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Monday, December 28, 2009

An open reply to Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah

Dear Doctor,

I refer to your article "Accused as criminals better than being evil."

Before I join issue with you on several matters in your article, allow me to state some disclaimers. This is to prevent me from being labeled anti this and that or pro this and that.

First and foremost I am just an ordinary citizen of this country of ours who is just concerned with the well being of our country. Although I have my own political views, I am not affiliated to nor am I associated with any political party at all. I am a Malay and a Muslim. I am not anti-Malay or anti-Islam. Nor am I pro non-Malays or non-Muslims.

Now that I have made that clear, I shall address some of the issues raised.

Firstly, the "social contract". These two words have become a cliche in Malaysia. Whenever somebody or some parties raise some sensitive issues which the Government does not wish to address, they will be referred to the "social contract". Soon, I suppose when a thief snatches a handbag from a poor woman, he will shout to the woman, "social contract"!

What is the "social contract"? I will not repeat what it is as I have written about it here. The first thing to note about it is that any social contract is not cast in stone. It may change as the society and state change and the need of the two parties to the contract evolve with time. What was deemed good 52 years ago may not be good anymore now, and vice versa.

If we take our Federal Constitution as an example, there have been hundreds of amendments made to it. That is the nature of it. It is a breathing  and living contract which changes or ought to change according to the time.

Being so, questioning the provisions of the social contact is not a blasphemous act. Nor is it an act of treason. It is in fact a necessity for our society and our state to evolve into a progressive one. With all due respect, for you to label a certain party as "ultra kiasu" just because it apparently questions - if at all they did that - the "social contract" is unbefitting of your stature as a respectable ulamak and a well known senior lecturer. It is like labeling your own students "kiasu" for asking too many questions.

Why can't we be positive about things? Are we so used to be told what to do, what to hear and what to say all these while that we have forgotten to engage with each other properly without any ill feeling? If an ulamak and academician like yourself can't engage properly and without emotion, I shudder to think of the prospect of this nation of ours. Have we all closed our heart and soul to any opposite views?

The second thing to note about the social contract is the fact that this contract, like any other contract, has two parties to it. The first party is the people. The second party is the State (or the government). It runs two ways. The people say "I give you, the government, some of my rights in exchange of you giving me certain benefits". So, the obligations exist on both side of the fence. Not only one.

That means both side must conform to the social contract. Both sides have their own respective obligations to perform. Nowadays, we talk as if only the people are supposed to perform the social contract. We talk as if the government does not have any obligation to perform under the social contract. That is an obvious misconception.

The thing is this. The government is powerful because it holds the power. If the people do not perform the social contract, the government would come with all its might and prosecute him or her. I ask you, what can the people do if the government does not perform its side of the bargain? Do you expect the people to keep quiet?

Thirdly, it is to be noted that as a living document, the terms of the social contract may be renegotiated from time to time. Among others, John Locke posits as such. Locke even posits the rights of rebellion in the event the social contracts lead to tyranny.

Of course I am not advocating a rebellion here. I am stating that the people have every right to question about the social contract and to scrutinise the performance of its terms by the government. And the people have every right - in fact it is arguable that it is the people's duty -  to prevent a tyranny or an act of tyranny.

Being so, I am sure it is not such a sin as made out by you for any party to question the social contract. That is within his or her right as a party to the social contract.

The next issue which I wish to address is the misstatement of the real issues in contemporary Malaysia. I have to state this because when the issues are misstated, the arguments in support would also go wrong. Emotions can seep in and everything will turn ugly.

The issues at hand, in my opinion, are not the status of Islam as the religion of the Federation or the special positions enjoyed by the Malays and the natives of Borneo. Those are entrenched in the Federal Constitution.

I have chosen the  words in the preceding paragraph  deliberately. Nowadays, when the arguments for "equality" are raised, the other side quickly jump and say "you are questioning the status of Islam" or "you are questioning the special rights of the Malays" or worse still, "you are questioning the position of the Malay rulers".

Notice how the issues have been misstated to suit their purpose. What are in existence are not "special rights" but "special positions" and the parties which enjoy these positions are not only the Malays but also the natives of Sabah and Sarawak. Please read this article for further explanation on this issue.

On the position of Islam, I don't think anybody in their right mind would question the status of Islam as the religion of the Federation. But dear Doctor, you must be wise enough to discern between official religion and the law of the country. These are two different things. Similarly, you must also be unemotional enough to discern the difference between Bahasa Malaysia as the official language and the rights of the people to speak whatever language they wish.

What have been raised in contemporary Malaysia is not the status of Islam as the religion of the Federation. Many events have taken place so far in relation to inter-faith integration that would call for a closer look at the freedom of religion as enshrined in our Constitution in order to find solutions. These events were perhaps not within the foresight of the fathers of our nation when the Constitution was being drafted.

It is then left to us, the children of today, to take the bull  by the proverbial horn and try to find  acceptable solutions to everybody in accordance with the common standard of fairness and civility.

Among others, these problems are:

  • the controversy surrounding inter-faith marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims where a non-Muslim would convert to Islam to marry a Muslim but later re-convert to his or her original faith;
  • the controversy surrounding the forced indoctrination of a certain faith - whether Islam or other faith - on children who are below the age of majority;
  • the controversy surrounding the issue of apostasy in Islam;
  • the controversy surrounding the unfair allocation of budget for the erection of temples or churches as compared to the mosques and suraus;
  • the controversy surrounding the right to practise Islam by Muslims in accordance with their sectarian beliefs;
  • the controversy surrounding some fatwas issued by some body of ulamaks;
  • the controversy surrounding the usage of the word "Allah" to signify God;
  • the controversy surrounding the publication of Bible in Bahasa Malaysia;
  • the controversy surrounding moral policing.

These are issues which are being raised. They have nothing to do with the status of Islam under the Constitution or the status of the Malay rulers. Like it or not, these issues exist and will persist so long as we huddle ourselves in our dark caves, secure in our belief that those people who raise these issues are ultra kiasu and they have treasonous tendency.

This nation is built, from day one, by one strength and that strength is the unity of her people, regardless of race or religion. There is no such thing as this is "our" nation and not "theirs". In fact, may I  respectfully point  out that you, as a Chinese Muslim, are contradicting yourself when you refer to this land as "our own land" if what you meant by "our own land" is that this land is the land of the Malays. Please dear Doctor. Be more sensitive to the feelings of all Malaysians. You are after all an influential ustaz or teacher whose views are respected by many.

Now, as this nation of ours go into adulthood, it must confronts issues which naturally arise in the course of nation building. It must confront these issues unemotionally and with great respect to everybody involved. Lest the very basis of this nation, namely, the unity of her people, would just fade away and we can bet our last dime that destruction would be on its way. I fear for my children. I fear for this nation if we continue to count "our rights" as opposed to "theirs". There is no "opposite parties" mind you. We are in this together.

Now you have come up with a rather ingenious formula. It is based on the entitlement to more rights for the majority. It is numerical power, which many argue is the direct result of democracy. Jeremy Bentham postulates the utilitarian principle under which it is said that whatever brings the most happiness to the greatest number of people would be good. It would appear that you have managed to reduce the utilitarian principle into a science by reducing the yardstick of happiness and greatest number of people into a mathematical formula.

But with respect, you are threading on a dangerous path. Stretched to its logical conclusion, you are validating the might of the majority over the helplessness of the minority. In the end, finally, what matters in your equation is the numbers involved. What if, in the future, the non-Muslims become the majority in this country, may I ask you? Would you accept their lording over you as a minority then?

What about the ban of the Islamic minarets in Switzerland? Do you, as a Muslim, accept that because after all Christians are the majority in Switzerland? What about the ban of the hijab and head scarf in France? Do you accept that on the same basis, ie, that Christians are the majority in France? What about the killing of Muslims Bosnians by the Serbs and Croats? You accept that too? After all Christians are the majority in that region. What if the Israelis manage to forcefully fill Gaza with Israelis leaving the Palestinians to be the minority, would you accept the desecration of everything that is Islam in Gaza?

What you are preaching, in my humble opinion, is political expediency suited for the current moment and nothing else. You are not seeing the bigger picture. With respect, you fail  to look into ourselves as Muslims and spot our weaknesses as an Ummah against the backdrop of globalisation and openness. You pay scant regard to spirituality and our ability as Muslims, to face this new aged world on any ground other than the strength in numbers and loudness of our voice.

You mentioned Ibn Khaldun in your article. Can you point out the existence of what Ibn Khaldun termed in his "Muqadimmah" as the spirit of "assabiya" in our contemporary Muslim society? Do we have "assabiya" nowadays? Or is it a matter of whatever is mine is mine and yours is yours? In your mathematical formula, you are in fact preaching against Ibn Khaldun's "assabiya." The communal spirit, comradeship and camaraderie are obviously not important in your formula. 

What about the numerical superiority of the non-Muslims in education for instance? Non-Muslims do get 9As or 10As in the examinations. Based on your numerical formula, wouldn't they have the right to be in our public university? If so, why don't they get what they are entitled to?

What about the numerical superiority in the non-Muslims' contribution to our national coffers through the payment of taxes, duties and investments made? If your numerical superiority formula is applied, wouldn't the non-Muslims then have more rights to build churches and temples compared to Muslims?

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying they are so entitled. But I am just applying your formula to real situations.

Non-Muslims' festivities should be limited to the percentage of their numbers. Sorry Doctor, I am laughing at the suggestion. Is that what matters? Festivities? Public holidays? They should have less number of temples and churches and we should have more mosques and suraus? (You seem to suggest that there are far too many churches and temples in Malaysia but have you seen the state of these churches and temples? Some are by the side of the road and in shop lots. Some are just housed in a small doggie house.) How much space we occupy on our way to our graves? And how big our graves are? Good God, who is kiasu? What have we, the good people of Malaysia, become? And why have we descended into this deep pit of triviality? Oh my goodness.

Sometime I find your reasoning inconsistent Doctor. While you preach goodness and high morality and you make such huge outcry against the evil of living immorally  as practised by some politicians and the likes, at the same time you don't really mind a newspaper which sometime write obvious lies and spread hatred. This is because, according to you, this newspaper is being frank. Well, is it okay to be bad as long as we are frank about it? You view with contempt the act of living together outside marriage by some non-Muslims but you can accept the act of lying and spreading hatred  because the perpetrator is being frank? The last time I checked Doctor, even Hitler was being frank in wanting to kill all the Jews that ever walked the Earth. Was that okay?

The only way out of this racial and religious time bomb which is ticking fast in contemporary Malaysia to my mind is for all of us to confront all the issues in an unemotional manner. We should list them all out in the open. We should accept that those issues constitute problems and acknowledge that fact. We cannot deny their existence. We should stop assigning guilt. We should avoid pointing fingers. We should not adopt the my-religion-is-more-righteous-than-yours attitude.

After we manage to do that, we should then sit down and find the solutions as best as we can.

And we better do it fast. Because the longer we delay it, the more insidious and deep they will become. Soon more people will misuse those issues for whatever personal purpose which they may have. The situation may then become irreversible.

May God give all of us the wisdom.



Mohd Taufik said...

I must admit that I don't always read your blog and writings but everytime I did, I am humbled and thankful all that I there is still a voice of reason here in Malaysia.

I must admit of being partisan but I would like to believe that even in choosing sides we should still be civil and courteous to our opposites as we may not always be right.

I am honestly saddened to read Mr.Ridhuan Tee's writing as I still reserve some respect for him in his capacity as an independant preacher. But so too I am relieved that there are yet people like Art Harun.

Kudos...and keep on writing brother.

Walski69 said...


Good retort, Art. I haven't read the English version of the article, but I'm sure the gist is pretty much the same.

On a lighter note, I had Tweeted yesterday that Dr. Tee strongly upholds the social contract but totally disses the Santa clause... seems like someone didn't have a good Christmas :p

Good work on the reply, though. Let's see if there is any response to it or not. I'd really be interested to see what the Dr. has to say...

ygbenor said...

It astonished me how right you are on the issues rebutting Dr Tee.Pretty obvious his views are pea brain and his outlook on the matter is limited in scope whereas your view are wholesome and far reaching. Well done Art.

PFS Class of 78 said...

Excellent reasoning!

Anonymous said...

I can only say that Dr. Tee is confused(or selectively choose to be confused) about what is Malay and what is Muslim.

Muslims in India are still Indians, Muslims in China are still Chinese, Muslims in Africa are still Africans but to Dr. Tee, it seems that embracing Islam make him a Malay in Malaysia.

The sad part is he is actually involved in educating our future generation.


Cruzeiro said...

Well said, Art - if only more Muslim/Malay politicians could rise up to fight for reason, Malaysia would definitely be a better place. This of course is too much to expect (especially when we have a Mr. "Cakap Omputih" as the spokesperson of the ruling govt).

The point that Tee fella (and many other so-called Umno/Ulama aligned pseudo-intellectuals/Ulama, mind you) is making is simply this - "I don't give a F%$*ing rats ass if I'm said to be right, wrong or stupid- all that matters is that I support my paymasters. Period."
These are people who have renounced all common sense, to serve their masters.

For reason to get through, they'll need far more than the lonely voices of reason from people such as you, Haris, RPK.
The established "defenders of Islam" in Pakatan Rakyat, don't seem to make much of a whimper on issues of the fascist "Ketuanan Melayu" ideas, especially when in touches on "stolen advantages" to their benefit.

Things can change- but if only you guys become more forceful, and smack them in their disgusting faces.

In fact, I actually think open rebellion/ revolution against such as these, is warranted in the so-called "social contract" (which he and many other political/ psuedo-religious perverts, so obviously know nothing of).
Some people only know the law of the jungle ....
"The dictum that truth always triumphs over persecution is one of the pleasant falsehoods which men repeat after one another till they pass into commonplaces, but which all experience refutes."
John Stuart Mill

Anonymous said...

What can you expect from a person who has betrayed his own race and religion he was born into fro political mileage. I pity his parents for they would be on terrible regret for bringing a 'wolf in sheep clothing' into this world who is bent on dividing rather then binding Malaysians.

Michael said...

Great thoughts from a Malaysian.

Saddens me to see this standard of "scholar" we have in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

This land is our land!! They are taking away our land! Words coming from a muslim convert... a Pendatang with no shame. Be careful of low life shouting ketuanan Melayu and screw you till kingdom comes!! Mr Kutty was a good example!

lovepeace said...

art harun,i salute you. you are a man with consciene. if all our politicians have this minds in their art, malaysia will be harmomy, prosperous and mutual loving societies.

anyway, you make the points, encore.

Rovin Hood said...

I just love your reasoning Art! You put forth your argument so nicely and yet at the same time it stings like a bee!!

MarinaM said...

Bravo, Art!

Only bad example in your rebuttal is the one about Hitler and the Jews. Ridhaun Tee would have agreed with Hitler.

KS Cheah said...

Well put Art. I always enjoy your writings.

Ridhuan Tee is about personal expediency and self-preservation. The frightening thing is that he does have an audience amongst the young Malays. I know because I see it in an alumni eGroup I moderate.

Take care.

The Tiger

Anonymous said...

Very well said. You should be the teacher and not him. He to me, is just a chinese taking advantage of the situation.

donplaypuks® said...

Ridhuan Tee sound like he's Goebbels writing up the 1st draft of Hitler's move to suspend Parliament and embark on an extermination strategy!!

It looks like, smells like and sounds like Nazism, Stalinism and Maoism all rolled into 1.

If ever there was a move to legitimise a doctorine of the tyranny of the majority, then RT with Utusan as his organ, have made the clarion call!

This worm and his filth are a disgrace to the Human Race!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Choon Wai said...

Hi Mr. Art Harun,
I enjoy what you've written, thus no point commenting so much to what you've written. What we want to see is action, what we can do to remove the idiots from power. Why are the idiots still in power and leading Malaysia? Why are the capable person has not taken over. This is the best thing about Malaysia, lots of people are still very very much ignorant! Idiots are still on top at the government, while the wise one are being put into jail and don't get their support from the people. When can we see a better Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Strong reasoning Art.

This Doctor is Henrich Himler in his past life.

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant article from you Art, Art Harun for Prime Minister? Thank you.

An Admirer

Safaju said...

Wow, your posts never failed to be an eye opener. Nicely written!

Anonymous said...

Dear Art

You are too kind to this vacuous dickhead. Your reasoned argument will most probably just bounce off him like an echo in an empty hall.It has been said that reasoned arguments are sometimes an overrated means of making someone see sense which in this case is totally correct ! You have also abused the word "doctor" in addressing him. I personally would not want to shit on him, my dumb vegies deserve that honour.

jokersland said...

Thanks Art for your articulate article that we can refer to as just and fair. But I think you are wasting your time to talk reasons with all these permanent head damage people. What they all want is cheap gimmick that money really do drop from the sky.

Anonymous said...


A true blue malaysian who walks the walk. I have always follow your blog and each and every time I am awed by your conviction for the love of malaysian. Salam

sang kancil

zorro said...

As always, even if Art does not agree, his views are always tempered with civility. Proud to include you as a friend Art.

Pida 15 said...


I wrote somewhere else that there are many classes of prostitutes.
Some selling their body for money. There are also selected few offering their body for sexual satisfaction. There are many voluntarily prostituting their heart and soul just to be with someone holding high office.

All using their God given assets to achieve their objective. Not all prostitutes wearing short skirt. There are prostitutes wearing pant and necktie. There are male female and even "pondan" prostitutes.

If you are not careful you are at risk of engaging with prostitutes wearing turban sitting in the front row during prayers. We have many of them in our society.

Anonymous said...

I am deeply gratified and thankful for you as a Malay to come out to speak with regard to what this Dr.Ridhuan Tee Abdullah's outrage issues on the non-muslims in the country.

The issues of religion and social contract in the country are infact a non issue.It is the politician,academician or the insensitive preacher like him that is distorting the whole aspect of the issue.

As this when we,Chinese try to rationalise with this Dr. I believe we would be branded as traitor or maybe charged for seditious,right?

Thanks bro.and one for you!

Zyglos said...

Yes..! What I 'd call Fine Art.. Revives my faith in a Malaysian Civilisation..

And yes Marina,
the Hitler example may not be too kosher.. A Dolf would have Rid of one Tee..

LAT said...


Again i would say when your Mind Is Right, your Heart is Pure and your Spirit Is Just even the 2B blunt pencil that you use for this reply is as sharp as the Two Edges Sword that will pierce deep into the soul of the evil one. May the Almighty continue to bless you with word that is edifying and bringing life to many.

sang kancil said...


I have to add my voice to your awesome article. I was beside myslef seething with anger after reading Tee's venomous betrayal to his fellow Malaysians. I am a 3rd generation Malaysian and a 'pendatang' according to certain scumbag malays and now this chinese malaysian muslim who is so ashame of his ancestors that he had sold his soul to the UMNOputeras scumbag.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and from many many millions of malaysians. People with the likes of Tee is the main cause of Malaysia's decay.

sang kancil

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, Prime Minister Art Harun. You're the Man!

Anonymous said...

Art Harun,
Thanks for speaking out,bro. There is only one race-the human race.

Art, The people who should be running the country are hunted one by one by the gorven and put in jail and the ones who should be in jail are running the country...OMG!
Anyway, you are a rare gem. Salute.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Art, at last sanity prevails.

MyBlog said...


This Tee fellow has no idea what Malays are, during my time in the seventies, this fellow would have been beaten with the stick by the old Malay pakciks for creating disharmony and tension among the people and they would have with very frank attitude reminded him that he is a chinese and a convert who should thread carefully and not to twist things.

Tee doesn't know the Malays, he only knows Umnoputras who he thinks is the true Malay and his interest is he, himself and his welfare and he will sell his soul to get what he is after. And if that means he has to be a liar and bigot, he will do it, it is in his blood, a true wolf in sheepskin. I say, the true Malay should be careful of such infiltration and adulteration by evil minds such as Tee, for they will destroy you and your identity.

As for Tee, you are chinese, pure and simple, you are a convert who is not true to his religion, if you dont have anything sensible to say it is better to keep your mouth shut.

May God have mercy on your soul.

P/S: Sorry Art, I do not posses the tact or patience that you are blessed with, I just give it smack in the face, like it or not

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

Right on Art. Put your foot in this bas'tard's mouth. Better still put it his ass'ole

Kalambong said...

There are two articles.

One from the good doctor, the other from Art Harun.

One is filled with vile threats, chest thumping, holier-than-thou assertions while the other with clear-headed reasonings.

Such a contrast.

Now back to the reality.

Should our universities be continually ruined by those holier-than-thou chest thumping lunatics?

Should we put our children into institutions where they are being led side-ways by those lunatics?

Think about it.

lynn said...

Art, God bless you for giving such a well reasoned and civil rebuttal to Rihduan Tee's patronising and rascist accusations.

Anonymous said...

C2H said..

The bodek kotek Tee thinks he is MORE "muslim/Malay" than the muslims and Malays. Thats what he likes to think. In fact he is just a manja spoilt brat with a swollen head who does no wrong, whereas the other people (especially the non-muslims)are always wrong!

As far as the Chinese are concerned, he is a bloodly traitor. As for the Malays, why should they blame the munafik who did the dirty works for them!

In terms of English, he does not understand English particularly his grammer. And again he likes to think otherwise.

Dr. Amrit Sekhon said...


You articulated it so well, should Leonardo Da Vinci read it, he would take his painting down and pinned your dissier in Vactician. A Salute to you Sir.

Anonymous said...

Art Harun,
Well said and well done. You have again proved yourself to be a worthy writer and if Malaysian's need a good leader you definitely fall into that category. A leader who sees the true path of justice and how justice should be done. I have always followed your writings and again and again you have laid down the truth even though it might hurt.
Dr.Thee Riduan, has time again contradicted on many a issues from time to time and has proved that he not only is not a good muslim but a lousy teacher. I have never ever come across religion that say's that a certain race is above the religion. If it were then we would be all Arabs and anything less would be unIslamic being. Dr Tee Riduan, you owe an apology to all Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

I have a tendency to think that Dr TEE Abdullah (if he befits to be addressed in that manner) is a extreme opportunist who upholds only his own benefits with the slightest moral righteous. Typically this kind of people will betray anything to get what he wants. If he were to live in a majority Christian country, most likely he will be a Christian advocating crusades.

telur dua said...

This is the real intellectual. The other one, by whatever title, is a phony.

Anonymous said...

How I wish this country is lead by righteous, humble and just people like your goodself, RPK, Zaid Ibrahim,DSAI, TGNA, Nizar, Khalid Samad, LKS, LGE, Azly, Rafick, Azmi Sharom, Malik I, Haris I, and many others. Definately, Malaysia will become 1st world country.

Mike Tan said...

This defination of "Malay" was put forth by Dr Mathathir for political expediency.How could one's biological make up changed just because he embraced Islam?

This Tee fler thinks he is a Malay
now? He is suddenly transformed
into a Bumiputra and entitled to
the special previledges as per the social contract? See what bad politics can harm the country and it's people!

Hudson LEE said...

Art. A great discourse. Its country men like you that makes me a proud Malaysian and human being.

Anonymous said...

I admire you for your balanced and logical views. I wish there were more people like you in our country. Keep it up!

Jump Bun said...

Dear all,

I've though of it this before; all non-muslims should just convert and be on a same playing field with the muslims. By then we will be truly 1Malaysia. But while most people being true to themselves, this Tee fella is just a typical opportunist, who would give up anything, including his family, tradition, culture and soul. And I guess he's proud of it. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

I am very touched by yr article. You have voiced out what we want to say. Malaysian will agree to it. We need more people like you to make the CHANGE come PRU13.

Anonymous said...


Having read your enlightening and intellectual comments, I am glad that if we have more right-minded Malaysians like you, Malaysia will be a heaven for us to stay and so too our future generations. Syabas.

BC said...

Art Harun,

Bravo. I like the way you try to bring reason through a thick skull.

Let's hope Mr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah has the intellectual honesty to acknowledge the depth of bigotry he has flung himself into.

So convenient this social contract thing is bandied about by blunt axes that enjoy the protection of interested parties.

I reserve deep concern about having Mr Tee (I have my reason for not calling him Dr Ridhuan T Abdullah) as a senior lecturer in Defence University. Given his stance on issues involving the others in this country, I fear the for the kind of mindset our soldier boys will have that go through the hate mill of Mr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

The beauty of Islam is somewhat sullied when coated with venom and served by a heart twisted with a sense of imagined superiority.

SANSIRO said...

What you are preaching, in my humble opinion, is political expediency suited for the current moment and nothing else.>> THIS IS What everyone else need to understand from the writing of this ULAMA. Period.Thanks ART!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As a muslim, i m truly stumped.Whom am i suppose to believe or seek advice when it comes to matters related to the religion? Obviously it would be the ustaz or the ulamak.m i right?
But if they(ustaz/ulamak) come out with an article like what Dr.Tee wrote.Then we are damned.Nak percaya siapa lagi?u tell me art.god save us all art.peace be upon u.

Navi said...

Spot on Art.You are ever so right. It is sad that the 'good' doctor with his such narrow views could be influencing thousands of students in the universities. No wonder the country is taking much strides backwards.

Anonymous said...

a masterpiece.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice article.Bravo!

From: 100% Chinese Muslim

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that this is a very enlightening article that you have written ... kudos En Art Harun

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up Art. Thanks for giving this Tee guy a good rapping, making some sense into his nonsense!!
I guess that had to suck up to the Utusan editors to have his yearly publication contract renewed.

selva said...

Dear art, you nail that bastard point blank. Sorry for being rude here. I just could not digest this worm's reasoning onthe social contract. Very sorry art.

Anonymous said...

"Now you have come up with a rather ingenious formula. It is based on the entitlement to more rights for the majority. It is numerical power, which many argue is the direct result of democracy."

Democracy is much more than merely proportioning rights and privileges for the majority. From the wiki on democracy:


"However, if any democracy is not carefully legislated to avoid an uneven distribution of political power with balances, such as the separation of powers, then a branch of the system of rule could accumulate power and become harmful to the democracy itself."

"The "majority rule" is often described as a characteristic feature of democracy, but without responsible government or constitutional protections of individual liberties from democratic power it is possible for dissenting individuals to be oppressed by the "tyranny of the majority"."

The motive, intention and morality of one making such a proposition is questionable.

rob said...

Man, Ridhuan Tee sure have some kind of 'warped' logic based on all the points that he put it.

he is trying to be an 'ultra malay' while forgetting his chinese roots. i just wonder what his parents are thinking now ...

One cannot just quantity and proportionate various things in life in a mathematical ratio. Life is more than that. Many comments have been made likened his suggestions to 'hitler-ish'l

is there such things as half a hole or stick?

Like Art said, social contract is a live document. Situations and circumstances change. We cannot cast human-defined edicts in stone. It is not like the Quran, Bible, etc. We need to evaluate the social contract from time to time just like our education system, rightly or wrongly. What is relevant and important 52 years ago may not be nowadays. Priorities and all the global influences should see us evaluating the contract.

Lastly to mention the issue of size of graves, celebrations and festivities is pure RACISM and INCITING discord. Many Chinese today are creating their departed loved ones and putting them into urns at cemetries or temples. Hence the 'use' of space is not a valid argument. Such method is also practical, lower cost and simplify the annual 'chin beng' or grave visitation custom of the Chinese.

Thus as Tee should note, the Chinese are changing their 'social contract' of hundred of years and not 52.

But I don't think Tee consider himself a Chinese Malaysian Musim.

So Tee please open your narrow mind as we have a wonderful country and our lives should be equally as wonderfully.


PM said...

Ya I agree Tee is a prostitute. Is his arse for sale too? I would like to have a go.

Sengwai said...

Art Harun
you nailed it right on there and im just grateful to voice like yours here in malaysia!

May you have a blessed new year!

Thank you

Anonymous said...

In 1644 the Manchus conquered China and made the Chinese show an open sign of submission. They had to shave part of their fore head and wear a horse tail...signs of a submissive horse for the Manchus to ride on!

The very fact that the good Doctor had to maintain his Chinese last name in his converted Muslim name reminds me of that very historic fact of the Manchus!

Anonymous said...

mr tee,

no worries. when i die i make sure my grave is a tiny one, in fact, i will tell my kids to put it in a jar and not take too much of the space at your bloody expense. no worries, i wont shit in your grave.

Anonymous said...


over my dead body would my children entered this U. guess, UMNO must send all their members to get a degree from this Tee.

George Lim Abdullah said...

Thank you for your honest and non-partisan views which transcends race and religion.

However, I don't think Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is able to understand much English to be able to grasp all that you've mentioned. He is too stupid for your intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I am writing this letter for the attention of the relevant Government Agencies; that please beware of all the 'celup' Bumiputras trying to benefit from the privileges. It's a open secret that many immoral people attempt all means to be classified a Bumiputra, a simple way is by way of conversion into the Islamic faith. These people shpuld never be accepted as Bumiputra, therefore un-ashamedly robbing genuine Bumiputras such as Malays, the natives of Sabah, Sarawak, etc.

Hashim said...

As I've always suspected, no amount of tertiary education impart wisdom on a man. Wisdom is a direct gift from God which in my humble experience, have seen in many peasants, etc with so called low level of education. A doctorate is after all, just another title confered by another man.

RKKK said...

Mr. Art Harun, Excellent articulations and you have my respect. We need more people like you in Malaysia. I look forward to every articles that you wrote. Thanks for sharing.

koolgeek said...

Man, this is probably the best ending for my 2009...



Keep going like this and your adsense revenue may surpass Chedet's soon.

Anonymous said...


You have demonstrated your intelligent, logical and fair-minded persona yet again.

You should have been the Chief Justice.....then, Malaysia would have a respected judiciary...I am very sure of that.

You put that Melayu-celup Tee to shame. There is no comparison between this Tee scum and you. I won't even put the two of you together.

You are just way way above that Tee scum, really. He has demonstrated himself to be the scum from the earth.

His article reflects his pea-sized brain. How can his "kiasu" students respect him? How can Malaysians respect him?

Art, you are about the only one who rebut his sense-less article and I thank you for that. You really love Malaysia and you are so sincere about it.

If only more Malaysians can adopt a non-emotional stance on issues you rightfully listed and addressed them the way you suggested.

You never fail to charm me with your witty articles in the past. Today, you put forth your arguments in a non-emotional, fair and logical manner.

Hope the Melayu-celup with a pea-sized brain has the capacity to learn.

Bravo Art!


Anonymous said...

Dear Art,
Satisfaction come all along the way as I read through your writing. I was disturbed ever since I read this 'don't-know-why-so-angry-with-his-own-race' fella article from one of the blogs, few days ago. I just want to rebutt this fella reasoning but was unable to put it precisely and where to put it as what you have done it so nicely and easy to understand in your blog which many has come to familiar with. I feel absolutely satisfy as your writting has indirectly put my rebutter to this fella's postulations. However I still can't understand why he hates his own kind so much, indirectly to his own parents and his ancestors. Trivially, I come to ask myself was Zheng He, the great and well known Chinese-Muslim admiral also behaved like him or perhaps hated his ever demanding non-Muslim emperor who had ordered him to sail through the southern seas of China and to the west. I wonder whether he hates his own kind due to his desire to see his own kind to join him and together they journey to Heaven and that is what he forsee it as the ultimate destiny, but then he failed to do so and they do not want to follow him instead rejected and belittle him. Perhaps for this reason he feel so angry or may be shame and finally turned to hate that make him to decide to distance or to dissociate himself from his own kind and unconciously forgot his own DNA.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hashim,
Lately it seem many are crazy of title, be it politically, the result of feudal system in our society or academically.
Many feel so proud and become egoist once titles come to the front or behind their name. They insist the title must be put to their name whilst afraid people would not come to recognise their greatness.

Jahamy said...

Art Harun,

Brilliant article. I have been wanting to reply to quite a few of Dr Tee's articles but never got around to it. Thank you.


tmf said...

Dear Sir, if you contest in the next GE, I will campaign for you.

tigerykliang said...

Thank you Art for making me feel better after what the Chinese Tea has done to my mind with his donkey brain. You deserve high respect for the article. This is a fine example of what a good Phd holder should possess ... QUALITY

Anonymous said...

Thanks God! There is Malay that thinks fairly rather than a "converted" Malay that thinks differently like Michael Jackson thoughts he was white...hahaha....

verine said...

Well said. Thank you for your reply to Ridhuan Tee. You are a sensible man. I am grateful that out there, people like you will make Malaysians proud. I salute you. I hope more Malaysians think and argue as brilliantly as you. Happy New Year.

fah hean said...

A very good piece. I am so thankful there are still such sensible gentlemen around our ailing country. As mush as i strive to go beyond racial line; as i am a chinese, i can't resist to feel ashamed of what that so called 'dr' Tee ridhuan. More so after reading a fine retort from Art, who happens to be Malay Muslim. Thank you Art. MCA and Gerakan that be busy politicking should be VERY ashamed too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being the voice of reason. Our country truly needs to be mature enough to discuss about the social contract if it does exist. It is truly sad when certain individual brand another race as "Ultra Kiasu". As a Chinese Malaysian, my family always strive to help all races especially Malay that are sidelined by the government. Thus, being label as "Ultra Malay" definitely makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to have read that at least not all malays in this country is narrow minded. Frankly, sometimes I feel of giving up hope living in Malaysia. But as citizen of the country whose origin from the state of Sabah, I have to protect our rights as enshrined in the federal constitution. Perhaps Mohd Ridhuan Tee is willing to denounce his family roots and willing to disassociate himself from his own family whom is not muslim. Will that make him a better muslim? He should be charged for provoking other beliefs and races in this country. I can't imagine what would happen to Mohd Ridhuan Tee if he uses his chinese name ie Tee Lin Chau and write similar article to promote taoism instead. I bet the first person who will react is Khairy Jamaludin followed by Nazri, Muhyi, Hisham n than Najib! So obvious, UMNO is practicing what was practiced in Africa many many years ago! Tee Lin Chau will be sent immediately to PRISON! Brainwash and place in the rehabilitation centre!

Why can't we apply the existing laws equally to all the citizens in this country? Why must there be a special previlige to the malays? We in Sabah and Sarawak were never been recognised in the first place. Mahathir took away ALL!

Dusun Muslim

Anonymous said...

You are my voice,Brother. Thanks


Anonymous said...

My daughter attended the JPA Scholarship interview along with 34 Chinese students (all with 11 A1s or better), 4 Malay students and 1 Indian. Only the 4 Malay students were successful. Talking about numerical advantage?

Anonymous said...

My wish for 2010 and beyond: Many more Art Haruns and zero ass-lickers like Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

tudip said...

Great...impressive. You are the one..the chosen one.

Anonymous said...

Dont think he is an ass licker. I agree with his previous articles. he has many valid points. he is very frustrated reasoning for some respect from his chinese brothers to respect his muslims brothers and understand the their predicament. he was highlighting the hypocrosy of proponent of equality tht refuse to be less racist eg in uniting the schools/children. but i must admit he has gone emotional and less intellectual in his latest article. Tq Art Harun. I hope he will see u article and perhaps humbly accepts tht he may have been wrong in this latest article.

boon said...

Nice one! Why don't you publish it on the newspapers too? Let's the public compare your articles with that piece, and let the peoples be more informed。 =)

y.cheeseng said...

Dear Art, Thank u for the clear, reasoned rebuttal of the demented T preposterous article.

Salam Bangi said...

Dear Tarzan

Congratulations.I must say I'm very impressed with the article. The arguments and the so called logical reasonings are beautifully put forth. And as I have said earlier it is a very legalistic perspective devoid of any ethno/sociocultural input. I must say I also smell Lee kuan Yew's breath here.
I see that you are fighting a battle that is reasonably legally right but not appropriate at this particular time.I might agree with you in 30 years time. But please don't stop the poor from the other community to continually being poor. Please don't deny the weak from getting their educational rights. They need the opportunities to be successful just like you. Also remember there is still a large number of poor people to make ends meet. Please be grateful in also culturally appropriate way.Without the help of the so called racist policy I bet you wont be writing this blog. You might still be in Guar Cempedak or Sedaka in kedah tending padi. But of course that is not the case. You are at the pinnacle/on top of the world but remember there are people who are still poor and who still need help. I hope to agree with you in 3 decades time and I hope you will still be articulating.

Be grateful and remember the majority poor

Kris said...

As insightful a piece as ever Art Harun. A beacon as always in this fast ripening cess pool we are descending into helped along by the likes of Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

They are propagating anger, hatred division and ultimately destruction whilst you desperately try and keep the fabric that binds us together and in so doing save us from a fate worse then some of us deserve...

Keep that flag flying my friend...


Well said. Thanks, Art.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article

PahNur said...

Art, you have responded to Dr Tee's article, SO WELL, that I don't think you left anything out for us to pick up and comment it....except perhaps the word "Tee Off"? :-D

CK Peng said...

Dear Art,

Excellent rebuttal to Dr. Tee skewed points.

Is non-Malay interested to challege the policy of helping the poor. Or challege Islam as the oficial religion of the Nation?

Big No. They are not really interested in it. They are piss-off when pro-bumi policy are being used as cover to give contract to cronies....

In front of my house is a Federal Highway. Build by cronies company..... So poorly build that less than 3 years so many pot holes and needed to be repair every few weeks!

DR. Tee has turn blind eyes on corruption, rampant waste and mismanagement of the country. While singing the tune of UMNO putras and spread racilal and religious divisive message!

We really do not need such scholar in our conutry!


CK Peng

Anonymous said...

I think those on the other side has lost its direction or has totally lost whatever imagination they have and as a result manufacture this sick joke - useing my mother to insult my father what a sick twisted idea. They would say "I-don't-know" he is a Chinese Muslim not our fault he speak with a double tongue and he hate his original form. Would not be far fetch if he is the main speaker in BTN courses or for that matter at the Aryan Brother Convention as he sure make hate sound so reasoning, justifiable like it is nothing, and to those fellow who dream him up they must be very proud, BANGGA as they would have done a great service to their race,relegion and country.I think they pray to a relegion and it must be hate.

Anonymous said...

Dear Salam Bangi,
Agree with you that the majority poor must be help but should be irrespective of race and that's what I like about policies drafted by the PR. No need to mention about race and purposely single out every now and then and as everybody know the majority poor comes from one particular group but then again it should not be turned into a policy that many see it similar to the one in South Africa many years ago. This is what the PR says 'help based on needs' not based on a particular race. All those poors must be help and cronism and 'dynastyism'should have been discarded long long time ago.
The problems arise when help is turned into race antigonism and recognition of race as the core to decide a decision. Surely this is the starting point where everyone takes it as the point of aurgment to fulfiil their own desires thus created tension and hate among the people.

Anonymous said...

Dear Salam Bangi,
Agree with you that the majority poor must be help but should be irrespective of race and that's what I like about policies drafted by the PR. No need to mention about race and purposely single out every now and then and as everybody know the majority poor comes from one particular group but then again it should not be turned into a policy that many see it similar to the one in South Africa many years ago. This is what the PR says 'help based on needs' not based on a particular race. All those poors must be help and cronism and 'dynastyism'should have been discarded long long time ago.
The problems arise when help is turned into race antigonism and recognition of race as the core to decide a decision. Surely this is the starting point where everyone takes it as the point of aurgment to fulfiil their own desires thus created tension and hate among the people.

Anonymous said...

All those craps that been proposed are all due to greed.

Do religions promote greed? Or do God permit greediness??

In order to achieve whatever they dreamt for (out of greediness), they manipulate issues like "Hak-hak istimewa bumiputra" and promote hatred among races in our country.

Are these righteous??

Anonymous said...


You are another Zaid Ibrahim's "Saya pun Melayu" to me. I believe there are many more.

We should stop "celup" ones to taint further the true values of Melayu.

I really miss those values, and I found them in you.

A true Malaysian

marge said...

Excellent article. May 2010 see more reasonable people esp. Malays like you. Dr Tee? I think he was just doing his job, without a conscience that is.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Dear Art,
If you happen just one of those days meet up with the good Dr few things I would like to know in fact all of us are dyeing to know. How in the world do you change your soul do you go wash it in flower water how do you do it ? He did manage to change his appearance as he is now Abdullah the celop babi spitting hate now that take a lot of change from the heart to the soul like my dog- sorry my dog have a soul as he wags his tail in appreciation for the food and love I give him / her batter comparision would be my goldfish, it has an appearance of a fish but no soul so ask him Art how did he do it, total transformation from a human being to a gold fish.

K said...

Dear Art,

An excellently well written piece !
Perhaps you should join a political party and run for a parliament seat; will be great to see you kicking asses in parliament.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,
Thank you for your well written piece of discourse. Your writings are illuminating as always, dispelling darkness and confusion.

There is still hope when Malaysians like yourself speak up for the oppressed. May god bless you with good health always.

Anonymous said...

Something's amiss and we'd be better off if we're aware of it.

Dr Tee is nobody's fool. He knows where he is and what sort of ground he stands on. He is the ideal, and willing, man to be made use of for the moment. By whom - your guess's as good as mine.

An article by a man like him is only meant to provoke.
The responses, like yours, were expected. No less will be coming from the Chinese press - more expressive and tending to side-track to other sensitive issues.

Part two - Dr Tee friends come into the picture. Friend ? you guess.

Dr Tee friends counter, nay hammer those negative responses to his article. Powerful arguments. I might add, so powerful that many will be swayed. You see, they planned for it.

This scenario makes sense ?


chai said...

Dear Art,
Thank you!!
You are speaking for all Malaysian who love this country. There is no point for any race in the country to fight for "ketuanan" this and that, if all us is to become the slave of the world in the future. Instead, all must work together toward the glory for the country, under one race, the Malaysian.

You are speaking for all Malaysian who trully love the country, not only to our current generation, but to our future generation as well. This should be the attitude our leaders need to embrace. If all leaders are to speak for their respective race only, they themselves is tearing the country into parts.

You are speaking for all Malaysian who love the country, with an honest heart. it is the most stupid act a person do if he is not honest to himself. This is also our worry as most of the leaders in power in Malaysia are driven by their political agenda which are unfaithful to the nation, not admitting even all data are showing we are letting far behind by other nations. Worse, benchmarking against those uncompetitive nations as the way to lead the country is the most dishonest thing a leader should do.

Art, thank you. I am happy to see a person like you to speak on behalf of the whole "Malaysia" nation, you are a great role model with the right attitude and show leadership personality to all. You did not under estimate the challenges in front of us as we are a multi races country but you confront the wrong doing with a honest heart and adopting a humble approach. If all of us are to act for others like you, this country might have a good future.

I wish you good success and hope to hear more from you.


Chai E

thunderboltZ said...

Salam Art Harun,
I can only surmised that Malaysia today will still have a great future when there are Malaysians like yourself. The Tee guy is nothing but a hypocrite and shallow racist. He regularly plays race and religions against each other. His will answer to God/Allah for his actions.

meanwhile, I wish you well and have a great 2010.

hurricaneMax a.k.a KeithKhoo

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Art.

Anonymous said...

My take is Mohd Tee was just trying to carry some balls and then hope to get some publicity and promotion.

The lowlife is an opportunist; I bet if the Malay do not enjoy any more privileges, the bugger will immediately cease to be a Malay or even renounce Islam.

CK said...

Thank you Art Harun.ss

Anonymous said...

This chap Tee i no intellectual. The Constitution, our Supreme Law, state that ALL Malaysians are EQUAL. The special rights of the Malays and the Borneo Natives are protected and set out in their respective State Constitutions. These differ from state to state. Nobody I know wants to ditch these. What most want is a fair application of these rights so that ALL Malays and Borneo Natives benefit with no group beingleft behind.

Other than that, there is no right to discriminate on the basis of race, place of birth or origin, etc in Malaysia.

Islam is the OFFICIAL religion of Malaysia. It is NOT the State religion of Malaysia. There is a fundamental difference between the two. The "Official" religion is less encompassing than the "State" religion. That has always been part of our Law and of the compact between the races.

Anonymous said...

Art, you are 'da man'. Can you now translate this excellent rebuttal into Bahasa Melayu for those dickheads in Utusan and the 'tease ridhuan' fella!

angela ooi

Anonymous said...

Art Harun for PM of Malaysia !

Wenger J Khairy said...

Dear Art,
I have since retired from so-po blogging as the big issues surrounding our country have been really overlooked and hijacked by certain quarters.

My blog had always served to back up any assertion with some cold and hard facts. Unfortunately, the Ridhaun Tee's, the Big Dog's and the ParpuKari's are singing a different tune.

To them the concept of Malaysia is that of Malays being Tuan and the Non Malays being the "Guest". To me, it is a social political view and really it is impossible to argue who is right and who is wrong in that context. Each one seems right in their own mind.

But I can argue with facts and data on the implications of the views espoused by the Big Dogs and the Ridhuan Tee's from an economic perspective and the effects to Malays should they follow the Big Dogs method.

This there is clarity. This there is a body of knowledge developed over the last 200 years, this there is data items specific to Malaysia stretching from 1980 till today.

And in this there is no such thing called Mahanomics. It is a lie created by Dr. Mahathir and it is easily debunked if you know what to look for.

I am still mulling whether to produce a part by part exposition on this topic, drawing on my skill as the "World's Greatest Analyst" to tell Malays the facts, and nothing but the facts.

Unfortunately, I cannot do so from my blog as I have purposely locked myself out of it (including my email). If I do go ahead, I would be honoured if you could host these series of articles on your blog.

Let the Malays realize once and for all the lies, damned lies and the statistics and then once they have all the information, let them decide what path they want to pursue.


gundro said...

Your last paragraph say that we should confront all the issues. Well, here are the two main issues, which is the source of motst of the adverse comments on all the blogs:-

1. Special position of the Malays.
2. Vernacular schools.

As you can see, both of these issues are not so easy to overcome. Not only are they enshrined in the constitution, you can't even question them in parliament.

So while a lot of people like to question the NEP, it is derived from item 1.0 above. Similarly, the source of disunity among the younger generation is due to item 2.0 above.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tee idiot's article is full of nonsenses twisted by his own words and it's sheer hypocrisy at it's worst. Hellya, racists are better than extroverts who speak with forked tongue because the more racial hatred words spilled out from their big mouths, the uglier they get and the whole world see it.

Muslims are indeed Islam's worst enemies

A Malaysian said...

Thank God that we have broad-minded and sensible Malaysians like Art Haruns, Raja Petras,Haris Ibrahims, Khalid Samads, Farish Noors, Azly Rahmans, Syed Husins, Zaid Ibrahims and the likes.

Otherwise Malaysia will be doomed for sure.

Anonymous said...


art harun said...


I have e mailed you.


Anonymous said...

I have never read a blog posting for so many times. Well said. bravo.

Tee is an embarrassment to the Malaysian Chinese community.

The parents must be sleepless to have a 'kurang ajar' son like him.

Hmm.., isn't that a sin to do that to your parents? Hope god can forgive you for doing that to your Mother.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me this Tee guy does not have bumiputera status. Because If he does ape benda ni!!!

Anonymous said...

On the Social Contract thingy ....... was it really mentioned in the 1st place when we got our independence??? I thought the phrase was "invented" by The Tun after he became the PM. Even if there was, it was between those who migrated here & those who claimed to be the original people. But in as far as those who were born here after the independence, I thought it was an international law that they are automatic citizens thus irrepective of what ever "Social Contract" that's none of their concern or requirement, they should be automatically entitle to all the rights & previleges!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I read your blog. Thanks Art. You really speak out for the Malaysian.
Do you have your blog in BM or have them translated into BM. I'm sure many young Malaysians would like to read what you write, but they can't understand. Our Tun Dr. M had murdered the English language 30+ ago.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why is this guy still using his family name- Tee?. Shows that he's a lost soul - don't know where he came from nor know where he's heading.

Can Tee please define to us what or who is a Malay.

Keep on writing ART.

Anonymous said...

Kudos Mr Art! Well said. Have plenty to say but you did the job. Would you consider the Home Minister job the next general election?

Jeremiah said...

Fellow philosopher Art Harun,

Your sound reasoning and calmness of intellect evident in this post stands out among bloggers.

two things I have to say at present:

1. Calls by some of your readers for you to be a politician/leader should not be heeded at all costs.
Sound and creative thinking thrives among people who are truly independent of the world, exp politicians and their temptations of power and money.

2. I discern there is some hope in you for Malaysia despite the foolish ways this country has been run for the past five decades.

I invite you to share this hope with me in the blog posting below which was in response to reading Dr. Farish Ahmad Noor's A Cold Look At Malaysia.


Bee said...

Dear Art, the difference between you and that Tee is that you use your brain to think and analyze the problems Malaysian are facing regardless of race, religion, creed or gender ..... and trying to find find solutions to solve it .....but, but that Tee is using his emotions.... that's always the problem with people who are trouble makers and he calls himself a ulamak.... sad thing is how many young muslims are taught by him and mislead are being mislead. Kudos to you Art but there is not many in this country like you after all what to say when u have ulamaks like this !!!

Michael Quah said...

Thank you Art for clear thinking.

Thank you for using your gifts to speak and write boldly to expose the culture that nurtures gremlins by race and religious justifications.

There is encouragement for all of us who are third-fourth-generation-Malaysians of chinese origins.

Personally, I am not aware of my own racial origins when I work, learn, play and pray. I want to lead a full life as a believer in a Creator-God. I am sure that I would have developed many of the characteristics that are common to ALL who practise the way of the decent human being as a way of living.

Believers are peaceful. They speak with dignity and grace. They honour their God in their behaviour and in their dealings with their fellow-creatures.

They would be life-long learners as they would have been touched with the spirit of the Creator-God who is creative and wonder-filled. So as they grow in years, they would also grow in wisdom and compassion. They would be skillful and capable.

They would naturally create opportunities for their fellow beings to develop in their own calling and in their own giftedness.

Believers cannot and will not justify calumny, deceit, double-dealing, racial-hatred and violent acts or looting, murder and pogrom.

Believers would never speak on behalf of their Creator-God because it is unthinkable for a creature to come close to the Creator. Or in his name, create a culture of domineering power-machine to protect some against others. Or on his behalf as protector, justify unjust and cruel acts and execute them at the appropriate times.

Thank you Art for demonstrating the way a believer acts when he faces the chalatans when they reveal their nature in gobbledegook-speak!

Anonymous said...

I think you should not waste too much time with this maniac;

in all probability,it looks like he suffers from at least 4 complexes or mental disorders, apart from having the intelligence of a frog under a coconut shell!

seriously,we should allow Utusan Melayu and UMNO to continue using this fellow....he's doing enough damage to their cause without anyone trying to counter him

the ultra-kiasu party he's so fond of referring to ought to know this already i'm sure

maybe the good people out there can post the names and details of a few good psychiatrists to recommend to the good Doctor before he goes utterly mad!

we gotta to be compassionate towards people like him,you know -may God/Allah bless his soul,poor chap

Potato said...

Nice article, good to see that there is still a reasoning voice in our country. Thanks for sharing the great post and thoughts.

chelly said...

dear sir,
you should open another category in your repertoire for the esteemed doctor,he seem to prick a side of you like no other

Anonymous said...

just 1 cent letter.... neither you could done anything.....

Anonymous said...

Art Harun 1 million points. Ridhuan Abdullah 0.

I think this goes to show that what we have happening in Malaysia is really not about race and origins. It's about selfish greedy people at the top doing what they "think" is needed to keep the money and political power coming. Malay, Chinese, Indian... it does not matter.

I think it's sad because now what is going to happen is the minorities are going to sense they are under attack, more than ever. Heck if one of their own calls them pendatang and second class citizens, how can they trust anyone? You can't really blame them for then adopting a self defense mechanism of huddling and resisting all forms of becoming more Malaysian (for example, learning BM properly which I'd advocate for).

Sigh, push and pull from all sides. When will this end?

Linda Chan said...

Dear Art
What an excellent article! So well articulated - insightful, sound, balanced, good reasoning with great depth and wisdom.
You are a blessing to all Malaysians.
With every blessing from NZ,
Linda Chan

Arun Andy said...

I salute you Art. Well written article. Hope many more are as open minded as you. Then this country will become more prosperous and a happy nation.


saya mengucapkan banyak terimakasih kepada MBAH KABOIRENG yang telah menolong saya dalam kesulitan,ini tidak pernah terfikirkan dari benak saya kalau nomor yang saya pasang bisa tembus dan ALHAMDULILLAH kini saya sekeluarga sudah bisa melunasi semua hutang2 kami,sebenarnya saya bukan penggemar togel tapi apa boleh buat kondisi yang tidak memunkinkan dan akhirnya saya minta tolong sama MBAH KABOIRENG dan dengan senang hati MBAH KABOIRENG mau membantu saya..,ALHAMDULIL LAH nomor yang dikasi MBAH KABOIRENG semuanya bener2 terbukti tembus dan baru kali ini saya menemukan dukun yang jujur,jangan anda takut untuk menhubungiya jika anda ingin mendapatkan nomor yang betul2 tembus seperti saya,silahkan hubungi MBAH KABOIRENG DI 082=322=212=111 ingat kesempat tidak akan datang untuk yang kedua kalinga dan perlu anda ketahui kalau banyak dukun yang tercantum dalam internet,itu jangan dipercaya kalau bukan nama MBAH KABOIRENG KLIK TOGEL 2D 3D 4D 6D DISINI

saya mengucapkan banyak terimakasih kepada MBAH KABOIRENG yang telah menolong saya dalam kesulitan,ini tidak pernah terfikirkan dari benak saya kalau nomor yang saya pasang bisa tembus dan ALHAMDULILLAH kini saya sekeluarga sudah bisa melunasi semua hutang2 kami,sebenarnya saya bukan penggemar togel tapi apa boleh buat kondisi yang tidak memunkinkan dan akhirnya saya minta tolong sama MBAH KABOIRENG dan dengan senang hati MBAH KABOIRENG mau membantu saya..,ALHAMDULIL LAH nomor yang dikasi MBAH KABOIRENG semuanya bener2 terbukti tembus dan baru kali ini saya menemukan dukun yang jujur,jangan anda takut untuk menhubungiya jika anda ingin mendapatkan nomor yang betul2 tembus seperti saya,silahkan hubungi MBAH KABOIRENG DI 082=322=212=111 ingat kesempat tidak akan datang untuk yang kedua kalinga dan perlu anda ketahui kalau banyak dukun yang tercantum dalam internet,itu jangan dipercaya kalau bukan nama MBAH KABOIRENG KLIK TOGEL 2D 3D 4D 6D DISINI

Stone Shiek said...

What a great article !!! Salute !!! Kudos !!! True Reasoning !!! Open Mindedness !!! Great Insight !!! Wisdom !!!

Excellent and Well done !!!

Peter said...

I would like you to be our Prime Minister, Art

Peter said...

I would like you to be our Prime Minister, Art

Anonymous said...

He acts exactly like the kind of ultra-kiasu people that he likes to bash.
Willing to do anything in exchange for the benefits. He does this for the money and power. Plain and simple.
As long as his masters' continue to give him support, he will continue to spew the words that his masters' like to hear.

He is actually a simple man easy to read and predict.

However, we should not just blame the player. We should also focus on the game being played as well.
That is more dangerous than the man.

He is just a master's pet dog.
If the new master likes unity and tolerance, he will then start to talk about unity and tolerance,
he is the prostitute willing to do and say anything to please his master.

AsianGuy said...

Great write-up, Art. Wish there are more like you who are willing to speak up for the minority. Remember that this "Doctor" Ridhuan Tee has been accused of plagiarising someone else's work for his doctoral thesis! That's the 'quality' of the guy you call "Doctor" here in this article.

Jane Lee said...

Thank you very much, I am comforted, I will continue to pray for our country and leaders.

CH Tan said...

I thoroughly enjoy reading your writing. I can't believe that it was written 6 years ago! Anyone with conscience in their heart and intellect in their brain will be able to see what a beautiful piece the article is. However it seems the muallaf doctor don't seems to have the conscience or the intellect to learn from this writing. Then again what can we expect from someone whose credentials and integrity that is questionable.

Stupid do as stupid does said...

This is 2016. This China man is still at it.
He is a member of MCA. Send his children to chinese school to speak chinese.
He is just stupid chinaman wanting attention.

Dont give him attention bro. Let us just be frank. He is a stupid china who dont know malay culture. So best to ignore him.