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Friday, November 13, 2009

The demon in all of us

Minister Hishamuddin could not hide his disgust at some of us, Malaysians, who have, according to him, "demonised" the various institutions such as the police force. The crime rate, in his opinion, is due to the demonisation of the police force. Another possible reason is "the delay in the various trials and judging process".

Minister Hisham's statement came after Minister Koh's verbal answer in the Parliament on why the IGP had a high KPI score of 113.8% when the crime rate is going north. Minister Koh's reply was that the crime rate is now higher because when the police becomes more effective, there will be more crimes reported. Let me quote him in verbatim from the hansard so that we will all not be lost in translation. This is what Minister Koh said:

"Pengalaman dari negara-negara lain menunjukkan bahawa apabila pihak berkuasa, penguat kuasa menjadi lebih berkesan. Maka bilangan laporan akan meningkat, sebab dahulu sebelum sistem menjadi berkesan, maka orang awam enggan melaporkan.

Ada juga yang dikatakan anggota-anggota Polis yang tidak menggalakkan supaya sesuatu dilaporkan sebab... Kes ragut misalnya. Amat sukar untuk mangsa mengenal pasti siapa peragut itu, oleh itu mungkin banyak kes tidak dilaporkan. Akan tetapi apabila keyakinan orang awam terhadap pasukan penguat kuasa meningkat maka mereka akan tampil ke hadapan, itu satu. Yang keduanya, sistem untuk menerima laporan itu."

It is not for me to dispute what was said by Minister Hishamuddin or Minister Koh. After all, they are the Ministers and they know better. What does a mere "rakyat" like me know about all these things?

I however have a story to tell. Those who read my article about Utusan Malaysia's responsible journalism would notice that I had mee rebus for lunch on 12th November 2009. While walking back, I bought some jack fruits. When I finished eating them, I was looking for a rubbish bin to throw the empty plastic in.

I finally saw one nice blue rubbish bin. I walked toward it. I was quite disappointed when I tried opening the cover. I took a picture of it. Here it is:

tong sampah

Note: I have exercised my responsible blogger discretion by blanko-ing the address. Rest assured I did not blank out any emblems, political or otherwise. I swear.

Now, the question is, what kind of demon which possesses and drives the owner of this bin to actually put the bin in chain and lock?

Is crime so rampant much so that even rubbish bins are not secure anymore?


Anonymous said...

Problem is that before the "owner"/ resident can put his/her garbage into the bin, neighbors and strangers walking with jackfruit containers drop their garbage into the bin.

The resident does not think that he/ she is taking over from the Municipal authorities the function of providing garbage bins for the public. This is simple Civic Mindedness (sp?) that has been encouraged by the Gomen over the last 30 years.

Solution: simple. Throw garbage into drains. Then crony company can clean drains, etc after the floods. Floods will cause damage to furniture, so money will be borrowed and used to buy new furniture, economy will continue to improve. Money can be made.



Tpg2Sg said...


i always visit your blog when i need a good laugh.

Thank you

samsaimon said...


Minister Hishamuddin ? ha ha ha.
Koh Tsu Koon? ha ha ha, Ha Ha Ha, ha ha ha !!!

You are more intelligent Art!

donplaypuks® said...

UMNO/BN's Tong Sampah Pandora!

WARNING!! Jangan buka!! Bahaya untuk manusia kecuali crony dan Taliban!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

PahNur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
teo siew chin said...

arrr.....such are the naive brave angels who attempt opening a nice B-lue rubbish bi-N thats needs to be chained and locked as one of many Act-s to cover up all the stinky garbage in it perhaps?

this is "ARTiculations" at it's best! well done Art.

PahNur said...

Would it be demonizing to ask the question as to why policemen normally wait until 30minutes after the robbers had fled, before they appear at the crime scene? I personally called them at 3am in the morning to tell them there are thieves breaking into my immediate neighbour's house. (even CNN can't be as "LIVE" in reporting as that)....

Even a high drug addict on a geghrek (err..bicycle)can cycle through the traffic jam and still make it in 15 minutes from where the police station is....

Anonymous said...

I felt really disgusted with the lame excuses. I want to puke. If I was there, I would probably throw my shoes at them.

Navi said...

Are you sure it was the plastic you wanted to throw in the bin. I would have thought it would have been the Right Honorable Koh Tse Khoon with his idiotic logic.
Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,

Using the KPI's Minister logic that the PIG's high KPI score of 113.8% means that the police is more effective, then 1Malaysia's high corruption index actually means that the 1Malaysian govermnent has been extremely effective in tackling corruption.

So why should we be surprised with the 1Homo Minister's logic that the high crime rate is caused by the demonisation of the 1PDRM.

Hey, this is 1Malaysia where only the 1BN ministers are deemed to be logical and the rest of us poor peasants Malaysians are stupid and illogical.

nxforget said...

I like this KPI for the IGP /PDRM. They sure are performing, collecting funds and get the public to make more reports.

Ingenious indeed, why the corporate so stupid that they couldn't think of these before. It's not the staff that's non performing, the customers doesn't like us. Now, to those not getting promotion due to KPI, here's the explanation ... ha! x3

pug said...

Hallo Art,

WHAT rubbish you talking?!

Don't you know you can play with the numbers and not the logic?

What you have to do is re-learn the One Standard Operating System of this United States of Malaise at...


PS sorry ah borrow your laku site for self promotion.

Thanks dulu.

Anonymous said...

Aren't we all aware of his ministerial style since time immemorial?

It has come to a stage where his defensive skills are already elevated to a fine work of "art" fit for the citizens of Tampoi and Tanjung Rambutan.

No, pun is not intended.

mat royan

Anonymous said...

Haha Art, Malaysia is getting sillier and stupider by the day and we are under the illusion we will be a developed country by 2020...actions speak louder than words. Demons?? Please la..look at yourself in the mirror la...

Kris said...

That pix sums it up. Nothing is secure. From our rubbish bins, to our manhole covers to our personal safety. And what should we be expecting when in spite of all this our IGP gets an exceptionally high KPI score, our ministers say that the reason the crime rate is going up is either because the police are becoming more efficient or they are being demonised (take your pick).

We are living in a fools paradise with irresponsible ministers, administrators, call them what you want at the helm, who not only want to do nothing to set things right but are only intent in continually lying to us about how good they are at doing nothing

karen said...

it's true, these sort of rubbish bins aren't secure.. I just bought a metal chain to chain our bin to the water meter.

that's not the only thing that could disappear..even the electricity meter can get stolen. my neighbors have built a grill with padlock to secure it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Karen 11.20pm,

Hahaha, that's funny what your neighbour did and I'm sure it's true. Your neighbour probably have to install another grill to protect the electricity meter grill from being stolen now that steel is fetching high prices.

We have become far worse than Indonesia now that we have to secure our drain covers, dust bins and electricity meters. How I wish the thieves will steal our entire BN cabinet ministers and sell them as slaves to some sweat shops somewhere far away from Malaysia.

PM said...

Wah don't you all see what is happening. Crime index is high now but a year to the next GE the crime index will be down to a low figure to indicate the government and police are doing their job. The KPI index for the police will rise higher.

Preparation for the next GE...through false reporting and play of minds.

Anonymous said...

I hope one day the close relatives of KTK or Hisammuddin will be robbed, injured or even died in crime related incidents, then only these two fools will realise how unsafe is our society.

Anonymous said...

Soon a latter "Iron Grills" for front and back door's are compulsary in every every taman. Kampung houses are ommited from this new regulation. The said Grills only be install by registered and qualified contractors class F and must carry a safty logo. This Grills can be purchased from a minister brother in law company and the main contractor fpr this is home minister's wife sister's company.

Taukeh Nasi Kandaq..

PM said...

You think thats all..only rubbish bins stolen. Go to some uncompleted housing project even the shit bowl sitting type were stolen, plug points dugged out, electrical wirings ripped and windows glass pane dismantled.

Oh many more

Ivan said...

KPI stands for Koh's Performance Index, and only Mr Koh knows what it stands for, no one else! Koh has also learnt to answer questions the Umno way, like the Blur minister saying they arrested the journalist for her own safety! Can you beat that?

TAL said...

Now our Senator Koh has revealed his true self, he really talks like a "Cheat Miniter". No wonder the Penang Rakyats had voted him out from Penang and sent him to the corridor of power to be recycled. Now Senator Koh has shamed the whole Malaysia and not just Penang.

patrickteoh said...

The answer to your question, Art is YES!