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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1 Story - an update

I received information from Dato' Marina regarding the matter. To be fair to the police, I feel I should publish this update.

The couple involved had approached the Malay Mail with their story. The Malay Mail then arranged an interview with the Selangor CPO. The latter called the couple and apologised to them. He also promised that action will be taken on their report.

Let's hope the culprit would be caught and brought to Court in the not too distant a future.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to sound pessimistic but the police force should have been more professional from day 1 to solve this case and treat this with more urgency rather than having this NFA attitude. Why must it take the Selangor CPO and Datuk Marina to bring this out in the open. I agree with the views of most commenters..there seems to be no urgency in solving cases. This is why an independent police commission is sorely needed to look into public complaints against policemen.

nxforget said...

Anon 13-0ct-09 11:29,

Couldn't resist to agree with you.

Yep, why the need of another party to get thing done or getting services from our government.

The government spend lot of money to fund the machinery and to develop the country, but folks with no connections re left to fend by themselves.

My thoughts goes back to the 60's where the elected representative takes care of the people in their constituency. After, more than 50 years, we are still the same state.

I think it will be hard to change where the elected representative focus on policies while the government machinery takes care of the people without fear or favor.

Hamba said...

If it requires the CPO and Datuk Marina to get things moving then why are we paying the salary of the lazy and inept officers in the first place? It is so ridiculous to think that our police officers are like big towkay and do things on their own whim and fancies! Where did they pick up this attitude and who taught them to behave like 'all powerful and untouchable' ( lord of the land and bestowed with power)? Did BTN did this or were they born this way? I suspect not the latter!

Anonymous said...

culprits WHO !? robbers or PO ah ?

Anonymous said...

wat's the outcome ? pls.

Anonymous said...

Drove around Section 6 Kota Damansara yesterday night..semuanya ok...it was quiet and secluded. No signs of police patrolling the area, in fact the whole night I did not see a single patrol car in Kota Damansara. I hope the victims should get the neighbours to make their area guarded and gated.

Anonymous said...

i am dame sure there will be no action
(NATO = no action talk only)
THE CPO and ANYONE in the RANK will give LIP-SERVICE to media. that is it. Just like MOST politician.
The situation will slowly dies of... the victims will victimized again...
the victims will have to get over it and get on with LIFE.
but THE BAD BOYS will be active...
and the police will not change it.
do u agree with this....