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Sunday, October 11, 2009

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The following is an e mail which was forwarded to me by Dato' Marina Mahathir. I have obtained her permission to reproduce it here in its entirety. I do not wish to add or subtract anything. I have however deleted the identity of the Inspector involved as I do not want anybody to be accused of character assassination.

I must hasten to add that I have not verified the story related in the e mail although I must say I do not have any reason to believe that the writer was just making it up.

I hope the authority would really look into this matter. If what is said is true, it would be obvious that the situation is getting dire.


"Hi Marina,

This is M.

I'm sorry to be emailing you like this out of the blue, but an incident happened last week and I do not know who to turn to.

Last Friday, as my husband, my 5 month old daughter and I were entering the gate of our house at Kota Damansara, we were robbed by four men on two bikes. Two of them had parangs. One of them held it to my neck as he molested me, and the other one took our wallets, phones, my necklace and my husband's watch. After they got our stuff, they both molested me. When my husband pushed their hands away, they cut his head with their parang and left. K suffered a deep wound, but he is ok now and so is our daughter.

But the purpose of this email is to tell you what happened after. My neighbour called the police. The person who answered the phone said, "balai ni tak boleh handle kes to, awak kena call balai lain". My neighbour made another call and the cops came - after 45 minutes. When they got here, they got out of the car, looked at us and said, "pergi balai buat report". We then went straight to the balai at Kota Damansara, and as my husband sat there bleeding, the officer behind the counter took an hour to take our report - all the while because he was watching wrestling on tv. My husband managed to get the plate number of one of the bikes (either WSP8724 or WSP7824) - one was a Kriss Modenas and the other was a EX5. When we gave the number plate to the police (written on a scrap of paper), he looked at it and RETURNED it to us. He didn't even include it in the report. He also did not include the fact that I was molested. We only noticed these after we had calmed down somewhat. He then gave us the name of an inspector (Inspector X  of Mutiara Damansara branch) to call - but didn't include the phone number. At that time, we were too much in shock and in pain to notice. We waited a couple of days for the Inspector to call us, but he didn't.

Within this time, my husband did his own police work. This group of guys do a lot of crime around here. A week before we were robbed, a Bangladeshi man was robbed in the park beside our house - by men on the same two bikes. Yesterday, two girls were harassed and molested in the park by the same people. The neighbour opposite had his friend robbed at parang point as he waited outside his house. Another neighbour opposite owns a Petronas behind our house. Three days ago, his station was robbed by four men on two bikes with parangs. The guys are going rampant because the police do nothing!

Today, I managed to get the number of Inspector X. When I called him, he said, "kes samun mana ni? banyak sangat kes samun la."

I told him the report was made last week but nobody called us. I also said the guys were spotted yesterday. He said, "hmmm, kena tunggu la. saya tengah cuti ni." I asked, "sampai bila?" he replied, "sampai khamis depan kot". I asked him what we were supposed to do in the meantime, and he said "nombor plate ada tak?". I said yes. He asked, "dah ada suspect ke belum?". I told him that was his job. He said, "ah, awak cuba dapatkan alamat diorang, lepas tu call saya. tapi lepas cuti la".

The residents here are getting nervous and as you can see, the police are no help at all. Today, they were hanging around my neighbour's house. When the makcik asked them, "nak apa?" they said, "nak beraya". And rode off laughing.

Once again I am so sorry to send you such a long email, but I was hoping you knew anyone in the police force who WILL help us. The residents here have bought their own arms because they are so afraid. And I am so afraid for my family's safety - having a 5 month old baby in the house. Also my mother lives in the street behind me. I hope you can refer me to someone who will not treat this as just another case.
Hope you are well, and best regards.


End quote


Bentoh said...

I'm worried for the family... What if the robbers read this blog post, and go harassing the family again? I mean, the robbers definitely know who they robbed before right?

Anonymous said...

Name the inspector! tell the couple to make a report to Bukit Aman Police HQ regarding the police

mei1 said...

1 M'sia, 1 M'sia F1 Team, 1 "World", 1 MCA 1 Team, 1 Story (or should it be "ONE" of the many tragedies??) & only "ONE" investigator is "working", what are the rest doing?? Will that 1 Home Minister or 1 IGP care about this??

Anonymous said...

report to bukit aman? they won't do nothing neither, coz they are busy collecting their takes from underworld bosses


Anonymous said...

For this PDRM's efficient, good service, let us all thank the people-friendly BN govt who has extended the hard-working, effective IGP Hassan Musa, following the overwhelming wishes of the Rakyat!!!

Gemini said...

Our Malaysian police are more concerned with PR's peaceful gatherings and ceramahs!

Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed said...

This is 1PDRM.
Now, you want to complain to whom? The Home Minister says Musa Hassan is the best IGP money can buy since UMNO Ministers all go around with body guards and out riders. His contact will be renewed till he is 100 years old.
You think they care a damn about you ordinary people.

Americk said...

Hai Yah Art, these poor people are so innocent. They don't understand how things work with the 'inspector'. Let me tell you how it works. You are supposed to call the inspector to make an appointment to see him at his office. When he is free he will invite you over to see him. Thats when you are supposed to grease his palm....for what I don't know....but thats the modus operandi. Then maybe something will be done. You think I am talking rubbish? Well let me tell you the number of times I have had problems with the Polis Raja Di Malaysia in my practice. Do you have a couple of weeks free sometime? My clients have told me that just to release a body for burial from the University Hospital mortuary (after a road accident) a figure of RM5,000.00 is demanded by the investigating officer. I have had police witnesses refuse to attend court even after a sub poena has been served on them because "Lu punya klien belum jelas hutang ". When I ask my client what this means they tell me this officer had originally demanded RM2,000.00 to allow them to lodge a police report but they only paid him RM500.00 at that time as they didn't have enough money on them. The list goes on and on. Am I surprised Marina's friends have got no where? No. Try a handout of say RM5,000.00 and mountains will move. Believe me.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian police force with no dignity and respect!! To me ...they are the slaves to BN... cock sucker!

Sometimes we are totally helpless and hopeless when you need the help from the police....This is Malaysia... 1 Malaysia ... total Bullshittt! I don't think Malaysia going to last long with this kind of thing going on .... another 1o to 20 years ...they will see the impact!! rich and educated are moving out of the country....

chong said...

seriously, the safety in malaysia has really gone beyond control. almost everyone has the very unpleasant with the maharajarela polis force.

we must do something to really make sure the government has heard our anger!!! a match to the parliment / putrajaya / P. minister / home minister office is the only solution.

the only problem is... who has the balls to organise it?

Hamba said...

It's just to show that there are no actual policeman in 1Malaysia. PDRM is full of ass kisser, lazy ball carrier, mob enforcer, sexual predator and thugs themselves. This is 1 story that has millions of Malaysian experiencing and telling it. And we are yet to mention the stories about SPRM, RELA, Custom and other enforcement agency especially those so called "religious body". 1Malaysia, truly a scary place to live!

Anonymous said...

What does it take for our the majority of the rakyat to realise that the only way to change this situation (and many more) is to take the risk by voting for a new set of leaders at the federal level?

Anonymous said...

Does Marina sends this email to her father?

Anonymous said...


I see so much cop bashing that I need to say something too. For the case above, it truly depends on who is the Sr IO or IO in-charge. The police are humans too. Not everyone in the force is a rotten apple.

My wife was threatened by my neighbour last year. The Sr IO (ranked ASP) came in a van with inspectors, a sergeant and a camera man. He genuinely tried to solve the dispute. I was very impressed. Don't get me wrong, I didn't bribe them or pull any strings. Yet they spent time to solve the issue.

There are nice guys around too. Having said that I also agree that PDRM has to buck up. The current image that many officers are portraying is not good.


Anonymous said...

There will be a day which we need to buy fire arm inorder to defence ourselves and family. PDRM can still live in our tax payment, considered as sedekah buat Orang Kurang Upaya(OKU).

Anonymous said...

My daughter had a similar experience in Klang some years ago. Same MO - two guys on a bike. They were always in the neighbourhood and the police refused to catch them even through everyone knew whe they were. The police also returned the paper with the number on it to my daughter. Only seemed interested in taking the report because she was good looking. :-) They were finally beaten though. Someone rammed them when they tried it one more time. There was absolutely NO sympathy from the onlookers.

Anonymous said...

Dear LKO 15.21,

Did your highly impressive Sr. IO (ASP rank) resolved your dispute or was it another NFA stamped on your report? If the Sr. IO settled your case, then you consider yourself having won the 1st prize in the lottery.

Be real man. When has the PDRM ever really done their job which is to protect the common Malaysian citizens against criminals? Certainly they are very impressive when arresting candle light vigiliers, beating up suspects in custody, stopping traffic to allow cowhead demonstrators to continue with their demonstration unimpeded, etc.

The truth is we common folks are on our own. Why else do you find housing residents having to pay from their own pockets for security services to safeguard their residential/housing areas when they are already paying the salaries of the PDRM to provide some minimum form of security?

Let's be clear. The PDRM is ineffective and inefficient. The PDRM's role is ONLY to serve and protect those in power (BN) and the well connected. Period.

Anonymous said...

actually, there is a more sinister explanation to this lack of interest by the PDRM.

Kota Damansara was won by PR. and Selangor is now under PR rule.

I believe that there is a unwritten directive to allow crime to become rampant in PR controlled states so that come next elections, this can be used as political ammo.

they will say "See what has happened in PR states? they cannot even protect you from robbers! so vote BN and be safe."

I am too distraught to say anything more.

Gan said...

Anon 11 October 2009 16:11's comment has a tinkling of sinister possibility.

If the possibility has any truth - we are difinitely left to our own defences.

Anonymous said...

The incident related to Marina Mahathir is true and familiar as happenned to my son in JohorBharu. My son was hit on the head(3 stiches) and robbed of his h/p and money. We reported to the nearest police station that the robbers are 4 xyz race guys but the police insisted they knows who the robbers are and wrote uvw race guys instead. We refused to sign the report until xyz was mention. Next he gave us his inspector's name and h/p number to call. We spent about 1.5 hours in the police station with my son's bleeding head blood flowing! The next 3 days, we called and called and called but there was no reply. We went back to Police station and there Inspector replied our call but says he is on leave for 1 week, told us to call again after his holiday. 1 week later his phone does not respond! It's 11 months now and now just a police statistic report.

Anonymous said...

i am not surprise at the police "tidak apa" attitude, afterall the rot starts from the top.
believe me, they are damn hardworking catching speedsters driving at 90kmh on 6 lane dual carriageway along bukit kiara. I use the road every weekend and notice that they never fail to set=up a speed trap there. Darn, catching thiefs and robbers aint the cops job no more. semua nak Cari Makan isnt it? ask RPK about the Top Cop.

Anonymous said...

1 Malaysia?

looks like 1 piece of cowdung from PDRM.

Cruzeiro said...

This is so totally "CLASSIC"!!
ROTFLOL!! (Yeah, I know it is funny when you're the victim).

I CAN STILL REMEMBER THE WORDS OF ONE "GREAT" Police officer in PJ who proudly (and rudely, I might add) said, "I'm in charge here!!" when they harrassed candlelight vigilers.

So this is their modus operandi ... so much for the "Royal" patronage .... what a Royal F&^k for the nation!!

I need to have these on my blog - just for the record, ok, bro.

Cruzeiro said...

btw Americk - I added your comments on my blog too.
Thanks, guys.

Antares said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Antares said...

Who recommended Musa Hassan as IGP after he did Mahathir's dirty work in 1998? Who recommended another extension of his contract in 2009? The homo minister or his cousin, the crime minister? And what is the AG's role in all this? Seems to me both Musa Hassan and Gani Patail have only one thing on their minds after 11 years: GET ANWAR!

Who in Malaysia is the most terrified of Anwar Ibrahim becoming PM? Unlesss Marina Mahathir changes her name or finally acknowledges her father's key role in the present rot of all our key institutions, I cannot take her opinions seriously.

When Abdullah Badawi took over as PM in 2003 he could have picked an honorable cop as IGP. Instead, he listened to advice from the corrupt Umno warlords and chose Musa Hassan. Since then the PDRM has become a festering, gangrenous sore. Only amputation will save the patient.

Hamba said...

It is true that not all of our police are bad BUT the real problem in Malaysia is that the majority of them falls under this incompetent, lazy, unmoral, unethical and samseng category (sadly most of them professed to be muslim). Even if there exist only 10% of these bad officers, we are talking about thousand ( maybe tens of thousand) bad ones!!! Remember that our police force numbers in the hundreds of thousand and if 10% are bad... the country is in BIG Trouble!

Anonymous said...

By the way, need to know which area in Kota Damansara where the robberies were committed. My guess is the housing area behind Petronas near the new Tropicana Medical Centre..would be good to know so residents of Kota Damansara can be on alert..thanks

Anonymous said...

I have no comment. After all this is the police of 1 Malaysia and who is the 1IGP?
Do we realise that Malaysia is in is at its lowest ebb as far as policing is concern.....That's why I have always said after Tun Haniff, the police have rotted to the core. And so i have no respect for their investigation whatever that maybe

Anonymous said...


I had so much help from one sergeant in Mota Damansara Balai Polis. Not only he cared, he made sure the case reported was followed up by him personally, and updated me .. so, not all police personnel are no good.

Anonymous said...

The police force is really desperately needs a revamp , crime rate has sky-rocketed through the roof , yet they are busy in harassing peaceful gatherings like candle-light vigils.

Anonymous said...

I am certainly not surprised by the incident.

These robbers/thieves on their motorbikes have been "endorsed" by the police. The police have already had an agreement with these robbers/thieves when to attack their victims during which time the police will not be on patrol. After the agreed "window of opportunity" these robbers/thieves cannot prey on any victim. These thieves/robbers have to find many victims in order to make enough for themselves and to grease the palms of the police.

Now you know why the police does not write the motorbike registration number on the report. He already recognised his ally.

Malysia is rotting from the core.

The PDRM learns the corrupted ways from BN/UMNO...the police too want to get rich.


ajoyly said...

Very sad indeed for victims of criminals like this lady and her family. And other residents living in the same area.

The police are suppose to be the guardian of the people to protect them from harm and injury. Instead robbers are ruling the streets.

It reflects badly on the image of the police. The reason why they have much to do is because they failed to catch these criminals. That is why they are recieving many reports. Thus more work !

What they should have done is to set up a special task force assigned to deal with this sudden increase of felons roaming freely in the residential and shopping places.

The police should also have a profile of these offenders and the way they operate. This would greatly help to identify potential suspect even before they commit these crimes.

As public safety and security is the concern of every Malaysian, the police should therefore give it their highest priority.

Anonymous said...

noticed that : 'wrestling' on khamis.
2) we need someone BIG eg. dato, tan
or Tun to get things done FAST from the polis ......SIGH ..... @#$%^&* !
3) bolehland = rasuah halal !
4) doom...doom...DOOMED !
5) wrestling very interesting one =
polis cant concentrate kerja !

Singam said...

Rule of law has been eroding steadily and we now only have rule by law. The job of the Polis is to protect their masters, political and underworld. The rakyat have to protect themselves.

Perhaps we all need to arm ourselves.

Anonymous said...

HI ALL....
Firstly i am sad for the family.
PLEASE STAY FOCUS to the GOD. SABAR. We pray for you.
YES THIS is TYPICAL CASE of polis diRAJA malaysia
in my past 20 years i have been to police stations for abt 10 times.
the ending is sower feeling with the PDRM. some one want to make pocket-money(call acc reports), just too lazy/busy/preocccuPIT...
just don't care(house/office robberies)
My office was robbed after 2 ween form the 1st attempt. reported the 1st case but no action... reported 2nd one too inspector(IP) NEVER comeback...
in me more BAD CRIMINAL case... the suspect was in frent of us .. picture/video clips was given to police was informed...
and on the days ... the I was preocccupit with WEDDING...
so the criminal in still in loooose and doing his B...
this is were service above self is not practiced by PDRM
PDRM is loooosing its moral duty to its JOB/TRUST
soooorry this is what i fell...


Anonymous said...

"NO" robbers will be daring enough if the police force "ARE" doing their jobs....!!!

Eerrr.....! What job ???????

ikhlasmalaysia said...

Good example of bad police behaviour but still the PDRM bosses are saying that they will find out why people are having negative image on PDRM! I read in the papers last week!

The just good in talking but not in action. Even the suruhanjaya's finding was ignored by the government just untuk jaga hati pegawai2 polis. stupid! hati polis yang yang tak performlebih penting daripada memperbaiki mutu kihdmat untuk negara. BULLS**T!

Anonymous said...

Hi art,

Just 1 2 share my thinking. Received same treatment 2 years ago, lucky no injury (house break-in). No need complain, i register myself as a voter (never vote in past 3 elections), and cross anything BUT BN. Because BN is the ROOT CAUSE.

Check out who is the new cafe owner around the corner?? Who is paying attention on common rules violation but not criminal act (because there is an opportunity to make money, they call it "lobang").

Wonder why Malaysian still cant wake up on what our "voted" 52 years old goverment have bring this daily living situation to us today.

Not interested in politics before but whatever BN had done, there really deserve a good thrashing.

Thank you.

A responsible voter.

Phaiji said...

I too am worried for the family. Not from reaction of the hoodlums who did this and who in all likelyhood do not visit this website BUT I am worried about the reaction they will get from the IO who is in charge!!!! He will know about this complaint and chances are he will come down hard on the family. What is to stop him and his friends from taking it out on this family by disregarding all their calls for help or by harrasing them with superficial and perhaps fictional offences?

Anonymous said...

Buy today's Malay Mail to find out more..its on page 2 today...it happened on Jalan Cecawi 6/29 Kota Damansara. For folks familiar with Section 6, it is a quiet area with lots of trees. I guess if the residents get together and make it a guarded area, it will be a safer place for all. Trouble is many residents do not want to pay monthly fees...

Anonymous said...

these robbers = mat rempits ?
dun worry, they dun baca blogs in inglis !

Eyes Wide Open said...

More real life horror stories:

my friend's family's experience:

my friend's brother had a big argument with his family so went to a nearby park in his housing area to cool down.

he was sitting alone in the park smoking

RT guys came round and saw him sitting there. no questions asked

that night, a car was torched by vandals

they asked the RT patrol who they saw that night. they said this guy. based on that, the cops picked him up, pinned him for the car torching case and 2 other car torching cases.

when his family came to the police station, the cops demanded 30k to

true story - the friend is my ex-staff, the RT guy is my student's father.


my sis story:

Experience 1:
several yrs back, my sis and her (then) husband saw some people breaking into the opposite meighbours house from their bedroom window. They call 999. call isn't picked up for 10-15 minutes!! finally it is
answered and they reported the crime. police ask for their personal details. my sis says, what the hell - there's a crime going on now - what you want my personal details for?!

Finally, cops say they'll send someone over. wait another 10-15
minutes. no cops. call again. they said they're on the way. then they
ask - "why don't you go over there and see if they're still around?"

My sister hangs up. 45 minutes later a patrol car turns up but the thieves are long gone.

Experience 2:
My sis (by that time divorced) broke up with her Malay BF (I only mention race because I think it has bearing on how the police reacted - typical BTN zombies). He was not happy and came by her office demanding to be reconciled. He grabbed her arm hard enough to leave a bruise. My sis being scared for her own safety decided to make a police report.

After giving her statement at the olice station, she was taken downstairs to an interrogation room. door was locked. 3 men surrounded her and asked whether she really wanted to make the report. She never really told us the full details of what happened in there. but she did tell us that she will never trust the police again.


my own story:

I was abt 20 yrs old - still riding my honda cub around town. one night i got into an accident and my bike couldn't be ridden. so i parked it one side then my friend fetched me home. next morning i went to make a police report. after taking my report, i was ushered into the sarjen's office for an interview. he was sympathetic and asked if
i needed help to tow my bike to a workshop. naively, i said thanks for the help and gave him my keys. he gave me a number to call.

after a few days, my bike was fixed and i went to the workshop. the owner said i can't collect my bike but had to go to see the sarjen to "redeem" my keys from him. he was apologetic and said that he had to do this kind of stuff to cari makan...i was young and naive so i still didn't fully understand what was going on then.

so i went to see the sarjen and he refused to give me my keys and demanded money (can't remember how much). Luckily my aunt knew some people and the whole issue was settled - i just paid the repair bill (which was overpriced anyway).

poh lizzz said...

nice fiction MM, great job.

Anonymous said...

Count me in, I have bad experiences with the cops too.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear,

Do not afraid of the Polis. Send a letter to hotmail, Malay Mail, Star or whatever meida to show how efficient our polis are. I have a bad experience with the traffic polis and I lodge a report against this traffic polis for irresponsible summone.
Please do not fear the polis and the robbers, the more your fear the more they will try to bully you.
Lodge a polis report against the polis who took your report without full details and also against the investigation polis officer.
If we compromise these nonsense, Malaysia will become like Indonesia and corrupted polis will be every where.
Stand out and speak out for yourself. Polis always take advantage at our too-kind character, if we don't take action against them, it will mean we allow them to have such a irresponsible working attitude.
This will go back to our Rakyat and government for allowing such working attitude in polis force. Where is the integrity of our Polis Force. If you don't take serious action and voice out, integrity of Polis Force will be tarnished.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change. I have an outstanding assault case where the culprit has not been brought to court for 12 years now!

I got the same run-around from the Inspector in charge - he didn't give a damn about me or the case. I chased him & reported him to his superiors for about a year until I realised it was futile.

When my wife got her bag snatched & got a broken shoulder out of it, we didn't even bother to report it.

Anonymous said...

Celebrities couple..

Navi said...

Art, This is not the last of such care not incident from the police force.
Many years back, before my marriage, my wife reported that someone attempted to rape her.She reported the matter with hope for protection. The sergeant on duty told her that they couldn't take action as there was insufficient evidence. He advised her to let the perpetrator rape her and the police would act then.
The second incident was when she was robbed of RM20,000 coming back from the bank. When she reported the robbery, she was told "too bad, consider your money burned"
In another incident, our house was broken into and money and valuables stolen, not a single policeman turned up to investigate, that too after I made a personal call to the deputy OCPD.
We have since decided that it is a waste of time and energy making police reports. We do so only when required by regulations such as when one loses his documents and needs one to renew the documents such as ones' IC.

Alin' said...

If I might be correct there are channel to make report regarding to this matter; which you can call Bukit Aman directly and mentioning regarding the issue. It is compulsory for them to make immediate action regarding any report make by the public. There no such reasons like that anymore.

Anonymous said...


After reading ALL the comments...
i am worried that we will turn to "
Malaysia will become like Indonesia and corrupted polis will be every where
No one in POWER DOING anything.
TAK APA... (dia jaga saya sudahle...dont worry about others... they are nothing...
i am in power...
I can make things to work with $ for my .... RAKYAT = kacang putih)

SO we can we to show this in NEXT election FULL STOP.


Anonymous said...

If the Najib government cannot improve the discipline, honesty and performance of the police force which takes care of the PEOPLE'S safety, please don't talk about RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN....

Anonymous said...

salam 1 m'sia to all commentator...i personally dont agree with u guys,not all police are bad,they are ordinary person which evil and good born with them..to the evil, lets Allah punish them later..to the good may Allah bless them...since we have to face the next world {after death}

Leslie Lim said...

I read your blog.I thought it was great.. Hope you have a great day. God bless.