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Monday, October 05, 2009

1 Duck

When I read this report, I laughed. And then, I cried.

First, the report says,

"We are not like a lame duck wanting somebody to carry us and I believe that we must collaborate with our strengths. The impression that Proton is dying and it needs a partner, it's not the case," said Datuk Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh".

Then, it says,

" Group managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir said that Proton's strengths include its brand, government support and its location in Southeast Asia."

I thought funny statements, especially on Mondays, are within the sole and exclusive purview of politicians nowadays? No? Like there are bad guilt and there are good guilt. Or a certain dictator saying I will step down but only when my assistant is ready to take over. LOL!! Things like that. But no, I was wrong. Corporate figures are also learning fast. And they are not far behind, quite obviously.

Since when have government support to a company in terms of yearly grants, tax exemptions, preferential treatments and moving the goal posts to make life really difficult for competitors become  the company's strength? If at all, isn't such support a sign of weakness? Isn't it a crutch to help the company walk like everybody else?

And what will happen when the crutch is taken away? What will the company be? Featherless duck? Sitting duck? Headless duck?

Now we have a "technical collaboration talks with Renault" for a possible joint development of a new Perdana engine. How many technical collaboration must there be? What happened to Mitsubishi? Or the famed Lotus 1.6 litre engine which could behave like a 2 litre engine?

Oh, by the way, what has happened to the TUV audit on Proton Savvy? It was such a big hoo haa before. Is it still being done? Or has it been discontinued? If discontinued, why? Has TUV refused to pass some Savvy units? If so, why?

Rumour in the industry now says that some people are moving for Proton to be the only one which is granted "national car" status. If that is true, Inokom, Naza and Perodua would be stripped off such status. That would give Proton an advantage, not only against foreign car manufacturers, but also against Malaysian car manufacturers.

It is so Malaysia, in'it? Heard the joke about what FAM would do if they take over FIFA? Yes. They would change the rule to only allow 2 players in the opponent team to ensure Malaysia win the World Cup! Yes, yes. haven't we all heard that before. You cannot compete, you change the rule to suit you.

So what's next? Cheaper  petrol for Proton owners?


ygbenor said...

Malaysian leaders be it politicians or corporates are getting bonkers these days, that is the state of this nation now.Sickening and pathetic at the same time.

mh said...

"So what's next? Cheaper petrol for Proton owners?"

Please don't give these idiots ideas like that!!

Raison D'etre said...


Heard the same during my daily morning dose of BFM while driving to work in a Viva struggling to push from a diet of RON95.

Can't help but smiled. The good man has a penchant for such slip ups: remember the "how much it cost to maintain a Perdana" bo boo?

Anyway, he is speaking the truth about Proton but the bit about National status is certainly worrying.

My bro-in-law who in the market is for his first ever car is in a fix: he has none unless he's willing to go second hand.

He wants Sedan as he's expecting a new addition to the family soon.

In the sedan low cost category his only choice is (drum roll, please) the Proton Saga.

Having been hit badly by my trust in the truly first Proton model in Gen2, I told him to just Tawakkal for a unit that wouldn't be have too many faults.

We are so bloody forgiving, Art.

Silembu said...

Sigh...so many years after bought over Lotus still cannot come out with something that equal to Vios or City..memalukan...at least better quality then Perodua still ok lah...

nxforget said...

I'm crying Art ... SOB, SOB, SOB.

After more than 15 years, I finally got to ditch out my proton car for something else and now you are proposing discount for fuel.

These people at Proton are learning by the day ... make up stories. The global auto industry player are in trouble but proton is not. They diversify their business by selling components and proton are buying but they call that JV ... They sure pull the wool over my eyes.

donplaypuks® said...

One thing is certain.

The current CEO and Management of Proton will continually talking about taking on a foreign partner in the Press, while behind the scenes they will continue to block all attempts to make Proton a truly independent 'non-lame duck' car manufacturer!!

That has been their tactic since day 1. AAB was a sucker to buy their 'we will export ourselves out of trouble' and Najib seems clueless as to the CEO's stonewalling strategy.

For the current year, Proton expects no less than $80 million 'R&D' bailout "grant" from the Govt (read Taxpaying suckers!)

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

LAT said...

I still cannot comprehend why we have to pay RM32,000 and so call the cheapest "Milo Tin Proton Saga" to carry us on the road !

Anonymous said...


Will you act as my lawyer, if Proton sue me for making allegation that many people working in Proton are demanding " sexual entertainment" from their business associates.

My friend who is providing logistic services to Proton is also a part time "pimp" to proton officers. The real problem is he must pay for them all.

Anonymous said...

Best thing for Malaysians:

Sell the bloody Proton company away 100%. Abolish AP.

Then we shall see car prices drop by 50%.

Anonymous said...

Saya tak mungkin membeli kereta Proton lagi. Kereta Proton boleh rosak di sana sini biarpun baru sehari-dua keluar dari bilik pameran. Apa maknanya kereta baru kalu gitu.

Kita berbelanja besar kerana memiliki kereta baru, tapi kereta baru sakit di sana sini. Bocor sana sini. Malu,malu, malu. Kalau anda pernah sampai ke pusat servis Proton, anda akan dapati kerosakan kereta baru yang tidak manasabah.

Biarpun banyak komplen dibuat pelanggan tetapi Proton tak pernah mahu belajar kesalahan mereka.

Saya berhak menegur Proton kerana itu GLC, maknanya hak rakyat Malaysia, makna hak saya juga walau secebis.

Saya yakin berlaku rasuah antara pihak vendor dan Proton, itulah sebab penyakit Proton tak pernah sembuh. Kalau tak ada rasuah maka pegawai QC Proton terdiri daripada Katak, Lembu, dan Kambing berotak belalang.


natives are restless said...

Did you say cheaper petrol for Proton owners ??? I'm soooo looking forward to that !.

SANSIRO said...

So what's next? Cheaper petrol for Proton owners?

ART>> I am sure if you are an UMMMNO member you can replace Amrisham anytime....

Nizam Mahmud said...

So what's next? Cheaper petrol for Proton owners?

Dear Art,

Your whole article is about how they change the rule to suit them and to give them advantages.

Yet, you go and help by giving such suggestions! Please think la before you type anything.

You know these guys, and who knows they are at this very moment having an emergency meeting to discuss your 'proposal'!

Next time please consider other people before giving any ideas.

chiaw said...

I don't know what is the "TUV audit on Proton Savvy", but I have read the recent crash test on the PROTON JUMBUCK (PROTON ARENA in Malaysia) in Australia. Even lost to car from China. Reports here :-



Anonymous said...

Another "politician talk" by Proton. "Proton's UK sales set to exceed target". Actually Proton is losing market share compared to previos year.


Roxy said...

Haven't you heard? Politicians makes the best comedians. What will we do without them as entertainments?

BennyG said...

Proton management knows no shame.

For a company that still enjoys gov't support (crutches), the management seemed to think highly of themselves. It's like telling the world that they could sing with the best while in reality, they can't even sing!

That's the typical mentality of a UMNOputra since they know that no matter how badly they did, no one could get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

We are d "DUCKS"...!!!!

It's our tax payers money that's been saving them....

Anonymous said...

True stroy. I bought a Proton Saga 6 years ago, 35k. after 1+ year later, the gear box behaved funny.

Just imagine when you are driving 120km/h in NS highway, suddenly you heard funny noice (sound of press fuel but gear is still free mode), and you look at your gear. The gear automatically changed from gear 5 to free gear. (Sorry, the car is manual gear, not auto gear). This situation happen almost every 10 minitues. That was the times i was driving back home town to the state which is ruled by BN undemocratical with 3 frogs jump over. I have no choice to return to JB as I was just drived 40km in the NS Highway. But, there will be nothing happen if i drive in JB town without exceed 100km/h.

I went to Proton Services Center for complaint & repair. After waiting for dammed hours, the service engineer told me need to order parts from KL and need to wait 1 month. So I went for the 2nd times to change the spare part. Again stupidly waited for few hours and got back my car.

So, again i drive the stupid car back home town. But, the same situation occurred again during i was driving at NS highway. I was very angry and drived to Proton services and ask the service engineer if nothing have been done. Guess what the service engineer told me? He ask me to drive to KL for repair. Shit! If i can drive to KL then the car got no problem. And if i driving to KL with every 10 minutes got free gear, i may not reach KL but either heaven or hell.

So, this is the quality and service of Proton. Malaysia Boleh. Proton is not lame duck but handicaped duck inside green house protected by bloody BN government.

What can i do next? I own a car but i can't drive home, and proton JB refuse to take the responsibility. I make the final decision, change the car. I trade in the car for a Honda City. Sorry for the person who bought my old car that i didn't repair. As long he didn't drive to KL, the car will function normal.

I sweared to myself I WILL NEVER BUY PROTON CAR. And, I was angry with the word PROTON (who ever say it) for few months during the incident happened.

Lastly, think twice if you really want to buy proton car.

Anonymous said...

The phrase "earn it" is non-existent in UMNO's vocabulary. Honestly, there are very few countries where the government (meaning UMNO) is so ridiculed and made fun off by most of the citizens. Many countries' have citizens criticizing the government but this is mainly on differing stances on policies and programs. In Malaysia's case the government (UMNO) is made fun of because the ruling UMNO people is a bunch of clowns. For example, who is Malaysia's ambassador to the U.S.A.?!!! Need I say more ?

Anonymous said...

Those policies...what will happen to our freedom of choice! I'm scared to death!

Anonymous said...

I bought a proton saga for my dad. imagine a few months after that my dad have to open the door to pay toll. went for free repair. after a few months breakdown again. now past guarantee period, still have to open door to pay toll. real embarassment. after so many years can't get the electric window to work properly.

Anonymous said...

First they made money (with massive tariff protection)when it was managed by Mitsubishi. Then they thought they could do it and took over the management. Not surprisingly they started to lose money. Then they asked Mitsubishi to manage it again and it sterted to make money (still with massive tariff protection). Then they repeated the story and took back management. This time they went one better. With the money the Japanese made for them they squandered it by buying an ailing Italian motor cycle company for millions only to sell it for one Euro. With some money still in the kitty they bought Lotus. Let's wait for the day when they will have to sell it for one pound sterling. With AFTA looming and knowing that they will be killed by the Thais if the tariffs are lifted they begged for deferment of implementation of AFTA. Still they could not make money and force poor tax payers to keep them afloat. They call this a "strength". Only someone in denial and total delusion will say it is not a lame duck. Plus all the airy fairy tales of JVs etc. Proton was started around the same time (give or take acouple of years)as the Korean automakers. Look at the vast difference in performance today. They and their bosses don't seem to realize that if you keep providing crutches the child will never learn to stand on his own two feet. They are lucky (and the flipside is the taxpayers are unlucky) to have bosses more bodoh and delusioned than them to keep propping them up. That in short my friends, is the story of our NATIONAL CAR PROJECT. MALAYSIA BOLEH, REALLY!!!.

Frank said...


Loved your take on this issue.

My conclusion: Proton is a fearless headless duck!!! What a bunch of corporate idiots!!

Learning the business culture from UMNO/BN political culture. Win elections by cheating the democratic process, read: media suppression, abuse of security apparatus and the castration of the judiciary.

Twenty-two years of Mahathir regime's version of economics or to paraphrase the communist chinese's mantra: National Development with UMNO characteristics

Anonymous said...

Looks like most Malaysians have grown to hate Proton cars and its continued protected existence.

9 out of 10 (if not 10 out of 10) Proton buyers put up with these overpriced ugly tin cans because our govt has made it difficult for them to own better quality cars.

So much for national pride.