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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Malacca to allow child marriages

* by Hang Nadim

Malaysia and its authorities in general, are renowned for their knee-jerk reaction to social problems, opting almost always to address symptoms rather than the causal factors. The recent decision of the Malacca State Government to allow child marriages to purportedly curtail out-of-wedlock pregnancies is current testimony to this.

Fighting the temptation to use harsher words to describe this proposal, I will relent at merely stating that it is beyond intelligible comprehension. Just for purpose of argument and not that I support this idea, why does not the State impose mandatory chastity belts that may be only removed upon reaching the age of 18? Condoms provide another remedial measure. Does the State want to stop pre-marital sex or out-of-wedlock pregnancy? Will this new measure prevent out-of-wedlock pregnancies but give rise to more divorces since these children are typically immature and unable to cope with the daunting responsibilities of being a parent and wife?

If there was sincere introspection, the State should realise that the causal factors of this malady lay deeper than youth just engaging in pre-marital sex resulting in out-of-wedlock pregnancies. In my humble opinion, the most significant causal factor for this malady relates to the values held by our youth today. These values are contributed amongst others by religious beliefs, parental and family influence, societal environment and norms, and even governmental action.

I am not aware of any religion that encourages pre-marital sex though one may argue that some religions do not expressly prohibit it either. That’s really up to the individual to decide. On family influence, how often do parents and family members take the time today to teach our children good principles? I remember being taught these principles by my mother when I was very young – “You must never engage in physical activity with a woman before marriage. Try where possible not to even touch a woman. If you are introduced to a woman, always wait for her to extend her hand before you offer yours. Be courteous, show women respect and never use foul language etc. In other areas, I was reminded as soon as I started working “to never sell myself like a loaf of bread (i.e. accept bribes)”. These principles I continue to hold dearly. My mother lived those principles she taught me, strengthening my resolve to follow suit. As I was exposed later to the elements of the society, these principles continued to guide me. I never saw the need to conform to “the order of the day”. I still do not. I doubt I ever will. I used these principles as a sieve to weed out what I consider the bad from the good. These days, I only see parents emphasising that kids must study hard and accumulate wealth. Rarely anything else is added to the syllabi they ‘teach’ their children. Whether they practise what they teach is further in doubt. It is my humble view that a good education and wealth sans good principles/values is akin to having bones unclothed with flesh. When you add more bones to society, you get a society bereft of a soul, one that is in reality, dead.

Next, let us consider the values that the Malaysian society extols. I may be generalising by surmising that our society emphasises materialism and educational achievement (our version) that is individualistic. We rave about the ‘top richest men in the country’, the tallest twin towers in the world, the longest bridge, the number of ‘As” scored in exams, the ability to make the news or television, about going for holidays and to space, the sexual prowess of certain men, the record number of times certain men/ women married etc.. Why not emphasise values that we would like to see our society have and more importantly, truly live them.

The government clearly needs to engage with society and all its stakeholders to seek direction on how to restructure our society and address our social ills. It must cease pretending that it has all the answers. By evidence of this measure proposed by the Malacca State Government, it is evident that it does not even comprehend the question, let alone have an answer.


Anonymous said...

He is a disgrace to the Malays and all Malaysians in general for saying"Malay girls also want to enjoy sex too."
Those underaged girls are already under tremendous pressure,and to suggest its because "they want to enjoy sex? Now these girl swill be subject to taunts such as "you enjoy fcuk ke?" And what can they reply, because the minister has alreadysaid it.
He should apologise to all Malays and women in particular.

Captain Obvious said...

They are never able to will the ends without being prepared to will the means! This partly explains on why there was a rumour that there is some very real possibility of them being a complete arse!


Anonymous said...

But isn't there is such a thing as statutory rape in the penal code ?

Anonymous said...

What do you expect?
Stupid answers from stupid men.
Eduction is one of the main the answers. Have we educational programs to advise, guide, reward and penalize our female AND MALE youths? Different programs for different ages. Different programs for different ethnicity.... list goes on but could be strategized.

Anonymous said...

Should we wonder why Malaysia is in the state it is today?(sigh)

I know our leaders are stupid, just never thought they are that "bangang"!!!


pinsysu said...

animal instinct rules the malacca state gomen it is ...

Anonymous said...

This malacca cheap minister is a RETARD. And one does not expect any wise thinking from a RETARD.

It is so sad for malaccans to have one RETARD cheap minister following another SEX RETARD cheap minister. Surely there are plenty of malaccans with brains capable of throwing out these RETARDED cheap ministers.

semuanya OK kot said...

I hope someone is compiling these incredible Malaysian pronoucements. Definitely, we are world champs at this idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Social ills are on the rise becos we have a govt whose cabinet comprised of ministers of loose morals.Just look at the idiotic Malacca's CM ,he's talking of sex like he's talking to a sex crazy community....oops I forgot that its normal to have sex with a "minor" in Malacca.

Mini minorexcra

LAT said...

I only have 2 words for this CM i.e."Sickening Mind"! I believe he was the CM of the utter immoral ancient city of Sodom & Gormorrah. And now the CM for the modern State Of Celaka ? Let the rain of brimstone and fire wash away his sickness !

Anonymous said...

Lets cross the bridge when we come to it............................................................

KAYUAPI said...

Just recalled prof. Awang's `pantun dua kerat' on the quality of our ministers:

Siakap senohong,gelama ikan duri,
Selalu cakap bohong lama-lama jadi menteri.

That's how they end up sitting up there, not because they have some wit up there.

Anonymous said...

Obviously this Melaka MB has the same sexual fancy as a previous Melaka MB and to make sure he doesn't get another Lim Guan Eng after his back, he wants to legitimize his sexual urge!
Good for him and may his children and grand children will get to enjoy sex early too!

Anonymous said...

It is not a secret that many of the UMNOputra's Malays are child abusers and sexual deviants. One of the most famous cases was the sexual battery on an underaged girl by the former Malacca MB Rahim Thamby Chik.

So now the present MB is suggesting to legalise what used to be taboo, but enjoyed by the UMNOputra elites nonetheless, to be the norm of Muslim practice in Bolehland. What say you, the women Bolehland?

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:37,
You should direct your lashings at the not-so-intelligent Malacca MB instead of whole UMNO.
Sexual sickness does not conform to UMnoputras(malays) only.i suppose we dont have to be reminded of sexual tryst of many politicians,n i dont mean malays only in this country.
Your sarcasm in hinting the issue to be a muslim practice is no less than idiotic.

文王廷 said...


Mah- Chai said...

To all you whiners, free-sex is a sickness. It should be a taboo in Malaysia, talked behind closed doors, not educated in school, to our children. Same goes to sexiness in fashion or the couplehood trend.

What MB Melaka is doing is a result from a somebody who do not have the know-how. I also don't know. Do you? So instead of whining (and giving bad images of yourself), why don't give constructive comments on how we should address the free sex issue among our teens? It's a long journey and nobody knows what's best so let's start.

The adults are already messed up. Do you want your child to follow?

So, please. Stop whining and start thinking. Together.


Anonymous said...

It is not a secret that many of the UMNOputra's Malays are child abusers and sexual deviants. One of the most famous cases was the sexual battery on an underaged girl by the former Malacca MB Rahim Thamby Chik.

So now the present MB is suggesting to legalise what used to be taboo, but enjoyed by the UMNOputra elites nonetheless, to be the norm of Muslim practice in Bolehland. What say you, the women Bolehland?


Another stereotyping, what you mean Malay? inside PR no malay ka? MB malacca is stupid and the entire malay race is the same as he is? get out of that shallow box of yours

Anonymous said...

Now we know why Melaka is being hit by cyclones, etc. and maybe sooner than later hit by firy brimstone from Hell.