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Monday, April 26, 2010

What I learned from the HS buy-election

Okay guys. The by-erection is over.

As many of you might notice, I am a history freak. I just love history. I don't know why. But one thing for sure, I like to look at how people behaved or acted before so that I could learn a lesson or two from them in order to enable me to predict how people will behave in the future. I think that's part of the reason why I love history.

What can I learn from the Hulu Selangor buy-election?

First and foremost, this buy-erection teaches me the sure fire way on how to get something done in my constituency. Let's say there are pot holes everywhere on the roads leading to my house. Or there is an old abandoned school project (there are everywhere, aren't they?) which stands like a sore thumb in my housing area which has also doubled up as a drug haunt.

Let's say my kids need a laptop each. And the old folks near my house need some help with their monthly expenditures to make ends meet. Or I need some road humps near my house because there are bloody idiots who drive 80kph on roads in housing estates in their Cayenne or whatever behemoth they drive. And I have been writing countless time to my MP to help. But there isn't anything done.

The trick is to ask my MP to resign. Or to pray that he or she would kick the proverbial bucket.
Then a buy-erection would be declared. And oh my God wouldn't all my prayers be answered instantly! The abandoned school project will immediately be revived. All the pot holes will instantly disappear. My kids will get new laptop. The road humps will suddenly grow on the road in front of my house. Like wow wow.

And I tell you what. If Barisan Nasional wins, I could even get to go to Putrajaya to see the Prime Minister who will see to it that a sum of RM3 million or whatever will be allocated for my mosque, Chinese school or whatever. Fooh...like tawdally simply happenin'.

I also learned from this buy-election that many Malays do not know the difference between a "gift" (for which they should be thankful or grateful) and something which they are already entitled to.

Yes. I am talking about the RM50000.00 each paid to 100 FELDA settlers. That money was not a gift from the government. Nor was it a contribution of any sort from the government. That money belonged to the settlers in the first place because their lands have been taken away more than 10 years ago. That money was long due to them. So there was nothing to be thankful to the government for paying it.

I mean, should I thank you if you had taken my Porsche GT3 (note: this is just an example. I do not have a Porsche GT3 or any Porsche for that matter) about 4 years ago and now you pay me 500 bucks for it?

Yes. But the FELDA settlers could not differentiate between the two. They are owed about a million each for their lands. They are now paid 50000 bucks and they thought it was a gift.
What to do?

I also learned that the Chinese people don't give two hoots to the Barisan Nasional or MCA. To them, the BN or MCA can do or say what they like and they just could not care bloody less. If Pakatan Rakyat had put a chimpanzee as a candidate, the majority of the Chinese people would vote for that chimpanzee. Even if Chua Soi Lek was the challenger.

Then I learned that the majority of Indians in Hulu Selangor however are a predictable lot. They would follow whatever the Barisan Nasional say. Even if UMNO rejected their own party's preferred candidate, the Indians would still support BN. MIC had wanted Palanivel. Local UMNO boys preferred Mugilan. UMNO head honchos put in he-whose-name-is-truly-1Malaysia. And they still supported him.

The next thing I learned is the fact that HINDRAF is now more complicated and dynamic than middle-east politics. They have right winged HINDRAF. Then the left. Then the right-leftist and also the left-rightist. Then they have the true HINDRAF. Also the true right, left, right-leftist as well as the leftist-right. Which makes all the other HINDRAF, whether right, left, rightist-right and leftist-right untrue. Then they have the extreme right, which in other word is known as right-right HINDRAF. As well as left-left HINDRAF.

I don't even know who they support. Or whom they are against. I think they should change their party's name to HUH?DRAF instead.

This buy-election has also taught me that Ibrahim Ali is, at the very least, mildly schizophrenic. One minute he wears an Independent MP hat. In this mode, he is an independent MP who is not aligned to anybody or any party. The next minute, he is the PERKASA leader. In this mode, he fights for the Malay rights, kiss his short Keris in public and wave it about town.

Sometime he fights for Islam, or so he says. Of course he forgets that under Islam, human beings are all equal and the only thing which differentiates people in the eyes of God is piety and how he or she adheres to His wishes.

Then he went to Hulu Selangor and campaigned for Kamalanathan, whom, the last time I checked was not a Malay. On this, Ibrahim Ali said he was in Hulu Selangor not as PERKASA leader but as an independent. Now, if he was an independent who is not aligned to anybody or any party, why was he campaigning for the Barisan Nasional's candidate? Didn't that make him aligned to the BN?

Apart from Ibrahim Ali, I also learned that Kamalanathan is also probably a schizo or a very forgetful boy. When Nasir Safar made some statements which he (Kamal boy) deemed racist, he shouted and screamed on his blog that "the authorities should take the strongest possible steps by charging him with sedition."

However, during the bye-erection, he refused comment when asked about Nasir Safar. Not only that, he mentioned that PERKASA's fights for Malay rights is a-okay by him. And this coming from an Indian, who, in the eye of PERKASA, is "second class citizen." Classicus confuse-ious.

In the same blog entry, he also proclaimed that "I think I am more Malaysian than he is." But when he was asked whether he is an Indian first or Malaysian first, if I remember correctly, he refused to answer. (I stand corrected on this as I am writing this purely from memory).

Be that as it may, I am really proud that YB Kamalanathan has mastered and in fact practised one of the sacred act in the Malay culture. That is the act of respecting our leaders and elderly persons by kissing his or her hand. YB, I am proud to call you a brahder Bro. And you speak Bahasa Melayu well too. Even better than Zaid Ibrahim. If we ever meet YB, I expect you to kiss my hand okay. After all I am older than you.

Hulu Selangor bai-elecsyen had also given me a peek into the Malay Muslim psyche. Alhamdulillah. And that is, alcohol is a big no no. Yea. Nope. Alcohol consumption is a sin. A very big sin. And repentance is not enough to wash you off that sin. Because alcohol consumption my friend, is drunkenly sinful.

You can plunder the country. Commit adultery with children. Commit murder. Commit breach of trust. Have sex with some sex worker from China or where ever. Marry a nice trophy wife without telling your first wife. Lie to your wife. Be a hypocrite all the way.

Yes. But drink alcohol? Wooooo, that's sinful Bro. It is sinful unless you did it when you are in Barisan Nasional. HUaHAHaHAHAHaHa... kayu!

The next thing I learned is that Mirzan Mahathir is very clever. All the board members of San whatever parent company had wanted to diversify into some other business rather than concentrate in the business of manufacturing and selling beer (although why they would want to do so is beyond my comprehension when they earn a hell lot of pesos doing so) but they did not know how to do so or what to do.

They then brought in Mirzan to help them to diversify. Perhaps they had wanted to diversify into car manufacturing la kot. That's why. But then again, Mirzan must have been one of the smartest diversification strategist around. Caya lu la Bro. You make me stand proud as a Malaysian.

The most important thing that I learn from the Hulu Selangor be-elektion is that the Chinese would get to see the Prime Minister and demand 3 million clams only if the Barisan wins.

Hmmm...Saiful whatever is better than the whole Chinese community in Hulu Selangor then.


Because he got to see the Prime Minister in his house and there wasn't even a bi-erection. (careful, careful, no pun intended, okay...LOL!!!) Oh sorry, I mean, by-election, not erection.


Raison D'etre said...

Aiyah Art,
Always have been the case what. That is why they have been around for ever and ever.

Give me RM50K right now, and I'll vote whoever it is you want me to vote.

Even draw a smiley face next to his or her name. Like this :)

Hell, some people do it for much less what.

Wenger J Khairy said...

Dear Art,
On further reflection, this result is not something for the opposition to frown upon.

HS was always going to be tough. It is surprising that PKR lost by only 1.7 k votes.

BN is a fomidable. BN and Govt are the same thing. Annual budget of RM 138 b, annual goodies of RM 40 b, yet Opposition forced the CEO to fight to the last drop.

On the other hand, Oppo is a bit "unsmart" in their ways. They fight on raw emotion - thats not going to work. They need to define a LT strategy and plan and stick to it. Oppo politics will always result in a spurs like result, i.e score 3 goals but still lose the match.

But its still early days. A victory in Sibu puts everything back to sqr 1.

My boggle with BN is Dr. Mahathir. As long as he is defacto part of the leadership, our country is not safe from his Machiavellian ways which will endanger the economic future of the country.

But the mood of anger amongst the middle class is palpable. A victory nonetheless, but what price is the victory.

(I am running some analysis on our countrys economic story. If Oppo dont screw themselves up, there is still a good fight cos the story is not so good for the common man)

voter-get-voters said...

PR lost in Hulu Selangor basically due to massive votes buying,vote rigging, road blocks, intimidations, false promises, character assasination and shifting of the 13,000 electorate polling stations to a different far flung locations in the last minutes and other evil deeds.
I am sad and mad too but in a way I am glad cos hopefully this lost will spur us and awaken others to get register and vote this EVIL regime entity BN comes GE13.
Nevermind we lost this battle...we shall win the war comes GE13. I shall double my efforts for PR ...more so for the future of ALL Malaysians and I hope you ALL do like wise for the sake of this beautiful nation of ours and for the future generations.
I ask you ALL to support RPK's callings,wishes and battle cry for ALL Malaysian to do a "VOTER-get-VOTERS" campaign.
RPK is fighting for ALL of us..so please help RPK to help us all. God bless and God speed. At the meanwhile I hope and pray that a BN MP die every month ( yes I am "evil" as to speak ) so that we can have a BUY election every months and make BN pay out another $60 millions in every buy elections. Make them pay.
The ONE & ONLY way to win GE13 is to get more young voters via " Voter-get-VOTERS" campaign so that we can help PR to win with a massive majority that FCUKING BN cannot cheat us by FRAUDS & FROGGGIIES. ITS NOW OR NEVER.

patrick teoh said...

Hi Art. Your article brought a smile to my otherwise grouchy, Monday face. Thank you. As usual you write with such insight and humour. You are good la:-) What I don't understand is why the people of HS didn't just take the money and still vote the other side? After all, they must surely remember that all the years under BN did shit-all for them. Take the money. Vote PR. Then the next time there is an election in HS the carrots will be much bigger. And in no time there will be shopping malls, smart schools, community halls, double lane roads etc. No meh?

Anonymous said...

Art, thank you for your hilarious and enlightening article! As always, you are delightfully entertaining without going over board!

How true of all the things that you say and how fickle-minded,inconsistent and gullible are some people who think so highly of themselves!

Always enjoy your reflections! Thank you once again and keep it coming brother!

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,

You are absolutely right about your lessons learned from the HS buy-erection. You are so right that I am now praying for the assemblyman in my constituency to drop dead tomorrow so that all the woes affecting me and my fellow constituents will be addressed immediately in the next buy-erection showdown. Man, my constituency really needs some development, like a 50 hectare fishing lake (sorry, politician frogs not allowed in the lake), LRT line, 6 lanes side roads, 2 car park lots per resident on public roads, 20 smart schools with a teacher-student ratio of 1 to 5 per classroom, etc.

I want to ask the 1PM and 1DPM to provide a new hospital with facilities like Mount Sinai hospital but I guess everything that has Israeli connection or slightest Israeli sounding term is a no-no.

I don't wish for the other assemblymen to drop dead....no siree, otherwise there will not be enough money remaining in the BN coffers to be given to develop my constituency. I wish all of the other assemblymen have a good long life since none of them drink alcohol as far as the 1Malaysia public are led to believe.

Finally I wish that the Huh???raf party will register themselves as a political party so they will field a candidate to contest the buy erection in my constituency. After all they now think they are a force to be reckon with as long as they don't consume alcohol, toddy or samsu.

pinsysu said...

ibrahim ali is like an octopus, without backbones & can squeeze into any tight container ... HINDRAF shd change its name to HINDRANCE ... it has tranformed into an obstacle to itself & to reforms. with so much resources poured in ($$$ + big guns' campaigns) UMNO only won by 1725 votes. take away the postal votes + some phantom votes + some orang asli hijacked ICs, there's literally nothing to shout about. UMNO will face tough times come GE13.

Anonymous said...

I understand your frustration.I am still trying to come to terms with the result too but to label all Indians as you have done is just unfair,uncalled for and smack of racism on your part.Nerver the less my undivided support for PR remains as the country really needs a two party system if its going to move forward and take on the world.

James Q said...

I just love what you wrote because I share similar sentiments though not as articulate as you are to pen the thoughts into words. Well done, bro...though my Bahasa Melayu sucks.

art harun said...

Dear Anon @ 14:28,

I absolutely apologise for my generalisation. I am not a racist and didn't intend to sound like one.

I have amended that part of the article to reflect my true intention.

Peace Bro.

asiseesit said...

not only in HS. but education is vital to expose and teach everyone what governance is all about. and differentiate what governing and corporate really is. you work for a company and get paid. you elect your representative and government and they are duty bound to perform. not taking money from the country coffer and give you back, those money belongs to us in the first place. we only need a wise statesman to manage it and make it more prosperous. what happened in HS clearly shows the rural people still think they own the government. so we got to reverse that and make them think the government, actually and indeed own us for 52 years of squandering billions of $$$$$$$$$$. yes, i am also feeling........

Anonymous said...

Patrick Teoh: I think they were promised the $50K AFTER the election. Kamal boy went to deliver the goodies today

Minkmink said...

Dear Art,
I love your writing and reflections. Proper dose of grit and humor.Not "intoxicating" right or left.

Its time PKR redevelop their strategy. For his Parti Keadilan, Anwar is better off grooming younger people and not be too dependable on the "old" members who are breakaway or disgruntled ex UMNO. He will keep on being betrayed and disappointed as long as he continue being sentimental... Its time to truly break from the past.

I'm not saying all ex UMNO are bad but this would definitely reduce the amount of leap frogs from PKR. Its such a waste of time trying to teach and discipline old dogs new tricks!!

As can be seen, PKR does not have much appeal to Malays in general, maybe only to younger, urban, better educated Malays. I believe Parti Keadilan can play its part here if Anwar implement some drastic measures.

If anything were to happen to Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, I'm very sure PAS would be fragmented. This would affect PKR.

If we hope to see a "BIG CHANGE" during the next GE, its truly high time PKR reflect on how to win more Malay support?

Tean said...

You are the man Art. Am proud to share air Sungai Pida 15 with you. You must inherited the gene of Tok Penghulu Sanglang and the fighting spirit of kerbau jantan.

Yes, talking about the by erection, I notice that Malays in Felda and Felcra (including their adult children) are still very sentimental and emotional with Party Bini Najib. This is very difficult to cure. Just like anak dara kena minyak pengasih, you can pujuk them till cows come home but they will never listen to you. In their mind eyes only Bini Najib is the most beautiful person on earth.

If you can't find Bomoh Siam or Tok Sami to separate them the best method is to let them stay with their lovers forever. There still enjoy the screwing by BN and nothing much anyone else could do. This is their basic rights and they are enjoying it. let them continue to makan rebung and pucuk paku while their leaders smoking cigar and having sex with their children in 5 star hotels. If you are smart, you may also tumpang sekaki. I can assure you they will never dare to come and arrest you at 5 Star Hotel.

Yes, it will be a win win situation and a blue ocean strategy where you make your competitors irrelevant.If you are not sure go and learn from shorty from Port Dickson who just married someone wife recently. He was using the same strategy.

Batang Berjuntai said...

Pengundi datang berlori-lori,
Berkumpul mereka di Batang Kali;
Bye-Election sudah pun selesai,
Poket kosong negara pun pokai.

Kemenangan sudah mereka capai,
'Yum Seng' jerit semua kroni;
Yang diminum Brandy atau kopi,
Sudah tiada orang yang peduli.

Itulah yang saya pelajari,
Pilihanraya yang heboh lagi;
Kan saya sediakan Tongkat Ali,
Nantikan By-Election satu lagi.

Anonymous said...

Madhatter's other son, Nahcheap got more sophisticated man!
No more just kain pelikat or $100-200 per vote paid upfront. This dude, upped the price and pay a deposit and the rest in instalment.
If PR spread some rumours around about him not keeping to his promises, he'll need a rating agency next time around to give him a credit rating.

Huh..draf is more complicated than that. They also have "the other left leftist and X2 leftist" and "the other rightist and X2 Rightist", "Outside Centrist" and all between and beyond. They are many yet none, at best only one too many. They are everything to everyone yet maintaining their 100% effort to an Hindu Indian cause. Hence they are out there now shouting about their lost cause, trying hard to convince us that they never had a cause or not sure what is their cause nor their course. I think they are hedging their bet, so they are going all directions.

supporter of Human Retards Party

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel brother. I'm pissed too. I used to think many Malaysians are stupid. Now I know they really are. As for Hindraf, I thought that kind of fools are only seen in Tamil movies. Sigh...

Leithaisor said...

Eh patrick teoh / 26 April 2010 14:22 - lu tengok what Ibrahim Ali of PERKAsA just said about the Chinese in Hulu Selangor:

“It is necessary for the government to delay any allocation and approval of projects for the Chinese community,” said Ibrahim in a statement responding to the by-election result.

Ibrahim added that the government should also ignore all the demands made by BN members, MCA and Gerakan, as the Chinese of Hulu Selangor had rejected the ruling coalition.

“They show no appreciation to BN government’s efforts, even though the BN government had to hurt the feelings of the Malays and the natives,” said Ibrahim.

“All their demands are fulfilled by the government but they do not know how to be grateful,” he added.


Rethink aid to Chinese areas, says Perkasa

Grateful? I wonder if Ibrahim himself remembers Nik Aziz giving him a chance to contest GE2008 on a PAS ticket when essentially all had written him off. In particular, he had no chance to stand on a BN ticket. And after winning, what has he become? Who very vocally supported BN is Hulu Selangor? Guess he is living up to expectations.

That aside, he seems to think nothing of not honouring promises albeit election promises in this case, which often get "forgotten" by many politicians. and never ming that many of the promises uttered in hulu Selangor have heavy overtones of electoral vote buying, and paid/to be paid with the rakyat's own money to boot.

Leithaisor said...

(Comments sent earlier today which have not gone through; cuba lagi...)

I am sad. VERY sad.

Not only did Zaid, the better candidate by far, lose but the level of dirty tricks that the ruling federal govt has sunk to is simply nauseating.

Just what sort of Prime Minister would dangle a RM3 million for the reconstruction of the Rasa Chinese Primary School without even bothering to veil the purpose - read "twisting of arms for votes" - of the money.

In his own words, Najib reportedly said:

“If we win this by-election, you can come to Kuala Lumpur the next day to look for me. I will write a personal letter to approve the money and it will be transferred to the school board’s account. If we lose, don’t have to come.”

Is Najib so ignorant of the Election Offences Act 1954? or was he so arrogantly confident that he could get away with it?

Then, as Kit Siang wrote, there is also the Kampong Hassan case, where Najib "promised the Chinese-majority voters in the area that the Barisan Nasional government would build 200 low-cost housing for them if the BN candidate wins the by-election".

So will the MACC or the EC do something about the two "election bribery offences"?

It would be poetic justice if indeed Najib is investigated and found guilty of the wrongdoings... and is jailed or fined enough to disqualify him as MP and PM!

(Which no doubt some would suggest may even be the ulterior motive of those - if they exist - who had put Najib up to the foul deed!)

whatever the ulterior motive - if there are any - I do hope Najib is made to answer for the RM3m Rasa Chinese Primary School and Kg.Hassan "election bribery offences".

Meanwhile, excuse me if I just cannot find enough cause to respect the human being who now holds the post of Prime Minister of Malaysia.

sleekk said...

You are so right, or is it left, about Hindraf. They are so splintered like an old discarded plank. Yet all claim to be the 'real' Hindraf. So which is?

By not doing anything, they actually achieved exactly the opposite to allow BN win at Hulu Selangor. Yet they are still able to smirk and say, "I told you so."

chitty-bangbang said...

thanks buddy, this is a defo smile after the loss. I made bout RM350 during the last erection (circa 2008, I guess) fr barisan najis pundits.... spent it on alcohol & only went HUH? draft beer, pls

If only those barisan najis dimwits could be wise & witty....

Jeremiah said...

On a more serious note, Art, I think PKR is lucky to have minimised the loss to 1,725 votes, which represents only 3.6% of the total votes.

Apart from the monetary handouts that were conditional on voters voting for BN, which could have swung 1,000 votes or 2% to BN, there are other solid reasons why PKR and Zaid could not convincingly swing the voters in their favour:

1. Constant harping on the APCO issue by Anwar Ibrahim. It is not relevant to Hulu Selangor and also the nation although a case can be made that the US$23m is tax payers money. It is as if Anwar and the PR coalition were waiting for a big fish issue to drop from the sky for them to raise up as an election issue.

2. When you want to win rural votes, be careful to select someone they can identify with. Zaid is more of an urban success story. If he was a kampung boy to riches story, there was little meat to chew on.

3. PKR did not respond strongly to the character assassination of drinking alcohol. So what if Hishmamuddin or other members of cabinet drank in the past? They are not standing for election in Hulu Selangorlah.

4. The New Economic Model, even if it is a PR ploy, was good PR for BN. The Opposition could not counter with a simple counter punch but instead responded with several disagreements with the thick report. Fence sitters throughout the nation are still waiting for the NEM Part II and may be willing to give the benefit of the doubt until then.

5. As far as the Indian voters were concerned, Kamalanathan was probably seen as the underdog (overlooked by Samy, mocked by the Opposition for kissing hands, etc). The truth about his university degree is also contentious and inconclusive.

6. Is the name of the game among Islamic conservatives still: who is a better Jew basher? Anwar seemed to have gone overboard by calling the head of APCO a Jew. Wonder what the Christian Malaysians thought about that when majority of them love the Jewish people. Many Msians who are not Hulu Selangor voters pray for bye elections. And the anti-semitic tone of the campaigns is a real dampener for prayer warriors.

Let's hope these lessons are learnt by PR for their next battles in Sibu and Sarawak state.

If not, we can just sit around and have a good laugh at the whole thing.

bennyloh said...


Anonymous said...

art harun said...
Dear Anon @ 14:28,

I absolutely apologise for my generalisation. I am not a racist ........






Anonymous said...

What a nice read on a blue Monday! :)

You're right abt the Chinese, they really had it up to *HERE* with BN. And the way HS played out, u can bet it will fire up the Chinese all d more 2 come out in full force for next GE.

P.S. I'm proud of my community, we r quite united in wanting 2 see a better Malaysia for ALL Malaysians. :D


C++ said...


Gua caya lu... hahahaha... nice articles... give me a relief about HS by-by erection.... hahahaha

Anonymous said...

“Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.”
--Oscar Ameringer

PR has to learn the art before they can do good for the people. Why did PR wait until the elections before fighting for the FELDA settlers. Immediately after they had won in 2008, they should have given them the legal assistance to sue the government, not wait till the election time. In politics perception is everything. The HAVES can see the big picture but the HAVE NOTS will only see how they are going to put a meal on their table. When their present is in trouble they can't think of their future. PR is already ruling Selangor so what stopped them from seeing into the immediate needs of the estate folks there. A Tamil school in Hulu Selangor has no electricity for the past 50 years. Suddenly BN guys got it for the school during the election week and had a press conference to trump up their success. Yes we can ask hey, during the 50 years of BN rule they did not do it but suddenly they are doing it. And we can shout all we want that it is a political gimmick. Yes it is a political gimmick but that is the gimmick PR has to learn. There is a Tamil saying, "If you want to milk a dancing cow, you should dance and if you want to milk a singing cow, you should sing. The perception from Kg. Buah Pala issue is that the PR does not care about Indians. The truth can be different but PR handling of the matter was bad. In this case the public relation was a screw-up. When you promise someone a car and if you can't keep your promise then say sorry and please ask them to accept the bike. You don't go around telling them, "you are not good enough for a bike so this is already too much for you and you should be grateful that we are offering you this". First PR needs a very good public relation team. Next have a good team to reach out to the grass roots. Problem solving starts now not when a election is called.

Anonymous said...

Hi Art,

Losing always leave bad taste afterward. In retrospective wouldn't it better that BN win this time to give much needed development to HS folks? At least this can be used as a yard stick for BN to match in future elections and PR to check it machinery and re -strategize.

Anonymous said...

Now, this is my prayer: "Buy election, buy election... The next one come to my kampung"

Then, I can ask for more than RM20 that I received in previous election.

Tim Tee

Maggie said...

I love your sense of humor and it is so true too.

IbnAbdHalim said...

Thanks for the article, Art. It some sort comfort me and compensate for the loss of HS buy-election or is it bhai-erection (no pun intended)

semuanya OK kot said...

You want some history?
- To be ignorant of the past is to remain a child. - Cicero, 46 BCE
- History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme a lot. - M Twain, attributed
- Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. - Rita Brown

Anonymous said...

thanks god BN won!

Anonymous said...

Out of 1725 votes majority , PR needed only 863 :
Chinese , kalau bukan the 3juta rasuah/bribe by PM's seditious janji,
could have contributed 500 &
Indians kalau bukan janji of ...(!)
should have helped out with 363 .

Anonymous said...

Dear Art Harun,

LoL ... really funny and perceptive article. Thank you for sharing your insight and humour. On the sober side, there is the consolation that that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger. The tough will live to fight another day.


Anonymous said...

sorry for pointing out a time-honoured general public perception about those toddy-type hindraf low-lifes. They have been correctly associated with 'snake','lalang' and 'biawak' for a good reason. They prove everyne right everytime.

Anonymous said...

Love your humourously sarcastic article and analysis Art. I love the way you make me laugh with your play of words. Carry on the good writing Art.

Anonymous said...

i really need some politicians mps and aduns to die fast

Anonymous said...

LOL...a heart warming article amidst the saddened moods.

We Hindi Raf play ruffs whenever we like. See...without us you raft behind Sungai Selangor. We like counting leaves. You are forewarned.

frank said...

Hahaha...Bro, how about that No.2 he snubbed at Datuk Zaid of not stopping at the polling centre cuz of fear to face the voters...being an unpardonable drinker...yet he was holding his Kamal boy's hand high and low, which I am sure he's now toasting toddy with his 'hulu' clans in a hut somewhere hiding in the estate ....!!! Can we call that a left-right-and-center 'Moo-he-din' triple standard?!

Ahhh..before i forget, he likes to wear his James Bond sunglass but without the Bond girl Datuk Michel accompanying him this time..why?!

Takut ke orang tangkap gambar???!

I give you a good topic now, write something about this James Bond 003 indigenous to Bolehland! And that fat ass Ibrahim Ali immediately jumped out from the cage and barked at the Chinese, forwarned that our beloved PM should confiscate the 3-M to the Chinese school...cuz the Chinese supports dropped to a pity 28 percent of low, and they are the ungrateful lots!!!!!!! Give him a cumcumber in his big mouth, will you, Mr Art?

A big Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Art Harun, my hat's off to you. You deserve the respect of every decent Malaysian.

I tabit you.

Mohd Taufik said...

A bai-erection indeed...

My hat off to voters who came out to vote on the 25th.

To Encik Kamal @ Nathan @ Alan - congrats for winning the single most expensive erection for BN on the taxpayers' expense. U better don't miss even a day of parliament.

To Art, I say we do a bi-annual lottery for parliamentary by-election. "Lucky" MP get to resign early and bring developtment spree/gifts to their areas.

Funny isn't it how pot holes can win elections, one might even wonder if all those abandoned projects and deteriorating facilities aren't BN's investments for the odd chance of a by-election.

flyer168 said...


That is another magnificient piece to compensate for the Monday blues...

You are great Bro, keep it up cos we love it.


Anonymous said...

Well said indeed!

I just want to add a point about the Chinese. Most Chinese are Nationalists, they care about what happens to the Nation. They will find out what's realy happening, and you can't lie to them. That's why the Chinese people don't give two hoots to the Barisan Nasional or MCA, coz these people have lied to them so many times and the Chinese can see through them. And they're really fed-up with Najib's rhetorics. How he managed to make this into Bodohland.

So they're willing to give a chance to the other side. But if Pakatan Rakyat don't buck up, don't think that these Chinese will return them to office.

Anonymous said...

dear art,

i like the sentence below.

"to see the Prime Minister and demand 3 million clams only if the Barisan wins."

did you purposely miss out on the 'i' for the word claims to reflect the real meaning. i tot this was funny.

zaid shud hold his head high that he could deny them the majority win even with all the accusation and the amount of money that was given away by bn.

CK said...

oh arty... i gotta copy and paste it in my blog. love it.

abt the buy-erection?
foregone conclusion.


rob said...


Many many thanks for soothing my pain of the results.

Just like me closing my eyes when Giggsy took the 2 penalties I did not switch on any electronic device to wait for the results.

Indications and signs were all over the place that Zaid was not going to win. The BN tsu-money was too great to withstand.

One final word ... can anyone remember a single statement or speech that kamal aka nathan aka alan made?

So Datuk Zaid you were not standing against the candidate you were up against the whole BN. Syabas on a great fight and don't give up.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Really hilarious. ROTL. Thank you very much.

Gila-Monster said...

I am the happiest person.
Bn won, bro.
And Art makes me laugh. Hahaha.
No wonder people say PKR people are clowns.
What more can I ask for.

Gila-Monster said...

I am the happiest person.
Bn won, bro.
And Art makes me laugh. Hahaha.
No wonder people say PKR people are clowns.
What more can I ask for.

NicolaSigel0508 said...


Mahathir Mohamad said...


you can ask from ur dad permission to fuck ur mom.

i bet that would make u even happier.


Salambangi said...

Dear Tarzan

1) Please do not underestimate the Malays. They know the difference between a gift and something that they are entitled to. However, some Chinese are never grateful. They would just condemn any Malay run entity.They would only support a Malay if he is like minded as they are.

2)Ibrahim Ali is actually a opportunistic katak. But at least he is grateful to Allah.He is from from mild schizo but some believers of the so called justice for all have forgotten what they have been endowed with.

3)YB Kamalanathan kisses the hands of the elderly. Wow this is really Malay like adat. I dont mind Abang Kamal running for Prime Minister-ship. I bet his Malay is much better than most Malaysian Chinese who cant even speak proper Malay.Their Bahasa Melayu is worst than the banglas who have stayed in Malaysia less than 5 months

3) Malay psyche- You have to think and act like a Malay to know and understand their psyche.Most UMNO leaders and some bloggers/writers are pseudo Malays as they are totally immersed with Western culture and lost touch with their roots.These people should go back to their kampungs and reconnect with their roots

PS I enjoy your rambling today. Pl continue articulating. And pl ignore the facts type kind of writing plus those damn boring historical and legalistic arguments. You are at your best when speaking hilariously smart.

Anonymous said...

In view of all the things you wrote, can you tell me how we can make Malaysia a better place for everyone?

Oh Me said...

hahaha..penyokong PKKR kalau kalah macam-macam alasan.

masih ingat mereka sublime dan pure.

ye penyokong PKR tak boleh terima kekalahan dan kritikan.


Gila-Monster said...

Mahathir Mohamad

With people like you, no wonder PKR lost.
Love you YB Kamal

eiling lim said...

Oh well, one thing I can truly say is that the election sucks! It's all about money! And that Kamal bin Nathan is a confused fella. That Ibrahim has a split personality. Everyone is crazy!

Anonymous said...

The person who has never learnt.........


Ibrahim Ali yang kontroversi menggesa kerajaan Barisan Nasional menangguhkan bantuan dan peruntukan yang dijanjikan..........

"Chinese abandoned MCA before Perkasa was born, says Ibrahim "
KUALA LUMPUR, April 27 — Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali refuted today Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek’s accusation that the loss of Chinese support in the Hulu Selangor by-election was caused by...............


Katak Ali, the Perkosa and UMNO-BN,you have long been rejected by us, not only now.
I hope this message can clear your doubt.

'All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.'
Edmund Burke

Mahathir Mohamad al-Mamak Kuty said...


i'm not a fucking PKR supporter. But i would LOVE to see our fucking BN go down one day.

if BN controls for another 50 years, Malaysia will become MALAYSHIT!!

LAT said...

Except MCA namely, the UMNO lapdog and the Chinese's traitor, all Chinese know what they want for their future in order to continue living in this beloved land where they call Home. Enough Is Enough !

sam said...

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OchO said...

If I could measure how much I had to scroll to read all the comments, I'm halfway to the moon!

LuDo8 said...

It is pretty interesting to look back on old results, looking back on Dr. Mahathirs economic policies..

A lesson to learn from history.