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Friday, January 15, 2010

Are they any less Islam than us?



A friend of mine sent this picture from  Africa. This picture was taken by him in Lusaka, Zambia. It is of a Hindu temple sitting serenely beside a Muslim mosque.

Zambia is of course a Southern Africa country. Lusaka is its capital. United Nation numbers for 2007 state that 68% of Zambian are living below national poverty line. Their per capita income is just USD395 per annum.

It is officially a Christian nation. 5% of its populace are Muslims and most of the Muslims stay in urban areas.

They are nothing compared to us in terms of material possession, education, health care, infrastructure and whatever.

But in terms of inter-faith understanding and harmonious co-existence on this borrowed place, we, especially our cow-head-carrying zealots and noisy insecure "defenders of Islam",  have so much to learn from them.

All the wealth and education certificates which we possess don't make us a better human being.

Because at the end of the day, life is a journey from the lowest point on the ground that we stand - the soil which God used to make all of us - to the highest point of humanity - which is God's spirit which He blows into Adam after He shapes him from soil.

Until and unless we attain that highest level, or at least seek to attain it, we are nothing.


patrickteoh said...

In this I think we are way ahead of the Africans. In the area where the "Pekeliling" flats are being demolished there is an old mosque and less than 20 ft across the road is a big, old Buddhist temple. Built during a different time in our history. But they are still there. I think.

Kris said...

In answer to your question, More I think...

nick said...

It was NEVER about Islam or Allah. It's about regaining the support of Malay or specifically duping the malay to go back to UMNO. It's clear as daylight and to UMNO's dismay, the gambit failed. It failed miserably and now they have to resort to plan B (personally I don't think they have a backup plan). It's an afterthought whereby if the muslim won't bite, get the non-muslim to react by desecrating places of worship. One thing they didn't count on is the unity of the opposition regarding this matter. Even the loud mouth within PR itself couldn't break the unity. In other word, UMNO was checkmated right after their opening gambit. Serve them right. Poetic justice. you reap what you sow and so on and so forth. It's heartening to see Malaysian becoming matured and civil. There's hope yet for us!

Anonymous said...

If the “Don’t compare apples with oranges” argument presented by the Home Ministry secretary-general Datuk Seri Mahmood Adam is to be believed, then the Islam in Malaysia is a different kind of animal compared to Islam elsewhere in the world,including Lusaka, Zambia.

Thus the question "Are they any less Islam than us?" becomes meaningless. Malaysia practices its own unique brand of islam.

Now the question becomes, is Malaysia embarking down a path of heresy and later uniqueness, as Protestant church was to the Catholic church

PM said...

We had cow head against the hindus followed by attack on christain's church and whats next...will it be attack against the buddhist temples or chinese schools.

· 康华 · said...

religion abused for political motives, how sad.

Anonymous said...

When religion is mixed with politics, it turns into a heady mix that produces an outcome that will be unstable.

Just cast our minds back to the days of Sheikh Mujibur. He rode the crest of the wave of Islamic activism but was drowned by the same.

We ought to be enlightened enough not to go there.

By the way, whenever my country is compared to the African nations, I cry for my country.

Servant said...

When there are few they act humbly when there are majority they head become big , why ? simply there don't have good operating software of love instead operating system of "FEAR"

Anonymous said...

"ALLAH ITU KASIH" by Indonesian Christians.


Anonymous said...

Be fearful of the plan B!! Inflict injuries on themselves and blame it on the innocents! The one thing that I believe in is that UMNo is capable of doing anything just to stay in power! Hope nothing will happen to the Mosques!

Anonymous said...

We have to educate our cow head carrying zealots to be human before talking to them about God.

AM said...

Well said!!!

donplaypuks® said...
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donplaypuks® said...

They may in fact be more true to Islam than us! Think about it.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Haji™ Bakhil said...

Assalamualaikum™ Art Harun dan saudara seIslam dan salam 1Malaysia kepada yang lain.

Alhamdulillah™! Sekarang barulah iman™ saya sebagai seorang Muslim terselamat dari tipu muslihat orang bukan Islam. Sejak rasul™ Allah™ menerima wahyu™, golongan bukan Islam terus-menerus berusaha merosakkan akidah kita.

Orang Islam yang liberal termasuklah beberapa mufti™, Syeikh™ dan ulama™ yang berkiblat™kan permikiran moden dan kebaratan telah mengeluarkan pelbagai fatwa™ yang karut belaka. Mana boleh orang bukan Islam menggunakan perkataan Allah™? Takut mereka akan menyalahgunakan istilah tersebut untuk berdakwah™ di kalangan orang Melayu. Terus terang saya katakan, kalau diberi kitab Injil™ versi bahasa Melayu, memang saya akan terkeliru habis. Bayangkanlah kalau gereja nanti dirujuk sebagai Baitullah™! Astaghfirullah™!

Insaflah hendaknya puak-puak ini. Bertaubatlah dan kembali kepada al-Quran™ dan as-Sunnah™. Ingatlah kepada apa yang telah difirman™kan oleh Allah™ dan disabdakan oleh nabi™ kita.

Bak kata pejuang sejati bangsa Melayu Islam Dr Khir Toyo, kenapa golongan Kristian ini tidak boleh menggunakan perkataan Ilah untuk menggantikan perkataan Allah™? Oh, maaf, saya baru perasan bahawa Ilahi™ juga termasuk perkataan yang dihakciptakan kepada orang Islam/Jais/Mais/dll.

Sekian. Wassalam.

Haji™ Bakhil.

Anonymous said...

The image of the church in Indonesia with the banner "ALLAH ITU KASIH" has been deemed as one proof by some bright eyed in one of the blogs that I visit to be part of the so called 'hidden agenda' by Christians to confuse and ultimately convert Muslim. Sounds kinda stupid unless you are blind and you happen to miss the BIG Crucifix mounted on the building itself that is crying out loud "CHRISTIAN Church and building" Which "Allah" are they implying then??? Still dumb enough to come in?????

What A Lulu said...

even east malaysia is not less islam than west malaysia.
either that or its cos sarawak state elections are due next year


You are so 'bakhil' to think tuan haji. Pls grow up la........

Anonymous said...

Those cow-head-carrying zealots and noisy insecure "defenders of Islam" are puppets. They are held by strings pulled by the puppeteers. They act and react according to how these strings are pulled.

Pretty scary when one thinks of what these puppeteers may do.


art harun said...

Assalamualaikum TM Tuan HajiTM Bakhil,
Terima kasih kerana telah menerangkan isu AllahTM kepada saya dan semua pembaca. Saya faham tersangat-sangatlah dengan penerangan Tuan HajiTM.. Bila saya ke masjidTM kelak maka saya akan berdoaTM lah agar Tuan HajiTM dan keluarga dicucuri rahmatTM AllahTM dan semuga dikuatkan imanTM.
AlhamdulillahTM Tuan HajiTM telah menerima petunjukNyaTM.

Anonymous said...

Confusion if the word "Allah" was used by other faith? Or are they trying to say that they are afraid that Muslim will leave their faith and become Christian? If that's the case they are also shutting door on anyone who wish to become a Muslim. It's just illogical.

LAT said...

The PAS spiritual leader Tok Nik said "humankind's blissful existence is not because of money, but because of Allah's blessings by practising a way of life approved by Him".
(15 Jan 2010, http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/122020)
Tok Nik's word sound so simple and yet is full of divine wisdom and insightful understanding that i doubt those "Allah Defenders" can comprehend such simple teaching.

hurricanemax said...

My indonesian muslim friends commented that may be the muslims in m'sia is very insecured about their faith...hence they created their own brand of islam, to cover up their insecurity?

Anonymous said...


Zambia is an impoverished African country and is often termed as third world infrastructure, third world mentality.

1Malaysia on the other hand under 1Najib is undoubtedly worse than Zambia and can be termed as 1st (questionable) world infrastructure but unquestionably Dark Ages mentality.

PM said...

Looks like malaysian muslim are more muslim then the saudis muslim.

Perhaps the media in saudi should question najib on this issue.

Anonymous said...

At the height of the Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses controversy we had some Muslims crying for blood and screaming like madmen.
And one writer asked if these guys had indeed read the book. I doubt not one of them had read the book. Not because it was already banned but because it was written in superb and 'high sounding' English and they couldn't have understood a word that was written in it.
Why did they protest when they had not even read the book?
Similarly why are these same people protesting when they had not even read the judgment on the Allah case.
I doubt they had read the Koran to find out what the prophet had said on the use of the term Allah by others.
Its all the same. Its herd mentality. Their leaders urge them on with hatred and they act like demons and lunatics.

Kalambong said...

Art, someone posted an excellent article detailing the origin of the word "Allah".

It is at http://myblog.mazlizaothman.com/?p=42

No, it is not my blog :p, I just happen to come across it.

abdooss said...

Tuan Haji Bakhil,

Ye lah tu, Pejuang Sejati Toyo berjuang untuk agama & bangsa.. BUKAN UNTUK POKET SENDIRI ke?!!

Saya yang tak berparti pun tau Toyo tak boleh dipercayai.. haha

Steven Seow said...

A man came home from work and his children ran to him and called out ‘Ayah! Ayah!’. His neighbor got very upset and said to him, “Can you please tell your children not to call you ‘Ayah’ ?” The man asked, “Why?” The neighbor retorted, “Because my children call me ’Ayah’ too. They might get confused and mistaken you to be their father.”

All are welcomed to join the FB group:
“We support the use of the name Allah by all Malaysians”

msleepyhead said...

Nice post En Art.

In our own backyard,

although the location is a little hidden and right beside the Penang Bird Park. At least the government was nice enough to allocate plots of land in clusters creating a truly muhibbah atmosphere. The mosque is somewhere else though.

(with the Beatles' Across the Universe playing in my head.)

Alex said...

Fortunately we do not have to leave Malaysia to see many examples like this. In Penang there is a short but famous street that used to be called Pitt Street. It is now called Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling. Along this 500 metre street there is the Kapitan Keling mosque, the Goddess of Mercy temple, a Hindu temple who name escapes me and the St. George's church. As far as I know they've been there, peacefully and happily, for more than 200 years.

I certainly do not believe after a couple of centuries of living together we Malaysians suddenly woke up one morning and became intolerant of one another...

Richard Loh said...

We are nothing, as you said, but the sad part is someone will always want to play GOD and act like they are something out of nothing.

Haji™ Bakhil said...

Looks like only Art got the sarcasm in my previous posting. I thought the liberal sprinkling of the ™ sign would have done the job. Sigh... no wonder la UMNO is still in power.

Haji™ Bakhil

ajoyly said...

The true believers are those who have no material wealth. And they have to rely on God alone for all their needs.

The wealthy and well to do don't need a God. They are a God unto themselves.

G8 Harvest said...

Actually, this situation i.e. Muslim & Christian living and worshiping their respective makers side and side in peaceful manner is happening nearer to home.

My mom visited Medan,Indonesia.While there, she attended Mass at the local church.She observed that there is a mosque nearby. As the Mass was proceeding, the Muslims were praying too. As the mosque was very near,she could hear the muslims praying and she is sure the Muslims could hear the Christians praying too. She find this intriguing and remarked it to a local fellow church-goer about this after the mass.

The local told her that not only they tolerate each other, they help each other. When it is Christmas or Hari Raya, the Muslims would come and participate in 'gotong royong' vice versa.