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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is Malaysia an Islamic Country?

Article 3 of the Federal Constitution says Islam shall be the religion of the Federation. That is all. Despite that, for whatever reason, many claim that Malaysia is actually an Islamic country, whatever that may mean. Documents available from our historical archives however say otherwise.

History shows that the insertion of a provision that Islam is the religion of the Federation does not negate from the fact that Malaysia is a secular country. It wasn't intended to negate from that fact.

The record has to be put straight.

Note: This video is courtesy of KS Tan who posted it on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Malaysia is not an Islamic country but a secular one... but this issue is used by certain parties for its political agenda. Any right-minded rakyat can see this clearly.

Anonymous said...

How bout Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Afghanistan & Iraq ?

Gambling Man said...

Just look at the gaming scene in the country will tell you this is not an Islamic country .

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Anonymous said...

Ask Tun Ma, constitutionally, Malaysia never an Islamic state, only Islam is an official religion where others can practice freely.

manfrommachap said...

If Malaysia is indeed an Islamic country is that good or bad? To me Malaysia is indeed an Islamic country since there are Islamic laws upheld albeit not wholly, on its Muslim citizens. But just as how as Islamic country should be, it does not restrict nonMuslims from practising their religion nor does it forbids what other religion does not. True, gambling, alcohol consumption and all those acts that Islam forbids are glaringly visible but confining these only to non muslims shows that Malaysia is indeed an Islamic country as there is no compulsion in Islam. To dissalow non muslim to acts which their religion does not forbid would make Malaysia worst than a secular country. True, there are Muslims who indulge in thoose that are forbudden in Islam but these does not mean that this country is not Islamic. It just mean that these Muslims are commiting sins. After all , who, in whatever faith doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is an Islamic country

i. but it doesnt have a full syariah laws.
ii. It allows gambling and sale of alcohol
iii. it profits from tax from gambling and alcohol
iv.where corruption is an accepted norm

Americk said...

Well done Azhar! Finally some sense has been injected into this ludicrous situation. Please can you become our next Prime Minister. Thank you.

nick said...

What's in a label when the content is rotten? It does not make sense to shout and holler about an islamic country when most muslim in Malaysia accept corruption and corrupt practices. Islamic label doesn't change the fact that Malaysia have corrupt people. In fact it will insults the nature of Islam by insisting Malaysia is an Islamic country. An islamic country where it's muslim elect a corrupt politician? GIVE ME A BREAKLAH, UMNO! SHUT UP AND GO TRANSFORM YOURSELF TO BE A BETTER MUSLIM BEFORE SHOUTING ABOUT MALAYSIA BEING AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY.

オテモヤン said...
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Anonymous said...

What can I say but say thank you for taking the huge risk of speaking out the truth.
In a sea of lies will the truth shine through?

watersugar said...

thanks for saying out the truth...

donplaypuks® said...
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donplaypuks® said...

Yes, many agree.

But who's going to tell Mahathir, Najib, UMNO, our Royalty, Jakim, Perkasa, Zulkifly Nordin and others?

The issue is the same as the special position matter where they insist it is special rights and an iffy social contract.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race


Most of the 'rakyat' will find it hard to believe. They love to ignore the facts. They love to fight over nothing. They want to be used. They just cannot live in peace n harmony. How strange these 'rakyat' ?

Anonymous said...

The current situation is liken to a child/ren(the Politicians) in a divorce,ALWAYS saying to one parent what they wanna hear... if you ask me... we already had our May 13th .... So bottom line, ignore the "Kids" as Children should be seen and NOT heard!!!

Anonymous said...


All your articles need to be translated to Bahasa Malaysia to reach a wider audience. Your articles carry key facts and thus, important to have a wider outreach.

I notice that many articles written by RPK on Malaysia Today have been translated to Bahasa a few days after the English version is posted.

Perhaps, the readers can help to translate. Unfortunately, I can't help.

Or, could you please write an appeal for a volunteer translater on your blog? I am very sure a bi-linguist will be found.

Many Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Many Malayans (or rather West Malaysians) are not aware of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and the Inter-Governmental Committee Report for Malaysia. I would suggest them to get a copy from the Government Printing Office in Kota Kinabalu for those who happen to be in Sabah. Then you shall find that Islam is the official religion of the Federation but this is not applicable to Sabah and Sarawak. You will also find that Article 11(4) which prohibits the propagation of other religions to Muslims shall not apply to Sabah and Sarawak. Still saying Malaysia is not secular?

Suri said...

Yeah, the feds may be Islamic, but this does not apply to Sabah and Sarawak. The East Malaysians have the rights for religious freedom.

Pan said...

According to the Sabah 20-point agreement, point 1 clearly stated that there will be no state religion in North Borneo. And the provision relating to Islam in the present constitution of Malaya should not apply to North Borneo.

Which means only the west Malaysia are Islamic. Not the east.

Anonymous said...

Quite a "cock-up" nation you have. As long as there's a religious majority, forget about the rule of law.

It'll always be what's good and convenient for them. Minorities? Shut the **** up.

It's the same over here in Indonesia. Don't like something, throw in a Fatwa.

Recently in Aceh, Shariah Police detained a female student who allegedly wore tight pants. Three of the arresting officers gang-raped her that night in the detention centre.
Shouldn't Shariah law be applicable for the punishemnt? NO it did not happen.

Talk about double standards?

Mike Tan said...

Federal Constituitions are the supreme law of the land.Any other
enatchment that contradicts the
F.C is null and void.Period.

Why is Kartika not caned yet?

abd said...

Two interesting articles:
1. "There's nothing Islamic about a state"
2. "The Falsity of the Concept of the Islamic State"

hurricanemax said...

man made rules and laws to do, amongst many things, a wedge between its own kind. A divide-confuse-rule precept.

Islam is a compassionate religion. One needs to truly understand the meaning of the word 'compassionate' before anything else...

sang kancil said...


A Towering Malaysian.

Wenger Khairy said...

Bro my new blog is at

Anonymous said...

islamic STATE vs islamic COUNTRY

islamic state; constitution is based on quran n sunnah.

islamic country; majority of population is muslim.

go figure

hurricanemax said...

indonesia is secular. Turkey is secular...Are they any better or worst off than us? Us whose leaders are small minded to continuously argue over semantics and happily remain katak under the coconut shell!

Safaju said...

a big NO

Anonymous said...

Sorry dude, we had enough with your bullshits especially from Harris Ibrahim who thinks he is so fucking good at everything.

Dont ever use that words, Rakyat when you are punishing someone for your own ego. Many of us has returned to BN, and more would do the same.

We simply think PR is bullshits, and lies. You think we do not know about the 'balak' things in Perak? and corruption in Selangor?

So much for not being racist? Look at you, and any PR with their racist Chauvinist Chinese of DAP.

Pretending you aren't racist will not help you anymore.

So what is so big deal with waving Keris? it is just a tradition for god sake! what about if we disallowed the Chinese for their spears waving? and dragon dance?

Guess what will happens?

UMNO is corrupted, but it was them that made you who you are.

Anonymous said...

In the Wednesday 27/01/2010 "The Sun" page 12, Article by Zainon Ahmad on "No stopping Ghazali" 2nd column para 8 : The Storm (Ghazali) raged again, "You haven't read the constitution, have you? Had you read, you would have noticed there is no such thing as Malay or Bumiputra rights. The contitution only accords the Malays and bumiputras special position, not rights or pprivileges."

Some how that have changed over the years, ask any UMNO members now they will be willing to bathe their keris in blood to defend their "God" given rights.

Anonymous said...

I find your articles and most discussions which entail are enlightening. It is very refreshing to read those intelligent evidence-based comments.

Your blog is an example of a learning-blog and I hope you will continue to keep it thus.

Some of the discussion touches on "sensitive" issues and with the Home Ministry's recent warning on certain blogs, I think one needs to be careful.

It appears that freedom of expression in this country could be interpreted to suit the power that be!

Joshua said...

To call a nation an Islamic country and to legally constrain every Malaysian born Malay as a Muslim is like forcing a new born baby to be a vegetarian all his life or buy only Toyota products from brith to death.

Where is the moral freedom of choice? If morality is not synonymous with freedom then there is no morality. Bringing up children in an authoritarian dictatorial way is the same as enforcing theocracy on a nation state.

Even if one Malaysian citizen out of 27 million citizens is against theocracy and demands his right of freedom of religion, then we, as a democracy, should honour and preserve his right under the constitution of Malaysia and the Universal constitution of man.

eiling lim said...

Yeah I learnt a lot from the talk you gave at the previous SABM forum. I can't believe that many of us are still ignorant on the facts and especially on what's written in the constitution!

Ahjamal said...

Even if it is a Muslim country it is good unless those in power understand what is Islam. If not then
we will be like Iraq Iran where no single human can agree with each other. Keep Malaysia as what it is everyone is fee to believe their own
religion. Mine your own biz.

andrea said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Wan Zaleha Zain said...

malaysia bukan islamic country atau secular ok. kita ditengah - tengah !
Hal ini anda perlu faham .TQ

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is not an Islamic Country, not yet.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia has never been an Islamic country just as United States is currently not a Christian country.

mantera said...

kita harus saling menghormati