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Friday, October 30, 2009

Criminalise Human Rights Abuses National Conference and Exhibition

Caution: this post contains graphic depictions of atrocity. Viewers discretion advised.

"Killing is murder", screamed a headline in a Malay Mail online report yesterday. Under it, the sub-header reads, "Dr M calls for change of mindset and value system."

Dr Mahathir, in his keynote address at the “Criminalise War International Conference and Exhibition” which began yesterday at the PWTC, was quoted as saying:

“There must be a lot of things we have been doing for thousands of years which we don’t believe should be done now, such as abuse of human rights, discrimination against women, child labour, public executions, the gibbets (gallows), torture and slavery.

“Though there may still be places where some of these practices are carried out, generally the civilised world rejects them, even if they had been common for thousands of years.”

The report continues;

"So what makes war different from the mentioned practices? Why can’t we reject the act of war altogether?

“It is because we do not regard war as a crime, therefore the killings have not stopped,” said Dr Mahathir.

I suppose every sane and reasonable person, even more so those who would like to believe that they belong to a civilised society would agree with what Dr Mahathir said. Abuse of human rights, discrimination against women, child labour, public executions, the gibbets (gallows), torture and slavery are uncivilised, unacceptable and downright inhuman.

And when such acts are done and executed by the government itself, the repulsion an abhorrence against such acts would be of a different magnitude. This is because the citizens, in their social contract with the State, agree to give away some of their freedom and liberty to the government and State in exchange for greater societal benefits and security. Thus, when the government abuses its powers upon its own citizens, that is the greatest betrayal of all.

And when such acts go unpunished, - and in fact it continues from time to time - aided, abetted and executed by various governmental authorities, the people might as well surrender their fate to the Leviathan.

In conjunction with the "Criminalise War International Conference and Exhibition", ARTiculations hereby declare the opening of the first "Criminalise Human Rights Abuses National Conference and Exhibition."

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Yes. Although these acts have been carried out for thousand of years, in modern times, they are acts which are not acceptable in any civilised nation and society. Every violent attack on the citizen's freedom and liberty should be criminalised although they may be common for thousands of years.

We have to change our mind set. We have to reject these abuses of human rights and fundamental liberties.

It is because we do not regard these abuses as crimes, therefore the abuses have not stopped.


NHK said...

I attended (or rather, was compelled to attend) the predecessor conference of this conference in 2007. It turned out to be no more than an Israel and USA-bashing session. The organizers and speakers took great pains to paint an oppressive picture of these countries and to highlight the suffering of Muslim victims of war ONLY. When I enquired of their stance of other wars e.g. the Sri Lankan civil war and the Sierra Leone conflict, a member of the organizing committee bluntly replied that they were not concerned with those conflicts as Muslims are not the victims therein. The so-called tribunal for war crimes was little more than a mock trial. It was a complete waste of time and resources, not to mention a total joke. It achieves little more than to paint a distorted image of war. No wonder there were no representatives from the ICRC there.

Gan said...

TDM had another attack of amnesia.

Siapa yang #1 perpetrator of human right abuses, kita la tahu.

Canis said...

Now, of a bunch of us were to exercise our rights by gathering outside the conference, holding banners and posters denouncing TDM's past human rights 'records', what do you think would happen?

Canis said...

sorry typo...'IF a bunch of us...'

PM said...

Mahathir has no credential to speak on human rights and abuses when he himself has abused his position as the Prime Minister.

""that is the greatest betrayal of all. And when such acts go unpunished,""

Don't you think he need to be punished...thats what he said

donplaypuks® said...

BRo Art

It's not as though war has not been criminalized. There is the UN War Crimes Commission which oversaw the Nuremburg Trials after WW2.

Even as we speak, Karadic is being tried in the Hague for genocide and atrocities in Bosnia. So too are a couple of African dictators.

So, what exactly is Dr.M's agenda?

Can an invasion by Bush and Blair against terrorists be deemed an act of war? And let's not forget that this is in response to 9/11 and acts of terrorism stretching from USA to Europe, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.

Sure, Bush and Blair lied about WMD's. But Saddam and the middle East terrorists started it with Kuwait and 9/11. What would M'sia's response have been if it had been the USA and 9/11 had occurred on its soil? Would Dr.M have sucked up to Osama?

Iraq and Afghanistan are in the roils of establishing a democratic Govt. Will it work and can it last?

The least is we can try as an international community to change despotic regimes and those who breed international terrorism.

We would do well to remember that it was the appeasing of the likes likes of Eden and other pacifists which allowed Hitler and Nazism to emerge.

Sometimes, not always, these pre-emptive strikes are justified to stop those who endanger regional and world peace.

Sure, the situation with Israel and mistreatment of PoW's in Gitmo etc., is not right and Bush has much to answer for.

But Mahathir should honestly ask himself:

'Would I rather have USA and UK as our friends or Saddam, Osama and Admadijad?'

And he did get someone to foot a US2 million bill from that Jewish criminal Abramoff so that he could have an opportunity to kiss Bush's ass and pose for photos with him!!

Hypocrite? You betcha ass!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

nxforget said...

Helloo ... Malaysia also wanted to be a contributor to the world at large. We can't compete in the field that requires extensive funding and the right resources for the research and development.

Setting up a war crime tribunal is sure a good thing. Many will want to come to learn from us, don't you think so ?

Malaysia is just such a wonderful country. We can put outsiders on trial and sentence them accordingly.

Well, anyone following, YAWN !!! ... wake me up when things are over.

Art, you sure know how to tickle and poke the Malaysian public through this posting.

Leithaisor said...

Mahathir, who was supported by so many see-no-evil fans when some bodek-bodek types nominated him for the Nobel Prize, deserves to be haunted by his many vile misdeeds.

But can hypocrites escape the glaring spotlight of irrefutable evidence?

Dulu mainstream media sang his praises endlessly while observing silence selectively, or worse, spinning their spin. Kini lain dah.

Can the Nobel Prize nominee" (which his son once introduced him as) hope that the Net is also "mudah lupa"?

I do not dispute that he did accomplish much good as PM, but the good must be viewed with the bad. Lop-sided "rose-colored glasses" do not present a fair view of anyone.

cherasusie said...

that's why i always believe DR M is the mother of hypocrite....he never speak out the so many unfair things that are happening right in front of our eyes.

Anonymous said...


I think the Malaysian Government too has turned people to the US despite knowing that these people will be sent to Guantanamao. One of them is Riduan aka Hambali.

So if the US`is evil becaus eof Guantanamao, malaysia is definitely an accomplice.