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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Manohara Episode - innocent until proven guilty

I don't normally write about private matters, especially when the whole facts are unknown. But the Manohara stories have evoked so much ill feelings towards YTM Tengku Temenggong Muhammad Fakhry that I feel I have to state my 2 sen's worth about the matter.

I wish to start by saying that I do not know the facts of this matter. All that I have are information which I got from the various reports on the Internet. And I do not have the means to verify those information. Being so, I am afraid that this post is going to be speculative, at best.

The latest take on this episode is titled "The Manohara Escape and Unsung Heroes" appearing on Malaysia Today. The story appearing in that article is however inconsistent with earlier reports which I had read a day earlier. Chief among which is the story about how Manohara pressed the emergency button of the elevator at 3 am, which was reported a day earlier.

In the aforesaid story however, the chronology of events are as follows:

  • Arriving at the hotel at around 8.30pm, they (manaohara's mother and her sister) entered the hotel lobby,
  • The police arrived less than 10 minutes after they arrived, and,
  • “Then I (Manohara's sister) heard the emergency alarm from the elevator. A woman and a man then came running from the lobby area towards the elevator carrying what looked like a doctor's bag. They (the security guards) told them to go to the third floor.

    “We tried to follow them up, but they stopped us.”

    Soon after, her mum and the police also went up to the third floor while Asih stayed behind in the lobby.

So, in this story, it was not 3 am but it was about 8.40pm that the emergency alarm was sounded. That's the first inconsistency.

The earlier reports suggested that Manohara knew that her mother was at the hotel at the time she pressed the emergency alarm. That must be one hell of a coincidence! How did she manage to know that her mother was in the hotel if she was so closely guarded all the time? And quite how did she manage to get out of her room at 3am and got into the elevator if she was so guarded all the time? How did she escape the watchful eyes of all the body guards?

In the earlier reports too, it was Manohara who called the police. In the aforesaid report, it was the mother and her sister, on the advice of the taxi driver, who called the police. Which is which?

In this latest report, apparently the mother and her sister, while sitting at the lobby, were approached by another Indonesian lady who happened to live at the same hotel and on the exact same floor where Manohara was staying, namely, the 3rd floor of the hotel. Wow. That was quite a coincidence, I must say.

As the story goes:

"Said Asih: “A lady, who turned out to be an Indonesian guest staying at the hotel, came up to us while we were waiting near the elevator.

“She asked my mum if she was Manohara's mum. My mum said yes, and she told us that she saw Manohara on the third floor, but the people upstairs were not letting her come down."

That was quite a coincidence. And as if this was one big movie, precisely at that time, while the mother and her sister were talking to this Indonesian lady, the emergency alarm went off from the elevator. Then:

Then I heard the emergency alarm from the elevator. A woman and a man then came running from the lobby area towards the elevator carrying what looked like a doctor's bag. They (the security guards) told them to go to the third floor."

Who were these woman and man? Where did they come from? Why were they carrying a medical case? This suggested that these woman and man knew before hand that there was going to be an emergency. How could that be the case?

The icing on the cake is this.

Soon after, her mum and the police also went up to the third floor while Asih stayed behind in the lobby.

Said Fajarina: “When I got up to the third floor, I saw Manohara inside the lift, sitting on the floor crying, pressing the alarm button. She refused to get out.

When she saw me, she started screaming for me and said, 'Mother, never let me go again'.”

Asih said that she later met her sister and her mother in a hotel room on the third floor belonging to the Indonesian lady who had earlier tipped them off about seeing Pinot on that floor. She had allowed them to use her room.

Asih said that Pinot later contacted American embassy officials who turned up with officials from the Indonesian embassy.

Fajarina said that they stayed in the room from 9pm to 4am and negotiated with the prince, who did not want to let her daughter go."

This is the most unbelievable part of the story. It does not make any sense at all. Here are 3 people who are supposed to be scared stiff of the Tengku Temenggong. Human instinct would make them run away from the scene as soon as possible. But instead, they stayed in a room on the same floor till 4am!

Why would they negotiate with the Prince? If she was abused, wouldn't she run away immediately. Negotiate? What was there to negotiate? Negotiate to run away?


"She (the mother) added that the prince relented only after his lawyer advised him that he could be in trouble with the law if he refused.

The family then made their way back to Jakarta on an early morning flight on Sunday."

What trouble with the law? What Singaporean law had the Prince breached or broken? What criminal offence had the Prince committed in Singapore? Being with his legal wife is an offence?

Truthfully, I find the stories incredible.

I think we should give the benefit of the doubt to the Prince. First of all, it is a private matter. Apparently Manohara is now considering legal actions. If so, the truth would soon come out.

But before then, in my book, the Prince is innocent until proven guilty.


Anonymous said...

i agree with your analysis .... I think those 2 women are conmen seeking to blackmail/extort the Prince for money ... we should not fall into their trap and believe their story blindly. In this case, I also have the feeling that the Price has been cheated by these 2 women ......

Anonymous said...

ops!, spelling error... should be Prince and not Price

Anonymous said...

Right you are you know nothing and should not speculate either.

From earlier reports from many sources surely there are different reporters' versions.

What is more important is the circumstances. Did the police go there. Did the guards tried to stop her from leaving. Did the Indonesian embassies fellas helped her to return home. Did she pressed the alarm bells... plus many other circumstantial evidence.

If she had not been held against her will why should this thing happen in Singapore in the first place!

Yes you are right ... we all know nothing. So you should not even write this piece.

freemsian said...

innocent until proven guilty?

but with the sorry state of judiciary in msia, how to do that?

unfortunately, msia don't hold any respect or trust in the judiciary, thanks to politicians like mahathir.

Anonymous said...

i've been reading this from an indonesian news site. they say it was extracted from a facebook posting owned by an officer of the indonesian embassy in singapore

(in bahasa indonesia)

"Berikut kesaksian Pejabat Protokol Konselor KBRI Singapura Achmad Djatmiko dalam tulisan yang diposting di facebooknya:

Today at 12:03pm

Pada hari Minggu (31 Mei 2009), sekitar pukul 02.15 dini hari, saya mendapat telpon dari Fahmi, rekan yunior saya di fungsi Konsuler, yang memberitahukan bahwa ia tengah berada di hotel Cross Royal Plaza, Singapura, sehubungan dengan diterimanya info dari staf kedubes AS di Singapura mengenai adanya warga Indonesia yang tengah dalam kasus (penganiayaan oleh suami) dan sedang ditangani polisi Singapura. Fahmi bersama 2 orang teman lainnya (semuanya staf KBRI Singapura) segera meluncur ke hotel dimaksud dan lalu menghubungi pihak kepolisian Singapura untuk mengkonfirmasi kebenaran berita tersebut.

Sesampai di hotel, menurut penuturannya, sudah ada dua orang staf kedubes AS di sana, beberapa polisi Singapura, dan juga 'warga negara' Indonesia yang bermasalah tersebut, yang ternyata bernama Manohara. Polisi berjaga-jaga di depan pintu sebuah kamar di lantai 3 hotel tersebut, sementara Manohara sendiri ada di dalamnya, bersama ibunya dan juga beberapa orang lainnya. Dikabarkan bahwa staf dari kedubes Malaysia di Singapura sempat juga mencoba untuk menemui Manohara, tetapi tidak diijinkan oleh polisi Singapura. Yang diijinkan hanya orang-orang tertentu, yaitu dari Kedubes AS dan dari KBRI serta beberapa orang terkait. Keterlibatan kedubes AS di situ, saya duga, karena ayahnya Manohara adalah warga negara Amerika Serikat.

Anonymous said...


Suasana cukup tegang namun tetap terkendali karena adanya komunikasi yang harmonis baik di antara kami maupun dengan pihak-pihak terkait, yaitu kepolisian Singapura dan Kedubes AS di Singapura. Ketegangan masih kami rasakan saat meninggalkan hotel menuju airport sekitar pukul 04.30 waktu setempat dan demikian halnya setelah sampai dan selama berada di airport. Sambil menunggu waktu check-in tiba, kami sempat mencoba untuk 'santai' minum teh dan berbincang-bincang. Baik Manohara maupun ibunya terlihat bahagia, meskipun masih menyisakan ketegangan di wajahnya masing-masing.

Dalam perbincangan dengan kami, ibunya Manohara bercerita mengenai berbagai upaya yang telah dilakukannya untuk bisa berkumpul kembali dengan anaknya. Antara lain diceritakan bahwa ia pun sempat menelpon salah seorang kenalannya yang sebelumnya pernah bekerja di KBRI Singapura untuk menanyakan kemungkinan KBRI Singapura bisa membantunya untuk 'melarikan' Manohara dari Singapura. Menurutnya, sang kenalan tersebut mengatakan bahwa kemungkinan KBRI Singapura tidak akan bisa memberikan bantuan mengingat saat itu hari libur, biasanya 'tidak ada orang', sehingga baru hari Senin bisa dilayani. Penuturan ibunya Manohara jelas sekali, bahwa pernyataan kemungkinan KBRI Singapura tidak bisa memberikan bantuan adalah berasal dari kenalannya (yang sudah tidak lagi bekerja di KBRI Singapura dan kini berada di Jakarta), dan bukan dari pihak resmi KBRI Singapura. Kenyataannya, saat itu kami berada bersama-sama dengannya sehingga 'persepsi' kami tidak memberi bantuan adalah gugur dengan sendirinya.

Ketika saat check-in tiba, kami pun berpisah, saling bersalaman melepas kepergian seorang anak manusia dan ibunya yang tengah menyelesaikan masalah. Bersama mereka ada dua orang wartawan (yang sejak beberapa hari sebelumnya memang sudah berada di Singapura untuk memantau kemungkinan terjadinya kasus ini, saluut..!). Namun, segera setelah mereka masuk lewat pintu airport, kami sempat kembali tegang, karena terlihat dari luar, petugas imigrasi terkesan sedang menanyai Manohara cukup lama. Hal ini wajar karena ia menggunakan SPLP, bukan paspor. Terhadap hal ini, teman dari imigrasi KBRI Singapura, segera bertindak, menghubungi pihak imigrasi Singapura untuk menyelesaikan kasusnya, hingga terlihat mereka pun dapat melaluinya dengan lancar.

Setelah melalui petugas imigrasi, mereka pun tersenyum dan kembali melambaikan tangan kepada kami yang berada di luar. Kami balas lambaian tangan mereka hingga mereka pun hilang dari pandangan. Kami semua kemudian menarik nafas lega dan saling bersalaman.

art harun said...

Anonymous at 16:39:

"If she had not been held against her will why should this thing happen in Singapore in the first place!"

Which begs the question, what actually happened in Singapore? That's the point.


Anonymous said...

Di antara 'rombongan' kami ada seorang laki setengah baya yang selalu diam dan kelihatan paling tegang. Ia biasa disapa dengan panggilan 'Datuk', yang ternyata masih memiliki hubungan kerabat dengan pihak keluarga suami Manohara. Pak Datuk ini memiliki andil besar dalam 'menyelamatkan' Manohara, karena selama ini ikut membela dan memperjuangkan kebebasan Manohara.

"Alhamdulillaah Datuk, sudah selesai dan mudah-mudahan mereka sampai dengan selamat di Jakarta," kataku. Ia lalu menatapku sambil tersenyum penuh kepuasan. Bahkan kami pun berangkulan sebagai rasa syukur bahwa 'drama' Manohara telah dapat diselesaikan.

Datuk hanya bicara, 'Life is too short..!' Ketika saya bertanya lebih jauh mengenai hal itu, ia pun menjelaskan bahwa hidup kita di dunia ini terlalu pendek sehingga harus kita isi dengan hal-hal yang baik. Saya bereaksi, "Woow.. Datuk, suatu prinsip hidup yang baik sekali! Semoga Allah memberikan balasannya kepada Datuk," kataku, yang kemudian dijawabnya dengan "amin…".

Kami pun berpisah sambil tak lupa ia ingatkan agar jangan sungkan-sungkan untuk menghubunginya bila saya kebetulan berkunjung ke Kuala Lumpur. Saya hanya bilang, "Insya Allah.. Datuk".

Dengan penuh kelegaan, sekitar pukul 07.00 pagi, kami semua berpisah menuju tempat parkir masing-masing. Dengan mata yang terasa berat karena belum tidur semalaman, dengan perlahan saya kendarai mobil pulang ke rumah sambil hati bartanya-tanya, "Ada hikmah apa lagi dari semua ini?"

Hanya Allah yang tahu semua yang terjadi pada umatnya. Kadang terlihat nyata, kadang hanya tersamar. Tetapi begitulah dinamika kehidupan saat bertugas di Perwakilan, KBRI Singapura. Wallahualam…!

Singapura, 2 Juni 2009
Achmad Djatmiko"

I wonder, who's that
"Datuk" in the story?

link http://www.detiknews.com/read/2009/06/03/113552/1141907/10/detik-detik-pembebasan-manohara-versi-kbri-singapura

Anonymous said...

1. did it cross your mind that she was 16 when she was raped.
2. She is now 17.
3. Do you know why there is something called rape.
4. Do you what is statutory rape? Why is there statutory rape?
Basically, she is below age. When someone does something to a underaqged person, that person, should be questioned, not the underaged judged.
Facts before you, you don't see.

Anonymous said...

(ooops, this is supposed to be the 2nd continuation after the first)
Fahmi juga menceritakan bahwa Manohara melaporkan kepada polisi atas penganiayaan yang dilakukan suami dan pihak keluarganya. Ia berada di Singapura bersama suami dan pihak keluarga suaminya untuk menjenguk ayah mertuanya yang sedang sakit jantung di rumah sakit Singapura. Kesempatan itu digunakannya untuk bertemu dengan ibunya (yang secara diam-diam datang dari Jakarta) dan untuk 'melarikan diri' ke Jakarta.

Jadi, keadaannya saat itu adalah, bahwa Manohara sudah berada di bawah perlindungan polisi Singapura, dan diinvestigasi mengenai kasusnya. Terhadap keinginannya untuk 'melarikan diri' ke Jakarta, tentunya tidak akan jadi masalah bagi polisi Singapura apabila memang kasusnya tidak menyangkut kepentingan Singapura. Hanya saja, Manohara tidak membawa kelengkapan dokumen perjalanan (paspor), yang menurut penuturannya, disimpan oleh suaminya. Masalah penting yang harus diselesaikan oleh kami dari KBRI Singapura, karenanya, adalah menyangkut travel dokumen Manohara. Sesuai arahan Duta Besar dan setelah berkonsultasi dengan Jakarta, kami mendapatkan perintah untuk menerbitkan SPLP (Surat Perjalanan Laksana Paspor) atas nama Manohara agar ia dapat menuju ke Jakarta dengan selamat.

Setelah mendapat penjelasan mengenai situasi saat itu, saya pun 'merapat' menuju hotel tersebut sekitar 02.45 dini hari. Sesampai di hotel, saya tidak langsung dibolehkan menuju lantai 3 yang liftnya ternyata diblokir oleh pihak hotel. Setelah saya tunjukkan kartu identitas saya, seorang petugas hotel mengantarkan saya naik dengan lift ke lantai 3. Beberapa orang ada di depan kamar Manohara, termasuk polisi, dari kedubes AS dan beberapa orang lainnya saat saya sampai di sana. Kami pun segera berkoordinasi mengenai langkah selanjutnya dalam menangani kasus Manohara. Ada 3 hal yang perlu dilakukan:

1) Penerbitan SPLP, yang tentunya memerlukan foto dan informasi/keterangan diri. Karena keadaan darurat, salah seorang dari kami mengambil foto Manohara dengan menggunakan hand phone, lalu file-nya dibawa ke kantor untuk di-print dan diproses dengan segera, saat itu juga.

2) Pemesanan tiket. Manohara dan ibunya (Daisy Fajariani?) menginginkan terbang ke Jakarta secepatnya, dengan pesawat paling pagi, pada kesempatan pertama. Kami segera menghubungi pihak airport, dan akhirnya didapatkan bahwa pesawat paling pagi adalah Garuda 823 pukul 07.05 dari Singapura (pukul 06.05 WIB).

3) Perlu ada pengawalan oleh salah satu dari kami hingga Manohara dan ibunya sampai di Jakarta. Demikian pula, perlu ada penjemputan oleh pihak Deplu Jakarta, saat tiba di Cengkareng. Duta Besar kami, yang memang sangat intens mengikut perkembangan kasus ini sampai detail, memberikan persetujuan terhadap rencana ini. Kemudian beliau menginstruksikan salah satu dari kami (Fahmi) untuk mengawal ke Jakarta. Pada saat yang bersamaan, saya pun berkoordinasi dengan Deplu mengenai penjemputan di Cengkareng. Semua ini perlu dilakukan mengingat sensitivitas kasus ini di mata publik.

Anonymous said...

shady women with shady background ... if Manohara and her mother Daisy are indeed socialites and calls France and Indon their homes, it makes people wonder why they would settle for malaysia? why not so snag herself a french tycoon or even a local Indon millionaire/bilionaire? the competitive nature of the demographic distribution in Indon makes these girls here fight more competitively to marry up in the society .. they know how to do the sales ... but sometimes, the deal could turn sour .. and, so these drama are altenative options!! I don't trust those faces ....

Believer said...

Agreed these are inconsistencies from the media. But the crux of the matter is, "was she abused"?
Her story points to some truth. Exaggeration, may be but, there is no reason to run away from a life of pomposity, extravagance, wealth and fun in the palace.
I believe her.

art harun said...

Anonymous at 16:53;

Statutory rape is having sexual relationship, even though consensual, with girls BELOW 16. And where is the police report on the rape? Who would marry her own rapist?

Anonymous said...

someone ... please tell these 2 women to stop causing trouble in our country .. of they have decided that Malaysia is not good for them, just leave ... we don't need these trouble-makers to taint the name of our country and prince. I cannot believe the prince could actually be deceived to this stage ... those 2 con-women ought to be barred from entering malaysia ...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
T.A. said...

There must be inaccuracies on the parts of reporters who made report on this case.

However you missed something very important! Manohara and her mother were protected fully by Singapore police when they stayed in the room 314 of that room with the US embassy representative and also Indonesian embassy representative.

The police did not allow people from Malaysian embassy in Singapore (other report said security guard of the kelantan royal) to meet Manohara in that room, and the Spore police were very strict on this. They only let people from the US embassy and from the Indonesian embassy, not from Malaysians. In other reports it said that when the Spore police questions Manohara, she showed them the scars in her body as proof that she was indeed abused.

As for why they stayed there until 4 am and not run away as soon as possible, it to make temporary passport for Manohara because her passport was confiscated by the Malaysian.

It may be a bit help if you read other versions of the drama, such as from one official of Indonesian embassy in S'pore.


silly putera said...

why would a PRINCE want a raped girl ...?

inderashah said...

The prince could have released her in Malaysia itself if he wanted to..but why this has to go to Singapore.You are right, he is innocent till proven guilty, but there is just too many doubts about the monarchy at the moment. Malaysia is already suffering from a reputation crisis regarding its judiciary and law enforcers, hence people will not have difficulty in forming a judgement against the prince.Well, like you said, lets wait and see what the truth is all about.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Art,
she can say whatever she wanted. I'm sure she's well advised on the next steps she could taken, legally.

I'm just glad she is now safe in the arms of her family. All women should be protected, at all times.


"the first things men notice in women is their eyes, and women, they notice men as a bunch of liars" - anon

No-Indon-Please said...

Hmmmm .. it is not like I would like to take sides... but these Indon girls seems suspicious....

not a royal said...


The reticence of the local media to publish this story, as well as Najib's refusal to take questions on this issue while in Indon, speaks volumes.

Is the Prince 100% guilty of the stories, no most likely not. The girl's mother sounds like a real drama queen, she may have exaggerated greatly.

But a lot STINKS to high heaven on this issue. The marriage of a grown adult to a 16-year old girl. The refusal to allow the mother into Malaysia. The reluctance to allow Manohara to speak to neutral reporters. The whole 'escape in Singapore' drama.

Something stinks and the stench is coming from the Prince.

art harun said...

I must admit, I missed out on the allegation that the mother was barred from entering Malaysia by the Immigration Department.

If that was so, I must say, it throws into doubt the credibility of the Malaysian Government in this whole affair.

donplaypuks® said...

Putting aside the inconsistent MSM reports, a good question is:

Why would any gold digger ditch the golden goose?

Or had the gold digger already plundered a small fortune and decided to move on to greener pastures and suckers born 1 a minute?

Anonymous said...

Woow.. we should make a movie about this..a Mission Impossible I say..with all the right timing!!

Anonymous said...

This is not cinderella tale. This is more like a mother selling her underage daughter to a prince to get a lifetime fortunate. I feel sorry to the prince. He is not smart enough to outsmart his teen wife

Anonymous said...

its obvious that all these inconsistancies is to PROTECT those unsung Heros who risk their jobs, if not lifes, to help this girl escape.

If you are the prince and his gang now who are now looking for revenges...wont they be confused now?...thats the whole idea...to confuse them.

T.A. said...

I found the most interesting part of your post is this.

"Who were these woman and man? Where did they come from? Why were they carrying a medical case? This suggested that these woman and man knew before hand that there was going to be an emergency. How could that be the case?"

Let the witnesses speak.
But the victims herself said that they tried to shot her with tranquilizer, but she resisted.
Of course they (the man and the woman) know there will be emergency case. If Mano tried to escape, it is their task to tranquilize her after being alerted by Fakhry security guards.
What other explanation can be given,

Dear, if you miss out the part of the mother being banned from coming to Malaysia, then you must also missed out the part when Mano was whisked Away in Jeddah and the Prince left her mother and sister on the tarmac.

Anonymous said...

Tengku's side of the story before anyone could comment or analyze.

watchman said...

if somebody is confined and held in custody against his or her will and and the confinement is not by legal authority, it is a offence called FALSE IMPRISONMENT.


Intentionally restraining another person without having the legal right to do so. It's not necessary that physical force be used; threats or a show of apparent authority are sufficient. False imprisonment is a misdemeanor and a tort (a civil wrong). If the perpetrator confines the victim for a substantial period of time (or moves him a significant distance) in order to commit a felony, the false imprisonment may become a kidnapping. People who are arrested and get the charges dropped, or are later acquitted, often think that they can sue the arresting officer for false imprisonment (also known as false arrest). These lawsuits rarely succeed: As long as the officer had probable cause to arrest the person, the officer will not be liable for a false arrest, even if it turns out later that the information the officer relied upon was incorrect.


False imprisonment may sound like a person being dangerously restrained against their will and at risk of being seriously injured or killed. In a way, it is, but also can describe other situations which aren’t so perilous sounding.

The definition of false imprisonment is the unlawful restraint of someone which affects the person’s freedom of movement. Both the threat of being physically restrained and actually being physically restrained are false imprisonment. In a facility setting, such as a nursing home or a hospital, not allowing someone to leave the building is also false imprisonment.


guilty of what law? I am surprised Art Harun didn't realise the existence of this criminal offence.

PaulineL said...

Please note that the article on Manohara in the Malaysian Insider was originally published in The New Paper, Singapore.

The New Paper is a tabloid newspaper. I think that readers have to be alert that not all news in MI is original. They do take from various sources such as Bernama or Straits Times.

So readers please attribute your comments correctly

Anonymous said...

Wonder how much money she will get this time, enough to sustain her lifestyle!
I don't believe her story until after they go to an independent doctor, not Malaysian, American and especially Indonesian.

Tanjung Bunga Residents Association said...

As far as most people are concerned:

1. A "Prince", as a public figure is supposed to be well behaved, whether he likes it or not. This is the same for politicians, corporate officers, royalty...If he or she thinks it is too difficult, then be a commoner. There are no 2 ways about it.
2. Singapore is a beacon of hope in this corrupted region, where law and order is respected. Don't mess around with the police there, as the law of the land rules.

telur dua said...

An interesting soap opera.

Obefiend said...

bau ikan

the smell is too strong to ignore. i was skeptical since day one. i am not taking sides yet.

for one

if she was really abuse why won't she show some of her alleged "selet selet" or maybe bruises. why wait to show the world how evil TT is.

seriously if you are a victim of abuse would you hide the scars from the world or would you show it at the very first opportunity. like the case of Nirmala Bonat. remember her?

i agree with you sir.. innocent until proven guilty. if he is guilty i hope he gets his just rewards here one earth and in the afterlife. no daulah can save you then.

kerel bort said...

how does a doctor bag looks like? any standard for a doctor bag? like a laptop bag maybe? or a doctor bag u usually see in an indonesian movie... since I don't see any of these bag carry around by a doctor...

Anonymous said...

"I care about Manohara case," President says
Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Jeju, S Korea (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said he always paid attention to the fate of Indonesian citizens, including former model Manohara Adelia Pinot who had a problem with her husband, Prince Tengku Fakhry of Kelantan, Malaysia.

"I am always cautious about family or household affairs. If one marries and meets a problem, it`s not a president`s business to interfere. Because, then one will ask where is freedom, where is democracy. But because this (Manohara`s case) has become a public issue, don`t think that I don`t care," the president said before leaving Jeju, South Korea, for Jakarta on Tuesday.

After learning about the Manohara case from infotainment, the president said, he ordered the Indonesian ambassador in Malaysia, Dai Bachtiar, to deliver a letter to the Malaysian foreign ministry to express the Indonesian government`s objections and concern about what had happened to Manohara.

"I have asked the foreign minister and the Indonesian ambassador to handle the matter in the best possible way and draw a clear line between familial affairs and human rights where there is room to interfere," he said.

He said he received a report on Monday about the incident in Singapore in which Manohara managed to escape to Indonesia.

"Because Manohara is an Indonesian citizen, I, as a head of state, have to be concerned. So, indeed at the state and government levels we certainly have an obligation to act," he said.

Manohara, who married the Klantan Sultan`s son, has in recent days been widely reported in Indonesian media to have been `locked up` by her husband and was not allowed to meet her mother in Indonesia.

Manohara said her escape to Indonesia was thanks to the assistance of the United States Embassy and the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore as well as the Singapore police so that she was able to sneak out from the Royal Hotel, where the Sultan`s family was staying during a visit to Singapore. (*source: http://www.antara.co.id/en/view/?i=1243971644&c=LEI&s=)

Anonymous said...

[Evidence of Physical torture]
No person, be it husband or not, can inflict physical injuries to another person.
Then at web site: http://www.detiknews.com/read/2009/06/02/152311/1141466/10/bekas-luka-mano-ada-di-dada-perut-leher-jidat

"Terdapat juga di dada masih karena silet, lalu di leher sebelah kanan karena setrika, dan di jidat akibat bekas rokok," ucapnya.Manohara, pada Senin (31/5/2009) kemarin, mengatakan mempunyai bukti penganiyaan terhadap dirinya.

jidat means forehead. Dubes means ambassador.

Anonymous said...

[Under surveillance]http://wfol.tv/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=625&Itemid=9
According to Soberi, Manohara was allowed to leave with the blessings of her husband and did not ran away. In a slip of the tongue, he said Manohara would not have had a chance to leave without her bag and clothing as the entourage of the Prince would have noticed she was up to something.

It is indicative that Manohara was indeed under surveillance by the entourage of the prince and that they knew she wanted to fly out of the coo coo's nest at any given time.

Soberi said Manohara's mother was allowed to visit the mother of the Prince on the 3rd Floor of the hotel but she instead met with Manohara in room 314 and locked herself with her daughter until 3 am in the morning. She was with the representatives of the American and indonesian embassies in Singapore and was also accompanied by the Singapore police.

MO2 said...

i don't trust the Prince, but i don't trust the 2 women either. I saw a picture of Mano after her "escape", and the way she was smiling enticingly to the camera, screams publicity-stunt. I don't think anyone who has gone through the ordeal she claims to have gone through would gaze that sweetly to a camera. Bad acting. She should a least look scared, or sad or something like that...

amdcii said...

I'm just curious why did the Sultan of kelanatn has to go to Singapore, don't have competent medical doctors/ facilities in Malaysia?

16 years of age underage, if intercourse takes place whether consented or otherwise its still rape.

How did they get married when the girl is underage didn't the royal family seek advice about this?

It doesn't have to be Malaysia or Indonesia, the episode is still disturbing.

amdcii said...

I'm just curious why did the Sultan of kelanatn has to go to Singapore, don't have competent medical doctors/ facilities in Malaysia?

16 years of age underage, if intercourse takes place whether consented or otherwise its still rape.

How did they get married when the girl is underage didn't the royal family seek advice about this?

It doesn't have to be Malaysia or Indonesia, the episode is still disturbing.

Alex said...

Commenting on the abduction allegation, Mohd Soberi explained that it stemmed from a misunderstanding. He also denied that the prince had abused his wife.

"The driver in Jeddah did not know (that he was to take her to board a commercial flight). He took Daisy (left) to the (private) jet, so there was confusion and the (plane's) door had already been shut.

"She was left behind. That's all... this is why she claimed (that her daughter) was abducted," he said, adding that he was in the same jet as the prince and his wife.

"The travel agent also forgot to tell the driver that once we left the hotel, we were supposed to go to the private jet (back to Kelantan) whereas Daisy was supposed to go on a commercial flight," he said, adding that Manohara called her mother from the plane and told her to return to Jakarta.

Mohd Soberi also claimed that Manohara had told him that she wanted to remain with her husband, saying that she would have filed for a divorce if otherwise.

"Every time I ask her about it, she would reply 'the prince is my first and last man'," he added.

-- News dated April 28, 2009

Now does that story about accidentally leaving the mother at the private jet tarmac sound believable to you? The key word is accident and not a planned conspiracy to kidnap. Frankly Sobery's story too is full of holes but I don't see you being too concern about it.

Further, Sobery claimed to have talked to Mano many times where she professed her undying love to the prince. Now Mano herself come out and say the opposite. So did Sobery even ask and heard the answer from Mano or was it a figment of his overactive imagination?

If you want to talk about full of holes, then the palace story is also full of holes. Why not allow the mother to see her daughter? Why ban the mother from entering Malaysia? Is the Palace holding her Indonesian passport?

And Art Harun, will you ask the Prince at what age did he have sex with Manohara? Because if he did it more than 1 year ago, then whether it is consensual or not it is still a crime - statutory rape. She is only 17 but married at 16 and before married?

And yes people are innocent until guilty and that includes Manohara. And no it is not a private matter if it involves statutory rape, kidnapping, wife abuse. It is now a public law matter, to claim that it is a private matter is laughable.

Imagine if instead of the Prince being the culprit, what if the culprit is a top level leader of Pakatan Rakyat? You can bet your life's saving the police will be jumping on his ass and no it's not a private matter coming out from the lips of Muhyiddin.

Anonymous said...

At last there is a blogger who used logic to speak his mind. After surfing Jakarta Social Blog and looking at the unseemingly pictures of the estranged wife and her materialistic mom in Jakarta High Society one cannot but feel suspicious of her outcry. Let the truth prevai.

Anonymous said...

Guys, don't waste your time. We all know how the royals behave.. so think. There are all the same.

Anonymous said...

Age of consent is 16 ppl. Peer knowledge cant' always be trusted.


ajoyly said...

A fairy tale turned sour. Well the normal plot would have a happy ending. That was when the prince married her in the first part of the story.

The second chapter was full of dramas including abuses both physical and sexual. And following that was her escape.

These are stuff appropriate for the cinema. It has all the right ingredients for a mega movie. Come to think about it, even a broadway and theatre production are in order. Including a song maybe.

Creative Malaysians, don't miss this story happening right on your doorstep. Make it into a box office attraction.

Don't forget the title. It should be ' Manohara, Oh Manohara '.

Anonymous said...

If the police needed to be involved to restrain Mohd Fakhry and his bodyguards in order for a woman to go her separate way, Fakhry is at the very least an unlawful person. Far from 'innocent' by any stretch of the imagination.

Datuk Laksamana said...

The mother should be blamed. Any mother who allows her 15 year old daughter to be prostituted to a prince deserves jailtime.

She is 17 for god's sake. What perverted mother allows her daughter to undergo this 'marriage" if not for money and other material things?

Art's analysis is quite spot on. There is more than meets the eye and the mother and daughter have created this spin to make them look like heavenly angels.

klabit0759 said...

Saya percaya kebanyakkan yang komen mengenai Manahora being of under-age, be it an Islam or otherwise, a girl is allowed to be married even if is she is 'jail bait' jika wali yang sah (this means her dad, either personally or thru hakim syaraei) gives the permission. Take into consideration the Pahang royal familly who marries a 16 yr old girl and it was all over the msm... Fahamilah undang-undang syariah sebelum buat komen yang bukan-bukan. Saya tidak menyebelahi mana-mana pihak. TT MIGHT be guilty as hell for abusing her wife, but he is NOT GUILTY of mandatory rape because di bawah undang-undang syaraei, mereka adalah suami isteri yang sah..... In hintsight, saya hairan mengapa ART tidak stress on this (I assume dia islam lah), otherwise my bad...

Anonymous said...

The Hotel Surveillance systems will tell all the truth.... Why we spend time discussing all the possibilities here?
Press the hotel to reveal the CCTV recording!!
But somehow the Hotel had made a stand on "Maintaining Somebody's Confidentiality", who's confidentiality? Personally, I guess it's more on the VIP rather than the gal side...!!

dreality said...

The Malaysian government (officials) made their share of blunders but it all started when the Prince married an under-aged girl. That I believe was and is the biggest blunder. Teen-age marriage is almost always bound to fail. It only works in Fairy Tales. In the real world Prince Charming can soon be frog after the initial excitement settles down.

dreality said...

The Malaysian government (officials) made their share of blunders but it all started when the Prince married an under-aged girl. That I believe was and is the biggest blunder. Teen-age marriage is almost always bound to fail. It only works in Fairy Tales. In the real world Prince Charming can soon be frog after the initial excitement settles down.

All Black said...

You guys are nothing but jokers. First of all the girl was 16 years old when she got marrried to the prince. This prince is a pedophile and he is 33 years old. He has no love for her except to satisfy his carnal desire. This could constitute rape. It's all about having sex with a young 16/17 years old beautiful girl. She does not want to be with this man. She wants to get out of the relationship. What would you do if your daughter is in the same predicament? Would give in just because your son-in-law is very rich? If yes, then you are in for the money.

This girl is 17 years old. Let her live her life. The relationship is not working out, she wants it out. In a marraige, both parties must be happy with each other.

Lia said...

In Indonesia no one doubts that her mother is a gold digger, okay? This is firstly her fault, let's get that out of the way. Her other fault is that she pressured her 16 year old daughter to marry the person whom her daughter said forced her to have sex with him which happened before she turned 16. The mother said she wanted him to be responsible for what he did to her underage daughter. Therefore he promised to marry her when she was of legal age, which he did.

If all this is true, this prince is not only a paedophile, but he also committed statutory rape to a minor, and also literally raped her. Now I don't know about the tranquilizers and rape and torture accusations during the marriage. But the episode in Singapore is backed up officially by the Indonesian embassy in that country and the foreign ministry spokesperson. And a video recording of some scenes in the hotel, where her room was guarded by many Singaporean police officers during an argument and the crying and chaos was shown on our free press. Which brings me to my next question: why did we have the Singapore episode if she could freely speak and see her mother?

All I'm saying is, the fact that a 31 year old married a 16 year old is already creepy. So no matter what happens I wouldn't defend him. And yes, I blame him AND her mother, because she's only a child. But that doesn't mean her accusations are not true. She's undergoing medical examinations today and we'll see.

The fact that some of you are only focusing on her and her mother being gold diggers and completely dismissing the violence accusations is worrying..

Shamsul Yunos said...

I guess many people just want to believe that our Royals are bad

so much so that they insist that sex with a16-year old constitutes rape when the blog owner and various commenters have said that for it to be statutory rape, one of the parties would have to be BELOW 16

Time will sort this one out, the truth will come out,

If the Kelantan Prince is a such a baddie, then why are there pictures of them on visits in the state and elsewhere

I am afraid that his habit of painting all oryals with the same brush or painting everyone who disagree with them with the same wide brush is a habit that Pakatan supporters are picking up really fast

And that scares me more than the current Government. Imagine how they would be once they are in power???

Anonymous said...

Let me ask everybody this .... would an abused and traumatised woman pose prettily, flash sexy smiles and looked absolutely relaxed and happy at press conferences? I fully agree that mother pushed under-aged daughter with questionable morals to marry rich Malaysian royalty. (Remember, mother lives in a rented house(rumah kontrakan) in Jakarta). My guess is daughter felt trapped in royal household with little freedom, full of royal protocols to follow, no chance for clubbing or discoing (alas, not in Kelantan!) so comes up with a ruse to sensationalise and to get international pity so that she can later extort a huge pay-off from the royal family to shut up and stop further embarassment. The movie and book rights will of course come later.

Anonymous said...

This are violence marks that the Indonesian press can see with plain eyes during her first press conference when she just arrived. The stream is very slow, I'll try to find another one that's faster:


Anonymous said...

Art Harun wrote:

"What trouble with the law? What Singaporean law had the Prince breached or broken? What criminal offence had the Prince committed in Singapore? Being with his legal wife is an offence?"

For someone who claims to be a lawyer, you are not very bright. Is that your legal argument? It means, even if he's legally married to her he cannot force her to stay against her will. If you force her, it's the same as kidnapping her or holding her hostage. So if he insisted, the Singaporean police would have to arrest him because his wife is NOT his property, as you worryingly suggest in your questions above. She's a human being.

Anonymous said...

my mum was a wee teenager when she married my dad who is 21 yrs older than my mum). she had had to endure years of abuse from my dad. so i know what's being abused all about. my heart goes out to manohara. i have been following her story closely since it first came out. i felt sorry for her and wanjt only the best for her. afterall she is still a child, she should be enjoying her youth and not be married to a man who is more than a decade older than her.

but i'm not so sure of all this now. manohara has yet to lodge a police report but instead she and her mum have been peddling their story from one talkshow to another. apparently she is being paid almost a thousand USD for every appearance.

watch the video at this link. she has put on some weight (according to her she was fed drugs to make her fat), but she seems too happy and chirpy about the whole thing. hey, i dont expect her to cry and cry but neither should she be acting the way she is in this video...


Anonymous said...

No doubt that the girl is the victim here. Mummy dearest pimped her to a paedophile, hoping all will end well. But it's not a fairy tale as she hoped, and the suffering child insists to go home. Yes, she so happy to be free and able to talk, that she's talking non-stop for 2 days now! But just because she's happy now doesn't mean she didn't endure what she did. For God's sake, she still a child, easily manupulated by those close to her. First her mummy, then her hubby. Both are the culprits.

There's no nice royalty here in Malaya as far as I can see, even the one people most looked up to have lost their silvery shine! There's a real juicy story being told of the Kelantanese Big Mama!!!

Anonymous said...

so can u STFU ? its personal as u said. STFU .

RSN said...


Anonymous said...

dear art,of course that principle of law applies to everything.yes both parties will have to go for full trial and then let justice takes its course!But yr arguments put forward were of petty issues and therefore does not 'tag along' with the bigger story..thus is of no relevance to the question of that Principle!knowing how malaysia is run (politically),anyone in any high-profile case could escape in this unfortunate C4 country!as for manohara,s'pore was her best bet and the circumstances arose gave that opportunity.yes the ultimate prove would be the neutral medical report and that should be forthcoming....and again thinking having a medical report done in malaysia...a BIG NO THANK U!!

observer said...

this is definitely soap opera stuff, and most certainly, no one would come out of this one smelling like rose

the truth is somewhere in between, both sides must've had their own agenda - sex, money, rock n roll? who knows

i think we are all too quick to pass the judgement

muhammad suffian said...

justice will prevail..sooner or later..InsyaAllah

Anonymous said...

Hello guys, care to look at 5 dots and ask yourselves if they are connected?

The 5 different dots

a. The Bugis

The Bugis are the most numerous of the three major linguistic and ethnic groups of South Sulawesi ,
Sulawesi is one of the four larger Sunda Islands of Indonesia and is situated between Borneo and the Maluku Islands....

b. Tun Razak and his ancestors' origins

Tun Abdul Razak was descended from a long line of Pahang chieftains of Bugis. On 15 May 2009, Najib arrived in South Sulawesi, for a social visit.

c. Manohara Odelia Pinot

This girl is also from South Sulawesi? A Bugis too?

d. Manohara meets Kelantan Prince

At a party thrown by Najib?
Who invited her, a minor that time, to such a lavish party?

e. The transportation of Manohara from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia

Reported in a blog http://www.sungaikuantan.com/2009/05/kisah-cinta-manohara-odelia-pinot.html that she travelled "dengan pesawat Chalenger 300 milik Berjaya Air dengan nomor reg 9MTAN dan diterbangkan pilot Kaptain Zakaria Salleh, berkebangsaan Malaysia"

Now care to connect the dots?

And Berjaya owner Vincent Tan is in the picture..again?
Was he not the one who was alleged to be involved in the 'Hee' crossover after getting approvals for special draws?

What is the connection between the state royalty, the businessman and the politician with regards to this South Sulawesi girl?

Care to explore and explain?

Anonymous said...

The prince is INNOCENT. Sultan/Raja/Agung is above rape!. Just like PM is above murder of mongolian woman.
Malaysia BOLEH!!!

Dina said...

Manohara says she was raped at 15 and forced to marry by TT and his friend Sobri while in KL...



art harun said...


Perhaps this explains why she was denied entry into Malaysia and discount any conspiracy by people "high above" who had not wanted her to be in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

art harun,
you are not the only one who focus on the mother of the survivor, instead of focus on the perpetrator.

There is a better link with a better news, from the Datuk who directly involved to free Manohara from her husband and his security guards.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this is the link


He was the one from Malaysia who helped Manohara flee her husband, and he was there at the fateful time. Read what he said : ""Even when she went to the toilet, she was followed. However, before she left she left a note on a piece of tissue: 'I am not happy, please help me. I want to go home'.”

The tissue was shown by Kadar Shah on Indonesia TV.

Anonymous said...

or this one?

Read :
Kadar's account mirrored the interview given by Dewi.

He said Singapore police told Tengku Fakhry to let Manohara go when there was a standoff near the lift.
Kadar said he also intervened and advised the prince to let his wife go.

So, Art Harun, Dewi's account was back-up by Indonesian embassy official, by this Datuk and ABC News also reported that the US embassy confirmed their involvement to free Manohara.
There is no denial from Singapore police, and the Royal Plaza on hotel declined to comment.

What did you say now?

art harun said...

Dear Anonymous 14:28,

Perhaps my article has failed to state what I had intended to say clearly. And because of that you and many others have reacted in a very acrimonious way against me. There are even one or two commentators at Malaysia Today, where this article also appeared, who labelled me a "sexist"!

OMG, me, a sexist? I also have daughters la. Please don't be quick to label me or other people this and that just because of one single article. Jeez.

The point I am trying to make is that the Prince is innocent until proven guilty. That's all.

I am not focusing on the mother or who ever. Some readers have questioned why the Immigration Dept had stopped the mother when she wanted to come and visit her daughter thereby alleging a conspiracy. This morning I found a piece of news explaining or purportedly explaining that incident and I posted it here. That is all.

If the Prince is found guilty, I would be the first one to condemn him. I swear. But until then, the allegations remain as allegations and nothing more. That is the point I was trying to make.

And just so you know, I don't condone statutory rape or rape in any manner, or pedophilia, or spousal abuse, or false imprisonment (thanks to the reader who had painstakingly explained it to me here) or assault and battery. No. I don't condone those things.

I am also not a sexist.

But if by saying that proof is needed in this case makes me a sexist, that what can I do?

Have a good weekend everyone.


Amused by gold diggers said...

Lesson of the story is: If you want an interesting life episode, make sure you marry a 16-year old airhead who has been taught by her mother to use her good looks (for now) to ditch a rich boyfriend when a richer one has flown into the trap.

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,

Pretty amazing some commentators were very quick to point blame and accusing you of many things without reading and understanding the Title ".....innocent until proven guilty"

Maybe the Malaysian weather had made them 'jumpy'.


been there.. said...

There are always 2 perspectives through which any situation must be viewed.

Don't just question why the PRINCE married a MINOR..

WHY in god's name would the MINOR marry the prince in the first place, if he had - according to her allegations - RAPED her??

RAPE is a criminal offence.. when you have been victimized as such, wouldn't that be a BIG ENOUGH HINT that you're getting yourself into an extremely bad situation if you continue to engage in relations with the said "RAPIST" ??

There is much to be questioned in the case.. i don't trust either party, neither the Prince nor the over-publicized girl and her mother..

BUT, from MY very own recent personal experience, physical abuse, psychological abuse and rape are indeed all in a day's work for royalty, young and old alike... BEEN THERE, BEEN THROUGH IT ALL.

been there.. said...

@ one of the anonymous commentors:

with all due respect.. I, MYSELF have been physically, psychologically and sexually abused by a member of royalty.. yet, i am able to be impartial in my observations.

you have witnessed spousal abuse, thus your "heart goes out to manohara"..

now, why is it that I - a first-hand victim - can be impartial, yet YOU - an observer - can't??

art harun said...

Been there...

I am sorry to hear about your previous plights. I hope you are well now although I am sure the scars last forever.

Have a good day.