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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Who's Pinochio?

As a litigation lawyer, I am trained to discern facts from non-facts, truth from untruth. However, I must say that it is real easy to spot a lie in Court.

Most of the time, a witness could be spotted lying by his demeanor in the witness box. He would be restless. He would refuse to make eye contact when under cross-examination. His eyes would roll up to his right when he searches for an answer. Some of the witness even break into cold sweat when under intense cross-examination. Some become irritated and would begin raising their voice. All these are tell tale signs of a witness not telling the truth.

On other occasions, the documents tendered in Court prove that the witness has been lying. Documents don't lie. Witnesses do.

However, one of the more frequent sign that a witness has been lying is contradictory statements made by him. There are of course some reasonable explanation why a witness' testimony is contradictory. Sometimes, the event in issue has taken place a long time ago. As such, his may not have a perfect memory on the event anymore. Thus he contradicts himself. On some other occasions, the fact in dispute is subjective in nature and thus open to interpretation. In that event, contradiction may also occur.

Barring those circumstances, contradictions in a witness' testimony is a standard cause for the lying-o-meter bell to ring.

Which brings me to the subject of this article.

After the cow-head incident last week, I remember reading on MalaysiaKini and the Malaysian Insider that the head of the resident committee of section 23 said that they (the demonstrators) did not know where the cow-head came from. In other words, the carrying of the bleeding cow-head and the acts of spitting and stomping on the cow-head were not planned by the organisers. That implies that a third party was doing those things.

Of course, at this juncture normal reasonable people would ask why the hell didn't the demonstrators ask the so called third party to stop carrying the cow-head or spitting and stomping on it. Well, that in itself is a mystery.

Then, Minister Hishamuddin met the residents. In a press conference after the meeting, Minister Hishamuddin said the same thing. This is what he was quoted as saying by a Malaysian Insider report :

"They, the organisers, who are sitting left and right of me, didn't even know that somebody was going to bring the head of the cow during that demonstration".

Okay. I am sure that was not made up by Minister Hishamuddin. He was obviously told by the one who was sitting left and right of him at the press conference as such. And I am sure he believed what he had been told. I don't blame him for that as I would have done the same thing as well.

Now. Today, a new fact crept out in the Malaysia Today report . YB Datuk Dr Mohd Khir Toyo (have I got all that correct?, well, sorry if I didn't) was quoted as saying:

"The reason (the cow's head) was brought was to show that t(he State Government)had acted without thinking as the site (for the Hindu temple) was ready i(n section 11) so why relocate (to section 23)? The state government did not think...the cow's head was displayed because it is a stupid animal, to show that the state government made a stupid decision and disrupted the peace of section 23 residents. (It has) nothing to do with religious issues."

This is what I call contradictory remarks, although in this case, the contradiction does not come from the same person. However, it does come from persons belonging to the same faction, namely UMNO or Barisan Nasional. Do also bear in mind that there were local UMNO hot shots among the demonstrators.

So, which is which? Is it a fact that the cow-head was not brought by the demonstrators? Is it a fact that the cow-head was brought by a mysterious third party without the knowledge of the organisers of the demonstration? Is it a fact that the organisers did not know that the cow head was going to be brought?

Or, is it a fact that, as YB Datuk Dr Mohd Khir so diligently pointed out, the cow head was indeed brought to symbolise the state government's stupidity in the matter (as the cow is a stupid animal, according to him)? If so, then the good YB is implying that the cow head was in fact "brought" by the demonstrators for a specific purpose, to wit, to signify stupidity.

I won't go into the merit or demerit of such purpose as it is beyond the scope of this article, although I must add that I am far from being convinced that cows symbolise stupidity.

It would appear then that there is an obvious contradiction between the statement made by the resident committee head and Minister Hishamuddin and the one which was said by the opposition leader of the Selangor legislative assembly. Which is the correct version then? Who is telling untruth? I wouldn't know.

However, YB Datuk Dr Mohd Khir did not stop there. He also said:

"I don't know who brought it.."

Which begs the question, if he doesn't have a clue as to who brought the cow-head, how would he know that the cow-head was in fact brought to symbolise stupidity? Who told him that one? Now, if he was told of the fact that the cow-head was brought to symbolise stupidity, then the person who told him must know who brought the cow-head. But the YB said he doesn't know who brought it.

The conclusion to be made from this wholly confusing statement is this. The good YB had made his own conclusion. And, with all due respect, that conclusion was made without any basis whatsoever. In other words, that conclusion is just a personal opinion.

A personal opinion made without basis and without expertise ( I don't think the good YB is an expert in reading minds. I, of course, stand corrected on this, because, in Malaysia, miracles do happen. And quite frequent too, I must say) is inadmissible.

Have a good weekend everyone.


LAT said...

These so call "leaders" talk without using their brain but very good in talking with just their ear, eye and unclean heart only, thus their brain is condemned like what Toyo referred to as "cow head bererti stupid" ! BN factory manufactures Pinochios.

Anonymous said...

I do find a persistent pattern about UMNO politicians especially:
- they are given to lying, and
- they lie in a very BODOH way.

They are so stupid that they are so often caught in their lies - just as the author has shown!

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely gabberflasting to have a prime specimen of a low life continue spouting vitriolic and divisive racial statements, yet untouchable and unindicted. Malaysia, truly the worst of Asia. Brings such abject shame to the good name (or what's left of it) of our beloved nation.

telur dua said...

It was all a misunderstanding.

You see, the group of cow head demonstrators threatening violence and bloodshed are actually movie extras. They were doing location shooting in Sect 23, Shah Alam for a new movie.

The producer is allegedly an ex-dentist who stays in a 'palace' nearby. He must have drilled a million teeth 24/7 for 50 years to be able to afford that, I mean being a movie producer. The original title of the movie was 'An Idiot's Guide On How To Sabotage Your Political Opponents.'

The title was deemed too long and subsequently truncated to become 'Bullshit.'

Anonymous said...

It has been the norm for UMNO leaders to talk nonsense and expect the people to lap it up. Previously their rubbish is given a new spin by their controlled media and presented to the people.
But now with the alternative media and the use of new communication tools their stupidity can be recorded and replayed many times that it is the people who are embarrassed!

Anonymous said...

let put it this way....everybody has their own opinions and answers to the issue.these will go on forever....this issue should not be discussed further.wasting time unless we have nothing better to do.

mei1 said...

There's a saying: Never trust a politician. So how many Bolehland politicians can we rely or trust on??

Anyhow, I still believe there are some but definitely not from the powers-that-be or U Must Not Object

Xforget said...

Yes Art, you are trained to look if the person lies and you articulated it very well in your articles. But, we the common people that lack training can also perceived the lies in most of the incidents that happen recently.

They talked about race and religion, I'm too of the same race and religion ... as per written constitution. But, I don't and won't follow their such beliefs, thoughts and actions as it's a disgrace to both as muslims and malays.

Look, all the recent chaos and hoo haa are created or caused by malay muslims. Is sad to see the caliber of these so called leaders the defender of malay muslim making fools of themselves.

Nonetheless, I enjoy their antics.

natives are restless said...

Ahhh so ,in other words "that cow's head was brought in for good humor."

And those words were from non other than the cow's mouth .

tupingera said...

They can lie. They can steal. They can slander. They can rape. They can even blast people with C4.

So what ??? They are the umnoputras. They are above the law.

The rakyat can whine and bitch until the cows come home. At the end of the day, it is just like anjing menyalak bukit.

Anonymous said...

Actually the only dumb animal I see in this aticle is Khir toyol, he must really think everyone thinks like him, to accept his illogical and stupid statement. He should read this before calling a cow a dumb animal, http://www.island.lk/2007/10/04/L1.pdf
So mr. toyol if you're reading this try another one like your 3.5 million palace. What do you take us for, fools?

A true Malaysian said...

Very well articulated. Art Harun, you are the man. Good one.

A true Malaysian said...


Adakah anda semua masih ingat peribahasa Melayu, “LEMBU PUNYA SUSU, SAPI PUNYA NAMA”?
Mengapa ada peribahasa sedemikian yang menggunakan “LEMBU” dalam peribahasa Melayu ini?
Bagi saya, saya berpendapat kerana kita manusia, khasnya orang Melayu menghargai sumbangan lembu selama ini kerana lembu memberi kita susu yang merupakan sumber protein yang penting sepanjang hayat kita. Tetapi, walaupun begitu, siapa yang dapat nama? Bukan lembu, tetapi “sapi”.
Lebih-lebih lagi lembu adalah objek penting yang digunakan oleh umat Islam dalam korban. Semasa sembelihnya untuk korban, caranya pun berhati-hati supaya ianya “halal” dimakan umat Islam. Saya sebagai seorang bukan Islam melihat cara sembelih sedemikian sebagai umat Islam menghormati lembu dan menghargai jasa-jasa lembu kerana dijadikan makanan umat Islam.
Jadi, adakah orang-orang yang terlibat dalam demonstrasi ini menghormati benda hidup yang menggunakannya sebagai korban dengan memijak dan meludah kepala lembu ini? Saya tidak mahu kata “ya” atau “tidak”. Lebih baik kamu menggunakan “akal” yang dikurniakan Allahswt untuk dapat jawapan anda.
Kembali kepada “lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama”. Bagi umat Hindu, lembu adalah binatang yang suci, yang selain daripada susunya, lembu menyumbang mengerjakan sawah padi dan kebun-kebun mereka. Oleh itu, orang Hindu tidak sampai hati sembelihnya untuk dimakan.
Saya sebagai bukan Hindu dan bukan Islam, kerana sebab demikian, saya pun tidak ada niat nak makan daging lembu. Tetapi kami pun tidak membantah lembu menjadi objek korban dalam Islam kerana kami menghormati hak-hak umat Islam dalam perkara ini.
Jadi, adalah baik kita umat manusia sentiasa guna “kepandaian” atau “wisdom” yang diajar oleh ugama saya (iaitu Buddha) dalam apa perkara pun dalam hidup kita, supaya dapat hidup aman dan damai dengan umat manusia lain yang berlainan ugama dan kepercayaan.
Gunakanlah “akal” yang dikurniakan Allahswt, dan dia yang maha kuasa pun akan bangga dengan tindak-tanduk kamu, kawan-kawan Muslim saya ini.

Anonymous said...

Does it really matter, who's pinochio? heck no!
This country is turning into a bloody unfairground as we stand aside and look.
They dont give a damn about the truth.
Dont waste ur time.get a hobby art!

Anonymous said...

This is a clear case of bullshitting (no pun intended). Hishamuddin did not give any valid reason why the protesters were not arrested or at least made to disperse peacefully by the police or RELA. His statements like, "they were protesting just to show their unhappiness...", "they did not know a cow head was going to be brought...", "they did not intend to cause racial or religious strife..." are vague statements that do not give any valid reason for the police and RELA's inactivity.

If he had shown a copy of the police permit issued to the protesters for their gathering then at least it can be an official reason why they were allowed to protest the way they did (although even a valid police permit would not excuse the cow head). But no such concrete reason or basis for the allowance of the protest was given. Hence, he was bullshitting and trying to make excuses to justify the action of the protesters.

Clearly the contradiction between the statements by Hishamuddin and Khir Toyo are indicative that the latter was only expressing his personal view to explain the use of the cow head, as insensitive as it was to the Hindus. Again, his view is as flimsy as Hishamuddin's feeble statements.

Therefore, both statements by these UMNO guys are not worth paying attention to.

benhur said...

Is Khir Toyol implying that Hindus revere a stupid thing ?

Lee Wee Tak said...

brilliant analysis. that's why it is pointless to try to lie to a lawyer.

the dumb and dumber would appear even dumber when their sense of logic is open to examination of the calm, collected and analytical

the only thing that worries me is when thugs cannot reason out of their way, they resort to violence.

Anonymous said...

Dentist Toyol: It looks like a cowhead, it sounds like a cowhead but it is not a cowhead, so why is everyone getting so excited.

Homo minister NoShamemoooodin: Correct, correct, correct. That's what the organizers on my left and right told me that they did not know who brought the cowhead. The cowhead you all saw in the video is NOT a cowhead.

PIG Musang: No Further Action since it is not a cowhead. Case Closed.

Anonymous said...

Sebenarnya kepala lembu yg di pamerkan mencerminkan pemikiran penunjukan perasaan itu sendiri.

Memang mereka kepala lembu?

Anonymous said...

How can I have a good weekend with racist UMNO continously causing problems in Shah Alam and Malaysia? With UMNO constantly stirring racial issues, one day May 13th will be trigger again. I fear our country will be destroy by UMNO.
How can I feel safe every time UMNO condemn the Chinese or Malay for challenging Malay rights? We never challenge the Malay rights. We want peace, low crime rates, places to practice our religion, stop corruption, etc. We, Malaysian, all want the similar things; however, the racist UMNO always stir up the racist emotion.

Why UMNO is so evil? All Malaysian want peace!

Frustrated Anak Malaysia

Anonymous said...

I've a lot of Malay friends. I know they don't share the same values of UMNO racist politic. However, I'm curious if other Malays think like UMNO? Are we, non-Malay, truly a problem for Malaysia? Why does UMNO hated us? Do we have to live with hatred?

Should I remain in USA? I want to go back to my homeland (Malaysia) but UMNO always remind me that Malaysia doesn't want me because of my skin color. Am I truly accepted as Malaysia even though I'm a forth generation Malaysian.

Frustrated Anak Malaysia

SelangorMan said...

Khir Toyo is talking the wrong thing at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

The less said about this immoral, dirty, filthy, shameful, despicable and arrogant Umno leader, the better.

In fact, Khir Toyo should search through his soul and see if there is any more conscience left.

What a damn shame!

Su said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your great article.

Me too a litigation lawyer who shared the same view with you when the former MB of Selangor (sorry, just don't even want to write his stupid name) uttered the stupid statement.

I am not a blogger and I have no place to express my view. In fact I don't even think of express my view on this issue as I don't like to state the obvious. What I can (only) do is to hope all Malaysian to cast their vote wisely in the next GE.

Together, we make Malaysia better...

Anonymous said...

[quote]LAT said...

These so call "leaders" talk without using their brain but very good in talking with just their ear, eye and unclean heart only, thus their brain is condemned like what Toyo referred to as "cow head bererti stupid" ! BN factory manufactures Pinochios. [/quote]

Sorry LAT, I beg to differ.

You are VERY WRONG when you said they talk without using their brain.

They don't have brain in the first place! Don't you agree with me?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Khir Toyo, why did you burn all the official documents just before the Pakatan took over the administration? Why? What are you afraid of?

Pakatan, please search if there is any backup from the computers. You can always trace them. I knew Khir Toyo had gone for Umrah to have his sins forgiven. But I know very well that a justice Allah will never never forgive him as long as he has not returned the the money he robbed.

Anonymous said...


i just like to wish all the COWHEAD MALAYSIANS ( cowheads as described by toyol ) a SELAMAT HARI RAYA . i also hope that the month of ramadan makes them WISER and not as STUPID and IDIOTIC as the cows AND THE TOYOL that they will slaughter considering that the COWHEAD MALAYSIAN LIST INCLUDES SEVERAL EMINENT ( all for the wrong reasons ) INDIVIDUALS , like DR. MAHATHIR MOHAMMAD , DR. KHIR TOYOL , NOOR AZAM , AWANG SALAMAT, KHAIRY JAMALUDIN, MUHYIDDIN YASSIN , HISHAMUDDIN , AZIZAH ABOD, ZAKIAH AHMAD ETC.

similarly, i would like to wish all malaysians , both muslims and non muslims , a salamat hari raya too. this list too has eminent people in its list and they include DIN MERICAN AND HIS BUDDIES TOK CIK , MR BEAN AND TEAN , DR. BAKRI MUSA , MR ARTICULATIONS - ART HARUN HIMSELF -, RAJA PETRA KAMARUDDIN , TUNKU AZIZ , DATUK ZAID IBRAHIM , DATUK ANWAR IBRAHIM ,DATUK KHALID IBRAHIM and many many others . lets hope the TOYOL's meaning for the cow and its head does not afflict them EVER .

P said...

the guys flanking "kerismuddin" at the press conference are the same idiots who spat at and put their feet on the cow's head.
I can only pray that H1N1 finds them failing that an aedes mosquito tipped with dengue


LAT said...

Qoute "Annon 05 September 2009 23:02Sorry
LAT, I beg to differ.
You are VERY WRONG when you said they talk without using their brain.
They don't have brain in the first place! Don't you agree with me? "

You are absolutely right ! the cow-head was already BRAIN DEAD !

PM said...

Toyol and Hishamuddin..torn to bits by Art..how nice.

DPM very quiet on this??? otherwise kena hantam juga

Their brains has gone down to their arse.

Good article Art..Thank You

Anonymous said...

I find it extremely pathetic that these political leaders had to resort to these low-down ways to win the supports of their grass-root. Whatever comes we will be there when you need me.

There are leaders and there are leaders.

Very very sad that they don't even know that a simple, sincere " We are sorry " may significantly alleviate the issue.


Anonymous said...

It's better to shut up and be thought as a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt... A. Lincoln

That should be made the motto of UMNO.

Kris said...

Todays papers. The dragging, spitting and kicking of the head of a cow which all Malaysians know is viewed as sacred to Hindus has resulted in the LIKELIHOOD of the perpetrators being charged in court. Teresa Kok was thrown into prison under the ISA because she allegedly protested the volume of prayers that were emanating from a mosque (an accusation I might add that was proven unfounded).

To the average Malaysian this can only be viewed as the instruments of civil order being used to selectively punish, nay intimidate other Malaysians...

Gukita said...

Khir Toyo ought be replaced by other more respectable leader for head of Opposition. He dont know what he is doing, saying, thinking and I a question mark if he knows anything outside dentistry.. He's bringing disrepute to Malaysian politics.

Anonymous said...

Religions, no matter what religion teaches good things, not bad things. To make followers worthiness and sinless. There are places in Malaysia have place of worship sitting close next to each other and with no problems. So, what is up with Section 23?