government to perpetuate their right to rule?

After all, they are doing it in Myanmar and Zimbabwe, so it must be right. Right?

Yeah, right!

donplaypuks® said...


I meant allocation of scarce resources.....

Anonymous said...

Unless properly explained and followed up with key reforms, at the most 1Malaysia will end up like Islam Hadhari. Just a slogan without contents.

Wenger J Khairy said...

I think Najib has gotten himself into a pretty pickle. 1 Malaysia was just to win the by-election and in doing give him a boost into his premeirship.

When it failed, the 1 Malaysia thing is exposed as hollow, because 1 Malaysia and UMNO cannot coexist. Its either one or the other.

More worrying for Najib now is not 1 Malaysia, rather 1 UMNO, as the party is breaking apart. Hopefully, he can stop the rot.

Anonymous said...

Well said Wenger J Khairy - UMNO and 1Malaysia simply cannot coexist! If it does implement 1Malaysia, the party will lose whatever it stands for and lose a significant voting block.

cowboymalaysia said...

well articulated! it's a noble pursuit to let merit rule the day. This is perhaps the only right and duty we owe ourselves. Please read my Malay Rights article part 1&2 in my blog www.cowboymalaysia.com