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Monday, April 12, 2010

No joke please, we are TNBs!!!

I read a Bernama report at the Malay Mail online just now. And I almost died!

Allow me to reproduce the whole report.

"KUALA LUMPUR: Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is upset over a blog where there is continued publication of an article, alleging the power utility giant would sue the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) over the 'Earth Hour' campaign.

It has lodged a report with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for further action.

In a statement here today, TNB said that despite refuting the allegation previously, the article posted in the Nose4News blog entitled 'TNB to sue WWF over Earth Hour' was still available for public viewing.

"TNB has never held a press conference nor issued a statement as reported in the article. The statement is a fake and fabricated by the blogger."

"What was written in the article was a complete lie because TNB has been supporting the 'Earth Hour' campaign because we believe it can nurture and enhance public awareness on the importance of climate change for the next generation," it said.

TNB hoped that MCMC would take appropriate action against those responsible for the blog."

I must confess that on the morning of 1st April, I did receive an e mail from a dear friend. That e mail contained the article which TNB had found so offensive as reported above.

After reading a couple of lines from that article, I knew that it was a bloody April fool's joke! Who in their right mind would seriously believe that TNB would be suing WWF  for organising the Earth Hour? LOL!

It was, to reasonable people, a joke. A joke which was light hearted in nature and obviously done with a view to tricking people on the 1st of April. And I must say it was hilarious. And quite nicely written too.

But of course the totally humourless people at TNB have to take that article so seriously. And now they have lodged a report against the blog which apparently ran that joke! HahahahAHAHAHa... 

That in itself is a blinking joke!

This will be the first time, I supposed, that an investigation will be done on a joke, which was not found to be funny by some people.

As pointed out by a friend of mine, instead of lodging this stupid report, TNB should and could  have seized this opportunity to make it known to  Malaysia and the world of it's commitment   to the conservation of the Earth.

But of course, TNB thinks otherwise.

I think TNB should just "lighten" up.


St Low said...



And his website does say "The Truth is out there (not in here) right at the very top.

C++ said...


Me too think that TNB is exaggerative in their action about these Hassan (the 6 years old baboon) for the article.

Abdul Haleem said...

ART, at least TNB got 'lighten' up. I dont think the rest will be ever 'lighten up'. Perhaps we should start thinking for next year's April Fool Joke. How about Kak Ros inventing her own 'porn' channel?

eiling lim said...

Oh well, I thought TNB wasn't silly enough to sue WWF when I read that article but TNB sure is silly enough to take action against the blog for a joke! Actually TNB should "seize the moment" with this publicity and spread the good word! This is so insane! Malaysia always Boleh!

donplaypuks® said...

Tenaga boss' - stuffed shirts. No sense of humour!!

We are all of 1race, the Human Race

What A Lulu said...

i am more disgusted with those who dont understand parody, took it seriously and slammed tenaga on their blogs, facebook and twitter.
parody is parody.
those ppl are silly idiots who jump into conclusions without reading and thinking

dheepan said...

I beg to differ. You don't understand the seriousness of the blogger's action.

I believe TNB dismissed it at first as a joke but the joke then spiralled out of hand.

Do you know how gullible Malaysians are? I didn't know it myself until people started sharing it in Facebook and started writing insults and condemning TNB. And they have to be pointed out to the various disclaimers on the blog to come to their senses.

So yes i believe it's TNB's right to take action because their reputation is at stake by this hoax news.

teo siew chin said...

the blogger should have taken off the article on april 2nd with an explanation that it was an april fool's joke.

why let the article continue?

Nur Juan said...

Art, I really can't fathom who the joke is on anymore – my problem.
Correction: This article was not an April fool's joke but published on March 26, a day before international Earth Day -- and republished many, many, many times on other sites – Facebook, Twits; also abroad -- that unfortunately did not indicate it was parody. (Just google).

IMHO, the best comment on this came from a M'kini reader: "For any other country, I would have spotted it was satire. But with all the crap coming out of Malaysia's "leaders", who knows?".

TNB issued a statement immediately on March 26 (Pdf link at bottom of http://www.tnb.com.my/tnb/announceViewPage.php?Id=207)and Nose4News removed article.

However, would/should it have any bearing that a fuller report could have been carried by the Malay Mail as Nose4news after all is a Malay Mail blogger/staff member? Ah...The wonders of googling info. See blogroll on right http://wartawanterlampau.wordpress.com/

I love parody, satire, pastiche – like yours tremendously. And Namawee’s. Thanks.

Hean Keong said...

sorry art, i was one of them who went like "WTF? ARE YOU SERIOUS?" and i was cursing tnb for the article... stupidly i didnt realise it was a joke.

but yes you are right, tnb should have actually made use of this to their advantage.

sponsors for earth hour nationwide nxt year perhaps?