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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Morons are everywhere!

Politics, among others, is about forming ideals and persuading others to agree with those ideals. In democracy, politics, ideally, is about representing the masses who share such ideals. It is about gaining power through the trust given by the masses and using that very same power to achieve the very ideals which form the basis of the support given by the masses.

It is about serving the State in a way he or she thinks is right. In a way which the voters believe to be right. It is at the point where the beliefs, dreams, aspirations and wishes of the voters meet with the beliefs, dreams, aspirations and wishes of the politician that the premise for the support for that politician is built.

Upon the procurement of that support, the politician must pursue such beliefs, dreams, aspirations and wishes on behalf of the State and her people to the best of his or her ability. Because those beliefs, dreams, aspirations and wishes have become the politician's trust.

All the powers which come with the position of the politician are to be used only for the purpose of achieving those things. And not for any other purpose.

That to my mind is the function of a politician who seeks to be in power and who is possessed with the power.

However, sadly, in our country, most politicians seek power - in various means - because of vanity, greed, ego and the primordial need to lord over the masses. Most of those who walk along the corridors of power are merely interested in the pursuit of self preservation and the idolisation of their "leaders" as if those "leaders" are some God-sent creatures worthy of adulation and worshipping.

The beliefs, dreams, aspirations and wishes of the masses are not important. In fact, they are never mentioned nor thought about. Politics, to these creatures, is about them and themselves. And themselves. And nothing more.

These people ought to be tied up and thrown into the sea, with a very heavy bulk of steel attached to their feet.

Just look at this report. There was nary a mention about serving the people. Or hatching a plan to make the State a better place. About dreams. About aspirations. All they talked about is about money. About this and that persona. About me scratching your back and you licking my balls. The people? The State? Well, who the hell are they?

Now if PKR is just about this and is full of people like this sad and moronic flesh and bones, may I suggest that PKR either clean its act NOW or it can choose to dissolve the party.

It just proves that morons are everywhere.

I am disgusted!


jonno1951 said...


I couldn't agree with you more. Malaysian politicians are about their greedy selves. They are the worst kind of pariahs. Some may do it initially for the most honorable reasons - the people but eventually, they succumb to the intoxication of the power. I always believed that only scoundrels become politicians, no exceptions. It is always about expediency

Eazy said...

It had become a political culture, festered too long by cronyism & corruption. It amazes me how a position which supposed to be a burden have become a position of endless privileges. Only the person who's willing to serve should be there, rather than someone who only wants to command.

Maybe we should call PM as "People's Servant #1" rather than "YB Prime Minister" to make him remember everyday :P.

mei1 said...

yes, they do need quality politicians but have we pondered over this cruel reality i.e. how many of us, I mean the right thinking citizens willing to take the challenge to be a good politician that really serves as a responsible, dedicated & committed "Yang Berkhidmat"??

Bentoh said...

I think this is a certain degree of difference between grassroots and leaders...

To me it' just human... when you are talking off guard... you tend to talk more on the trivial matter... like money, and like bitching about a certain personality...

Don't tell me you don't bitch about friends or bosses when talking personally with friends hor... :P

donplaypuks® said...

Politics is about the ideal form of government and governing.

Given that many PKR politicians were formerly UMNO stalwarts, it's not surprising that we are witnessing the emergence of the same type of unprincipled politician as before.

The pedigree is very, very suspect and will continue to be so if PKR & UMNO continue to accept each others discredited rejects like Zambry, Zahid Hamid, the 3 frogs in Ipoh etc.

What we need is a new brand of M'sian professionals to come to the fore and change the equation.

Art, the ball is in your court!!

Gan said...

In my opinion - PKR is the weakest link in the PR coalition.

Many of the PKR flers are UMNO "has-beens" and many of their "isi" have not evolved to far from the UMNO mentality.

For PKR to be a real strong ally in PR and ultimately beat UMNO - PKR needs to do some internal exorcism.

Choon Fui said...

There is no check and balance in Malaysia. Too many corruptions.... it will be down right disastrous if opposition come into power. Selangor is one example where corrupt land deals, Disneyland holidays.....etc etc are being revealed if not for the present State Government, the Rakyat will remain ignorant.

The only check and balance is balancing cheques with unnecessary commission payable to the elite. Instead of building more hospitals, universities, easing of utilities (electric and water) for the Rakyat, the ruling party is fueling a racist agenda to remain in power. Groups shouting 'jangan kacau' rule the day with frightening emotion instead of logic and sound reasoning.

Instead of moving forward we are digressing. The intelligent, regardless of race, have migrated and we are being rule by a bunch of people that have no long term plan for the nation to better ourselve but short term agenda to enrich themselves. To decide what language Maths and science should be taught take forever (this is a no braianer). Malaysia is now a country where the Rakyat is a servant to the government. Enough said....... let hope in the next GE, Malaysian can take back the country by a government for the people that practise good governance and transparency......... provided Malaysia is not a police state by then.

Disillusioned Malaysian

nckeat88 said...

PKR right from the start is not about the rakyat. It's all about a man's dream to become PM.

donplaypuks® said...


I disgaree. Without ambition AND leadership, the Rakyat will be just that - Rakyat.

We need poeple like Anwar (warts, moles and batteries included) to break the monopoly and hegemony created by UMNO/BN which has repeatedly proven it WILL NOT be transparent and acoountable to the Rakyat!

beaver said...

let's adopt communism..the shit we have now is no better!!! well, equal distribution of wealth and 24 hours execution of corrupt leaders can't really be bad right?

k89 said...

I totally agree with you Art. Sometimes one gets the feeling that Keadilan is loosing itself. Granted that in its early stages it did attract all kinds of people including those who wanted a forum for their ego or to exploit any opportunity that may arise. I was disgusted with the attitude of the former DCM1 of Pulau Pinang. It is all about the self and all the time condemning what UMNO does. We want to see positive discussions and positive deeds. If things go the way it is going now, people will soon loose confidence in Keadilan. Anwar can forget GE13. He needs to do some serious house cleaning.