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Friday, July 17, 2009


I am outraged!!!

I was having a meeting at Bangsar when I received a text message at about 5pm yesterday about the death of Teoh Beng Hock. He was found dead, apparently "on the roof of an adjoining building next to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s building."


 To say that MACC has been independent all these while  is like saying Pam Anderson has not done a silicon job. It has been known and seen to move with lightning speed in cases involving opposition leaders as well as UMNO leaders who are not in the right camp. At a whiff of anything resembling an iota of wrongdoing, they would raid, arrest and interrogate all and sundry. But if, and only if, the people involved are from the "other side" of the fence.

But when the luminaries involved are from the government side, they would just sit still, like an elephant on tranquilisers. Look at the palatial mansion issue. Not a word from MACC. Contrast that to the hari raya korban cows issue. They did not only investigated. They even passed judgment in full public view even before the AG had the chance to look at the Investigation Papers!

And what about the Linggam Tape findings made by the Royal Commission? No statement. No hurry. No nothing. NFA, said the Minister. Who was interviewed? Who was arrested for taking statements? Was there interrogations until 3.45 am? None of course.

Teoh was not a suspect. And yet he was interrogated mercilessly from 5pm to 3.45am. Why the needs to do so? Can't witnesses be treated with dignity, if not respect? Was he going to run away? Can't he be asked respectfully to come to the office during office hours and interviewed in a civil manner? After all, if he was a witness, his testimony would be helpful and of assistance to MACC.

There are more questions than answers in this whole debacle. Life is cheap in Malaysia. That is quite obvious.

My questions are:

  • why would a young man who was to be married in a day's time commit suicide?
  • why must he, who was not a suspect, be interrogated mercilessly from 5pm to 3.45am?
  • why was he allowed to remain in MACC's office after he was released?
  • are members of the public ordinarily allowed to be in MACC's office in the wee hours of the morning without supervision? Wouldn't this run contrary to the security of MACC, its officers and all data in MACC's office and custody?
  • are members of the public, especially those who have been interrogated, ordinarily allowed to sleep on a settee in MACC's office unsupervised in the wee hours of the morning or any hours for that matter?
  • are members of the public, especially those who have been interrogated, ordinarily allowed to wander around aimlessly in MACC's office unsupervised?
  • why was Teoh allowed to do all of the above?
  • why wasn't Teoh told to go home and not remain in MACC's office as it is a security area?
  • what happened to CCTV cameras in MACC's office (I presume there will be a hell of a lot of them)
  • how come nobody noticed where Teoh, a total stranger to MACC and its officers, was? Where was the security guard?

And look at the picture. Teoh's pants are torn. Why?


mei1 said...

WHY?? Why was a WITNESS ended as a dead body??
Why is it that "Boleh"land has futher downgraded to "bloody + brutal + bully + bulls**t + bodoh"land??

I'm speechless...

A number of MPs & citizens are protesting outside of MACC HQ now & some have been detained. Tell me, where is our SORRY-land heading to?

What can we do? Someone has started this at facebook, do show you support if you care: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=106191220735&ref=nf (Justice for Comrade Beng Hock)

Anwar has also announced there'll be a rally at Kelana Jaya this Sunday at 4.30pm. Do show the solidarity if you can too.

Last but not least, may Teoh R.I.P. & may justice & truth still prevail!!

Old Fart said...

Also, can anyone other than from the MACC vouch for the fact that Teoh was released as claimed.

Or was the statement of the release actually meant to say that Teoh was relieved of his worldly misery at that time?

Also, surely Teoh would have made a call on his hand-phone, assuming he had it with him. who did he make it to and what time? As if as claimed he was released at 3.45 am. Surely, he would have called someone if he needed transport.

Now someone who initiated all these actions of MACC has blood on their hands. But then again when the proponent of 1Malaysia has not also explained away the blood of a Mongolian on his hand what can you expect of the MACC and so on.

CW Ye said...

Art you have a very good point. Why are the pants torn??

beaver said...

this is the last straw, i am leaving this godforsaken ‘country’ for good. neither of u will ever hear from me again. i rather be a pr in some other countries than face, seeing and hearing all this bullshit. I have decided i don’t need this anymore. first thing i will do – throw my ic and passport to the pacific ocean.me and my children don’t need to be reminded of all this painful memories. goodbye & godbless. if any of u decide to stay in Malays-YA! well, stay at your own peril.be warned and watch your back at all times.Nuff’ said. good riddance!

icebergcoral said...

Why his pants are torn??? Where's the blood pool??? How come he landed side way??? Very Very SAD...Hell to MACC THE MURDERERS!!! May Beng Hock rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

someone should do a Myth Busters reenactment on the torn trousers thing.
1) get a dummy weighing the same as the deceased
2) similar pants with similar material and weave
3) dangle the dummy upside down by holding on to the pants at the ankle area
4) see if a similar pattern of tear can be reproduced
(note: the tears were on the left AND right side of the buttock area..what are the chances of that happening from a fall from height?)

pathologists from the hospitals will only look for clues on the body..not on the clothings and scene.

can the polis forensics team be trusted?

i am outraged like any other decent malaysian out there.

Dense said...

...why did the interrogation begin at 5 pm??

We are talking about malay interrogators which are not normally known for their diligence

Anonymous said...

Right shoe, upright, at least eight feet from body. Wallet to his right. Does his back pants pocket looked ripped to you? Deep triangular cut on his right wrist.

Teoh's pants is an important piece of evidence. The investigator should check the facade of the building to rule out any structure that might cause the tear or caught Teoh when he fell. The building looks smooth.(http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/108637).Then they should explain the tear of his pants. I am convinced the pants was ripped. Can you see the straight line tear across his left thigh?

Please take a good look at the building.(http://thestar.com.my/news/sto...sec=nation). The facade of the building is smooth and window glass covered. There is no open space, ledge or balcony. Look at the direction of how the windows open. If you want to jump out, you have to open it and crawl under.

Teoh's body is found at the front.(http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/108637)

Anonymous said...

We should get a team of forensics experts from overseas to determine truly how Teoh had fallen. As usual, they are not very smart by coming out with their official side of the story which many a time, they trip themselves and expose their ineptness.

LAT said...

My heart is torn and my eyes is clouded with tears and I can feel the dripping of tears from the heaven. Why ? Are we now living in the animals world ?

The culprits(macc & law minister) declared their innocent at the very first instant even before investigation of Teoh's death is carried out; why are these culprits so fearful ? Guilty conscience ?

Anonymous said...

It's a very sad day for Malaysia and malaysians on the whole. What a despicable act by people in power to take one's life, that too an innocent one. No religion in the world will ever condone this act except the government of Malaysia. Is this progress??? I wonder???

Dense said...

Why would anyone want to stay in the house of his interrogators. After eight hours of interrogation the instinct would be to get the hell out of MACC... regardless of how tired he was

Any normal person would crawl out on his hands and knees to get away from such evil

Anonymous said...

someone above prayed for Beng Hock's peaceful rest. Well I'd say he will not rest in peace, until those who murdered him are caught, trialed and strung up to death themselves.

amethyst213 said...


need to ask more?

butt those people of the corridor of power now!

Antares said...

Have you read RPK's vivid reconstruction of what probably happened in the wee hours of 16 July at the MACC office? I find it makes the most sense of the entire grim scenario. I can smell the fear emanating from Putrajaya with this bungled effort to extract false evidence against the Pakatan Rakyat state government. That pink-lipped poltroon bungled Perak; now his goons have messed up in Selangor. Utterly useless bunch of villains.

PM said...

If he jumped from the building why wasn't his head smashed and no blood. Vey funny... Perhaps after he died , his body was dumped there.

donplaypuks® said...

I reckon poor Teo was already dead when his body was flung out through a window. The torn pockets must have happened when the perpetrators of this murder hauled up his body by the seat of his pants to throw him out.

No blood is a dead giveaway that Teo was gone some hours before and the blood would have congealed in the lower parts of the body when rigor mortis set in.

The gap in MACC's statement between 6.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. suggests he was probably dead somewher in between, if not actually at 6.30 a.m. when he was said to be 'sleeping' on the couch in the MACC lobby. CCTV cameras may show the sequence of events.

This young man's death must not be in vain!

Anonymous said...

Some background of this whole situation;

1) Teoh was picked up by MACC and it has been widely reported

2) Teoh was a WITNESS to a corruption case involving top DAP officials


1) Who benefits from his death?

- BN knows that their popularity is dwindling. MACC surely wont gain from this, neither would BN.
Would MACC benefit at all by killing him IN THEIR OWN BUILDING??

- If teoh was a witness then who is the suspect?

You see, Teoh was there to give evidence against some top DAP officials. As we know some of them are klinked to the underworld. And we all know the triad code among the chinese (You talk, you die) .
And that is what Teoh did - TALK.

He decided to come clean and tell it all. And he knows that after this, his life , his family and his soon to be wife will be in danger.
He knows how the chinese triads operate.
He decided to not die in their hands but rather, he chose what he deemed was a more dignified way to go.

Question again - who really benefits from his death? Najib? MACC?

....or the triad king pins of DAP he was about to implicate?

We all know about the gangsters in DAP.. just ask Wee Choo Keong.

mei1 said...

Though M.Kini & M.Insider have reported about the revelation by Tan Boon Wah, do check out this link for detailed explanations by Tan as of how he was treated & interrogated by the MACC officer: http://merdekareview.com/news/n/10277.html (被令站着盘问历时四小时,陈文华揭反贪委恐吓威胁).
(Sorry, it's available in Chinese only, but you can click on it & have a look at the pictures shown)

Now, I believe that RPK was right to certain extent (if not all)after reading this piece of revelation.
Would him (Teoh) send a dream to his family or friends to tell what was actually happened?
Still the same question, can we see justice & truth (soon)? Can we see action taken to the perpetrator(s)?

chapchai said...

I agree with Anonymous's comments on the torn trousers. This can be simulated by Forensics to verify if the tear in the seat of his trousers was caused by people trying to pull Teoh in after a threat to throw him out went horribly wrong. But would you trust Malaysian Forensics? PR, besides organising rallies, should attempt to get an independent Forensics scientist to do this.

Crankster said...

No one with any semblance of intelligence will believe that Teo could possibly commit suicide at the MACC headquarters. It's even more bizarre that he would tear his pants before he did so. Not a very glamorous way to die, is it?

The face of evidence is overwhelming. And that is what the MACC has been unable to hide. They have not allowed the family lawyer to be present at the identification. That certainly sounds suspicious.

It's pretty obvious.

This was a political aide who had nothing to hide.

Not an ex-MB with a Balinese-style house worth RM24 million.

Not a Prime Minister in-waiting who had affairs with a Mongolian model cum translator.

Not your average Barisan Nasional crook with a hundred corruptions to his name.

But the MACC was out for some dirt on him at all costs. Unfortunately they went too far, and now the young man is dead.

His blood is on their hands. May their souls know no peace.

♂无聊♀乂♥melvin♥ said...

U tell me if MACC is not to be blamed,who else? This Nazri got the nerve to say otherwise and infact,the whole concept of one Malaysia is just a sandiwara and to hookwink Malaysians to believe that it is for the benefit of all Malaysians.My foot!!!

Perakborn said...

I tell why his pants were torn. He was held on the window sill and they held him by his pants and threatened to push him down if refused to play their game.
Half us body was outside the window.
The pants gave way and tore and Teoh fell to his death.
The murderers stood dumbfounded and started the mess cover up.

Yes, I am thinking aloud like Sherlock Holmes.

Anonymous said...

anon 17.46

why are you concealing your identity here.

you have different names while posting in other sites (Antares and people's parliament).

I dont expect anything else from a UMNO sycophant trying its very best to conceal the truth. Good try but just to let you know you named the wrong party. The triads are in MCA (thats given) and the unfortunate Teoh is with DAP.

julee said...

The very foundation of BN are lies – lies about May 13 riot, lies about secularity of constitution, lies about the special right, lies about supremacy of court, and of course lies about NEP.

How can our accountability and transparency not be limited by the very lies of the foundation of our governance?

San said...

Malaysians are very naive.

It is pretty clear that the MACC is operating like the German or Soviet secret police of the ruling party to punish opposition members.

How more transparent can they get? We must be all completely idiots to even discuss MACC.

Something like the MACC has to be completely independent or not in existence at all.

This is truly preposterous, as would be the case if the Mafia ran the police force.

ruyom said...

When you believe in God, you would value life! These Umno idiots claim to have faith but don't value one's life, where will they end up in after life! God judge!

Malaysia BOLEH said...

The held a innocent witness for HOURS and been treat like a suspect....

And they treat ex-MB who face million $$$$$ corruption like a KING...

Another Malaysia BOLEH

Anonymous said...

Why are the pants torn?? Good observation.
Why don't we call s/one like Horatio or Grissom, and do some forensic test. Don't hope on our PDRM. And to make the finding conclusive, just do some mythbuster -- when s/one falls from a certain height and land on the hard surface, does the pant torn??
Forward this idea to the mythbuster producer and i am sure they will reenact this scene.

hater said...

he killed by someone. So just few words from me. I'm not so sure the murderer will see this or not. But the Killer is really a fucked up guy. I guess his mum got fucked up by other guy. and perhaps his family all no ass?? in other words... Sohai!! I curse ur whole family not in peace son of the bitch. Yamacibai... I curse the person u love the most will die like teoh!!

To teoh's family. Very sad to see this happen.
RIP Teoh!

Kopi Kau Kau said...

This espisode remind me about our Malaysian Car Park.... Park at your own risk.

Likewise, you all enter MACC at your own risk...

They only take care of the interrogation ... you jump at your own risk...??

My condolence to the Teoh's family.

natives are restless said...

It's the racial card everywhere .... but try beating this one ??

"....they had a 4000 years head start ." in layman's term.

Think this man is losing it !.