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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where do they go?

I want you to find a newspaper now. You can try NST or The Star. Now. Serious. Go. Go. I can wait. Got it? Good. Okay, now turn to the classified sections but particularly to those auction pages. Easy to find one. You just look for those pages sponsored by banks that do a much nicer column or area for all the properties they are trying to auction off. Those are much more helpful and easier to look through than those awful ones which are contained in an advertised court order. Now take a close look at many of those apartments and houses being auctioned off. How much do they go for? Quite pathetic isn't it? You have some apartments being auctioned off for as low as RM 100k+. What's crazier are those being auctioned off that only cost something like RM 15 - 30K+. And I am fairly certain these are not second homes. These are I think some people's only homes. If they were comfortable enough, they will definitely not live there and sell it off to upgrade themselves.

So what concerns me is not so much that those properties cannot be sold but where are those people who cannot afford such cheap housing going? Think about it. You're poor. You're allocated this house. Then, for whatever reasons, you cannot afford the house. And that is your only house. You are booted out eithr now or later, when the new purchasers come in. Then what? If you are single perhaps you can swing it, but if you have a family? Where can you move them to? And you can bet that these people will also be unhappy, and then if that goes on long enough, perhaps even angry. Angry at themselves, angry at others, angry at life. Because they are also powerless, their anger is then made more pronounced by frustration.

If this trend keeps up, more of the impecunious will be sent into the streets, abandoned land and little nooks and crannies, in a state of anger, frustration, helplessness and poverty.

And when their anger and frustrations begin to boil over. And when our policemen are too busy lining their own pockets and carrying out the bidding of their political masters. And when our politicians are busy lining their own pockets and feeding us lies. And when our royalties are ensconsed in their luxurious and privileged surroundings.

Then where do we go?


mei1 said...

What about these?


http://merdekareview.com/news/n/9642.html 武吉公满“闹出人命”,马华继续“沉默是金”(the Raub gold mining issue, causing a resident passed away recently but Ng Yen Yen kept mum on it)

what's the similarity of these useless ministers? How to deal with it?

CHANGE of federal gov is what we need as there's no hope from Be eNd & its component parties. BOOT all the good for nothing, shameless & useless powers that be out come the next GE!!

Tiger said...

My ex-boss had to call all the pressmen from the main newspapers in the country to report on 30 families living in shacks behind the DBKL store for the past 20 years.
"Shockingly", the Deputy FT minister reacted after it was publishied in the papers.
It's apathy, that's what it is.
The BN government has absolutely NO desire to work for the people!

Sumay said...

Don't have to look far. The rise of the Mat Rempit culture is actually the manifestation of the deprived and marginalised (yes, they are mostly Malays). Anyone ever did a social study on them before? Most of them grew up in cramped low-cost govt housing projects.

backStreetGluttons said...

The only way to go is out and up ! but first lets get rid of some scumbags and leeeches ! could you plse start the ball rolling ? somebody ? anybody ?

Fi-sha said...

Sumay, if i may suggest you to read En Hishamuddin Rais' blog here to know more about the marginalised Mat Rempits here: http://tukartiub.blogspot.com/

Dear Art, thanks for sharing!

Perakian said...

Yes, these are low cost houses being auctioned off. They belong to either Malays or Indians.
But then when did BN ever care about the poor?
I use to wonder why the government never helped Malays into business except to seel kuih and goreng pisang or food stalls by the roadside.
Why no Malays/Indians own handphone shops,motor car/motor bike workshops, even mini markets, etc.
The emphasis has been on making UMNO millionaires.

Singam said...

Why should land be owned?

If land is not owned, then any person can put up a shelter on an empty piece of land without fear of someone chasing him out. There will no longer be a problem of foreclosures and homelessness. Those who can afford to do so can put up a fancy house while one struggling from day to day can live in a hut that he can improve upon as and when he is able to afford.

Whoever wants to use an empty piece of land is entitled to have access to it. When he leaves it unused, someone else can come along and use it. The empty land can be used for farming or for manufacturing or whatever other socially and legally acceptable purpose. But putting in fencing or putting up a building don't count as use. The land must actually be worked.

The idea is radical. But it may well solve many problems. The question is, who will be so bold as to try and implement it?

chris said...

Never really though about that one, good man for you to highlight. Maybe I can do something about it in the future. Any NGO to take up this social problem. I think very unlikely, not a big ticket event to receive any substantial funding.