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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The 1 Sentence Article Series :#2 - sports betting license part 2

The silence of the usual moral Nazis and the various defenders of Islam and Allah over the granting of the sports betting license is  surely deafening and  probably is reflective of the true identity of their masters whose interests they are in fact defending under the guise of their faith and God.


Mr Lonely said...

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psc said...

Where money is concerned all men are of the same religon. For them money is God

Dense said...

Oh Oh... here we go again. The so-called moral right in Malaysia want to ban everything. Its the only way they know how to cope. For example the bright sparks of UMNO now want to ban RPK

Fact 1. There is nothing inherently wrong with gambling. In fact its a basic human instinct that permeates everyone's life every day.

Fact 2. Banning never achieved anything except inflate the moral righteousness of some members of the community. viz Prohibition in the USA, the world wide fight against narcotics and of course all those Malaysian rules that are designed to repress and inhibit individuality

Fact 3. Why not try education to deal with the relatively few citizens who cant control their gambling. And I mean education not indoctrination

Why should the whole community lead miserable lives just because a few want to control and a few cant control themselves

kumar said...

Banning things only make holier-than-thou groups feel better. Bans will only take things underground, I feel.

Existing laws are already in place, only enforcement is needed. Maybe some form of systems-based control can be added - bets can only be placed with MYKAD swipes (no bets allowed by Muslims) and to take it further, winnings can only be collected via the same MYKAD swipe process.

And if revenue derived from sin taxes trouble the govt's conscience, they can always be transparent with it and only spend the abovementioned revenue on non-Muslim development i.e. places of worship.

Anonymous said...

that fat cat would probably be raising his keris again if you continue to question his errie silence.

that fat cat, with an onion face, has no shame.

Anonymous said...

Haha... I bet dog racing will be on its way soon.

Be224nWann1 said...
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Anonymous said...

Food for thought:

1. Read somewhere in the blogosphere speculating that this sports betting saga is a replenishment of the BN warchest for the upcoming general election.

2. Has anyone openly asked the likes of Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin in a public forum for their views on sports betting? It will be interesting to see how they respond.

3. Hard not to think that Idris Jala has the nod from the higher-ups to openly say that the country will go bankrupt soon. Is that a cue that "open season" has started for some to freely take from and empty the Cookie Jar?

4. Offer of RM50 billion by Daim's people for the toll concessions. Another replenishment of the Cookie Jar?