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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Mr Lee,

I am Malaysian. And a very proud one at that.

While my former Prime Minister, Tun DrM has apparently, and suddenly, agreed with you on what you had apparently said about Anwar Ibrahim and his alleged dalliance with an ass - "ass" here refers to the anatomy of a human being, not the animal, although sometimes in your country, that word could also refer to members of your government - I, on the other hand, could not give a rat ass to what you or any of your colleague say about my country or its people.

I will be blunt because I am not a politician. Nor am I a diplomat or a member of my country's civil service. So, here goes. Neither you, nor any of your colleagues, have any moral standing, or any standing at all, to pass judgement about my country or my fellow Malaysians or any other country for that matter.

If what was reportedly said by you and your colleagues about my country and our leaders was in fact said by you and your colleagues, than I just have one word to say to you and your colleagues. Buzz off! (Well, they are two words actually, but I don't give a hoot!)

I am not bothered by what you and your colleagues think about my country or my leaders simply because I have always known that you and your government have always suffered from chronic and almost incorrigible Napoleon Complex (to borrow a phrase from Mariah Carey's song about someone who has a small appendage).

All those chatters over golf matches with Tun Abdullah, warm embrace between your son and Prime Minister Najib and nice tete-a-tete over some scones and tea between you and our Prime Minister's wife are just for show. I have always, in my heart of hearts, doubted your country's sincerity in almost whatever you do, whether on a private or even more so, governmental basis.

In short and plain language, I have never trusted you or your government. You and your government, to me, had pioneered and perfected a "cocktail diplomacy" that had, over the years defined your external policies in South Asia.

To say that I have no respect for you or your government would be, Mr Lee, an understatement. I laugh at the nakedness of the cold and wrinkled anatomy of your cocktail diplomacy.

Unlike many of your citizens, I am not stupid to swallow hook line and sinker your heavily masked political assurances of neighbourly goodwill and co-operation. I don't believe you or your government because I have always known - from your actions and deeds - your condescending and patronising views about everybody else in this world, save for probably, your masters, the United States of America and probably too, Israel.

You think you are the best. When in fact you are nothing but an amalgamation of flesh and bones without any semblance of a soul. Your country is consumed by and obsessed  with what your neighbours intend to do and the ways and means to defeat your perceived competitors - which, in most cases, only exist in your tiny little mind - and procure a perceived victory over them. In short, you and your colleagues suffer from multiple phobias over nothing.

You boast of economic success. May I ask, at what price? Your people have traded their soul, their freedom and liberty, their right to even think of what is right and what is wrong for just a slice of economic and material gains. How shallow can one be?

Your society is exactly what Herbert Marcuse was describing in his "One Dimensional Man", when he says, finally, under the condition of a mass society, shaped and moulded by the State,

"the multi-dimensional dynamic by which the individual attained and maintained his own balance between autonomy and heteronomy, freedom and repression, pleasure and pain, has given way to a one-dimensional static identification of the individual with the others and with the administered reality principle."

That is what I think of you and your colleagues, Mr Lee.

You and your colleagues huddled together in cafes, holding whiskies and passed judgment on my country. My country is, apparently, "declining." And the cause of that decline, apparently, is "incompetent politicians."

Well, who exactly are you or your colleagues to pass judgment on us? Incompetence, you say?

You and your colleagues boasted that Orchard Road will never ever be flooded. Remember? And this was what happened.


What do you say about that? Competence? Go and fly kite, Mr Lee.

And true to your government's multi-phobic affliction, you even arrested, handcuffed and detained a reporter who was photographing the flood. Read about it here. 

And what was your people's explanation for that incident? Your Minister for Environment and Water Resources Yaacob Ibrahim, had even copied and used the answer given by our former Home Minister in explaining why  a journalist was arrested under our Internal Security Act a couple of years ago, in trying to explain that incident.

This was what he said (as reported here),

From what we understand, the photographer was warned because of safety issues, not because of privacy issues.”

Yes, apparently, that guy was arrested, handcuffed and detained because of safety issue. Your Minister can't even be original in his reply! He has to copy what our Minister said!

Incompetence you say? Go and stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. You can't even predict a flood in the middle of your commercial district!

And what about a certain guy by the name of Mas Selamat? Remember him? Yes. He escaped from your maximum security detention centre.

What do you call that? Excellence?

Who, dear Mr Lee, managed to track him and re-arrested him? Who was the kind soul who, in the spirit of good neighbourliness and goodwill, surrender that guy back to you? Who else but your incompetent neighbour, eh?

Frankly, would you do the same to my country? Well, don't answer. That is a rhetorical question. I know the answer already.

You have and know of no other way to deal with public grievances and opposition than to arrest them, harass them with defamation suits and utilise  your executive might and power. Your country would think of nothing about utilising your pliant judiciary to mask your purely political actions against your opposition in order to lend a semblance of judicial justification for their extermination.

Democracy you say? I laugh and I laugh. And I laugh at you and your government's shenanigans Mr Lee. It is the idea that everybody is stupid that makes me laugh so hard. The stupidity of thinking that every other people could be hoodwinked makes me want to die laughing!

Under the guise of good governance and security, your government would go out of its way to silent critics. What did you do to a web site called Temasek Review Mr Lee?

You cringed at the thought of intellectual discourse in cyber space. Because really, you are not equipped to deal with it. That is because your society has been shaped and moulded to comply and follow, and not to question and demand. So, Temasek Review had to be stopped.

Because of that your agency, Temasek Holdings claimed that it had the intellectual property right to the name of Temasek Review. How very convenient? And Temasek Holdings than, apparently sold the right to use that name to an unknown party for S$1.00. The report is here.

Sorry, but I have to laugh again. Hahahahahahahha...you think the people are as stupid as your government? You have always had the ability to mask your political moves with commercial dress ups. And that move was so you, so Singapore, Mr Lee.

Speaking of Temasek Holdings, what were they doing in Indonesia so much so they were found liable for breaching anti-monopoly laws there? See the report here.

What do you call that?

The truth is Mr Lee, you, your colleagues, your government and your country are not perfect. Nobody is.

So please. Take your smug pimply face away and mind your own business.

Malaysia can survive without you. Can you survive without Malaysia?


LAT said...

YES, ART ! you have articulated our piece of mind and smashed him right onto his face " You go FLY KITE Mr. Lee." Bravo Art !

Anonymous said...

water from here.. sand SMUGGLED from here.. rambutan from here sold as "spore laici" there.. ehh not there..exported overseas.. geezzz!!

abdullahjones said...

i'm not a patriotic kindda of guy dear mr.ART but kudos to you on this piece.and that GO FLY KITE mr.LEE is spot on boss!

Anonymous said...

Well said!


tintacinta said...

"Betrul betul betul..!" kata Upin dan Ipin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Art,

Simply brilliant!
Hope Harry Lee knows how to fly a kite!


Tean said...


Of all your articles I have read, this is the best. Your timing is perfect. Now is X mas and that Mr.Lee, at least have a little more time to see that in reality he is just another crook on a tiny dot.

You know there is a Malay saying that goes "Katak di bawah tempurung". But let me be more generous, I would call you a big Katak di atas sebuah pulau kecil."

You are proud that your people are richer materially than your neighborhoods. But Singaporean are known worldwide as the most Kiasu race on this planet. Singaporeans are proud race with no soul.

Your people are enjoying the fruits of your loots from the sweat and tears of homeless people around you. Don't pretend that you do not know.

You are sharing all the blood money of the generals from Myanmar, aren't you? Your banks are keeping millions of dirty money from corrupt ministers of Bangladesh, right?

You also allowed those generals and Ministers to screw your high class Singaporean prostitute, didn't you? They are children of Singaporeans who are not lucky enough to compete with your more fortunate son and daughters.

Now, your wife is dead and gone. You are pretending to be be more religious and start chanting mantra. Sorry Mr.Lee, you are too late. You have accumulated too much bad karma. Your next posting in hell is secured and you will suffer there for eons.

I am telling you this just because you are going there soon. At least, I am doing a charity to give you early warning.

For your info, Art and me came from the same village. We came from a poor village but at least we don't have to prostitute our neighbors daughters for a living like you do.

Meanwhile in your old age please shut your mouth and you will do us a great favour to us if you can persuade your old friend in Malaysia to do likewise.

Anonymous said...

Good one Art. Yes MM Lee can go fly kite in the thunder storm.

Belinda said...

Hi Art,Maybe you were a bit tough on our brothers and sisters in Singapore and their government. You can be sure our government has made just as many insensitive, confidential remarks about them. Anyway it's not worth beating war drums about or risking a coronary or stroke by getting over excited.
Regards, Belinda

Anonymous said...

yes....go fly kite Mr.Lee.You think all the singaporeans love you..go disguise yourself as a malaysian tourist and hail a cab.Those cab drivers would swear and curse you and your future generation....and mind you they are not malays.So shut up and just look after your pyjamas and we take care of ours or did fat mama show you her pyjamas???

Anonymous said...


mirth. said...

eventually, encik lee wouldnt read these long post.

anyway, kudos a really sensible thought by malaysian :)

stay relevance encik art

Anonymous said...

Hi Art,

I’m no fan of Harry.

But credit recognition MUST be properly placed iff u want to stay relevance with that WikilLeak story!

So, this rant of yrs need better answers.

1st – what’s mentioned in WikiLeaks’ leaks need to be defined preciously.

Yr legal-trained analytical mind should be able to tell the differences between personal opinions & state (official) understandings.

So, in this case – which is which?

If it’s an official stated policy of Singies, as been commented by Harry & colleague, then by all means, show them the finger.

(pehaps, u'll like to argue that what harry says, go, sort of unofficial official sanction). Yes?

If it’s only personal opinion, then u should look yrself into the mirror. We all did, from time to time, to make comments about our best friends. But within those comments, there will be a sense of helplessness pitiness. That’s bcoz we r friends & NOT willing to see a friend wasted away, knowingly!

The spoken words r harsh, but the facts r there for all to see. & ain’t this the case between the chronic rivalry of bolihland & La’laland?

2nd - too bad La’laland always comes out prime in any form of challenges. But then r bolihland governs by nincompoops?

We ALL knows the FACTS, aint we?

3rd - I sincerely hope that I'm wrong.

For deep down in ALL Malay M'sians' psyche, there is an inbuilt fear of Harry. Prime example is when a question about why they dislike Harry, a carbon copy answer is given - Harry is a Malay hater. Any concrete proof? Then all stories fly, just like the accused cases of LimGE of Penang.

R u people born loser? Cant see someone , outside yr race (especially Chinese M'sian), doing better, for the benefit of ALL?

Classic siege mentality + a heavy dose of cultural inferiority?

Art, I've too much respect for u. U r the minute %age of yr people who can see the big picture, outside that self-confined cocoon.

In this rant, certainly that picture has been out-focused.

Cheer for this holiday greeting.


Kai said...

I disagree with your views.

You are taking Lee's words too personal. I do not believe there are any hint of condescending attitude towards Malaysians in general. The Singaporeans are just giving comments towards Malaysia's policy and Malaysia's (corrupted) politicians.

I think we should all reflect if there is any hint of truth in the words. And what can we do to avoid that.

Taking an example:
The braindrain of Malaysia to Singapore. Does Singapore think lowly of Malaysians? "They are so stupid that they give us their best people." I will like to believe not. I think what it should be is "The Malaysian policy is so stupid that we get the best of their people". And that, to me, is a recognision of talent within Malaysia from Singapore. What we need to focus on is how to change our policy to prevent us from being labelled as "Malaysians are as stupid as their policies" in the long run.

Think positive. Personal attacks, especially from those commenters before me, are totally unwarranted.

famiLee_undertaker said...

i am a singaporean who values the true meaning of friendship and sincerity.

what you have ARTiculated hurts but it is the brutal truth!

i intend to quote this article to the mindless and soul-less supporters of the SIN government led by LKY's PAP. cheers.

Anonymous said...

The Singaporean public and the Malaysian public share the same bane of having bad govts that forget to care for the welfare and interest of their respective peoples.

Ther should be a common bond between us, sans the politicians and the govts.

You words about LKY and his gang of clones, eunuchs and camp fllowers are spot on! Keep it coming. There are lots of justified targets in the current govt and the Lee immediate and extended dynasty!

justicenequality said...

Art, in life Everyone talk/gossip about Everyone else.

Don't tell me that you are an Exception that NEVER in you life you talk/bad-mouth you Boss,Colleagues,Friends,Neighbours,Schoolmates, etc.

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion as long as it is not libel to be sue in court. That's why make the world go round lest it will be a boring place.

Unfortunately thru WikiLeaks, LKY was quoted to have said this and that.

Likewise we might be entertain/disgust,etc if WikiLeaks have disclosed their talks with Malaysian leaders past and present what they think of S'pore/Indonesian, etc leaders.

harpy said...

We come out looking better than this modern Sparta. We do not sue foreign journalists, and certainly not in our own courts.

What is the basis of the Singapore economy if not the wealth of pirates from the surrounding region.

d'enricher said...

Dear Art,

I enjoy your write up, so I link to my site at Cinta Alam Malaysia (http:malaysiafirst.blogspot.com).


Anonymous said...

"And Temasek Holdings than, apparently sold the right to use that name to an unknown party for S$1.00. The report is here."

But your link clearly states that it was Temasek Review that sold the name to an anonymous businesswoman. I quote:

"The editors of Temasek Review have entered into a preliminary agreement to sell the temasekreview.com domain name to a non-Singaporean businesswoman, according to a press release made on the socio-political website on Monday.

Under the agreement, reached on Saturday, the purchase price for the domain is a 'token sum of US$1.00' and a 'further payment for goodwill'"

As much as I will like to agree with your points on the elitism of some Singaporean political actors, I think engaging in such polemical arguments serves little to advance your cause. =)

Oh. And it's Herbert Marcuse btw. Not Macuse.

art harun said...

Dear Anon @ 14:10,

The report was referring to the editors of Temasek Review who publishes Temasek Holding's annual report, not the editors of Temasek review the website.

Sorry for the spelling mistake. Yes, it's Marcuse. Thanks for pointing that out.

average s'porean said...

Nicely done ART!
Ordinary Malaysians and Singaporeans should always treasure their good relationship and collectively ensure political leaders or establishments from either side do not dictate nor undermine this relationship.

Having said the above, I must add that the Spore establishment actually behaves like a smart aleck or cocky kid, but in reality constantly feels insecure, one who never grows up, thinks too highly of himself and believes it is ok to label others as stupid if he so happen to top his class for some time and the sad part, will never understand why he is not endearing to others, why he will never have any real friends.

Anonymous said...

salinduNobel Laurete Amarthiya Sen in one of his book described Lee as this. "Some have even championed harsher political systems with denial of basic civil and political rights- for their alleged advantage in promoting economic development. This thesis (often called "the Lee thesis attributed in some form to the former Prime minister of singapore Lee Kuan Yew.")

Anonymous said...

It is all about "the Lee thesis"

sang kancil said...

bravo sir

Xiong said...

as a singaporean, i cannot help but feel that your post may be too personal and judgemental at best. give us some credit. don't judge us based on hearsays and rumours. we are not proud or soulless. it is just usual propaganda

Hussein said...

I hate Najib.......see my latest posting..i just hate that guy. I love Lee Kuan Yew.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr Art,
Agreed....Actually I just can't get enough bashing up those kiasus down there. That old fart sudah sinile lah!!

Cybergoddess said...

Singapore is Malaysia's largest foreign investor. Just a tiny country - yet we have such an impact on yours. Would you like not to have the billions of dollars we pump into your economy?


Have fun enjoying your "soul" while you continue living on Bumiputera benefits which end up causing even more problems to the Malaysian Malay community, and denying non Malays of their rights.

P.S: Malaysian politicians have said so many nasty things about Singapore - does that make it ok?

Wake UP! said...

Just cut Malaysia's water supply to Singapore and see if they can survive on Newater.

Serves them right for being so arrogant.

Anonymous said...

Nasty comments from Wake UP!... We are laughing at you, you are just making a fool of yourself by talking garbage, have some sweet boy.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Chee Soon Juan will like you alot! But personal attack make you immature since the conversation is suppose to be private. Suppose if I expose that you allege your government of commit some offence, you be sure to get your ass get rottan.

So have you settle your homeland problematic issues already? No one is perfect, not even God. But we put our races equally unlike Malaysia still discriminate against Chinese and Indian? That even more amusing than Kiasu.

art harun said...

Anon of 25 December 2010 14:45 says:

Quote:"Suppose if I expose that you allege your government of commit some offence, you be sure to get your ass get rottan." End quote.

Hahahahaha...open your eyes dude. Read this blog and Malaysia Today, people's Parliament, Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Din Merican and many many others. WHY DON'T YOU TRY TO DO WHAT WE ARE DOING IN SINGAPORE? The old man will hunt you, your ass, your wife, your kids and your pussy. That is what he is all about. You get it?

Quote:"So have you settle your homeland problematic issues already?" End quote.

It's not for me to settle them. But I am sure as hell doing something about it. You outsiders just go0 and pursue your 3C or 4C whatever, okay.

Quote: "That even more amusing than Kiasu." End quote.

Thank you for admitting that you are kiasu.

And to those (presumably Singaporeans) who try very hard to start an my-dick-is-bigger-than-yours argument here, please, go away. You are too bleeding thick to even begin to comprehend what I am trying to say in this article.

I have said it before and perhaps I should say it again. This blog is not about that.

Anonymous said...

Well , i am quite impressed that a Malaysian can be so well-versed with the happenings in Singapore. You spoke like our opposition party.

Most Singaporeans are too stupid to realize the crimes of MR LEE.

That is why PAP always wins.


Anonymous said...


You have been a bit harsh with Singapore.

If you do a comparison on all fronts, Singapore fares better than Malaysia.

The BN/UMNO goons in the cabinet cannot govern Malaysia....you have written so much about those idiots already.

The country is going bankrupt with corruption being the national obsession of these BN/UMNO goons. The rakyat is suffering. Economically, we are not progressing, education-wise, we have low literacy rate, Universities helmed and staffed by kangkong lecturers, etc.

PDRM is corrupted, the Courts helmed by corrupted Justice and AG....you have written so much about them.

in short, I must say that our cabinet ministers and PM are stupid, incompetent and are real idiots!!!!!

So, please do not deny those wikileakes Thanks!!!!!

This is the only article where I disagree with you.

orang kampung

Wake UP! said...

Communist party like PAP will always oppress Singaporean Malays.

And the same will happen here if DAP ever takes control of the Federal Government.

Is that clear enough for you Anon 1:35?

Anonymous said...

Its politic and they are politican. Were you expecting Mother Teresa?

Absolutely surprised with this amazing childish ranting. No substance other than a personal opinion expressed in very childish way.

This immediately reminded me of my secondary school days. Its how we argue with school mate. "you think your father very big ah?" or "dont' act lah!" or "your blood is also red color what"

Anonymous said...

I really don't mind if LKY was my PM with his team of highly qualified, non-corrupted and dedicated cabinet. I don't mind if we didn't have any natural resources as long as our exchange rate could be Rm1.30 to 1US$, we could have a good MRT, high standard in education and world class university

Anonymous said...

There is no perfect govt for that matter. With LKY high handed rule it has proven its record to date.

Obviously, many of those under ISA detention during his rule, paid the price of disagreeing with him.

To me, both he and our ex-pm the mamak king can go and f**k spiders. Trying to outdo and outwit each other causes the common folks to suffer. In their senile years they are still continuing the art of out doing each other.

Worse off are all those former detainees that never got a chance to realised their dreams. These former PMs' had bastardized ISA to the point that have curtailed the growth of freedom of expression.

Let each of them enjoy their final moments of mental "masturbation" since they both can't see eye to eye and always avoid direct dialogue.

Anonymous said...

Oh, could not accept my criticism, thank you for delete off my comment, nevermind, please don't insult to women society. It's rude.

Anonymous said...

You use "pussy" is a derogatory remark and is insult to women.

By the way, are you located in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

"Thank you for admitting that you are kiasu."

Who doesn't like to win? Everyone have competitive spirit in them that why you are good at twist people's words around. I start to wonder if you did write the article yourself? All of your writing style look very different.

I have a few Malaysian friends who always complaint about life in Malaysia and they glad to be convert to Singaporean. Here, we also have 1 millions foreign workers from many part of the countries. We all do we can to improve their and our lives even when the government doesn't help much. So actually we do share the leadership in bring when Singapore is today. Your comments make some points but not very correct just to push all the blame to one man. If you were Mr Lee, I shall push all the blame to you. Is it right?

art harun said...

To the last few anons,

It's good too see some Singaporeans finally exercising their right to express. The posts are quite way off the mark really but considering it's probably your first time expressing yourself freely it is understandable.

And yes Anon, do substitute "tits" for "dicks" please. I have no problem with that.

You can now go back managing your company. You is surely very the busy. Hahah.

Anonymous said...

happened to run into your blog. very unfortunate if you are representative of most malaysians. If you are smart enough, please do run for government and do emulate the way singapore is run. Just look at your currency and GDP per capita and overall standing in the world stage. What a pity as Malyasia is such a beautiful country with so much potential and natural resources.
Time to enjoy those instead of being so insanely jealous of your neighbours.
Shall not visit your blog again.

Digerati Khoo

art harun said...

Mr Digerati Khoo,

Thank you for visiting. And bye bye.

ps what overall standing? The democracy index? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

You trying hard to champion your country but trying to sound smart makes you sound really dumb ... for example ... you said "I, on the other hand, could not give a rat ass to what you or any of your colleague say about my country or its people.", then why bother to write such a long article.

art harun said...

Ah Anonymous of 20 January 2011 17:54,

Another Singaporean who finally manages enough courage to speak out. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

To outsiders and those Singaporeans who hate PAP mainly Lee Kuan Yew, will have the view that Singaporeans are dumb and that we dare not criticize the government for fear of arrest.
Let me make it clear here, have they tried writing in via proper channels? You will be surprised.
I used to have the same idea too, but change my view after an incident where my letter to the PM was given attention to within 1 day. Since then, I have written numerous letters to various government organizations including the PM office, to complain and to offer suggestions.
So, I hope Singaporeans will not stop complaining but please, use the proper channels.

I can't say the same will happen in Malaysia but maybe Malaysians should try to, who knows, it might work better.

Anyway, Art, I know you write to highlight the weaknesses, but sometimes, we have to be sensitive and a little politeness will be appreciated especially on issues which we are not sure whether it is the truth or not.