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Friday, May 22, 2009

This is how it should be, damn it!!

"London police commander to face misconduct trial

LONDON, May 21 - Metropolitan Police Commander Ali Dizaei has been charged with misconduct and perverting the course of justice following his arrest of a man last year, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said today.

The charges against Dizaei, one of Britain's most senior Muslim officers, follow an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) into the arrest, which took place in a London restaurant.

"These charges relate to an incident in which Mr Dizaei, in his capacity as a police officer, arrested a man on allegations including assault," said solicitor Gaon Hart, of the CPS Special Crime Division.

"A decision not to charge that individual was made by the CPS in August 2008," he added in a statement.

"Following an investigation by the IPCC, a file was submitted to me in November 2008. I asked the IPCC to undertake further inquiries and I received the results of those inquiries this month." - Reuters"

(the news is taken from the Malaysian Insider )

A police Commander had wrongfully arrested a man. And the man was never charged for any offence. It was a clear abuse of the power to arrest. And that Commander is now being charged for misconduct and perverting the course of justice.

This is how it should be.

But in Malaysia, oh well...we all know how it is.

PS: By the time I do this update, it is confirmed that there will be no charges against the 5 lawyers who were arrested last week. The report is here. Which begs the question, why were they arrested? Minister Nazri told the Bar that there are Courts in this country and asked the Bar to allow the Courts to decide on whether the 5 lawyers had committed any offence. Now, where is the offence, may I ask?


abRO said...

Well ArtH,

In our beloved Malaysia, the police officers are above the laws. They can do no wrong.

That makes Malaysia very unique.

That makes me vey proud being a Malaysian.

mei1 said...

Did they ask BC to do soul-searching?? Or form political party to contest in the election?

IPCMC?? Wait lah...

Also never hope that they will feel shameful of their wrongsdoings & follow the way that Britain's speaker Michael Martin apologised (though different situition but there's no "IF" word in his apology):

"Please allow me to say to the men & women of the UK that we have let you down very badly indeed.....We must all accept blame & to the extent that I've contributed to the situition, I'm profoundly sorry."

animah said...

The head of Scotland Yard resigned last month as confidential documents he was carrying into No 10 could be seen by the press.

Some of the UK minister's jobs are on the line due to the MPs expense claim scandal (and the speaker has stepped down). Gordon has said they will need to field new candidates in the next elections and none of those with questionable expenses.

In Malaysia, Zakaria Deros still could stand in the election (though he lost his seat, and died shortly after).

What is wrong with us?

donplaypuks® said...

If the Poice Commission set up in UK (and also in Australia)some years back did not hurt them, why are our I Police Raja and the I Raja Polis deliberately blocking and sabotaging the IPCMP here?

What makes our Police so special and why is the Govt afraid to put it's foot down?

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

"donplaypuks® said...
If the Poice Commission set up in UK (and also in Australia)some years back did not hurt them, why are our I Police Raja and the I Raja Polis deliberately blocking and sabotaging the IPCMP here?

What makes our Police so special and why is the Govt afraid to put it's foot down?
dpp "
Why is govt. afraid? Cos the top police have files and files of the wheeling and dealing of the DIRTY politicians. This may leak out if the govt. gets tough.

Anonymous said...

If in Malaysia, they decide to charge the police officer, the lawyers community should not defend the person. Lawyers of Malaysia, boycott giving legal advise to police officers in trouble now and in the future.

Anonymous said...



LAT said...

From now on, the tentative charge against all those who appear before the PDRM and if they don't like your mere presence before them is the offence of "Section 999 of ISA PDRM 2009", arrest & detain "Ikut Sukahati Angkatan PDRM" ! You will be remanded at the pleasure of PDRM. LOL !

kopitelp16 said...

Why are those lawyers arrested but the no charges are brought against them? The answer is so obvious!

Well, as you can see, it was just after dinner at that time. So, lepas makan dan berak, the Head-Hunter got nothing to do and got so damn bored even masturbation gives him no satisfaction. Suddenly he notices there are people breaking the law by lighting candles in a small group. The rest.... was history.

The his balls shrunk so small due to the Bar taking affirmative action against his abuse of power. So let go the lawyers la and hope people in Bolehland got short memory as suggested by some Mamak.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if tou ever lived in UK for long. I think the prosecution of the British Police Officer is not a strong argument.

He is a Muslim and damm British hates Muslim. No wonder he was charged. If we relate to Muslim in UK is just similar with non-Malay or opposition in Malaysia. But the Scotland Yard example is a good one.

However in Malaysia, the police is just like the Indonesian Armed Forces during Suharto era. the only diffirent is that PDRM dont have any seats in politics. But their actions, I think worst than TNI.

donplaypuks® said...

Anon 18.06

If in M'sia, you think a white cop would have been promoted past the constable rank? Muahaah!

Anonymous said...

Art - FYI when I read this yesterday, I found it a bit suspicious. Ali has accused the Met of racial discrimination and has written an expose. The timing of this accusation, in my mind, sucks. However, the parallels stop there as yes, there are more skeletons in cupboards being exposed and people being made accountable.

Anonymous said...

you are talking to a guy who doesnt even how to spell the words "rule of law". he is a law unto himself and yet get away with it coz BN needs him to do the dirty work.

i scratch your back , you scratch mine, aint it?

IPCMC? yup, when BN is kicked out.

Tiger said...

Come 2013, when the police (under a different Federal Govt) starts to arrest BN people, I wonder if they will question,"Hey, how come police can arrest me? They're not fair."