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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Drowning in the sea of irony

Among the many things which our laws prohibit young people of less than the age of majority (age of majority is 18 years old) from doing are:-

a) buy tobacco products;

b) buy alcoholic beverages;

c) enter  nightclubs/discos;

d) enter into any kind of contract unless the contract is for the provisions of necessaries and scholarships;

e) cannot be owners of land or deal with land;

g) cannot be employed unless such employment is specifically allowed under the Children and Young Persons (Employment) Act 1966;

h) cannot be tried in any court other than the Juvenile Courts;

i) cannot enter internet cafe during school hours;

j) cannot be seen gallivanting around town during school hours especially in school uniform;

k) children under 16 cannot have motorbike license and therefore legally are not allowed to ride a motorbike;

l) children under 17 cannot have car license and therefore legally are not allowed to drive a car;

m) people of less than 21 years old cannot have lorry license and therefore legally are not allowed to drive a lorry;

n) people of less than 21 years old cannot vote.

In the meantime, university and college students, regardless of their age, are not allowed to participate in any political activities, according to our law. This includes being driven in any vehicle with any member of any political party - especially opposition parties - or being caught in the possession of any banner or flyers of any political party, especially opposition parties.

All these prohibitions are legally designed to protect the kids who, presumably, are not endowed with the wisdom which we, the adults, have in abundance.

Yes, our kids are a protected lot.

Oh, but hold on.

In our country, children as young as 11 year old can get married, especially the girls. Fantastic. They cannot ride motorbike, drive a car, enter a nightclub, buy ciggies, drink beer or even enter an internet cafe.

BUT THEY CAN GET MARRIED. Cook for their husband. Do his laundries. Have sex with the hubby like bunnies on heat. Get pregnant. Deliver babies. Take care of the babies. Raise them up.

A 20 year old cannot even vote.

A 24 year old who studies in the university cannot even talk about politics.

But a 14 year old can get hitched and it will make big front page news of the newspaper.

And the Women, Family and Community Development Minister, herself a full blown woman, said it's okay as long as the Syariah Courts approve the marriage. Superb.

I want to ask a hypothetical question.

If the Honourable Minister had a 14 year old daughter and she is divorced from her husband, and the husband wants to marry off her 14 year old daughter, would she be okay with it just because the Syariah Court has approved the proposed marriage?

Don't laugh at me. I am serious. Apart from all these inter-faith controversies which we are now facing, where the ex husband who has converted to Islam is converting his children from, say, Hinduism, to Islam and such, another controversy will soon emerge, I am sure.

The controversy is like what I had described above. A couple has underage kids. They divorce. And one parent would want to marry off the underage kid, especially if she is a gal.

Just wait and see.

What will the Civil Court, especially our esteemed Federal Court say if that happens? Oh, I know the answer already. They will say they have no jurisdiction as it is a syariah matter.

Just you all wait and see.


pinsysu said...

great piece ... sadly funny. so wat hope does Msia hv?

justicenequality said...

Malaysia Boleh, Malaysia FIRST.


Anonymous said...

this is malaysia , our country , nature is sanity , other than nature is insanity ... our human thinking mind is insanity ...... how are we going to rationalise when all things around us are insanity in the first place??!!

RS said...

you and other bright people out there should start a political party. yes, politics are dirty but we need people like you to say something.

siewchinteo said...

ironies aside - approval from syariah court is no different from obtaining parental consent for marriages of minors under civil law, no?

Anonymous said...

Before more insane decision arises, please voice it out among your peers that such low moral cannot be accepted in modern day, Malaysia.

What next ? If some crooked "holy-than-thou" man in headgear will to ask for marrige a young girl who already had her period. This will surely happen if we are not careful and allow those interpreting syariah too much freedom.

Who will be her protector if our nation's law cannot protect her ? How would each one of us as parents view such callous crime of rape against teenage in puberty ?

I fear for this nation if we are not serious in dealing with perverts. They will claim to have rights in their way and what about innocent young girls who are also a created being ?

Let us not allow such hypocrisy to grow into a monster or beast that eventually devour all semblance of morality in this nation. Stop it before it gets out of hand for the future of our young ones.

Anonymous said...

it is all about satisfying the lust man hiding under the curtain of a so called 'great religion'...and they claimed superiority and have a...Hollier then thou attitude! Semuanya OK!

Anonymous said...

Called it cultural, religious sanction, or any other fcuk -ism, it's pedophilia in disguise & allowed by a troglodytic understanding!

Might as well, turn back the clock & start swing from tree to tree!

So why the rush for material gain?

Bloody cave dwellers, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Apa Malaysia yang tak boleh buat?

Anonymous said...

Before we get ahead of the curve it would be a good idea to study the tactics used by the Catholic Prists to overpower thir female flock.Many of them explained their advances as 'god's will'(lower case for GOD is deliberate because I know that GOD never gave such instructions)

Yes, I am all for religious instructions for our young people but we must teach our children about "Harapkan Pagar, Pagar Makan Padi" I do not hear about this much today. In my days in school in the late 50s to early 70s understanding this was a must for survival in the jungle of the school and outside school.May be Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka can help to revitalise this and other sayings that have similar meaning.

This may help our children to understand what is right and what is wrong. And children listen very carefully. When you teacher does something that is right he will want to announce it at the School Assembly and when he has done something that is wrong he will not want to tell anyone not even his wife.

God bless all of you Children and be careful

Anonymous said...

Do these people actually understand the noble intention Nabi Muhammad s.a.w had when he married the girl?
It doesn't mean that it will be the right thing to do in this day and age!
So if the Syariah Court happens to approve something idiotic, that means it's right?

Anonymous said...

no wonder the south call the leaders here stupid & incompetent...

DeZemBer said...

They want to condemn Iran for stoning the woman and on the other hand allow this is M'Sia?

What's the definition of Statutory Rape then?????

Anonymous said...


It all boils down to this:-

"Corruption is the biggest scourge in this nation. Stupidity is a close second. Incompetence is not far behind. Duplicity is catching up fast."

Courtesy of Wala/Sakmongkol AK47 blogspot.

Anonymous said...

kabooom...point blank Art, right on the dot. Yes, this is waht we get when we have moron and idiots running the public aministration.

child protector said...

Paedophilia is a crime in most civilised countries yet here in Malaysia it is sanctioned by the Islamic courts and what about the sicko parents who go along with it? What a disgrace! Ultimately this is another example of the extreme misogenism of Islam. I wonder if they'd approve of a 14 year old boy being married off to a drooling middle-aged women...probably not!

art harun said...

Dear Child Protector,

Quote: Ultimately this is another example of the extreme misogenism of Islam."

As a Muslim, I feel duty bound to correct the misconception that you have displayed. I am not blaming you for such misconception because the attitude and interpretations made by some of the so called ulamaks give such an impression.

Islam is not misogynistic and does not practice misogyny. If you read Islamic texts and study the religion, you would notice that Islam gives rights to women and children way way earlier than the any Western civilisation, for example.

I would leave it at that at this moment as this comment section is not the3 place for me to list out the treatment of women in Islam.

samyv said...

Anonymous of 16 December 2010 18:08, I wonder what "before we get ahead of the curve" means. Does it convey any meaning at all? BTW, Catholic priests everywhere have been proven in court to prefer boys.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh, a land of paedophiles!!

Anonymous said...


Basically a group of claimed "learned" religious holier than thou clerics have legitimized paedophilia in this unbelievable 1Malaysia Bolehland to pave the way for themselves and their "learned" followers to satisfy their lust for pre-pubersent young girls.

I am sure our great ministers Sharizat and Nazri have no qualms of letting their pubersent daughters, grandaughters and nieces to be married to much older men who would be overjoyed by this latest syariah court decision. We could probably now see an increase of would-be paedophiles or closet paedophiles converting their religion to legitimize their wanton pleasures.

Anonymous said...

that lady will do anything as long as it pleases UMNO. Hey mega bucks of over RM200m given by the govt to his son who is still wet in the ears to run a cattle farm. The country will be lucky to get some lambs back from the investment. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

you have sex with a girl below 16 and its statutory rape even if there is consent by the girl.
viola, you get sanction from the syariah courts, its thumbs up and statutory rape does not apply anymore. hmm...where is this woman from? UMNO?

Anonymous said...

the talibanization of Malaysia by UMNO has started...
all because UMNO want to show the Malays that they are better than PAS in becoming a taliban...
what they did is openning a can of worms that will be a precursor of worse things to come...

Pab said...

A leader who is divinely inspired and not materialistically guided can do much good to a society and we know that there are not too many of those leaders around. Self-development brought forth by true guidance will keep the right leader on the right path...