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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Okay. This article is dedicated to Maxis.
I am one of your loyal customer. Just go and check your record and you will know that.
You even gave me a free iPhone 3Gs because I have been such a good customer. Well, thank you very much for that.
One of your services which I loyally and dutifully subscribe to is your wireless "broadband" service. My quota is 6G and the speed, I am told by your customer service today (12th May 2010 at about 4.30pm)  should be 3.2 MPS. 
I am also told that speed is on "best effort basis".
If you do not already know, I am a lawyer. I know what "best effort" mean in a contract. I also know what "best endeavour" mean in a contract.
At first, the speed was very fast. But since last October, when you have more and more users, your speed DO NOT QUALIFY YOUR SERVICE TO BE CALLED A BROADBAND SERVICE!
I have complained about this on 23.10.2009; 25.11.2009 and 14.12.2009.
Your customer service people are very friendly I must say. They asked me to do this and that, which I did. A technician was sent to my office.
But it just does not improve! In the morning it will be quite fast. I could get speed up to 1.9MPS before 11am. After 12pm however, when more and more users come in, it will be slower than the copper wire service I used to have ages ago!
You don't believe me? Well, take a look at these pictures!

Download speed of 150kbps and upload speed of 120kbps! What the hell? You call this "broadband"?
Look at this:
These are taken at about 4pm today (the 12th of May 2010). The speed was, at best,  40kbps!!!That is 0.04MPS. Where is the 3.2MPS which you promise on a "best effort" basis?

Don't give me that shit about "speed is on a best effort basis" okay! Is this your blinking BEST EFFORT? Are you bloody nuts?
This is no blinking effort at all.
When you keep on getting customers and users through massive promotions, all the while promising "best efforts" to everybody who signs up, while at the same time you do not increase your capacity or ability to deliver a 3.2MPS as stated in my contract with you, you bloody well cannot say you have been putting in your best bloody effort. Go and ask your in-house legal Counsel if you don't believe me.It looks like the only "best effort" you are putting in is your efforts to get more and more customers or users!

I am going to give you, dear Maxis, a week to improve. I am going to check the speed from today onwards everyday. And I am going to record them.
Then I am going to the consumer tribunal. I think you are an embarrassment. The government should withdraw your license. I am also going to lodge a complaint with the Multi-media authorities whatever.
Those who are suffering the same thing please do drop in your contacts in the comment section with particulars of your problems.
I am going to start a class action.


Richard Cranium said...

How about Celcom's broadband? Would you take class action against ALL mobile data providers?

I tried to cancel my subs but was told I had a fixed 18 months contract, and that I needed to pay a penalty.

I actually called to complain about the speeds on the VERY NEXT DAY i took up the service.


C++ said...

Dear Art,

Thanks God you started a class action suit. I myself would like to join the cause for my DIGI broadband.

The best way for class action suit is to cover all Broadband provider as well.

Thanks. (BTW I'm no lawyer, I'm an engineer by profession).

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,

I agree whole-heartedly.
Let me know if I can support in any way.
(BTW, I'm no lawyer, I'm a doctor by profession.)

LAT said...

Yes, i raise my 2 hands, 2 feet and my whole chunk of hairs to support your "class action" ! where to sign my petition ? Don't play play with this "loyar buruk'!

Anonymous said...

Not to rub salt in this wound (I've been wounded by Maxis myself - time, money, frustration, emotional distress - I've had better luck with Digi, but I won't trust any of them)... but did you know (according to an article in The Star) that Maxis made a profit last year of 2.23 billion ringgit?


So my best advice: switch from customer to shareholder and get your Internet elsewhere... :-)

I'm quite okay now with Digi, but perhaps I'm just lucky.

Good luck, hope you get them!

LAT said...


Hope your grievances via "class action" will be duly compensated and rewarded with the latest 4G Iphone, free for life even for all who join your class action !

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,
Way to go! Malaysians should start class action on those lousy service providers,and make sure they feel the pain and at the same time wake up the "blur blur" minister in-charged of telecommunications.....

Chairman Kaga said...


donplaypuks® said...


I, 100% (operating at 100%) sympathise with you and trust you will do many consumers a huge favour by taking on Maxis!!

To digress a wee bit, do check out today’s electrifying testimony by Saiful in court that he met up with Ezam Md Nor (now senator) and Mumtaz after the alleged sodo mee on 26th June 2008 and before visiting Pusrawi Clinic and KLGH on 28th June!!


The conspiracy is about to be finally and fully exposed!!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

mabuaya said...

It's not just Maxis broadband that's crap, their mobile phone service isn't that hot either. I've been a loyal Maxis pre-paid user for years. Just over a year ago I moved about 70 kms north of KL. When I first moved I had good service but since the end of last year I've had more days with no service that days with it. When I call Maxis they seem completely indifferent and basically imply that if I will live out in the sticks what can I expect...

I say go for it, take them to the cleaners and then can you also tackle TM? who are possibly the worst company in the country for not giving jackshit..

Tok Pawi said...

Let's start a facebook group. I'll definitely join.

khensthoth said...

This has been long time in the making.

I fully support your action suit against every single one of the so called "best effort" broadband services, especially landlines (read Streamyx). I am sure a lot more will join you.

Jacey Khoo said...

Class action suit? Where do I sign, dear Art?

Jacey Khoo

SANSIRO said...

Art, can you please include SKMM/MCMC in your class action suit and then rip them apart as well? They are so busy doing everything(white papers, seminars, forums,meetings and what not) but FAIL miserably to regulate and monitor these clowns who have been awarded spectrum by them. They are so busy shitting down sites but do nothing to enforce,regulate and monitor the service providers. They are equally to be blamed.

Anonymous said...

count me in!


Anonymous said...


I salute you for your efforts but you are putting too much hope on the malaysian courts to get any form of justice for the common non UMNO-BN folks like you and I.

The malaysian courts stinks to high heavens because the fact remains the rich and almighty corporations are under the full protection of UMNO-BN. And of course we know the courts are operating under the sarongs of UMNO-BN.

Anyway good luck to your class action suit and hope the court does not stamp "NFA" on your suit.

Eyes Wide Open said...

I used to be with Maxis but i totally gave up on them. 99% of the time, I could not even get to Google front page!

Total crap!

I'm using Digi now, but they seem to be heading that way too!

5G said...


Good luck with the class suit though it will hard to prove their fault. The operators also can use various complex technical jargons and cite many technical limitations that is beyond their control to support their argument.

Perhaps this why Maxis is asking MCMC for 4G LTE spectrum license just to improve the service. Just maybe...

mut said...

All are Malaysia Boleh companies. Screwing customers is a matter of right. Just like Ketuanan Melayu became a carte blanche for robbery and theft. UMNO never had it so good. So suck it up.

Cave Man said...

I've used Celcom, P1Wimax & Maxis broadband services in the past. At first, when the usage was low, the speed was acceptable. But when they've upped their customer base with aggresive POS & marketing programs, the speed trickled. I agree with u, bro, sue their asses off! No point in talking with their Customer Service ppl bcoz they know didly sh@*! Or even if they know, they won't fess up. Now tat I'm un-wireless, my bp level is back to normal. At least, I'd like to think so!

Anonymous said...

Maxis has been making tons of profits, but not customer-centered!
The level of service is shite, to say the least!
If only they put more effort into better quality, but then they don't really care about customers, do they?

teo siew chin said...


so tell me which provider advertises it's service as no-so-fast? duh.
but maxis is a good start to kick ass. :)

rob said...


I used Celcom mobile wireless. I subscribe to their RM 98 pm package with unlimited bandwidth and data.

There are good days and bad ones. Thankfully most are good. I do not know about day use but at night it is not that bad.

Please let me know why 'best effort' is not a get-out-of-jail clause for these telcos or other service providers.

I got to whack a few others non-telco.


Anonymous said...

People! Don't ever pay anything to Maxis and Celcom, they are owned by cronies! You are effectively putting money into their pockets!

I personally support DIGI. They are the underdog, and they are the ones who made the telco market so much competitive than last time. If it wasn't for them prepaid cards will still be sold for >RM200.

Unfortunately for DIGI, since they are not owned by cronies, they were at the receiving ends of measures. Remember the three 3G licenses? Everybody thought that it would be given to Maxis, Celcom and DIGI. BUT HELL NO! The third license was given to a two dollar company who in turn wanted to lease it to DIGI. Well DIGI said NO, and transferred all the 3G equipments that it has bought to Turkey. And there goes the competitiveness in the 3G arena, and prices and services have stuck to the same level ever since.

So people, boycott Maxis and Celcom. Support DIGI!

rakyat Malaysia said...

Can we pay for "best effort" services with "best effort" fees? Like if money is tight this month, can we pay less than what was agreed on the contract? *Sigh.. whoever said customer is king? it seems the opposite is true.

Anonymous said...

Had the same shit with Celcom Broadband last year and canceled the service after 3 months.

Imagine a speed of 10-20 kbps for a so-called "best effort" speed of 384 kbps when more and more users signed up.

I remember the dial-up connection speed of 50 kbps.

Heard the same story about Digi and P1 too.
Wireless Broadband in Malaysia is a rip-off !

Ordinary Superhero said...

Dear Art, unfortunately I am not a maxis subscriber. But I fully support your class action. So please guys, if you are using the same maxis 'broaaadban', start tracking the speeds and help Art to initiate the action. I have been longing for a test case on this "best effort" sh*t clause. It will certainly be a lesson to other broadban providers!

Anonymous said...

Same problem here with DiGi Broadband on my mobile. In the beginning, when it was first launched, I took up the offer and it was superb! But lately, its been dismal at best. Even in areas where I have FOUR BARS with a "G" signal, it is unable to get a link. Waste!

Jerine said...

My housemate and I are using Maxis Broadband too. But am subscribed to the 3g one. When my usage reach 1.5g, it sent me notification that my service has been slowed down to accommodate my quota for the month.

I was like WTF?

Before this I use Telstra Broadband in Australia. Never in any event they slow down the service. In fact, once you reach your quota before the date line, you can opt for extra top up via the start up and don't have to log in to whatever shit account that I have to sign up via their website.

I don't see why Maxis can't have such system. It has brought more inconveniences in my life rather than helping me stay online. The worse part is, I have no option to take up other services because of the location I'm staying. I have to rely everything on Maxis and they are not particularly doing their job.

youchiyagami said...

I'm a totally pissed off Celcom Broadband customer.

3.6Mb/s my ass, I averaged LESS than 36kb/s all the time. That's bloody 1% of the advertised data transfer rate. What 'best-effort'? The only reason I stick with Celcom is because the other telcos are almost equally pathetic.

Please please please include Celcom in the class action suit.

Now how do I support the class action?

Acrynomis said...

Hahahha, this is normal for Malaysian broadband provider .. ISP. LOL hahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha there.

eiling lim said...

I love your complain letter! This shall be my template. *chuckles*

loafer said...

Should include ALL broadband providers IMO.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you having high spirit for justice. I wish you success.

I am on a Streamyx 512Mps. I used to get download speed 60kps. Now often below 10kps!!! Complaint? I do not have the resources for Telekom to take notice.

0308MathewP_Thurlow said...


bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca said...

Saya paling benci melihat iklan Celcom broadband. Setengah mampoih aku jadi mangsa!

Aku kena dengan Celcom, Tuan Lawyer kena dengan Maxis, apa sudah jadi?

Mau cakap fsl DiGi? Ah, takut kena keji!

colorless said...

When my maxis 3G quota is almost up, the reminder keeps popping up. Hey...what about previous months when hardly 1G was utilised??? Shouldn't I get a reimbursement or at least unused quota being brought forward on a 3-monthly basis.

10-20kbps was all Maxis could muster in Hicom Glenmarie Shah Alam 80% of the time.

Cesc said...

Cancelled my Maxis Berukband after few days of signing up cause the service was so crap my 1515 dialup connection i was using ages ago performed better..they promised to refund my RM100 registration fee and the cheque should arrive in my mailbox within 1 month...but i didnt get anything until i gave them a call (that was about 1 year after i cancelled subscription)..
So F**k Maxis Berukband the Thief..

kawaguchiz said...

want to copy paste this and change the telco to celcom.. hehe.. all are equally bad. nice one tho. i support the action.

DistressedNyen said...

It is just shameful how our Govt overseas telcos, or rather how telcos take care of those in Govt. Surely, this is not acceptable. Why must we bear with so many deficiencies in the whole bulky system for so long? We dont pay less taxes than many other countries or pay less for subscription of these berukband?

ART, i admire your patience with Maxis. I switched from Maxis to Celcom, but were presented with a different set of similar problems.

What have we Malaysians done to deserve these?

KiyoshiJoz said...

hello can start on Tmnet also? i think the whole nation can back you on that (=

Anonymous said...

Wireless Brokeband in Malaysia is a joke and the so-called "best effort speed" is a con-job.

C++ said...

Dear Art..

Here is the FB Group created for the cause.


Anonymous said...

So far Celcom broadband is the best compare to others. And I'm happy with it. So you guys pls DO NOT come over to Celcom. More users will congest the network. I want to enjoy the speed all to myself :D

Danny Ong said...

Dear Art,

Good for you. I too am a long time Maxis customer who got fed up. I canceled their broadband on 8 March 2010 and switched to Digi.

Like you, I called them and even wrote an email to their CEO and the CEO totally ignored me.

This morning, I had to call them again because they're still charging me for the broadband which I've canceled.

Go and give them a lesson they won't forget. I'm with you.

patrickteoh said...

I bought a Maxis broadband package (6GB) for my wife on Mothers Day. She had just moved into a new shop which did not yet have a phone line so so Streamyx. And I was seduced by the advertising of Maxis broadband. She tried it for a couple of days and decided to return it for money back. The signal was 1 bar at best and would drop off every few minutes. It was no better at home. While at the Maxis office in TTDI she was told that the area where her shop and our home is(Damansara Perdana) was not in the Maxis high speed coverage area (HUH???)And the staff at the TTDI office nonchalantly took the unit back as though it was something that they did all the time. So that told us something. So now it's back to trying to get Streamyx. Surprise! It still takes 7 working days to connect a fixed line telephone and 14 working days to get Streamyx.

patrickteoh said...

Oh by the way, ours is a VIP account. Has been since the day Maxis started operations. What VIP means is something else. Whenever I've tried to get something done my VIP account instead of making things easier actually achieves the opposite. "Sorry ah, sir. Yours one VIP account so I cannot access your file. Only manager staff can." So? "You have to wait for my manager to call you back." Unclear on the concept? But then this is Malaysia ma.

scuba said...
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Iamami said...

I am a Maxis Broadband user too. I'm in. The service getting worse each day. I was thinking of terminated my subscription.

Grace said...

This is exactly why I'm not adventurous when it comes to broadband. Everybody is having problems in one way or the other.. maxis lah, celcom lah, p1max lah. All of them have their own share of complaints. So I'm sticking to streamyx. I know it sucks, but at least it works... 1/2 of the time.

And don't EVER venture into HSBB, at least not for another couple of years. The VERY least.

Anonymous said...

count me in..pls post on yr blog when u need details

Anonymous said...

I was subscribing to Celcom, spent a lot of time talking to their Tech Support. Finally requested a meeting with their local GM. He was gracious enough to meet me.He sent over some technicians. But the speed still sucked. I insisted on rebate and got it (4 months). Then finally i canceled it and took Wimax.Same story here. But not as bad as Celcom.

Here's what i do... pay the bill 2 or 3 days after the due date. If we all can do the same it will cause havoc for them.


ladymissazira said...

I've had many grivances against Maxis for years, but I keep using them because after the 5th time I called them up angry (I am impossible with my tenaciousness), they decided not to mess with me anymore and provide me good service.

Oh, the beauty of being a law student. =)

TheWhisperer said...


DO have one against P1 Wimax too.

I paid 8 months for nothing. I finally return them their gadget without much hassle despite being ready to smash their tables.

Kasim said...

I've never heard a class action lawsuit in Malaysia. Anyway, I hope you'll pull this off. It's not just Maxis. Celcom has the same issue as well. I'm using Digi, by the way, and so far so good. It remains to be seen whether they can maintain the service level when the number of users increase and clog up the bandwidth.

Lance said...


This is how it works. When they first setup the station, the node would have a capacity of x no. of connections. Lets say 70 subs for one node. Then they sell the service like crazy and now they have 400 subs. But guess what they still leave the node at 70 and they have the cheek to promise their speeds. This is cheating as there is absolutely no best effort involved.

How do I know this: I forced it out of a technical manager during a very frustrated phone call. A slip of his tongue and a little bit of enlightenment for us as to how these guys are cheating.

I fully support your class action, please take them all to the cleaners, its about time.

art harun said...

Thank you Lance for this helpful information.

Maxis has promised me that service will be improved by this month.

We shall wait and see.

smubblerz said...

I think that although all the networks are raking in profits like mad, they still can't afford to upgrade the network because the profit needs to go to someone's pocket.

What else is new in Malaysia.