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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

But Dr Ridhuan, I beg to differ

Salam Doctor,

Allow me to  begin by wishing you a happy new Gregorian year. May this new (Gregorian) year bring with it God's goodness for all of us.

I am writing in response to your article, "Politik murahan yang memualkan" .

I have disagreed with you before and I must say, this time, with respect, I disagree with you even more.

First of all, let me say that I do not know for sure whether the Prime Minister's minders did in fact ask the Bishop to remove all crucifixes and prohibit the Christians from reciting hymns at the function attended by the Prime Minister. There are reports which say that that happened. And there are also reports which say that it did not happen.

Whatever it is, assuming that it did take place, one thing is for sure. The instruction or request did not come from the Prime Minister.

I am really disappointed that you viewed the Prime Minister's visit to the function at hand was a lowly act of besmirching his feet with dirt. This is what you said:

"Kesediaan dan kesudian PM yang sanggup ‘mencemar duli’ pergi ke ‘rumah ibadat’ tersebut sepatut diberikan penghargaan dan pujian, bukannya dilacurpolitikkan." (emphasis is mine).

The expression "mencemar duli", loosely translated means to dirty one's feet or sole. That expression is normally used to express gratitude to our Rulers for having graced any of our function with their Highness' presence. It is expressed thus;

"Patik menjunjung kasih Tuanku kerana sudi mencemar duli Tuanku ke upacara ini."

By using that expression to describe the Prime Minister's visit to the function at hand, you are implying that it was actually beneath the Prime Minister to attend such a function and that  the Prime Minister was actually going out of his way to lower himself to attend the said function.

Doctor, with all due respect, that was unbecoming of you as an ulamak.

We live in a multi-ethnic-faith society. It was none other than the Prime Minister himself who is advocating the concept of 1Malaysia. That concept, as I understand it, would among others, entail the acceptance by all of us, regardless of breed, creed and faith that we should, as the people of Malaysia, live in harmony and respect for each other.

The Prime Minister is the Prime Minister of Malaysia. He is not the Prime Minister of the Muslims or Malays only. As President of UMNO, he may be the leader of the Malays who are members of UMNO. As President of the Barisan Nasional, he is the leader of everybody who is a member of the component parties of the BN. But as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, he acts for all of us Malaysians.

In that capacity, he has to attend to the interests of all of us, regardless of our faith and race. If he attends a hari raya celebration, he must also attend a Deepavali and Chinese New Year celebration. The same goes with the Christmas celebration. He just has to attend it because he is the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

It is not beneath him to do so. By attending a Christmas function, he is not "mencemar" his "duli" or dirtying his feet or sole. He is performing his social duty as a Prime Minister. If he did not perform such action, than it is his reputation as a leader which is going to be "tercemar".

Your argument that Muslims are prohibited from attending religious celebrations of other faith than Islam is simplistic at its core. To my mind Islam is all about one's closeness to God and His will. What problem would God have against anybody who attend a non-Muslim celebration if his faith in God and His way is unshakeable?

Are you saying that by attending the function that night, the Prime Minister's faith in God would in any way diminish? I think we should all give the Prime Minister a little bit more credit here.

In fact, the latest pronouncement on this issue was made by Dr Ghaith bin Muhammad al-Sheikh al-Mubarak, a member of the Council of Senior Ulamak of Saudi Arabia. He opined on 23rd December 2010 that Muslims can take part in religious festivals of other faiths if the purpose of their attendance is to attract non-Muslims to Islam.

According to local daily the Saudi Gazette, he said "by attending festivals of other faiths Muslims could help to “pacify their souls” and when a Muslim rejects an invitation to attend such a festival it could alienate non-Muslims and divert them from the right path.

And so Doctor, it would appear now that it all boils down to one's intention. Was the Prime Minister intending to be a Christian by attending that function or was he making a move for unity that night?

While I was studying at King's College, my law library was housed in an old church. Are you saying that I should not have gone to the library because it was in a church Doctor? Are you saying that before entering the library I should have requested the librarian or College authority to respect me by removing all crucifixes adorning the walls?

You cite the example of Caliph Omar not wanting to pray in a Church as an example. This is what you said:

"Sudah tentu kita masih ingat kisah Khalifah Islam kedua, Saidina Omar Al-Khattab yang pernah melawat gereja. Ketika tiba waktu sembahyang, paderi tersebut menawarkan Omar untuk solat di gereja. Namun, Saidina Omar menolak dan memilih untuk tidak solat di dalam gereja kerana ditakuti boleh menimbulkan fitnah. Mungkin orang Kristian akan beranggapan Omar mahu menukarkan gereja menjadi masjid. Semua ini dilakukan atas kebijaksanaan seseorang pemimpin."

With respect Doctor, that is not the true historical account of the incident. Caliph Omar declined to pray in the Church of Holy Sepulchre not because he feared unwarranted aspersions or he did not want the Christians to think that he (Omar) would want to turn the church into a mosque. That was a twisted view.

For the record, Caliph Omar captured Jerusalem after a brief and bloodless seige,  from the Byzantines in February 638. Caliph Omar Ibn al-Khattab accepted the city's surrender from Patriarch Sophronius in person.

Omar was shown the great Church of the Holy Sepulchre and offered a place to pray in it, but he refused. He declined out of absolute respect for the Christians and their church and not out of fear as you stated. He declined because he thought that if he did so, a precedent would be set and that future generations of Muslims might say that Omar prayed there and then they might convert that Church into a Mosque. It was out of that concern and respect that he refused to pray there.

He then proceeded to pray at the steps outside the Church. By doing so he averted the possibility of the Church being turned into a mosque. Such was his great respect for Christians, Christianity and churches.

Fair enough, Omar's fears almost came to reality when in 1193 Saladin's son Aphdal Ali build a mosque near the site of that incident although the location is not exact, for the entrance to the Church was on the east in Omar's time and the present entrance was only inaugurated in the 11th century.

You made a big issue on the apparent Christmas celebration in Malaysia which according to you is way out of proportion considering Christians constitute only about 10% of our populations. Are they to blame if shops and shopping complexes, and in fact the whole commercial world in the whole universe, view Christmas and its celebration as a commercial activity rather than a pure religious event?

The thing about Christmas "celebration" which is way out of proportion in our country and any other country in the world is this. It is not about religion at all. It is the capitalism god at work. You should realise that dear Doctor.

As a Muslim, I am in fact thankful that our Hari Raya is not celebrated in such a big way as Christmas is. At least Hari Raya is preserved as a pure religious event where Muslims would go to the mosque and visit each other and undertake charitable work. Even then, our Hari Raya has, nowadays, morphed into a cultural and social event. Notice for example, dear Doctor, how we have open houses which really in effect not "open" anymore nowadays?

Caliph Omar, for example, refused to build a huge mosque after capturing Jerusalem. He opted to build a modest mosque on the Temple Mount instead. Clearly, size and quantity was not important to him. What matters is his faith I suppose.

Complaining on the number of churches and how big Christmas celebration is in our country is, to me - and I say this with the greatest of respect to you - childish. It is reflective of the inferiority complex which we Muslims are imbued with nowadays. It makes us want to retire into our cocoon, sulking and whining at how big and prettier other people are and how we should resent them and how unfair this whole new world is to us. If the Prophet were to behave like that in his early days in Mekah, I wonder whether Islam would be a great way of life it is now.

The great way of life that we know as Islam is not about public holidays or the size of our mosques. If you are going to compare the number of public holidays we have, are you going to equate football with our religion just because we have a public holiday after winning the Suzuki Cup recently, just as we have a public holiday for hari raya every year? We have more and bigger office complexes than mosques. Don't you feel these office complexes are more important than mosques and thus conclude that our people place office complexes on a higher plane than mosques?

The Prophet (peace be upon him) was well known for his respect to other religions, especially to the kitabiyyah (the people of the book, namely, the Jews and Christians). In a letter from him to Negus, the king of Abyssinia, he wrote:

From Muhammad, God’s Messenger, to the Negus Asham, the King of Abyssinia;

Peace be upon you! On this occasion, I praise God, the Sovereign, the Holy One free from all defects, the Giver of security, the Watcher over His creatures, and I bear witness that Jesus is a spirit from God, and a word from Him, whom He bestowed upon Mary, who was chaste, pure and virgin. I call you to God, One with no partner. (Ibn Kathir, al-Bidaya 3.104).

The Prophet (peace be upon him) was not only respectful to a Christian King but he in fact acknowledged Jesus and Mary in his letter. Such was the message of one-ness which the Prophet (peace be upon him) was advocating.

It is known that in Islam, we are allowed to marry the ahlil-kitab (people of the book) without them having to convert to Islam. I would ask, if this is so, would our Christian spouse be required to remove her crucifix before we sleep with her every night? How would she pray in our house in that event?

The contemporary approach towards achieving the globalisation of Islam is one of inclusiveness, dear Doctor. As such, it comes as no surprise, for instance, for Sheikh Ahmed Hassoun, the Mufti of Syria to declare that Islam commands its followers to protect Judaism early last year.

While the world is fast moving into an era of inter-faith acceptance and embrace inter-religious accord, it is disheartening to see Malaysia regressing into medieval insecurity and inferiority complex. It is this complex which causes the likes of the Mufti of Johor to issue a fatwa saying Islam forbids Muslims from dressing up as Santa forgetting that Santa is not a religious icon but rather a commercial icon which has been elevated to a cultural one (which is similar to the act of giving away "duit raya" on hari raya in Malaysia).

You make known your concern of the visit by the Prime Minister being politisised and reminded of an incident where a former leader was undermine by a picture before. That was of course referring to the picture of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah who was pictured wearing a Kadazan headgear with a crucifix symbol in 1990.

How sad. That picture was misused as a character assassination by none other than the government- controlled mainstream newspapers in an election to defeat the Tengku.

If that happens to the Prime Minister just because he attends the Christmas function recently, don't you think Doctor that it is your duty as an ulamak to educate the Muslim public, as part of your dakwah, to ignore such irresponsible and gutter politics?

By condoning the alleged action in requesting the removal of the crucifix, I am afraid to say that you are in fact indirectly promoting that kind of silly politicisation of theocratic phobias. 

As Muslims, we make noises when people of other faiths perceivably treat our religion with disrespect. If non-Muslims could be asked to wear tudung before entering the mosque to observe the sanctity of our mosque, why can't we Muslims, reciprocate and accord the same respect to other faiths by at least allowing them to bear their objects of faith?

Islam, from the very beginning - and I mean to say from day one - was inextricably connected to Christianity in many ways than we would even care to admit. On the very day the Prophet (peace be upon him) was revealed the first verse Iqra', he did not know what had happened to him. He ran back home in fear, trembling in shock. Do you remember who told him that he had been appointed God's messenger?

It was none other than Khadija's (the Prophet's wife) cousin, Warqa bin Naufal, a Christian with knowledge of biblical lore, who told Muhammad (peace be upon him) that he had been revealed a divine message, just like Moses before him. Such was the close association between Islam and Christian on the very first day of its existence.

Why can't we Muslims acknowledge that and stop being in fear and stop disbelieving in our ability to be true to our faith?

Why can't we work towards inclusiveness, towards unity, towards acceptance and towards one-ness.

Or does God really want us to remind ourselves of how different we are from the rest of the world all the time?



Anonymous said...

Bro...a very very good piece...informative n persuasive writing.

sleme said...

I have an issue with this article. Why did you afford him soo much of respect and refer to him as 'Doctor' so many times? He takes us for fools all the time with the bile that he writes.

Article is wasted on a waste of space like him. He is an insult to phd holders out there. Intellectually dishonest with a myopic view of thing just to suit his ends.

donplaypuks® said...

That incident about Razaleigh wearing a Kadazan hat was deliberately portrayed as a christian crufix by the MSM like the NST. It was a sabotage attempt by one group of UMNO Muslims hell-bent on playing on religious bigotry to try and win votes at election time.

And yes, is it not curious that Redhuan Tee readily accepts the prophets from much, much earlier religions like Judaism (Noah, Abraham, Moses and Christianity but bitches about Xams being more universally celebrated. Is anyone stopping him and Muslims from celebrating Hari Raya on a grander scale?

It's pretty obvious that PM Najib's 1 M'sia is all window dressingand and an attempt to pull the wool over our eyes. If he really meant what he said, he should be citing Utusan and Redhuan for sedition and sacking a few of his aides!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Belinda said...

Very well said and very well written.


Anonymous said...

Mr Art Harun,

I have always enjoyed reading your articles in which you often have serious subject treated in a humorous way. This one lacks the humor while the subject issue is as serious as ever. Is it perhaps because the character Dr RT is already a big joke (albeit a sick one) himself?

Anonymous said...


Kalau saudara ada mesin kira kira cuba kira peratusan berikut;

Kristian 10 peratus jadi perayaan 10 peratus, atau berpada pada.

Berapa peratuskah "Makloh" di dalam Negara Malaysia. Mengunakan logik Ridzuan Tee, sepatutnya beliau patut bercakap sebanyak peratus Makloh di negara ini.

Makloh tidak boleh bercakap bagi pihak orang Islam lain, kerana bilangan Makloh amat kecil, jadi berpada pada lah Makloh.

Kristian 10 % perayaan 10 % kata Ridzuan tee.

Makloh kurang dari 1 % jadi Makloh patut buat bising kurang dari 1 %. Dalam bahsa Inggeris bahsa yang sesuai ialah Shut up atau Fcuk off.

Inilah logik orang bodoh.

dansemacabre said...


read a bit deeper. Art is critical, but he does it in "gentlemanly" manner. It is subtle...heheh. Criticising without offensive words...honed to an art form.

what can I say, simply beautiful. Not only does it make Mr Tee look uncouth, it also taught me a thing or two. Trouble is, I'm not sure he will understand this post.

the dude is myopic, shallow, narrow zealot who is steeped in bigotry.

dansemacabre said...


read a bit deeper. Art is critical, but he does it in "gentlemanly" manner. It is subtle...heheh. Criticising without offensive words...honed to an art form.

what can I say, simply beautiful. Not only does it make Mr Tee look uncouth, it also taught me a thing or two. Trouble is, I'm not sure he will understand this post.

the dude is myopic, shallow, narrow zealot who is steeped in bigotry.

LAT said...

I have always view those who professes Islamic faith as brother & sister because if one really read the Bible and know the truth then we surely know that we come from the same seed of Adam & Eve and through the linege of Abraham for we are peoples of the Book, the word of God. As a simple Christian myself equipped with simple & basic biblical knowledge, if i can view them as my brother and sister, why not this Dr. Tee who is ulamak and i trust him equipped with deeper knowledge of God word and who are still a Chinese though converted, why can't he embrace all human being as One ?

LAT said...

I have always view those who professes Islamic faith as brother & sister because if one really read the Bible and know the truth then we surely know that we come from the same seed of Adam & Eve and through the linege of Abraham for we are peoples of the Book, the word of God. As a simple Christian myself equipped with simple & basic biblical knowledge, if i can view them as my brother and sister, why not this Dr. Tee who is ulamak and i trust him equipped with deeper knowledge of God word and who are still a Chinese though converted, why can't he embrace all human being as One ?

Anonymous said...

Ridhuan Ridhuan, for your sake and for the sake of PHD holders, pls learn more about Islam before you continue to write.

As a Muslim, and I hate to say this... your views are so unIslamic.

Anonymous said...

Well said Harun...this so called alamak is a real shame to the Muslim community.Childish and ignorant and a troublemaker

A Single Vote said...


I am confused.

Surely there must be a mistake here.

It looks like its two totally different religions, one with so much venom and the other, so much love and respect.

Is it not a sin that a follower of the faith be allowed to desecrate his religion this way?

How am I to view that religion? That man being a ulamak too.

I am confused.

Joshua Abdullah said...

Dear Harun
As a convert myself (previously Christian) I see so much of similiarities between the religions. It is so obvious that they are from the same line. Yet...my muslim friends and relatives do not want to accept anything other than what the local ulamaks tell them.

Your piece, which is really well written, resounds the same message.
Thank you.

A Pinch Of Salt said...

Mr. Art,
It gives me a glimmer of hope when I see your writings which is truly a good reflection of the real people in this country of ours not some hatred-filled individuals who spoke nothing but hatred, condemnation and disrespectful thoughts. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. God bless you, Mr.Art.

Anonymous said...

Well said. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Superb job, Art!

How to get rid of the Printing Press Act so that info herein get out in the open and create greater goodwill amongst all?

Too bad not many will pick up Utusan ever again then, if they sing same tune.


Anonymous said...

Dear DR. ART,

Well Said. I am sad with the comments given by DR. PARIAH TEE. His views are always shallow and dim. He does not suit at all to be ulamak. As far as I know, learned people does not throw hatredness in their comments.

Once again, BRAVO DR. ART.

telur dua said...

The intellectual midget masquerading as an ulamak should realise that a little knowledge is dangerous.

For such a half-past-six to pontificate is bad enough, but to spread untruth is unpardonable.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh! Perompak Boleh! Pelanun Boleh! Perogol Boleh! Semua Boleh! Satu Malaysia Boleh!

RS said...

I get so angry knowing that such people exist. I really do.

In the news this afternoon, one of the highlights was how this school girl's baju kurung started developing a stain that looked like a cross. there was a major hooha on how to 'deal with this disaster' and the company should be held responsible cos such things should not happen.

something along the lines of 'this is a matter of aqeedah'. how stupid is that?


So some cross-shaped stain developed over some time, and school girls are now at risk of being swayed into the wrong path??


Jahamy said...


Muslims understand the clear injunctions of the Quran, it is the munafiks who distort Islam the way they want it.

"Revile not ye those whom they call upon besides God, lest they out of spite revile God in their ignorance. Thus have We made alluring to each people its own
doings. In the end will they eturn to their Lord, and We shall then tell them the truth of all that they did".(Quran: 6.108)

"To every People have We appointed rites and ceremonies which they must follow: let them not then dispute with thee on the matter, but do thou invite (them) to
thy Lord: for thou art assuredly on the Right Way".(Quran: 22:67)


Anonymous said...

HAHA! Mana dia faham? Lu tulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

Edward Chan said...

We need to change the present education system and return ourselves to the standards in 1950s, 60s and 70s.

We never had any such fanaticals then. We go to same school, we play in the same field. We eat at the same canteen. We eat in the same coffeeshop and restaurant. We were FRIENDS and we respected each other then.

How come the respect is now replaced by FEAR????

We were taught as children to respect our friends and elders. Where are those teachings now? Who took them away and today we have a bunch of young kids who blindly follows FEAR without knowing the actual truth!!!

eiling lim said...

very well written piece and I fully agree with you. The thing is, would he be able to understand the "powderful England"?!! Lol...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Art,
My salute to you, i had always looking forward to your writing. This is another amazing piece which is very infomative to correct the bad image given to islam by many so call ulamak who mislead the people.No matter how this dr RT try to project or act more malay than the malay, his is still a chinese... a disgraceful one..

Anonymous said...

Can someone translate it to bahasa?
This so call dr don't understand englisshh....

Anonymous said...

Just hope tht Harakah,Suara Keadilan and Rocket publish this piece.

Anonymous said...

Very sad that this Ridhuan T distort the history of Islam juat to pleased his master, sad very very very sad.....insaflah sebelum anda disembahyangkan

NeoNodeGuy said...

One word. Excellent.

To Tee,
Chinese in fact do have a lower caste pariah as well. This Tee is a disgrace the the human race not to mention the religion he embraced.

I wonder what would be the punishment for such a poor soul like Tee.

God pls have mercy for this rascal Tee for it dunno what it is mumbling about. Amen

frothquaffer said...

Thanks for calling a spade a spade, degan hormat sekali lagi! You do all Malaysians proud!

Anonymous said...

RT don't know PM studied at St John's Institution??? PM visit 1 day only while he was in this school for many years. Were the crucifixes and hymms avoided when he studied there? RT, teach peace and love not hate and disrepect.

Yeo said...

Mr Art Harun'
I've learned more on Islam from your articles. You are a younger version of Nik Aziz.
In fact, I've now realised that it is in fact a great religion. You know how to ARTiculate your thought.
My salute to you. Hidup Malaysia

Anonymous said...

I think it's not just Muslims who prefer to believe that the Christian and Muslim faiths have no similarities. In that matter, I think both sides have their guilty parties.

I must say your piece is very well written. Though quite pointless since it's in English. In case you haven't noticed, there's a language barrier between those who would agree with you and those who won't. Perhaps if you wrote in BM, you might actually make a difference in educating the grass roots in this country (The ulama's article is obvioulsy aimed at them). After all, alot of them only know what they read and most of what they read are by folks like the ulama. Perhaps if we speak to them instead of over them, there will be more understanding.

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,

Thank you for the article. It is good if not great to read your article and realised that there are some sanity after the insanity this Dr.

Thank you.

UrangSabah said...

This Tee should disown the Tee name, after all the name comes from a kiasu race n also, by Tee own admission the name is of dirty race....

I guess Tee definitely would not step into any of his non Muslim parent or relatives house as the would a statue of buddha or a crucifix.............

But if Tee would look in the mirror, the kiasu one is himself and being an ulamak looking down on all other religion, he will see a bigot.

Anonymous said...

People of the Book, Jews and Christians? Come on Riduan Tee is a Cheena convert and "mata sepet" that he must have plastic surgery to qualify under 160 of the Constitution to be a Malay.
Ah Tee is certainly not people of the Book, how can he? Such people are people of the twilight zone. He is not accepted by his own even, not with the drool of Bak Kut Teh still spewing from his mouth when he talks of removing crucifixes in the church

Anonymous said...

you are AMAZING !!!!

keep it up !!

Anonymous said...

Well said sleme
"I have an issue with this article. Why did you afford him soo much of respect and refer to him as 'Doctor' so many times? He takes us for fools all the time with the bile that he writes.

It is not the first time for this idiot aka Ridhuan Tee, omit the Dr title, to write nonsense in his articles. In his previous articles, he did came up with an economic formula that according to him, will solve the problems faced by the muslims in malaysia.

I even wondered how someone called a doctor with a Phd qualification, I think, can come up with these kind of stupid ideas. To make things worse, i read in MT that he is a lecturer in ATMA or NDU.

I disagree with the comments given by our fellow brother/sisters that Ridhuan Tee is not islamic or does not know his religion well. He knows exactly what is written in the quran and is following them word for word. So I don't see why non-muslims or kafirs should get angry by Ridhuan articles. He is a showing us exactly what islam is all about. Intolerant, close minded and violent religion. Take the case of a mother of 4 hanged to death in pakistan for blasphemy charges.And the educated scholars of islam did nothing to prevent this from happening. This further proves what i mentioned earlier above.

Anonymous said...

“With respect Doctor, that is not the true historical account of the incident.”

Mr. Harun, what do you expect from a kaki plagiat. Most probably what he has written was plagiarised from someone’s blog like what he did for his promotion exercise at his university. Mr. Harun, you have challenged him for a debate before, but was not taken up. This time, you should ask him whether the rumours that he plagiarised for his promotion exercise at his university is true. If he denies, ask him to swear on the Koran in front of his colleagues. Apparently, most of his colleagues are aware of what this cheat has done.

“Doctor, with all due respect, that was unbecoming of you as an ulamak.”

Mr Harun, you are absolutely right about this fake ustaz.

Anonymous said...

Abang Harun...very well articulated!
Our pseudo-ulama is the epitome of a misguided Muslim ala Malaysia's hybrid brand of Islam promulgated by UMNO. You are spot on in saying Malaysia is 'regressing into medieval insecurity and inferiority complex."
This character has even attacked the race of his origin in his earlier articles. He thinks he is endearing himself to the extremist Malays by bashing the Chinese and yet ironically holds on to his Chinese surname "Tee". The PM, by tacitly condoning such sewage from the likes of Utusan and Ridhuan is making a mockery of his already hollow and nonsensical slogan of 1Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,
How I wish there are millions of enlightened muslims like u in M'sia.I'm a Christian and I've nothing but respect for u and I say this straight from the heart as a believer in the Lord Almighty.Thank u Mr Art for keeping our hope alive that all is not lost in this beloved country of ours.

Singam said...

Didn't the PM imply that he did indeed "mencemar duli" when he condescended to visit Rajang Park to buy votes for the Sibu by-election?

Riduan Tee makes it clear that there are some who wear the label "Muslim" and thereby believe themselves to be of a superior class.

We could feel sorry for them if things were not becoming so tragic here.

Anonymous said...


A very sensible and logical article but unfortunately people such as Ridhuan Tee will be unable to make any sense of it. This guy Ridhuan and the Johore mufti are sick birds of the same feathers spreading their SARS like virus to gullible muslims. Furthermore they are both empty barrels and you know what empty barrels are like.

I have observed that the majority of Chevrolet cars owners in Malaysia are malays (muslims). All the Chevy cars bear the logo of a prominent albeit slanted cross but it is still a cross nevertheless. I am surprised that Ridhuan Tee and the Johore mufti have not called for a ban on malays/muslims buying and owning such Chevy cars since it may cause the malay muslims owners to lose faith in their religion. After all, the Chevy is an American icon and of course America is a christian country so it should be a No No for malay muslims to buy such cars, let alone drive in them. What's your take on this?

Anonymous said...

simple truth(s) are always the hardest to apply.

this piece is beyond impressive. SIMPLE, HONEST, INTEGEROUS AND RIGHT ON!

Anonymous said...

Art...i wish i am as learned or can even write as well as you or even as patient as you are.

On the other hand. I am only worth two cents and here is my two cents worth: As a fellow Chinese and a fellow Muslim, Ridhuan Tee is a disgrace to the human race and also he clearly belongs to the category of the 'munafiks'.

He is worthy only of my spit, insyallah when i see him next.

Robert Hagedorn said...

Do a search: The First Scandal Adam and Eve.

PahNur said...

"...The Prime Minister's minders did in fact ask the Bishop to remove all crucifixes and prohibit the Christians from reciting hymns at the function attended by the Prime Minister."

Crucifixes are used to shun Satan. Does removing it suggests that the minders think that PM will be effected by the crucifixes? Just a tot.
Dr Redhuan forgot this verse I think...

"[Yusufali 5:82] Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans; and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say, "We are Christians": because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant."

Wow.. even God likes the Christians :-)

Maybe it's a Love-Hate relationship God have with the Christians?

[Yusufali 5:73] They do blaspheme who say: Allah is one of three in a Trinity: for there is no god except One Allah. If they desist not from their word (of blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty will befall the blasphemers among them.
[Yusufali 5:74] Why turn they not to Allah, and seek His forgiveness? For Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.

wow....He even forgives Trinity ...
Soooo....Who are we to get in between?

Dr R niii...Dr Quack koooot...

PahNur said...

oops...almost forgot..

[Yusufali 2:62] Those who believe (in the Qur'an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

Jangan nak perasan lah orang "Islam" jer yang nak masuk syurgaaaaaaaaaaaa......

tiblisi said...

Cross alert: sword handles, excercises that require the holding out of arms vertically while standing, road signs announcing 4-way junctions... Can the "Religious" department help to inspect the houses of the faithful for these subtle influences?

Aiyah, Art, you are so polite, addressing this guy respectfully as if he is ignorant of these matters.

"All religions agree on 1 thing: I am right and you are wrong."

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha! Ustad Harun,a new breed of "Ulama", quoting Islamic authorities to suit political agenda. You are displaying discourses to the already converted.

Anonymous said...

Mr Harun, good article but you should have spent that time singing lullaby to your pet (if you have one). The disgraceful person who calls himself "Doctor" Ridhuan Tee may not even be aware of your reply.

1. Ridhuan Tee does not understand English, so he does not understand know what you are writing. Please translate your article to Malay.

2. In addition to publishing in your blog, please make copies and send some to Ridhuan Tee's correspondence address, e-mails, blog (http://ridhuantee.blogspot.com/), facebook, and even to his place of work at the university. No use writing all these stuff if you don't know whether he reads it.

One would have thought that a low-life character like Ridhuan Tee exists only on the silver-screen but Malaysia has a real-life specie. He even retains his Chinese surname "Tee" which in Hokkien sounds like the word "pig". Gosh, if I see him on the street, I would love to throw my slippers at him!

Anonymous said...

Art, Malaysia would be a truly blessed country if only we have more
Malaysians like you.


Tiger said...

An open letter to all Malaysians


Walski69 said...

Very nicely written, Art.

Your piece is a good example of how one doesn't have to resort to profanity to state a point across (unlike many I have come across).

Sometimes, I really wonder if Dr. Tee has lost sight of the fact that he embraced Islam, and not "masuk Melayu". But in the end, really, who's to blame for Tee's narrow worldview?

As much as Ridhuan Tee will claim his piece is apolitical, in this clime and time, it cannot be construed anything other than being political. Perhaps, in his zeal to uphold his somewhat narrow worldview, that is also something the man has forgotten.

In any case, a very good and factual rebuttal... soldier on, good sir!

kamsiah said...

A revisionist perspective of history is dangerous! It can only happen when an academic like Dr.Tee is given a free hand to an uninitiated audience and to influence young minds in the University. This guy himself need to be rehabilitated before he become a danger and menace to the country. Here is a man who forgot his roots and cultural heritage .

Greenpark Condo, Kuala Lumpur said...

Bro Art,
I salute you again.
If only more of our Malaysian brethen (irrespective of race, colour and creed-religion) would have such magnanimity in their heart of hearts, our beloved country would NOT be such dilemma.
Having a bigot such as ridhuan tee really speaks volumes of the future of our nation. Mind you he is (was?) chinese who converted yet today he is like kacang lupakan kulit - forgotten his ancestors and roots.

Jeremiah said...

I agree with 90% of what you say.
Your mindset and values show the wise experience of an educated man who has mixed with different people all over the world.

The 10% I disagree is a small matter: Muslims should attend a non-Muslim function simply because of friendship, love and respect for others as human beings. Not because they wish to convince Non-Muslims of their goodwill. As a Christian, I never thought of visiting my Muslim friends for the sake of converting them.

My second disagreement is also quite minor; You said: Christmas "celebration" which is way out of proportion in our country and any other country in the world is this. It is not about religion at all.

Christmas is indeed commericalised by the shopping malls with the santa clauses but for many genuine Christians, it is an opportunity to buy gifts for relatives, friends and parents.

The presents reflect the gift of God's son to the world, Jesus Christ, who was a sacrifice for our sins which no man can atone in the eyes of God.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Insightful and well-argued. But please stop addressing him as "Doctor". According to sociolinguistics, we only address someone as "Doctor" when he is a medical practitioner. Someone with a PhD should be addressed as (in this case) "Dr Ridhuan".

Anonymous said...


Muslims and Christians are brothers or like two peas in a pot. Both Christians and Muslims believe in the old testament (Christians call) So we are related why should we condemn each other.

The truth is why people of authority want to divide us-- Same like the British ma! Divide and Rule. I remember those days in the fifties there were never such problems all of us lived in perfect harmony and happy, visit each others house during the festival days and we all were like family helping each other, laugh together or cry together sleep in each other's house. Calling each other's MUM MACIK, macik. CAN WE HAVE THOSE DAYS BACK AGAIN. THANKS

Anonymous said...

No issue or brouhaha when mubarak's son and Abbas attended coptic church christmas mass in middle east.

Anonymous said...

Shame on u, Dr Ridhuan, yr religious view has been debunked.

In today internet world, all claims can be cross-checked

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Well said. As a Malaysian Muslim, I hope this message get across all Malaysians.