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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Will the Real PAS Please Stand Up!

For a political party which calls itself Parti Islam Se-Malaysia, PAS is surely one hell of a chameleonic creature. To say that PAS is pragmatist would be an abuse of that term. In fact, to say that it is chameleon in nature would tantamount to introducing a new specie to that family of lizard. PAS' real nature is more like the Lernaean Hydra, the fearsome water serpent with nine heads.

This is a party which is so full of itself. It is filled with people who believe that Islam needs their help and assistance all the time. With people who believe that God is so meek and weak that He needs defending by them.

But the strange thing is this. When situation suits them, these very same people would embrace liberalism and would dance on the same dance floor with the likes of DAP and Anwar Ibrahim's PKR. Not only that, it would have no qualm in entering into a pact - a binding promise the breach of which, in Islam, is a sinful act - with PKR and DAP in order to form a political alliance for the general election. And they would sing liberalism all the way to various state legislative assemblies and even the Parliament.

Well, it is hard for a tiger to lose its stripes. Deep inside and within, PAS is still PAS. History would show that they have jumped in and out of the UMNO bandwagon for the sake of nothing more than political aspirations and desires. It is almost a vehicle for political expediency.

UMNO knows this. Hence the unity government gambit. What if UMNO says to PAS, come and join us and you would get this and that? And a part of this and that is the widening of the Islamist fundamentalism net in Malaysia? Would PAS refuse? Or would PAS, as is often in the past, fall again to UMNO's seduction? Would the defenders of Islam in PAS be willing to ditch its own partners - to and with whom PAS is bound through a promise and a pact - and forsake its liberalism song and dance? Would the temptation prove too strong for these beacon of piety and goodness?

PAS' actions in current days seem to suggest that these defenders of Islam are ready to change tune. In fact, PAS' true colours are showing.

On August the 10th, Zaid Ibrahim announced a start-up common agenda and platform for the three political parties which make up the Pakatan Rakyat. PAS of course is one of them. He started by saying:

"Pakatan Rakyat must firstly unite all Malaysians. We must revive the dreams of Tunku Abdul Rahman and other independence leaders."

Then he went on to say that the PR will establish non-discrimination laws. He said:

"Pakatan must reject the practice of discrimination."

The best was this:

A Pakatan Rakyat government must be free and not instill fear in the public. It must have an open attitude and accept criticisms. This can only be done by establishing a free and democratic government."

Lofty aspirations indeed. A government which would not instill fear in the public. The establishment of a free and democratic government. I would venture to say that that would entail a government which would protect fundamental liberties of its people. A government which would not stand over the shoulders of its people like some self righteous big brothers, ready to pounce at a whiff of what it perceives as a wrongful and immoral act of its people. A government which respects its people and their choice regardless of whether such choice runs contrary or repugnant to its personal beliefs and practices.

Lofty. And as far as PAS is concerned, unreal too. And as far as this very Islamic party - who would have no qualm in agreeing to anything as long as it furthers its political agenda - is concerned, these are just words which may be twisted, liberally interpreted and even forgotten when the situation necessitates.

After all, what is so important about promises and pacts when there are other more pressing matters, such as the caning of a woman and the concert by a harmless group called Michael Learns To Rock (to call this group a rock group is in fact an insult to any true blue Mat and Minah Rock!) as well as the policing of the moral of the Muslims in Selangor, which require its urgent attention. To hell with DAP and PKR. To hell with the pact, promise and common platform of Zaid Ibrahim. Islam needs defending. And moral needs policing.

Can PAS be trusted? Or is PAS too chameleonic so as to render any attempt at profiling its true political stance and intentions futile?

Will the real PAS please stand up.


Kris said...

Very well asked my friend...

natives are restless said...

Political Parties rule with it's own "God's law" would never make a good government.

It would create too much conflict with the rest of the non- believers.

Anonymous said...

PAS has been infiltrated by UMNO.

A section of it's leaders are more bent on acquiring positions and wealth over integrity and commitment. They use religion as a tool to further their ambitions. UMNO knows this well and plays its cards superbly enticing these characters.

With friends like Hassan Ali and Nasrudin Hassan who needs enemies?
It's precisely these sort of characters who will most likely cause the reputation of PAS to be tarnished leading to a diminishing support base. For them, it's a job well done on behalf of UMNO.

They may claim to be speaking up or raising issues on behalf of PAS, but, we need to scrutinise their rhetorics, actions and claims in order to be able to expose their willingness to destroy PAS in order to appease UMNO.

Rewards???? Well that will come when the time comes when they reveals their true colours on the other side!

Nizam Mahmud said...

Dear Art,

To answer one of your questions; Will the real PAS please stand up, you need to ask one question - who is the "real" PAS or how does we define "real PAS" as opposed to "fake PAS".

Answer this first, then you will find your answer to other questions.

So who or what defines "real PAS". Is it the conservative Ulama, or the so call liberal professionals? Or is "Real PAS" came from other Islamic NGO, like ABIM, JIM and etc, who join PAS in order to shape PAS in accordance to their respective NGO's perspective?

Personally, real PAS to me is the one who, throughout history, proven that they had always won in PAS - the hard hardened conservative type of Ulama.

A good example is the Head of PAS youth who does not know what MLTR is, and who thinks that just because the group has 'rock' name to it, it has to be a rock group who perfom wild and unacceptable concerts filled with songs with pro Satan lyrics.

And like I said, history has proven that these type of Ulama always wins in PAS. Be it against PAS vs JIM fraction back then or PAS vs professional fraction lately.

So these are the "real PAS". The hard hardened conservative Ulama. And they are here for real.

Nizam Mahmud said...
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Apparently, Immigrant. said...

Dear Friends,

My simple questions. What will happen after our Tok Guru Nik Aziz passes on? I recognise him as the strongest link in PAS in tune to the whole Pakatan Rakyat agenda. What happens when he is no longer around? What will PAS be when he is no longer with us?


Anonymous said...

a really funny question indeed...

like evryone else..ur asking PAS real intentions..motives..stands..etc2..

if any moves by PAS seen to be a bit grumpy in ur stomach...u growl...

but 1 thing i ask u...

been to kelantan yet?

have u met tok guru yet?

have u talked to people living in kelantan?

ur really so full of urself...bloated by the main stream media~


ahoo said...

Whether they are real or not is not the key issue to me. But if they stand for righteousness, integrity, honesty and fear of God and hate all that are evils, that to me is the true hallmark of a true Malaysian and a real PAS.

Nizam Mahmud said...


Tell me something, what has MLTR concert, scheduled in Genting, has got to do with people of Kelantan?

Being a fan of MLTR for many years, I find it hard to accept their strong objection of MLTR.

That is because I know what songs MLTR has to offer, and what are its lyrics. And from there, it does not take a genius to figure what kind of concert they are going to offer to Malaysian audience.

Put it this way, I have not heard of any strong objection from PAS as far as Siti Nurhaliza's concert is concern. Or did I miss it?

Comparing Siti and MLTR, atleast MLTR cover their aurah and in conservative Islam, male voice is not considered as aurah.

Based on these criteria alone, PAS should have objected to Siti's concert far more vicious.

Or is it because MLTR is a foreign band, then it is deemed as indecent and irrespective of Islam?

Apparently, Immigrant. said...

Dear Friends,

The ban is called for s because MLTR's concert will be held during the Ramadan period. I say lets plan for Slipknot concert during Hari Raya!..

DHR said...


A lucid and well written article. Unfortunately some of your commentators fail to understand the thrust of what you are saying. I dont think the issue is whether PAS has governed Kelantan well but rather in these dicey times, why is PAS hellbent on sowing discord in a colation it has sworn to protect and be a part of?

Governing Kelantan and governing Malaysia are 2 different things. Sadly, the likes of Hassan Ali cannot distinguish this. The problem with God's law is that you really cant ask God if this indeed is what he/she meant.

I think PAS needs a real wake up call. It cannot bat for both sides. It must choose and purge within itself the other faction. When I vote, I dont need deception. I vote based on facts and what I see and perceive.


Anonymous said...

"Does this mean that Muslim women are not the equal of their non-Muslim sisters under the law?"

from http://www.rantingsbymm.blogspot.com/

I don't know about you, but I like the kind of religion that teaches us to be kind, honest, productive, thoughtful and considerate of others, and pretty much leaves it at that.

And when it comes to bad guys, I much prefer the defense "The devil made me do it" to "God made me do it." Stuff the devil makes you do is bad, sometimes real bad, but admitting that it's bad at least makes it honest.

Religion is a serious subject, but don't you wish some people took it a lot less seriously?

Anonymous said...

PAS upholds the Islamic teaching. Anything goes against the quran goes against PAS!

Why is the concert opposed? Because it will encourage the mixing of men and women which is prohibited in Islam. Why? Because it can lead to wrongdoing like committing sexual intercourse out of wedlock. In can produce illegitimate babies and to go on further, those women with illegitimate babies will possibly dumb the babies in drain, rivers, rubbish dumps and even flush in toilets!

That's the possibility of it, that's why it is banned. What more in the fasting month where every good things must be cherished and bad be nippped in the bud. No human being can champion himself of being sin-free. They're not. They need to be reminded time and time again.As the saying goes, to err is human.

telur dua said...

PAS is also human. Offer them some power and position and you'll see the real PAS.

I just hope TGNA stays healthy and live long enough.

mei1 said...

All I wanna say is that it's time for PAS as well as PKR & DAP to weed out the bad apples before the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Good question Art,

With the controversies that is created in Selangor by Hassan Ali and the likes, the MLTR concert, it does seem they PAS is more interested in subjugating the muslim masses rather than administer the state.

All this has nothing to do with good governance and transparency. Its all about having the holier than thou attitude. There is no such thing as being a liberal or conservative muslim. Its has more to do with being a real muslim or hypocrite. To me they seem to be moving away from the Quran and making up rules as they see fit.

I think they should just stay in Kelantan and leave the rest of us alone. No need to turn this country into Saudi Arabia. Its uncomfortable there even for muslims like me who keeps the faith. I have lived there and wouldn't recommend it to anybody.

zakwan said...

The answer is moderation
PAS must be moderate in their political approach 2 win the support of the non Muslims
PAS cannot be overzealous in achieving their vision on an Islamic state
Thus,they must make an effort in educating the public on their political idealisme based on the Quran n Sunnah
InsyaAllah,the rakyat particularly the non Muslims will understand

PAS must realize that without the support from non Muslims,they will never hav a taste of federal power

The same goes 4 DAP
Ur chauvinism is not gettin u nowhere
I call upon Kit Siang n Co. 2 utilize Tunku Abdul Aziz n other Malay members 2 quash public's perception of DAP as a chinese chauvinist party, a breakaway from Singapore's PAP n anti Islam bunch
DAP must also make an effort in establishing a political platform which can attract more Malay professionals
Don't 4get Malaysian Malaysia

Siew said...

It is simply amazing the things we have seen these past fortnight and nobody in PAS seems able to put a stop to it. I doubt very much if PAS can be a partner in ANY coalition. I feel sorry for non-Muslims who voted in their thousands for PAS candidates in the belief that a gentlemen's pact had been reached in PR.

The best reason why religion and politics should never mix is unfolding before our eyes.

Anonymous said...


You seem to have this gift to articulate almost exactly , if not exactly , what seems to be in people's minds. You have done it again here and this time it is about PAS.

I don't think NIK AZIZ will be able to answer you because the quality of your writing is too high. What about Dr Hassan Ali ? Will he be ? Maybe , but only with a help of a can or two of carlsberg i think.

Anonymous said...

art ,

excellent piece again . how you achieve a " high " with everything you write i cant understand but all the same , i think it is besides the point.

the point is there is things going on within PAS now that makes us see a serpent with multiple heads or a chameleon , as you have said. it is something that is called morphing - so maybe it is unnecessary for you or for us ( the public ) to be too critical at this juncture .

the more pragmatic thing to do is to watch and see how they morph and maybe even encourage this process . whatever we may think personally about PAS,is not important. but i do see them as more sincere then UMNO and less opportunistic then UMNO. hence , on that strength alone i can allow them the time and space to " morph ".

so mr ART , can we please just leave them alone for awhile .

terima kasih

Anonymous said...

PAS needs to realise that its view of how Malaysia ought to be is not shared by a majority in this country. If it is morality that they are concerned with, should not those matters be mostly personal in nature? While I agree that some moral issue like prostitution and drugs need to be regulated, why is a Michael Learns to Rock Concert offensive to Muslims? If Muslims think that it is, then they can choose not to go! If Muslims think that drinking is bad, then they can choose not to drink! Should not an individual take responsibility for his or her own morals?