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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blogger's ethics

The PM has spoken about it. Minister Hishamuddin has now weighed in. 

Yes. I fully agree with the PM and MInister Hishamuddin. All writers must follow ethics. They must be responsible. The must report the truth. They should not plagiarise. Plagiarism is a theft. They should follow the law. They must be responsible. If they make a mistake, they should make corrections as soon as the mistakes are discovered. If they quote from somewhere else, they should acknowledge the original work and writer from whom they quote.

This should apply to every writer, be it journalist, bloggers or whatever. I fully support and agree with the calls made by the PM and Minister Hishamuddin.

I hereby give my word and promise that I will adhere to those ethical standard.

In short, I will not do this:


Especially when the original is this:

Harian Metro_thumb[1]

Let's all of us be ethical.



Anonymous said...


If my memory serves me right, the picture of the umbrella without the BN logo came from Utusan Melayu. I am sure that Utusan Melayu (the UMNO sponsored newspaper that can do no wrong even when they publish racist and seditious thrash) will claim their picture is the original whilst the Star, NST, Berita Harian, etc are the doctored ones.

Of course, Utusan Melayu is correct since they can do no wrong (see above).

nick said...

Pee M Najib, Hisamuddim, The MSM does not know the word ethical, let alone its' meaning.

So in other word, they are all born unethical therefore what they have done (which to all of us is unethical) is irreproachable.

Only to those who know the word "ethical" and it's meaning should abide by the code of ethic. (It's an UMNO logic based thinking, that's all! Just like if you are a minister of Home "Affair", then you're above the law too.... Hey, the minister preside over the police, it's only right that the police cannot and will not touch him).


abdullahjones said...


jokersland said...

A nice and entertaining article Art. Thanks for it. That's why sometimes we also call it Utusan Mengebom or Melanun.

Ahmad Syafiq said...

LOLOLOL, I just love how they tried to fool us under our noses. They won't get away with it. Especially during the next GE.