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Friday, May 29, 2009

Shocked that Najib Shocked by Ah Long

The Malaysian Insider reported that:
"Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said he was shocked at the cruel and inhumane treatment of ah long (loan sharks) on people who failed to pay up their debts.

"He wants the authorities to take action under the law against such merciless loan sharks.

“I also hope that Malaysians are aware of the risk involved and learn a lesson from the reported inhumane acts committed by ah long, that they should never borrow money from ah long,” he said after announcing the official projection of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate, here, today.
It is very heartening to note the care and concern the Prime Minister has against the treatment meted out by the ah longs in enforcing their payment.

In that vein I am certain he too shares the same care and concern over the murder of Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa by two of the Police DiRaja Malaysia's special branch and ensure that our nation's policemen never carry out inhumane acts on another human being. In case, the Prime Minister forgot the facts of the case, Altantuyaa was treated cruelly and inhumanely when she was shot twice at the side of her left head before being exploded by C4.

We sincerely hope the Prime Minister will advise the Home Ministry to ensure that in future, the Police DiRaja Malaysia's efforts, time and expenses are used to investigate, apprehend and prosecute to conviction offenders like the ah longs instead of going around murdering foreigners or even members of the rakyat like the Altantuyaa case.

Actually Prime Minister, there is nothing shocking about this kind of stories if you lived with the rakyat instead of your palace away from all of us and surround yourself with only the rich and powerful. When you live in the gutter, there's not much to be shocked about except perhaps to be utterly disgusted by the excesses of the Malaysian political and financial elite. But I am certain that will not shock you at all.


Tiger said...

My question is this, where is the nearest Police Station in relevance to this incident?
What were the police patrols in that area doing?
Arresting people in black clothing?
Or people fasting?

Anonymous said...

as usual ... Najib only good in talking cock !!

Hey, wait a second... UMNO and geng also act like ah long wat...holding the rakayt for ransoms !! The latest is PKFZ scandals....not forgeting the submarine, sukhoi and many other scandals.

Like ah long.... UMNO/BN uses ISA to confined its victims (Rakyat) !!

Lets us all send UMNO/BN to hell come PRU13 !!

Hidup Rakyat !!


mei1 said...

pure sandiwara lah, just like a couple of visits to Street Petaling, Kg Baru etc will help solve the problem there??

Antares said...

Everything Pink Lips says or does is on the advice of his manyak mahal image consultant. Poor guy has never really had a life since his granddad died & left him a fortune. Then his dad died & left him a political pedigree... *sigh*... such a sad, sad story.

donplaypuks® said...

Those who live in ivory towers!

Anonymous said...

you know we are becoming another phillipines.

housing estates are now engaging private security guards. it san indictment of the failure of the POLICE force. and what has the Govt done? Extend the tenure of the IGP who has obviously failed in his paramount duty which is to protect the citizens.

Wow, would I be cited for sedition for making such a comment? And Art, would you be too for carrying this comment?

Anonymous said...

police go after ah longs?

wow, public relationship for another extension of his tenure?

if you want further info, check with RPK.

Anonymous said...

Selective concerned perhaps...for political mileage only.

Powers that be always in 'shocked', police focus more towards political masters wants and finds it difficult to combat or minimise real crimes.