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Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing day thoughts

Crime rate is down. Really?

I was at a Christmas dinner and I met an acquaintance. His face was badly swollen and his lips were cut. His cheeks and chin were littered with fresh wounds which were just stitched up. I was shocked to see his face.

As the story goes, two nights before Christmas, he was at a traffic light somewhere in Bukit Bintang at about 2 am. Suddenly, his windscreen was smashed by a motorcyclist.

He made the biggest mistake of his life. He came out from his car. The next thing he knew was that a group of boys on motorbikes surrounded him. They just bashed him up in the middle of the road without warning.

They attacked him like a pack of wolves attacking a lost sheep. They were relentless. The guy thought he was going to be killed. Finally, when he was almost lifeless in a pool of blood on the road, they stopped. Someone pulled his wallet and all of them rode off.

That was it. They just wanted his wallet.

This was not the only story I heard that night. The father of a young man told me how his son was being chased by about 40 rempits on the Federal Highway and on the road to Subang one night at bout 10pm! They threw a brick at his car windshield. But he was lucky. He managed to escape.

Some months ago, my neighbour's young teenaged son was involved in a verbal skirmish with a 19 year old college student. Within half an hour, about 19 youths on motorbikes arrived at my neighbour's front gate ready to go to war with the whole family. As a father of two young kids, I was horrified. Luckily nothing untoward happened.

These stories are indeed frightening.

Idris Jala and his band of statistic junkies should really rethink what they are doing. Rates are nothing but numbers. Numbers are what they are, namely, numbers.

If previously, there were 48 petty thefts and 2 murders and now there are 8 murders and only 2 thefts, the numbers do indeed look good. From that numbers, crimes have been reduced by 80%. And so, the country is 80% safer, right? What utter tosh!

Numbers do not and can never reflect intensity. From the extreme example above, although crimes have been reduced by 80%, the intensity of the crimes is not reflected in the numbers. And the numbers for sure do not tell and are in fact incapable of telling how safe our streets are. Or how safe we feel.

If our police could go out an arrest some people wearing red shirt gathering peacefully at the compound of our National Mosque, my obvious question is, why can't our police come out with water cannon, tear gas, batons and what-haves-you against these pack of wolves roaming our streets at night? After all, the rempits are also assembling without a permit and therefore, illegally, no?

It is not as if this is a new phenomenon. It's been around for years and years. And yet this problem, far from being solved, has gotten worse.

I would love to hear from Minister Idris and his Pemandu-pemandu, is there some sort of a KPI criterions imposed on the authorities to solve this problem? If so, can I know what they are? If not, why?

Polis merempit

By now I am sure everybody and his dog (for Muslims, please substitute cat for dog, nanti IKIM marah), has read about the guy who had lodged a police report alleging that he was beaten up and robbed by about 11 police men after he was stopped for apparently driving with an expired road tax.

In a seemingly related article, Malaysian Insider reports that two policemen have been arrested. The two were "believed to have caused hurt to a man arrested for allegedly carrying drug during a road block last Saturday." I presume these two policemen were involved in the above incident.

There is however a twist. Where the assaulted man mentioned that he was stopped for a road tax offence, the Malaysian Insider reports that the man was arrested for allegedly carrying drug.

Wow. Someone must really be telling a bloody lie!

Whatever it is, the point is this. If the report about the man being assaulted and robbed is true, then our police force really has some deep soul searching to do. And the same applies with our Home Ministry.

In a civilised society and in a country aiming to be a high income country by the year 2020, the act of the police being involved in beating up, torturing and even causing the death of any arrested person is totally and categorically unacceptable. It is despicable, in fact.

The police has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons too many times and too frequently. The number of death caused by the police shoot-to-kill actions is alarmingly high. 279 persons have been shot dead by the police between 2000-2009. Everybody would remember the late Aminurasyid, a 14 year old boy who was shot to death, for example.

By contrast, New Zealand only has 22 police shooting death in 70 years! The UK, with almost double our population, only has 48 police shooting death in 22 years between 1985-2007.

What gives?

Malaysia has abstained from voting on the Optional Protocol to the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel and Unusual Treatment 1984 although this protocol was adopted by 127 countries, including Indonesia, Cambodia and East Timor, on 18.12.2002. 42 countries, including Malaysia had abstained and 4 voted against it.

One wonders, had Malaysia adopted the protocol, wouldn't A Kugan  be still alive now? And wouldn't Teoh Beng Hock be happily married and seen walking around carrying a healthy toddler now?

It is with these kind of happenings that civil societies of Malaysia have been calling for the government to immediately implement the proposal of the Royal Commission for the establishment of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC).

It is ironic that while the Prime Minister had pledged to protect the civil liberties of the people, some police men are doing their darndest best to achieve the exact opposite.

1Malaysia ban

Initially, I just have three words to say about this. Ha, ha and ha.

The PKR-led Selangor government's initial decision to ban the 1Malaysia logo in Selangor is almost as funny as Samy Vellu being given a standing ovation at the Barisan Nasional convention recently.

Is it not PKR's main complaint that freedom of speech has been much curtailed by the BN government? Is it not PKR's main gripe that the BN government has behaved in a thuggish way every time an issue of national importance is raised, preferring to ban discussions rather than engage?

What a whole load of bollocks, PKR?

It looks like PKR, like BN, is bereft of any ability to counter an opposing thought or argument. For God's sake, banning things isn't going to make those things disappear! Jeez! Did you all have Christmas drinks to early, eh?

You do not counter an idea by banning it. That is so Mahathir! And I thought PKR did not like to  and will not ever rule like Mahathir did? What is wrong with you people?

If Selangor government thinks that 1Malaysia is a propaganda and a waste of money, than go ahead and show 1Malaysia for what it is. Counter it. Argue against it. Analyse and rationalise. Show the whole world the exact hypocrisy of that concept. Make all of us minions understand. Not ban it!

And why didn't the PKR Selangor government - if it thinks that 1Malaysia is so full of bulls - show the way by promoting a true multi-cultural-society programe by, for example, launching 1Selangor?

I suppose, it was a case of UMNO-citis huh?


Anonymous said...


I just want to know why our policemen cannot use high tech equipments and cameras to identify few idiots with laser at Bukit Jalil Stadium last night?.

Why can't they use the million dollars camera and and whatnot to drag those idiots out of the stadium?

Jangan marah kalau Pak Indo sembur najis bila kita pergi main di Jakarta nanti.

Bikin malu saja.

RS said...

something needs to be done to counteract these rempits. they are RUINING malaysia. they deserve to be sent to boot camp for discipline or better yet, just get rid of their motorcycle license. theyre on motors, not ferraris. I'M SURE SOMETHING CAN BE DONE IF THE GOVT TOOK MORE INITIATIVE.

KJ said...


Anonymous said...

When we have MPs' who think they can round in these Mat Rempits with some small talks, that's the issue.

Let the rule of law handle them as it is and maybe instead of serving term in jail for offences, we should have a boot camp, military style and ensure they goes through all those drills and training for 12 months. It may turn many of them to be more patriotic and may even be listed as commando.

Anonymous said...

Static lies. BTW my neighbourhood comprising 150 houses engaged security guards recently to patrol our area which is becoming targets for all sort of crimes. Mind you we have been in this area since 1986 without Pak Guard!
On police treatment of suspects I have just witnessed last week in front of my house a policeman shouted and harassed a suspect. It was a big commotion by the police which I thought was unnecessary to apprehend a suspect criminal. Very disturbing behaviour indeed!

Anonymous said...

the root of the problem stem from the head. monkey see monkey do.
sadly the rot is too deep....
semuanye OK

Anonymous said...

If Pemandu can't even calculate their own growth rate nor the GNI per capital correctly ( 6% & the GNI per capital for 2020 are all wrong mathemathically) , whatever other numbers come from them are questionable at best.

Is there anyway to verify the 80% drop ? Where is the source of the data? Police themselves ??????????

My oversea friend came for a short stay and witness incident similar to what mentioned in your blog.

Anonymous said...

just last sunday my gold chain with a crucifix was snatched outside mc donald's at UDA OCEAN where a famous tun hs lee police station is around the corner. i nearly fell onto the busy street backwards. the irony is, the thief ran the red light and rode his bike pass that police station.

crime rate down? new police head targeting snatch thiefs? BAH!!! STATS JUNKIES indeed!

Anonymous said...

I am just deeply saddened by all these crime happenings in Malaysia. The police or the government must go all out against crime, all sorts of crimes. Obviously going against these rempits will be the most welcome by the voters. In fact, BN doesn't need to do much campaigning, if they can really show a marked improvement in safety rate, I bet you that the voting pattern from the Chinese community will change.

When voters feel safe, they'll vote for the government of the day.

Antares said...

In a country where a crime minister can spend public money to launder his negative image while the rulers look on with inscrutable expressions on their faces, this is only to be expected. Do we have criminal souls that we would tolerate a criminal regime for so many generations?

Anonymous said...

When I applied for PR in another country, I did it for my children's education. When I finally moved, I did so for the safety of my children. When the late Aminurasyid was shot dead, it removed all doubt whether I had done the right thing by moving. If even the bumiputra child is not safe, what more, my pendatang children.

Lu Shin Wong said...

It doesn't matter whether we sign up for the UN Optional Protocol or not. We already have so many laws and legal obligations in this country, but all are poorly implemented, either due to corruption, imcompetence or political interference (usually all three).

If anything, I would say Malaysia needs fewer laws but implemented well. Having lots of rules and regulations serves no one. It restricts the freedom of the law-abiding, while the greedy and evil will simply do what they want regardless of whether it is illegal or not because they know that they are unlikely to be prosecuted.

Deux Anges said...

Oh, another point:

The police, like so many other government agencies, are unable to perform their duty efficiently because of poor leadership and a culture of mediocrity.

To my mind this is the result of policically motivated appointments to senior positions and a complete lack of transparency and accountability in their procedures.

I will leave it to the imagination of our esteemed readers to decide who is to blame of this mess...

justicenequality said...

The Culture in the PDRM is really in a VERY BAD SHAPE.

Nothing short of a COMPLETE OVERHAUL is going to change anything, anytime soooooooon.

Even with the NEW IGP,NOTHING will Change; the CULTURE is DEEPLY EMbedded in the sync of the Top hierarchy of the PDRM.

Can't really blame the rank and file 'Mata Mata'; they are 'poorly paid' compare to their 'Chiefs'.

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,

Your presumption that the two incidences are related is very frightening. It would simply mean that a police man can stop anyone on the road to demand money and if he is not paid, the person can be brutalised by the police man who stopped him, and if the victim lodges a police report, he could be framed for carrying drugs. How do we address this?

A Pinch Of Salt said...

Dear Art,
It really baffles me that policemen can do lots of roadblock along our highways especially along Gopeng, Ipoh and Changlun highways but they wouldn't lift a finger to get to those Mat Rempits.BTW,these rempits have their protector in KJ,remember? I feel your fear as our neighbourhood are beinginvaded by these rowdies! God bless our nation!

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

To add to your post, my wife just got news this morning that one of her colleague's grandparents were both killed in a house break-in.

Thank you.

Country Arts said...

I really enjoy reading your perspective , especially on your article ' The Three Faces of Malaysia.

Wld it be ok to reproduce ur article in my blog with the approriate link to yr blog address ? You did write that you have copyright of yr articles and I wouldn't want to be caught doing it without yr permission .


art harun said...

Country Arts,

I have no problem with non-commercial republication of my articles with the usual acknowledgment.

Glad to know that you appreciate my writings.


Anonymous said...

When authority fails to take things in hands and when the heat rises, people will start taking things in their own hands. If I can't guarentee my own safety and security and I'm in a car surrounded my a masses of motorbikes, my survival instinct if pushed to the wall may just cause me to run all of them over and leaving them in a bloody mess.
That is when authority fails and human nature takes over.

For that matter of home security when a crowd gathers to threaten the security of a family what rights and protection does the family have? Is it then if the very law enforcing agency is failing them for the family to each stand up to defend their own? Maybe firearms ownership license will put the so called law enforcers in their place that they might me the one getting shot if they get out of place?

Just ranting what's on my mind.

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