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Friday, January 08, 2010

Our Failings

"And as the flames climbed high into the night; To light the sacrificial rite; I saw Satan laughing with delight; The day the music died."

American Pie - Don McLean

And so, this is what has become of us. A nation where the music has long since died.

We have banished our conscience at the foot of political expediency. We have long since been only moved to claim what is ours or what we believe to be ours and ours alone. We have long since been only moved to protect our rights or what we believe to be our rights.

We have been indoctrinated to think and we do think that everything in this land has a proprietary right attached to it. And we draw a line. These are mine. Those are yours. And into my area you should not encroach. We are like wild dogs pissing everywhere to mark our territory.

We have also been taught to differentiate fellow humans based on the colours of the skin. And the faith that we bear. And the language that we speak. And we now believe that only us and us alone are right. Everybody else is wrong. And we also now believe that only us and us alone matter. Everything else does not.

Soon we realise that we even have to own our race and the colour of our skin. We also have to own our language. That is sacrosanct. It cannot be Bahasa Malaysia nor Bahasa Kebangsaan. It has to be Bahasa Melayu. Because that is us. Because that language belongs to us. That is ours. We must possess it. We must  not let it go. And we piss and we piss, drawing lines to mark our territory. While others have gone to the moon and back.

Now we own our faith. And our God. We now piss all over to mark and re-mark our territory, again and again. And again, this is our territory. Ours. Mine. Not yours. And don't you dare encroach into my area. Because you have no right over what is mine. You had better get away from it.

We have locked away our capacity to engage and to argue in a locker room somewhere between Putrajaya and KLCC. We have thrown away the keys. We have deleted civility, good manners and human decency from our hard disk.

All that we have is anger. And our capacity to strike. We have built an impenetrable firewall to ward off any kind of tolerance or rationality. Those will be blocked and quickly booted out from our system.

When we perceive a challenge - and we do that very quickly - we will strike.

The State meanwhile cavorts us. It condones us. When we carry a severed and bloodied cow head from a mosques to protest against some Hindu temple, the State gently met us. The State listened to us. The State said it understood our grievances. The State was sorry that our grievances were not heard by others. The State concluded that we had no bad intention. The State shook our hands, sat with us and pacified us.

And so we threatened to show our might, to protect what is ours. To defend God, our God who is definitely not your God. We are angry. Our area has been encroached. And together we must rise to protect what is ours. Together we must defend what is ours. Allah, this God is ours.

And the State stands by the side of the road saying it will not do anything against our plan. The State suddenly says it is powerless to stop us because according to the State, "people will demonstrate if they want to".

The State apparently says that there is a balancing act which has to be done, namely, our interest as an angry people and the interest of the national security. And accordingly, the State implies that we can carry out our threat up to a point when national security is threatened. But that point is not defined. It is still subject to discretion and interpretation.

We are relieved and happy to note that we could demonstrate our anger. Because before this we note that even candle-lighting vigilers singing Negara Ku have been arrested and detained. Even lawyers coming to the aid of their clients have been arrested and detained by the State.

What more an anti-ISA rally. The State came with all its might. It was there with its truckloads of baton wielding officers and that monstrous tank spewing acid laced water against us. It was there with that water and canisters of tear gas. It was there with batons. Even children were arrested and detained.

But this time, the State was meek. So we can do whatever we planned. And whatever we planned is in the name of God. We planned to protect God.

How dare you encroach into our area? And in the name of Allah, we strike.


Kris said...

A sad day in the History of this nation. Some have left what little reason they had behind in carrying out these acts, but what is worse here is that some are using their reason to think that this can be used for gain. This marking of territory, this pissing contest...

We are Malaysians but there are those who either don't believe or want a one Malaysia for to divide and rule, to piss and mark out territory is what they feel empowers them...

Cruzeiro said...

It is amazing what level of depravity out Hisham/Jibby cousins regime has brought this country to in such a short span of time.
This is what I lamented back in 2006 - We have lost the spirit of Merdeka, and now maybe even its soul.

donplaypuks® said...

Kerismudin and Rosemajib have finally revealed their true racist and bigoted colours.

This time around they cannot give excuses about (unknown) traditions. They have made it very clear that they will apply 2 completely different standards to citizens who are Constitutionally equal.

And so are Hitler and Goebbels re-born!! Surprisingly, the IGP comes out well in this shameful incident.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

The father started the racial riot in a 'coup-de-tat' and implemented the racial policy to devide the nation. Now the son started the religious segregation to devide the people....I hope the people would not wait until his grandson to detroy Malaysia.
Malaysia Boleh and Truly Asia....Niamah....

DHR said...

It is a truly sad state of affairs when the state says that it cannot stop the protestors. Its like an open season on doing what you want. In this whole affair, no BN leader said that one should respect the court's decision no matter how much they disagree. It just shows how devalued our judicial system has become.

I can now imagine CNN playing this up and we will become just another Christian bashing nation.

· 康华 · said...

Well written. and I like this song too!

LAT said...

I can only forseen all these evil actions of destroying worshiping temple as provoking not only GOD's WRATH but will definitely STRENGTHEN the FAITH of HIS FOLLOWERS' allegiance to the ONLY LIVING GOD they serve. Let us elected WISELY the one who is suppose to be there to serve the Rakyat and not one who will find all its ways to the extent of using HIS name to cast us down ! When GOD uses HIS Almighty Power to cast down the devil's stronghold, we right thinking Rakyat will use our "X" on the ballot paper to cast this devil deep down to its self-digging pit. When humans' power fail, GOD will intervene for the righteous ones !

tupingera said...

It is the explicit agenda of the kleptocracy to keep Malaysians divided such that the kleptocrats could remain in power.

Katherine D'cruz said...

please just pray for their ugly souls that is full of hatred and racism.

Gan said...

Art ... well articulated again !

The State has 2 sets of rules & invokes them at their convenience.

Anonymous said...

They are hell bent on dragging the nation across the mud and dung so that the real voters of change will give up and leave the country for good. That leaves BN and the BN lovers to do what they like with this resource rich country.


masterwordsmith said...

Dear Art,

My deepest appreciation to you for this very heart wrenching post that moved me to tears, really. :-(

I lament the loss of that music that used to play in our ears. I mourn the death of conscience and as I sing a soft dirge for our nation, I know many of us grieve deeply for those in our nation that have forgotten what it means to be human, what it means to be a believer...

I can imagine the emotions that you went through to write this post and I sincerely pray that many will be moved in the right direction to do what we all know we have and must do.

Take care and may the Almighty bless and keep you and yours safely.

Warmest regards

Rodney said...

Now we know what UMNO really means when they say, “1Malaysia” -1 Malaysia for you and 1 Malaysia for me....

mei1 said...

080110: national MOURNING day for Bolehland!

what 1 Malaysia? It's now 1 "Al-Qaeda' + 1'Yemen' + 1'Pakistan' + 1'Iraq' + 1'Iran' + 1'Afghan' + _____ (fill in the blanks) = Churches-attacked Terrorists-land!!

Anonymous said...

Well written and wish to share here a quote of Albert Einstein :

A human being is a part of a whole, called by us " universe ", a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something seperated from the rest....

A kind of optical delusion of his consciousness, this delusion is a prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.

Our task must be free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creaturess and the whole of nature in its beauty.

Thus, can everyone of us start to do it as a task of being a human on this earth ?

Anonymous said...

cars with rosaries & christian articles r being smashed NOW !

fencesitter. said...

Malaysia is on the BBC. If they who commited this hideous act are not ashamed of themselves then I only feel pity for their parents.

You are the articulate one. Terribly true.

Why some people think it is against the word of G-D to share is beyond comprehension.

Anonymous said...

These Christians burned their own churches and cars for us (non-believers) to pity them, oh Lord!

Allie, Phill & Sasha said...

Dear Art Harun,

Your article has moved me to tears. Amen/Amin, Saudara.

Anonymous said...

"I'm confused
I've got words I'd like to use
But they've all been said before
So I'm gonna use them all "

- I Me You I'm Your : Jim Noir

Lynn said...

Dear Art

Your post articulates the sadness that permeate all true Malaysians at what some ignorant, arrogant, religious fanatics had just done. Burnt down 3 churches all because the High Court lifted the ban imposed by the State for the Christian publication, Herald to use the word Allah.

I plead with all sincere Malay Muslims who have been silent all these while that it IS time to stand up and voice your objections to the hijacking of your religion by some fanatics, subtly encouraged on by the government of the day.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, these ruling warlords are a real primitive bunch! And they breed more Neanderthals who bring their clubs around and bash you when they want to take something.

Honestly, GOD doesn't need any mortal man's protection, GOD doesn't need man to defend HIM or define how HE'S called. Because GOD is omnipresent and HE hears & sees and HE will protect and defend those who believe HIM. Those who commit all these atrocities are giving GOD a bad name.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...




Seymour Cakes said...


We still have hope.

Anonymous said...

What more can be said that hasn't been said elsewhere.It's hope that all sensible Malaysians keep calm amidst these trying days.
One "good" thing to emerge from these sordid acts is that our leaders have shown their true colors to all.You know who they are.On the other hand true Malaysians have also shown their maturity and spunk by coming out against these imbecilic actions.

Sad Sack

telur dua said...

I've always thought those two cousins are mentally unsound. Their actions in the past few days confirmed my suspicion.

Our failings? Nay, we as a nation have never succeeded to be able to afford the luxury of failing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,

I am a 52 year old Malaysian professional working and living abroad for the last 17 years in many Asian countries and Latin America. Wherever my job takes me, I go because I have full confidence that it is my skills, knowledge and experience that enabled me to be selected over my other colleagues of other nationalities.

However after so many years, I was thinking of returning and re-settling in Malaysia to enjoy my semi retirement and to see where I can contribute towards developing and coaching the younger malaysian generation to adapt and compete in this globalised world to achieve their ambitions. But these recent 5 years and thanks to people like yourself, RPK and the alternative media, I have come to realize that the Malaysia I left 17 years ago is gone. 1Malaysia has now become a laughing stock of the world and quite honestly, I no longer tell anyone that I am from Malaysia because I am too ashamed. I am ashamed of the country's BN government, endless corruption, religious and racial intolerance, low education standards, the sub standard mentality of the country's so called ministers, the impotent judiciary, the corrupt mafia style PDRM, the zombie MACC, and so on.

I have now decided not to return to Malaysia and instead am looking for an adopted country where my family and I could settle down and have some comfort of feeling safe and secure, where the adopted country plays fair and have laws against racial and religious discrimination and where the government at least tries it's best to serve the people.

I cry for the good people of 1Malaysia who have no other choice but to continue to accept and tolerate the injustice, bullying and abuse of the corrupt BN govenment. I cry for my old Malaysia where I grew up with my malay and indian friends. I cry for the old Malaysia who was colour and race blind.

Anonymous said...

What was the reason for the ban on the use of 'Allah' by the Herald in the first place?

Suspect it was because the natives of Sabah and Sarawk were being converted to christianity without them really understanding what was happening.....confusion with Islam perhaps because the word used for God was the same!

So all the fuss now is because of politics.....not religion at all!


Anonymous said...

Bila kaum yang extremis ini menghina gereja dengan membuat demonstrasi di salah sebuah gereja di Ipoh dengan hanya mendapat berita melalui sms setahun dua yang lalu, dan apabila sekali lagi wartawan dari Al Islam membuat tindakan hina, orang kristian seluruh Malaysia tidak pula membuat demonstrasi atau pun turun padang dengan membakar surau atau masjid tetapi hanya diam diri dan menyerah kepada pihak berkuasa untuk mengambil tindakan tetapi peliknya sehingga sekarang tidak ada apa-apa perkembangan daripada pihak berkuasa yang selalu memekik mengatakan undang-undang tetap sama untuk semua mengenai insiden ini dan kaum kristian ini tetap bertoleransi
Adakan ini dianggap sebagai 1malaysia 1bangsa seperti yang dipropogandakan oleh tok najib dengan mengatakan bahawa dia tidak boleh menghentikan orang dari protes tetapi kemudiannya pula berpura-pura bersimpati terhadap insiden yang berlaku. Tok najib serta pemimpin-pemimpin kita yang cendiakiawan ini sepatutnya berkeras memberitahu bahawa keputusan mahkamah harus dihormati dan sebarang tindakan extremis diambil tindakan keras bukannya menyokong dengan memberi permit untuk melakukan tindakan yang hina ini.

rakyat yang ingin keamananan.

rakyat said...

10 years on, when we are suffer from poverty caused by social unrest and extremist behavior, our children may not have a chance to attend school, prices of basic necessities are sky high and we cannot afford McDonald. Politicians suck our money dry, not only tax payer's money, but also money from big corporation who are compounded to finance their political and personal ambitions.

For those of you who had been to Cambodia, you will know what I am trying to say. That could be Malaysia, in 10 years time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,

Very well written. Indeed it's a sad day for this nation. It's going to mark another history.

To those that instilled all these .... the world is watching and so is GOD.

Azrin said...

The man ho started it all is probably sleeping in his RM20k bed without a care in the world. Syed Hamid, God is watching you..

Zuco said...

I felt very sad when I read about what happened over twitter this evening. And though I am Singaporean, my heart sank at the news. I feel your post truly reflect the angst and anger of the rakyat. I sincerely pray that your country will pull out of this much stronger and united across of religious/racial divides.

Anonymous said...

They failed to understand that we as Malaysian probably lost the most after this incidence. In terms of investment from the West, Middle East and Asia because we are considered unsafe place for others.

God Bless the good people that didn't join the protest. Now we have hope that Malaysian are ready to throw this BN regime out.


PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

Be compassionate as Allah is compassionate. He is God of all and no man is lower in His sight than the next. The poor and forlorn cries out to Him in these dark days of corruption and rising prices. Good people of good faith, ARISE, lead your brothers unto God. Share with him your good fortune. A leader, a leader, Malaysia(God's kingdom) for a leader.

Anonymous said...

In one foul swoop (yet again), we've managed to take a step backwards, we've managed to put ourselves on the map for the wrong reasons, we've managed to kill our struggling economy. Why? Because somebody believes that ONE word in ONE magazine can confuse an entire LOT of people who DONT read the magazine in the FIRST PLACE! ... Sounds like a Malaysian politician.

Anonymous said...

No denying the truth of what you say but, I feel, you are, like many of us have been doing for years, pissing into the wind.

The politicians make capital by creating dissent between the races to oil their own agendas.

This poem, written on Malaysia's 21st anniversary in 1978, summed it up long ago!

The Class of Fifty Seven

The class of Fifty Seven
As varied
As kinds of mechanised food
Yet proud and bold, proud to be free,
At the midnight hour
That last day of August
Souls enslaved by their new-born flag
A veil of tears on its maiden run
Unfurled on a mast of purest white -
And freedom marched in, singing loudly.

We voiced our thoughts,
My country, our country - free!
No more those backdoor entries
Nor pretended servility,
No more that alien race
Whose whiteness made us black
Inferior at the stroke of as brush.
Not the meek inheriting the earth
But eaglets on the wing,
Taking by storm the right to be free.

But now the class of Seventy Eight
Attends their Nation's coming of age,
Freedom had come but not for all,
Freedom for one race but not the rest.
Some dared to fight and died, free,
Or resigned to fate now live in chains,
Their hair turned grey, hearts greyer still,
The class of Fifty Seven,
No longer proud, no longer free,
Their fires put out, their songs all dead.

Kris said...

And the spin has started...with one on this thread actually stating that people burnt their own churches and cars...

Since none of us ostensibly have careers in the criminal investigation fraternity all talk of who actually conducted these attacks is mere speculation.

What is important to note is that this government chooses when it wants to stay emasculated. The IGP had declared yesterday that the ISA would be used against those who were spreading the alleged rumour that cars with Christian markings on them were being trashed. The IGP had also announced that the ISA would be used against those who protested on NOT being allowed to use the word Allah.

The Prime Minister on the other had announced that if there were those who wished to protest the need to use the word Allah by non-muslims they couldn't do anything about it. That if people wished to express their displeasure they couldn't be stopped. This announcement didn't just give Carte Blanche to the subsequent events. It was an open invite (and in fact under law is recognised as such). If a misguided zealot were to hear that his Prime Minister has declared that if people were unhappy they couldn't and shouldn't be stopped that would be a call to arms to him or her.

The Governments stance is all the more questionable if not reprehensible in light of how they reacted to both the anti-isa and makkal sakthi rallies. They came down hard then with tear gas and water cannons laced with chemicals on all including women and children. And in the days leading to those rallies they very publicly announced that they would come down hard.

And what about the cow's head incident in Shah Alam? Again nothing was done. Selective action at the very least.

At the worst though, the attack on the churches saddens me. And frightens me. The government has abdicated it's basic responsibility in the days leading up to these incidents. Malaysians are now in fear, in fear of attacks. There is a siege mentality in the air.

Bottom line, the government is responsible for this situation. Both the attacks and the atmosphere of fear that now prevails. Quick action at the very least is required to arrest the perpetrators and show that retaliation is swift and that such dastardliness will not be tolerated. And as the clock ticks, the lesser that 'will' will appear...

KevinHO said...

Does God need our protection? Does He the All Mighty, need us to fend for Him??? I can't believe that a Great and Mighty God need us mere human which He created from nothing but dust doing His bidding...grow up people!!! God does not need us to do His bidding. He sent AIDS to destroy the people who practise fonication. He sent His wrath through Tsunami, H1N1, Mad Cow diease, chicken flu and many more to show us our sin and His holy displeasure. GOD WILL ACT ON HIS TIMING.

Anonymous said...

Feel threatened when using ALLAH -Arabic Word!!!- to glorified GOD - same as christian's and Jewish's GOD??? GOD will definely be angry when people claiming to be HIS loved ones, used HIS name to incite hatred, violence, xenophobia, savagery...

winnieyong said...

By the time I finished reading this, I'd developed a big lump in my throat. Very few things we read are totally honest and moving; this is one of them. Thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

why does 1 malaysia has two sets of law??? Muslim can protest for 15 mins but christian has no right to voice out their grieviences

hope and prayers said...

Extremists and fundamentalists of any persuasion will always subvert our inherently good and tolerant human nature unless we refuse to follow them down the path to perdition. I feel tremendously sad for our Nation and our rakyat, most of whom will see this as a dark day in our short history.

This is a time for the religious leaders to act wisely and with courage in the interests of all Malaysians and not only in the narrow interests of their followers. Condemn these acts of arson and plead for tolerance.

To the leaders of the Christian church, I would say that they should go one step further than forgiveness. They should announce that they will voluntarily abstain from using the word Allah in their publications as their contribution towards defusing the situation. This would not only give them the high moral ground but also leave those who would exploit this absurdity without a leg to stand on.

I pray for our country and for wisdom to prevail.

hope and prayers said...

Mideast Bond, Stitched of Pain and Healing

Then she said, “Do we need to suffer in order to learn that there is no difference between Jews and Arabs?” - from a recent piece in the NYT: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/31/world/middleeast/31children.html?_r=1&ref=middleeast&pagewanted=all

How is it that children can see that we are no different from one another yet adults cannot?

Anonymous said...

Theirs were labelled as 'peaceful' protest, no untoward incidents whilst others were greeted by water cannon and tear gas...such a mockery! 1 word...that's it...just one word and that's all is needed to create all fuss! 1BM indeed!

Leanne said...

Thank you for this piece. Many of us have thought it, many of us have said it ... but none as concise and as articulate as yours.

I am truly saddened by the events that had unfolded in the last few years. I can't believe that the Malaysia I grew up in, the Malaysia I loved, the Malaysia I defended ... could breed such "monsters".

Violence is an act of hatred and greed. If there is such hatred amongst us, what is the chance of us achieving racial tolerance? What is the possibility of 1Malaysia except as a vehicle for politicians to pay lip service?

My heart bleed for all Malaysians and what "she" could have become ... if only.

MXV said...

Dear Art Harun

Your words provided me with much reflection... thanks. I share your pain, NO, OUR pain.

But when suffering WITH a reason, comes hope. Thanks upon embarking on a journey less travelled.

Richard Loh said...

Please read the two speeches by PAS and umno Presidents one day after the Church bombing and the protest at the mosque and take this poll:

Poll : Which Party Do You Trust And Are More Sincere When Talking About Islam To The Non Muslim Malaysians

Anonymous said...

The Church authorities should preserve the present state of the burned down church as a mark of remberance to all of what this Government is capable(incapble?). This will remind their followers and the rakyat in general what to do when the next general election comes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,

God bless you. At times like this your voice helps to heal wounds because those in authority are too silent. Thank you having the courage to speak your mind.

1/3Malaysia said...


Simmering leads to boiling.

Anonymous said...

dosa...dosa...DOSA !!

Anonymous said...


You articulated what all peace-loving Muslims and non-Muslims feel, but lost for words to describe.

And, you came to their rescue.

I have just this to say "We love you".



Things are getting bad and don't make it worse for us. Those in powers are slacking.

Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed said...

I doubt this is the culmination of 'Christian/Non-Muslim bashing'.

UMNO will continue to send out it's pissing dogs to do its bidding.
In the past they had placed tremendous obstacles when we wanted to build our churches. In fact the building plans are never approved.
They demonstrated outside our church that we were baptising Muslims and this mob was led by the state Mufti.

They mocked at Hindus with a cow head.

They demolished Hindu temples.
They entered our church and abused our sacred host.

In all the above NO ACTION whatsoever was taken against the pissing dogs.
Why? Because the dog owners was UMNO and UMNO is above God.

And we have MCA, MIC, Gerakan,PBS and others who close their eyes to this violation of their own peoples' rights.

Anonymous said...

Najib is adamant that "1Malaysia" is still intact. Everybody knows, unless he is a buffoon, that "1Malaysia" is about multibillion advertising contracts. Najis is indirectly correct, the gravy train will still go on. And who did he boast this fairy tale to? – to some 7,000 Umno supporters in Hulu Selangor.

But for the others: what the heck, if there is really a "1Malaysia", why were 3 churches being torched over a non-issue?

ajoyly said...

God has not failed us. We have failed God in believing that we can own God.

Anonymous said...

These are the end of days, when satan himself walks the earth in various disguises. The worst is yet to come. Let us all pray that we have the strength to face armageddon when it finally rears its head in "Boleh Land."

komando said...

These two moronic cousins will be buried side by side!

all at the same time

Anonymous said...

The Prohet said:

Do you know what sappeth the foundations of Islam and ruineth it?

"The errors of the learned destroy it, and the disputations of the hypocrite, and the orders of the kings who have lost the road."

"It was said to the Rasul, "O Messenger of God! Curse the infidels."

Muhammad said..." I am not sent for this, nor was I sent but as mercy to mankind."

Anonymous said...

It is so easy for one group to ascribe 'evil intention' to another group to fan the flames of hate.

There are claims that Christians are purposely using the word Allah to confuse and convert the Muslims, including a comment posted here that Christians are using it to convert natives of Sabah and Sarawak tp Christianity "without them really understanding what was happening". Do Muslims in Malaysis even know that the reverse is actually hapenning - more and more Sabah and Sarawak natives who originally profess Christianity are being converted to Islam over the course of the years! Islam is gainly grounds in those states. Can one then claim the reverse - that these "natives" are being converted to Islam "without them really understanding what is happening"?

In Sabah and Sarawak Christians have been using the Indonesion language bible with Allah as one of the word for 'God' for decades. But the government decide to confiscate their bibles without any warning and depriving them of their right to their religious texts.

It is also so easy for one group to tell adherents of another religion to change the word they use for their God without bothering to find out and understand more of the translation history nor the theological intricacies of translation.

To those who tell Christians to give up the use of 'Allah' - must the minority always give up on their rights and freedom of worship for the sake of 'peace'? For those who says 'majority rules' do not then complain when you are in other nations and there demand for the majority to take your minority views into consideration and to allow you to practice your religion and culture as you want to, nor voice grievances on behalf of your "brothers" in other countries when you think they are being "oppressed" by the majority of those countries. Don't have double standards.

And be willing to do the same, i.e. change your word for God, if you are in same position, before you tell another to do so.

Let the religious experts come together to discuss this matter, but not with hardline stance, but with a willingness to listen to the other side. And may the religious experts tell the whole truth and the point of view from both sides to their fellow believers.

Anonymous said...

Art Harun,

You had better change the word "Art" to something more Islamic since you have the word Harun beside it. If not, some "unthinking" Muslims will be confused about your name and then in addition to this "Allah" issue, they will next raise the issue of wanting to ban Malaysian Muslims from using non-Islamic words in their official names, chatroom names, nicknames etc. Siow la...macam gini orang-orang seperti Marina Mahathir, Ella, "Amy" Search semua kena tukar kepada nama that sounds, looks and spelt Islamically. Pasti heboh...keh keh keh

HHunter said...

Kalaulah mereka yang mempertahankan kesucian Allah swt, kenapakah pulak menghalang penganut lain memujinya