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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Malaysian Muslims Must Condemn Any Act of Violence Towards People of Other Faiths Petition

Fellow Muslim brothers and sisters,

In the name of solidarity, in the name of our country and in the name of Allah, I implore you to sign this petition.


LAT said...

Heartfelt Appreciation, your petition is our prayer answered !

Anonymous said...


Heartfelt Thanks.

I repeat this - I wish you were the Chief Justice of Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Good effort but I notice Muslims names are lacking in the petition.

KK said...

Thank God common sense prevails amongst most Malaysians in this foolery ; a big thank you to Art and the likes.

Anonymous said...

Lets not a few (very few) hijack our country and our peace. God bless

PM said...

Sahih Muslim
Book 001, Number 0377:
for he is the Spirit of Allah and His word

Sahih Muslim
Book 001, Number 0378:
O Jesus, thou art the messenger of Allah and thou conversed with people in the cradle, (thou art) His Word which I-Ie sent down upon Mary. and (thou art) the Spirit from Him;

Sahih Muslim
Book 001, Number 0380:
you better go to Jesus, the Word of Allah and His Spirit.

Sam said...

Some self-appointed defenders of Islam including the chief of "1 Malaysia" have insisted that Catholics should use "Tuhan" instead of "Allah" to address the Catholic or Christian God. But in the national anthem, "Tuhan" (not "Allah") bless the country (...Tuhan kurniakan...). How now ?!!!. If Malay-Muslims are that easily confused as portrayed by some politicians, they must be thinking that Malaysia is blessed by the Catholic/Christian God, and the Muslim God "Allah" is perpetually on leave. Perhaps, this confusion may cause the government to change the national anthem by replacing "Tuhan" with "Allah". But then again, non-muslims will not be allowed to sing the national anthem. Then it would be non-muslims' turn to be confused. If this issue goes to the courts, even the judges will get kepala pening. So much for "1 Malaysia"!!!. It looks more like "1 Helluva confusing & divide and rule"!!!.

PM said...

What happened to the big mouth chinaman who is more muslim than a malay muslim..has he got nothing to say.

Chicken out for a debate???

Saffian said...

Muhammad’s father Abdullah died before he was born. Abdullah means Servant of Allah. Therefore, Allah is God to many people before the arrival of Islam. And after. Thus, the problem in Malaysia is a political one. Ouch. I weep for my country.

Crankster said...

It's now 5 churches and 1 school. We're going downhill pretty fast. :(

sang kancil said...

Aiya PM, the fake melayumuslim kiasu kiasi is a typical 'bo lam par' hiding behind some big skirt.

We must not give that thing the time of day on anything thing he says. His peeHHHdddd must be KOPI-O - only la.

Anonymous said...

Dear Art, thanks for all your interesting articles which I look forward to everyday. Any comment regardng the article written by Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi on 'Torched churches..reaping what is sown?'

PM said...

I sincerely hope that you join PR in the next GE and get voted in. You never know... the present rate the country is going, PR has the showing to be elected to form the next government.

Salambangi said...

Muslims must reject violence. Let our Christian brothers pray in peace.They always have a place to practise their religious belief in Malaysia. The fanatics and the over-zealots on both sides do not have a place in our country. We must always uphold the rule of law and strive for understandings and compromises.

MagM said...

Thank you so much. We really appreciate people like you.

CA4MSIA said...

Thanks for your article. I was at a restaurant yesterday in PJ and if any of the our beloved leaders would like to know what 1 Malaysia is all about, the scene in the restaurant is a very good depiction. Malays, Chinese, Indians and people of different races and walks all enjoying one of the best malaysian breakfast dish - Nasi Lemak. So, I don't know what is so sensitive about allowing non muslim using the word "Allah" to address God.

I sincerely pray that this incident woudl open up the eyes of our leaders and let them see the damage they have done to this country while pursuing their own selfish course.

Malaysia can be a great nation - when we are focus on providing for the well being of each individual living in this country. The motto for Malaysia should be - if you are willing to work, if you are willing to contribute, and if you are willing to be part of Malaysia - then you are welcome.

Kalambong said...

Dear Art,

I can't find any condemnation within my heart towards those who burn the churches.

I simply can't.

I know that they are not doing it just because they are evil.

They did that because they were told it was the right thing to do !

In other words, Art, they were lied to by somebody else.

Yes, they were lied to by those devils, who have blaspheme the good name of "Allah", to carry out evil deeds.

If I were to condemn anyone, it's the devils I would cast my eternal condemnations on.

And the saddest part is, Art, some of those devils are in the controlling seats of our beloved country !

What are we going to do about it?

katztales said...

This is the most sensible comment I've seen in ages. It's time the "silent majority" speaks up. Otherwise, who is to know it really exists?

Anonymous said...

Thank You bro. for your concern and May Peace and Harmony prevail in M'sia.

Anonymous said...

Fully supported.
We need people like U to be in authority so that Malaysia can be more progressive, prosperous and wealthy.

Anonymous said...

I think the link to the "sign this petition" site has been blocked ...I clicked on that link several times but can't get through each time.