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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kami tak kow tow, kau tau?


To all Singapore Malays, I am writing this to tell you how lucky we all are in Malaysia. You think you all are so great, you sure have not seen how greater we, Malaysian Malays, are.

What you think? You think Johor Bharu is a place full of thieves, kidnappers and gangsters don’t you? Well, I wouldn’t blame you. Because that is what your ex-Prime Minister cum your Senior Minister cum your Minister Mental said. He did not like Malaysia because he was jealous of our success, peace and tranquility. And so he said that in an affidavit in a court proceeding. As Singapore Malays, you of course have to kow tow to your Supreme Leader and so you agreed with him, in’it? In’it?

I am sure you don’t really agree with him but you cannot say so, in’it? Because you can’t really say anything in Singapore, especially when what you wanted to say would go against what your Supremely Total leader said, in’it? Can you?

Well you know something? We Malaysian Malays can say anything we like. Of course we cannot insult Islam lah…kalau insult Islam we kena lah. But a bit only lah, not like you all in Singapore. We would only be detained without trial under the Internal Security Act. Then most probably we would have to leave Malaysia and live elsewhere. But you see, we don’t have to kow tow like you all. That’s the point, get it?

Hmm…do you know that Kia has launched a new car? Yes. It’s called Kia Soo. LOL!!!

Allow me now to continue to write in proper Queen’s English. Because my Singlish attempt in the foregoing paragraphs is really pathetic, as you could see. That is because we Malaysian Malays are taught Maths and Science in proper English. Because of that, we Malaysian Malays are so proficient in English although we are not as good as you are in Maths and Science.

The purpose of my writing this letter to you is to tell you that we, the Malaysian Malays, do not have to kow tow to anybody. We are the best Malays in the whole world. The luckiest Malays in the whole world. And the most successful Malays in the whole wide world, including the cyber world. Any other Malays, from any other country, or part of the world (including the cyber world), are just not as good or successful as us, the Malaysian Malays. They are simply at the tenth place out of ten. We, the Malaysian Malays, for your information, occupy the first nine places. That is how good we are.

I tell you what. We have a Malay astronaut. Here he is known as AngkasaOne. We even have a reserve astronaut. He is also Malay. He is known as AngkasaTwo. Don’t ask me why we mix a Malay word for “space” with an English word for the first two numbers to call them two astronauts. Perhaps that is because we want to impress that we are taught Maths in English. Yes, that must be it. Now, you all in Singapore do not have any AngkasaOne do you? See? We are better than you. And we do not have to kow tow to anybody.

We also swam across the English Channel, fully protected from jelly fish in a cage. And we have a Datukship for that. You all Singapore Malays got like that one ah? Mana ada? Of course later they was a Chinese boy who swam without the protective cage and even much faster than us the Malaysian Malays, but he did not get Datukship, you see. So we are better. And we did that without having to kow tow to anybody. You all. You kow tow also cannot do like that one, for sure (my Singlish is getting better, eh?)

Than we also have many big Malay businessmen in Malaysia. Our national carrier, MAS (not Malay Airline System, it’s Malaysia Airline System, mind you), was owned by a Malay. He made MAS the best. And one of the biggest. So much so that when he left, MAS was in such a solvent state that it could spend RM1.55 million to buy some paints in various colours splashed over some white canvas and put them in the Chairman office. And we did it without having to kow tow to anybody, kau tau?

We also have Malay businessmen who built highways from the north way up to the South. Now, had your government agreed, we would have extended that highway to your small ciku state via a second causeway. But true to your kiasu attitude, being jealous of our success and achievements (especially because we have several excellent national cars and the fact that we now have not one, but two, submarines – which mind you, can now dive in tropical waters – and also the fact that we run the “hottest race on Earth” – which is to be renamed “the monsoon-est race on Earth” – once a year), your government don’t agree to that proposal. But we always have a way. We will build a crooked and very scenic bridge on OUR side. Padan muka you all! We cannot build a straight bridge, we would build a crooked one.

More on the hottest race on Earth. We know you all are envious of our F1 Circuit, which is the best in the world (in 1999 that is). You all are so envious with this circuit. That we know. You all don’t have enough land and therefore you can’t build one. You also cannot have a F1 circuit race unless you want the F1 race to be held underwater.

So you have a street F1 race. Street race! Hah! In Malaysia, we Malaysian Malays do that every night. We call ourselves Rempits. Congratulations! You have turned the F1 drivers into Rempits! And to be different, and to kow tow to Europeans fans, you have to hold the race at night. In Malaysia, we do not kow tow, okay. Unlike you. Racing at night and on the street. Cheh!

Back to the highways. Yes. That was done by us, the Malaysian Malays. Look at how successful the highways, as a business, are. I know. In other countries, like yours, highways are built for logistical purposes but here, let me remind you, highways are primarily for business and investment purposes. As you can see, we, the Malaysian Malays are inventors of new businesses. And to top it all, even when the highways are raking it in, in terms of toll collections, our government would compensate the highway company in the hundreds of millions. And we do that, my little Singapore friends, without kow tow-ing to anybody. Nope. No kow tow, kau tau?

We, the Malaysian Malays are the masters. We excel in every fields of business. In constructions industry, we obtained contracts recently for the construction of the new palace. Not only that, we even managed to negotiate with the government, whose allocation was initially RM400 million, to increase the cost to about RM800 million. Now tell me. Can you, Singaporean Malays, do that? No way towkey.

And at international level, we managed to be an agent who put up the deal to for the Malaysian government to buy submarines. And we earned, I am told, about RM500 million for that. You think it is easy to buy submarines? No it is not I am telling you. There must be an agent to put up the deal. The government cannot just take up the phone and tell the submarine manufacturer that it wanted 2 or 3 submarines. Or ask 4 or 5 manufacturers to come for presentations and choose one of them to supply the darn submarines. No. The government needed us, the Malaysian Malays to be the agent. And of course, we do that without kow-tow. We do not have to kow tow, get it?

You all Singapore Malays, you can do like that ah? Sure kenot. You all are losers. I am sure you all supported England the other night, didn’t you? 4-1. Bumbling kow-tow-ing idiots! Golden generation konon. If that was golden, than I wonder how brass looks like!

You all have Perkasa or Gertak or not? Ha…got or not? You see, we Malaysian Malays are so lucky. We have Perkasa and Gertak to look after our rights and entitlements. That is why we do not have to kow tow to anybody like you all. We know our rights man. Our Constutilation. Yes. Our rights and entitlements are all mentioned in the Federal Constitulations. Our supremely brave and intellectually inclined leaders or Perkasa and Gertak have read them. And we believe what they say too. That is why, we do not have to kow tow to anybody. Kau tau?

So please. Don’t you make noise here and there about us Malaysian Malays. I know and the whole world know that despite you saying Johor Bharu is so full of thieves and whatever (by the way, haven’t you all heard, crime rate has gone down by 20% since KPIs were imposed, please update yourself before talking nonsense), you all just love to come to JB to buy your household items, eat in our restaurants and drive so fast on our highways (because you all do not have enough length on your roads to speed up to 130kph in your pathetic Kia Soo whatever).

So, beat it, okay. Frankly, I am in love with Singapore as much as I am in love with frozen butter during my free hotel breakfast.

We, Malaysian Malays, do not kow tow. Kau tau?


Anonymous said...


Loyar is supposed to be good at the art of words.

So – what’s this thing about Singapore Malays &/or Malaysian Malays?

Isn’t it be more appropriately termed Malay Singaporeans & Malay Malaysians?

For that matter – what’s the syntax difference between Malaysian Malays & Malay Malaysians?

Let me go further – race first country second or country first race second?

So which is the correct term - Africa Americans or America Africans? The first refers to American of African ancestry, while the second refers to Africans reside in America. No?

Someone PLEASE does throw some light?


patrick teoh said...

I was laughing so hard I almost threw up my breakfast. Art, you are one heck of a funny guy. Put your legal career on hold and come do stand-up comedy.

Anonymous said...

LOLism at its best. Burok English or not.

C++ said...

Bhai Art,

Are you a loyarburok... hahaha... nice piece by the way...

Anonymous said...

We Malays in Malaysia can take the money from taxpayers, especially the Chinese and give it to Malays only.

Where got prove you may ask? Hei Just read the STAR yesterday. Equinas was given 5 billions to invest for Bumiputra only. Yes, 5 billions of Chinese, Indians and other taxpayers money to be allocated for the benefit of Malays only. Malays only , kau tau.

We do this without having to kow tow to Chinese like in Singapore. Kau tau? If the Chinese making noise we take out our Keris and chasing them to go back to China, kau tau.

So you better shut up Singapore Malays.

LAT said...


Am very sure that Singapore Malays are very envious of Malaysia Malays because of you, LOL ! Give it a thought to Patrick's proposal. We would like to see you in Comedian Court too !

Hantu Laut said...

Sorry mate,I got to steal this one for my page today.It's wonderfully funny innuendo.Will link back.Hope you don't mind.

Hawkeye said...

Wah Lau eh Mr Art,

Thats really telling them Kia Su Singapore man off.

Tomollo dey all come Zohor Bahloo go chopping leh bcoz now they will only get lob 80% since crime lop 20%.

Wah Lau eh... u malai loyar vely good talking ah simply make me laughing in the morling.

donplaypuks® said...


Sorry to digress.

I think as many as possible should act to stop a miscarriage of justice from taking place in the Rosli Dahlan case as reported by Din Merican here.

It appears the crooks have manipulated a change of judge in the midst of the trial with ominous implications for Rosli.

Trust you can highlight it as a separate blog to get max publicity!

(I did read your excellent comments at Din's blog.)

Thank you.

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

I'm a Malay from Singapore and I love your article... shopping and eating in Johor too... ahh not to forget buying petrol.. bestnya!

PahNur said...

Art, LOL!!! you terforgot one more thing lah...
We Malaysian Malaysia have our first Malay WOMAN Prime Minister....we don't have to kowtow to anybody...the first malay woman PM's spouse however is probably the only malaysian malay who have to kowtow....to his wife lah..

teo siew chin said...

and YOU Art Harun is one prime example that we have the best Malays in the world if only to make us pee in our pants/fall off our chairs/choke in our cappati guffawing away!!

Daniel said...

Ha ha ha ha ha...a master piece...

telur dua said...


This is MAD Magazine in words. Luv you, Art.


Tpg2Sg said...


Good one but your Singlish not so tok kong, goto http://www.talkingcock.com/html/index.php for ref lah!

Anyway, lu Sg Malay journalist where can get latok one? Here ex Singapore malay also can become latok Bru.


Anonymous said...


And we Singaporean Malays have to kow tow to Malaysian Malays when we get into JB to beli-belah and pump petrol.

Kadang2 the stallowners merepek tau kat kita. Jadi kita mesti kow tow, kau tau?

Whatever it is...me and my family and Malay friends (all are Singaporeans ok) will want to remain Singaporeans and loyal too.

We would not want to be a Malaysian Malay. Why you may ask?
The reason is....we would not want to be intruded by your bunch of crazy religious authority who does nothing but intrude into people's privacy. I heard many who were being intruded have died!!! What a waste of life of a Malay Malaysian. THese bunch of religious authority does not kow tow to anybody and that's why they can do what they like even if it means killing my fellow Malay comrades!!!!

What a jokerland you all are in!!

No Thank you....

Singaporean Malay...a happy one at it

Tecky said...

Wicked! More please!

zorro said...

ART, you sure know how to chastise anally with the feathers. You devil!

Melayu Serumpun said...

I want to laugh but it's hurtful (actually I don't know what to feel)
Melayu Singapura

Anonymous said...

How to apply to be a Malay in Malaysia, hah?

Think Global said...

Anon 10:03
It should be Malay Malaysian or Malay Singaporean.
The logic is : This land - Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, southern parts of Thailand, even that tiny dot called Singapork is in the MALAY ARCHIPELAGO translate Gugusan Tanah Melayu/Kepulauan Melayu (hope u youngsters are aware of this)
So if the other folks halau u to balek kampong, jawab no need because u're in kampong already. Cakap balek to them to balek India atau Cina.
Sorry I dont want to be racist but this is fact lah.
Anyway macam kata donplaypuk - we are all human race. Mana lagi nak pergi.

Lao' Cha said...

Read the title and just couldn't pass it off. Had to read lah, kau tau? Freakin hilarious and Art had to come down the ladder with a language calibre we can relate to.

I think Art wanted to include another 'kow tow' just before the comma but thought better of it. Just translate it into cantonese and Patrick might spill the steamboat soup over his customers.

Good one Art Harun.

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,

You have "enlighten" us accurately the Mahathir/UMNO's version of malay instead of the "real capable" malay such as you. That's why Malaysia are being rule by pirates, robbers, conman & murderer now.

Give us more Art and do consider Pat's suggestion.

Thank you.

Cawan Lama

tupingera said...

"Syed Mokhtar got the original contract at RM400 million. Then the Raja of Perlis was given a gratuity and his brother, Syed Anwar Jamallulail, became Syed Mokhtar's 30 percent partner and costs escalated," said a source. "When the current king came in – the Sultan of Terengganu -- he asked for a piece of the action and costs went up again. It was brought up in cabinet in December by an MCA minister. [Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, minister in the prime minister's department for parliamentary affairs] replied: "So what? It's the house of a MALAY KING, not a Chinese contractor." Needless to say, no one has brought it up since."

Boleh ker?????

kang said...

Yes, you Singaporeans are very ultra kiasu. Even the stupid students that were rejected by our world class universities, you also sapu and admitted into your no class National University of Singapore.

Moreover, we can lower the bar of our examinations to produce quantities of superior graduates. You, Singaporean Malays, cannot mah. We only can do it in our 1Malaysia Bodohland.

Waka Waka Singaporean Malays Balik South Africa.

eugene ng said...


Captain Obvious said...

How bold art thou! Thou hath done wondrous naughty!

adam said...

kelakar giler!!

i love itttttt!!!!!!!!! harhar

Parody of Bolehland said...

Art you have really spoken truly you Malays don't kow tow to anyone in BolehLand. Unlike us Malaysian Chinese who kena kau kau from your brave warriors like Perkasa and Gertak even with our own kind Tee whose DNA has been soften since he became one of you - and don't kow tow anymore to his ancestor but instead he kena tee kau kau all of us who did not become an Abdullah. Yes, Art you deserve we kow tow to you too like our kow tow southern neighbour just like our MCA kow tow to you fellos, we follow our MaCiA kow tow to you too.

Anonymous said...

Oklah.. me, Malay Singaporean kow tow to you Malay Malaysian ok..lol!! you guys win lah!!

Though i think my hubby, a Malay Malaysian kow tow to me, a Malay Singaporean more often...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Nice piece..never laughed so much for a long time!

Anonymous said...


Wah best ah become M'sian Malay. Even garment servant like king like that, got power to give discount for traffic offence. 50 RM only kopi money. If not hor, we must go polis station and pay 300 RM.

Got application form become M'sian Datin or not ?

Singaporean Minah

mscabbage said...

I needed a good laugh at this God-forsaken hours where my insomnia was just about to kill me.... but mid way through my belly-flopping, I got a bit confused. Which way is this sarcasm going????
Still, standing ovation from yours truly.

mscabbage said...

P/S...Patrick, you should make good with the offer. would love to see Art in the comedic circuit

shaf the taff said...

Dear Art,
A Master Piss! enuff said.

Jong said...

Art, what a wasted talent you should be in Comedy Court! Now you have left MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP red faced! What should they do huh? ...pass them the keris!

Jong said...

and oops, if they have any face left?

Old Fart said...

Only thing, excuse we Malaysian Malays la..not so sophisticated as Singaporean Malays...we get confused so easily when non-Muslims use Allah....maybe you can tell us how to not get so confused!! They teach you different thing ah?

Anonymous said...

Bro Art,
The young gentleman, Lennard Lee who was studying to be a doctor then, not only swam the English Channel in half the time of the "Datuk" but he did it motivated by Charity. Rm 100,000 was given to a Cancer Fund in Melaka and a few other charities. So young, so big hearted but not MALAYsian enough to some .... sad.

Anonymous said...

You mad moi larffff!!! Good one Master Art!

zorro said...

Art,you won an award from Perkasa. I posted the award at my blog.

concerned citizen said...

You really deserve an award for this article...couldn't stop laughing.
I agree with Patrick Teoh..I would definitely pay to watch you perform ha ha....

Mohammad Isa said...

Wow, This apologist never had so many comments and pats on the back on previous postings.

All of a sudden all the chinkies and tamilans come in busloads to throw praises on this apologist.

This chinkies and tamil naduans really love it when their implanted enemy from within his own race starts to insult his very own kind.

___P___ said...

@Mohammad Isa: you bear the names of two prophets, so it'd be good if you tried spreading love instead of hatred.

art, good on you...keep up the fight!

PahNur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PahNur said...

@_P_ you took the words right out of my mouth !!!

@ Mohammad Isaaaa.....wow...a racist, well and alive and in this century century too...so yesterday....

for someone who bears the names of our two beloved prophets, you seem to miss the whole point of Islam/ religions....that all man are to be liberated in body and soul and be as equal...

"O mankind, we created you from a single (pair) of male and female and made you into nations and tribes that ye may know one another (not that ye may despise each other). Verily, the most honoured of you in the sight of God is he who is the most righteous of you" [49:13].

Careful now, when you comment on the surah al quran...you don't want to call Allah an apologist too do you...well..that would be.....what issit that we call people who insult God...ah yes...blasphemous...

oh what da heck,I know you are a racist but i'll throw in a brilliant quote...probably by one of our hundreds of prophets...

"He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye"

-Siddhartha Gautama Buddha-

Kris said...

Ahh Mohamed Isa, you are a racist I see. chinkies and tamilans? LOL! You are a sad miserable excuse for a human being and the irony as someone here pointed out is that you carry the prophets name. Did your parents name you thus in the hopes some of his love, wisdom and intellect might be channeled to you via that name? A wasted exercise then?

Whilst you go around carrying your bigotry with you,which lets face it is cowardice as bigotry stems from fear and insecurity, all it gets you is an extremely narrow blinkered view of the world. And anger and bitterness.

It never fails to amaze me how any form of closed parochial thinking has led to nothing whilst celebration (not tolerance, I hate that word) of diversity has led to everything. How this most obvious of facts escapes people like you as you go about living in your frightened little world. The only solace here is that it brings you nothing in terms of the celebration of life.

siti said...

Mohammad Isa,

How did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open?

I'd like to see things from your point of view but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass.

Calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people. Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you'd had enough oxygen at birth? You must be feeling a terribly empty feeling - in your skull. Have you considered suing your brains for non-support? You are a living proof that man can live without a brain! I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works! I bet your brain feels as good as new, seeing that you've never used it. If I ever need a brain transplant, I'd choose yours because I'd want a brain that had never been used.

I thought one needs a license to be that stupid? Or perhaps you are not stupid, but possessed by a retarded ghost.

I could make a monkey out of you, but why should I take all the credit?

I wish I can help you but sadly there is no vaccine against stupidity.

You obviously has a mind like a steel trap - always closed!

Keep talking, someday you'll say something intelligent. Go ahead, tell them everything you know. It'll only take 10 seconds.

SM said...


Thanks for this! I had a good laugh! Well owrt the read.

art harun said...

Wow Encik Mohammad Isa, you are here at last. Well, welcome to the civilised world! :)

Chinkies and Thambies eh? That's not very nice of you Encik Mohammad. What if others call you and your ilk "kotey kulup"? You wouldn't like it kan?

Yes. If you like branding and labelling as well as some stereotyping, I suppose I am an apologists for the Chinese and Indians lah.

But you know, just to complete the picture, I am also an apologist for:

-Teoh Beng Hock
-A Kugan
-Raja Petra Kamaruddin
-all ISA detainees and deteinees without trial under other laws
-universal human rights
-equality before the law
-Constitutional rights
-fair play
-independent judiciary
-clean governments and government servants
-clean elections or by-elections
-the truth
-letters and spirit of the law
-true Islamic values
-good education
-good debate
-smart people
-intellectualising matters of interest instead of politicising them
-good manners
-good behaviours which my mother, and I presume, every mother teaches.
-no stereotyping or needless labeling when one does not have anything clever to say.

Have a good day Encik Isa.

May God bless you with His goodness, His light, His mercy and His forgiveness.

Have a good day Encik Mohammad.

Mohammad Isa said...


Careful when quoting texts of the Holy Book. I was born with this name, and i did not claim anything else. I do however fight for my people and my faith.

You should not be cherry picking verses from the Quran to suit you. Such as cherry picking some verse to defend your apologist friend but forgotten the verses that asked you to cover your aurat i see based on your pic.

Do you have any verses to defend Zaid ibrahim's drinking habit too?

Mohammad Isa said...


Yeah , with malays like you, who needs the jews to kill muslims. You are doing a good job being on the same side of the jewish funded Anwar and his mob.

Trying to act tactful while throwing insults? Try harder. Because theres a million of us, just like me. And we WILL make our voice heard. Do you actually think we will just sit back and submit as you and your funders push us to a corner?

DO you actually think that we will sit back while seeing our people and religion ridiculed by a bunch of aliens?

Yes, in Islam there is a time for love. And there is also a time to FIGHT.

Go ahead, keep oppressing, subordinating, discriminating and suppressing us. But remember, when you play with fire, you WILL get burnt

art harun said...

Mohammad Isa, since you are such a good Muslim, what do you make out of this? :-

“O ye who believe! stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do.” (Holy Quran 5: 08)

Aren't all Muslims supposed to fight for justice, regardless of race, breed or creed? That's how I understand it. How do you understand it?

And how about this?:-

Sa’d bin ‘Ubadah who was carrying the flag of the Helpers (Ansars) passed by a detained Abu Sufyan who was already given an amnesty by the Holy Prophet and even his house declared a sanctuary and taunted him saying: “Today will witness the humiliation of Quraish." Immediately, Abu Sufyan complained to the Holy Prophet and the Prophet (pbuh) stripped S’ad of the flag and appointed his son Qais in his place and he said: “"Nay, today Al-Ka‘bah will be sanctified, and Quraish honoured." Muslim scholars say the Holy Prophet was passionate about the honour of all people, Muslim and non-Muslim.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) did not allow the Quraisy (his enemy in Mekah and the ones who vanquished in Badar) to be taunted by his own warrior.

And what were you doing calling the Chinese and Indians "chinkies and thambies"?

As for Zaid's drinking and Pah Nur's aurat thingy, well, that is so usual for you and your ilk, ie, when you have nothing to say about the issue, you become personal and attack the the person raising the issue instead.

Oh God, I don't know why I am replying to you.

Cool Bananas said...

Dear Mohd Isa,

Why all the angst, aggravation and stress bro? Quite obviously you are not getting laid that much so I suggest that you masturbate a little more often.

Its theurapathic and will help alleviate all the stress and anger that you are currently exhibiting. Plus its free for rent seekers like you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mohammad Isa,

On Zaid's drinking, since you, I'll oblige on behalf of Pah Nur:-
YUSUFALI: And from the fruit of the date-palm and the vine, ye get out wholesome drink and food: behold, in this also is a sign for those who are wise.
PICKTHAL: And of the fruits of the date-palm, and grapes, whence ye derive strong drink and (also) good nourishment. Lo! therein is indeed a portent for people who have sense.
SHAKIR: And of the fruits of the palms and the grapes-- you obtain from them intoxication and goodly provision; most surely there is a sign in this for a people who ponder.
Volume 4, Book 53, Number 324:
Narrated Ali:
I got a she-camel in my share of the war booty on the day (of the battle) of Badr, and the Prophet had given me a she-camel from the Khumus. When I intended to marry Fatima, the daughter of Allah's Apostle, I had an appointment with a goldsmith from the tribe of Bani Qainuqa' to go with me to bring Idhkhir (i.e. grass of pleasant smell) and sell it to the goldsmiths and spend its price on my wedding party. I was collecting for my she-camels equipment of saddles, sacks and ropes while my two she-camels were kneeling down beside the room of an Ansari man. I returned after collecting whatever I collected, to see the humps of my two she-camels cut off and their flanks cut open and some portion of their livers was taken out. When I saw that state of my two she-camels, I could not help weeping. I asked, "Who has done this?" The people replied, "Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib who is staying with some Ansari drunks in this house." I went away till I reached the Prophet and Zaid bin Haritha was with him. The Prophet noticed on my face the effect of what I had suffered, so the Prophet asked. "What is wrong with you." I replied, "O Allah's Apostle! I have never seen such a day as today. Hamza attacked my two she-camels, cut off their humps, and ripped open their flanks, and he is sitting there in a house in the company of some drunks." The Prophet then asked for his covering sheet, put it on, and set out walking followed by me and Zaid bin Haritha till he came to the house where Hamza was. He asked permission to enter, and they allowed him, and they were drunk. Allah's Apostle started rebuking Hamza for what he had done, but Hamza was drunk and his eyes were red. Hamza looked at Allah's Apostle and then he raised his eyes, looking at his knees, then he raised up his eyes looking at his umbilicus, and again he raised up his eyes look in at his face. Hamza then said, "Aren't you but the slaves of my father?" Allah's Apostle realized that he was drunk, so Allah's Apostle retreated, and we went out with him.


Sakar means WINE
Saiddina Hamzah, the lion of Islam was guaranteed a place in heaven was drunk out of his skull. What did Prophet do? Nothing.....my heart goes to see-camel.

I have more verses if you want.

siti said...

Mohammad Isa,

Did you hear about the stupid tap dancer? He fell in the sink!

Your conversation is like the waves of the sea. It makes me sick!

Here's something for you to chew on Mohammad and for the likes of you for being bigots.... :

There was an elderly widow who lived in a large mansion. She was feeling generous when it came to Thanksgiving, so she called up the local military base, and asked to speak with the lieutenant.

"Please send up four nice young men to eat dinner here on Thanksgiving, but please, don't send any Jews. Please, no Jews,"

The lieutenant replied, "No problem ma'am, and I am sure I speak for the army when I say we all appreciate your kindness."

Well, Thanksgiving rolled around, and the widow went to answer the door when it rang. She was surprised to see four black recruits. "But... But... There must be some mistake," she stammered.

One of them replied, "No ma'am, Lieutenant Goldstein doesn't make mistakes."

You know what mate, I've seen people like you before, but I had to pay admission!

Sit down and give your mind a rest.

teo siew chin said...

"...keep oppressing, subordinating, discriminating and suppressing us...."

If what is claimed by Mohammad Isa is true, there is indeed a need to address this issue - Muslims ARE the majority in this country and if the MAJORITY are being suppressed.... what will happen to the minority?

Mohammad Isa said...

No i dont care if pahnur wants to dance around naked. My point is, dont cherry pick verses when it suits you. It was not me who threw verses around, neither did i claim to be a good muslim.

Yes, Muslims are suppose to fight injustices. And that is what Malaysian muslims need to realise. Who is the real enemy that oppresses the muslims in malaysia?
Your subversive chinky friends want u to believe it is the government.
But the truth is, it is this chinkies that are the real enemies of islam. The same people that provoked us by wanting to cause chaos by using the word Allah.
The same people like anon 1313 who twisted the Holy verses to make drinking halal all of a sudden.

Who are the real enemies of islam now?

Anonymous said...

Oii En Mat Isa,

I gave you as requested the verse from Surah Al Nal in verbatim with 3 translations, no less. I offered no opinion on the verse at all. I delivered "as is".

I gave you Sahih Bukhari hadith in verbatim.

Are you saying/implying the translators, who are all leading Muslim scholars twisted? Subhanallah. Dont!!!!

Anyway En Mat Isa note this:
Sunan Abu Dawood - Book 26, Number 3708:
Narrated Anas ibn Malik:
The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) forbade that a man should drink while standing.

Ramai yang tak boleh jadi calon wakil rakyat. Dah berdosa sebab minum berdiri.

pisangkering said...

enchik mat isa
stop behaving like a defeatist.jangan lupu kami tak kow tow,so go cari kerja betul2 in comment nya tempat ta boleh da kerja c4 awak.APA INI APPCO :]

Abu Qasim said...

Quote "Muslims are suppose to fight injustices". You are riot at being inconsistent.

Captain Obvious said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Captain Obvious said...

En Mat Isa,

Bro you got to try to limit yourself on the cock! There is no sin except stupidity. And that drinking, tutup aurat, nude dance thing..... But stupidity is really bad!

Excuse me being rude, your misinterpretation is a result of countless manipulations for better outcome for some, having nothing to do with reality on the ground. Btw, any page of any book could have certain level of relevance to any subject of our times, no matter where, when and what’s for was issued. Hope you can save yourself from bigotry. Good luck

Kris said...

Mohammad Isa, I am curious as to why you think your religion and your people are being ridiculed by a bunch of aliens? Are you Christian and your church was burnt down? Or are you a Hindu who had to witness the carrying and stomping of a cow's head? And who are the aliens you're alluding to? Indonesians or Bangladeshis perhaps?

And you think you are being oppressed, subordinated, discriminated and suppressed? Ahh.... the light shines! You must be an orang asli! I feel for you and absolutely agree with your sentiment. It's about time we spoke out against such practices.

Especially seeing discriminatory practices here in Malaysia that were only equaled by the apartheid regime in South Africa. Discrimination in education, business, finance and property. Every segment of our society in fact, that discriminates against other Malaysians.

Show us your mettle, present your facts, discuss with merit and integrity and cease the chest thumping "millions of us". Might does not make right.

If you feel you have been short changed, try and find the root causes as to why your lot in life is such. Malaysia pumps out approx 750,000 barrels of the lightest sweetest crude oil there is. We are the worlds largest produce of palm oil (41% of world prodcution). Yet we struggle to buy a Myvi at RM45+K. Where an equivalent Daihatsu Sirion costs RM30+K. While some fat cat AP King drives around in his Maybach or Ferrari.

Malaysians of all walks feel that we have been short changed but it's by a government that has acted irresponsibly. A government that then divides and rules us (a system they inherited from the colonialists; which they needed as they were indeed the aliens and the last thing they wanted was a United Malaysian front). A government that emasculates us then gives us crutches in the form of subsidies to make us feel beholden and unable to fend for ourselves. Then feeds our angst by playing us off each other thus distracting us from the real villains...

Anonymous said...

There are actually a lot of people who thinks like Mohammad Isa. So no point if you win an argument with him. There are a few millions outside who still have the same mentality. There is no way to change their thinking. No point arguing with this kind of people. When logic fails, then most probably we need to look for a compassionate approach. IF even that fails, then there is nothing much we can do other than seeing them self-destruct.

CK Mak said...

Good lah you Art.
Btw, is the spelling for constitulation and constutilation done on purpose?

Anonymous said...

1. 20% of crime rate down...
2. 2 submarines...

This doesn't prove anything about malaysia malay kow-towing to anyone...

ON the other hand, We singaporeans do not need % and figures to tell us that our crime rate has gone down...because all along we are given a good ranking due to our utterly low crime rate internationally.

2 submarines doesnt mean can win us...It doesnt threaten us a single bit, please...
and we do not even have cases of stolen aircraft engine parts besides your country...

So it just proves that w/o having to kow-tow to anyone, u people are already losing national assets like losing money in gamling at Genting Highland

art harun said...

Anonymous of 3 July 2010 15:40;

Your absolute failure to get the true meaning and intention of my article is, I hope, not a reflection of your IQ, or rather, the lack of it.

Someone at The Malaysian Insider commented that "satire and singaporean" does not mix.

Judging from what you posted, and on the assumption that you are a singaporean - a not too far fetched an assumption, judging from what you posted - I am afraid he is correct after all.

This blog is not about comparing who has the bigger sexual organ. And if you are in the habit of doing so, perhaps you should not visit this blog.

Have a good Sunday.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
art harun said...


I don't believe how thick you are. You know what? Please stay away from my blog.

Anonymous said...

Disagreed, you generalise. Too stereotypes

Maung Aung said...

You are a retard.


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