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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Three Faces of Malaysia

In just 10 days this year, I witness with absolute disbelief three faces of Malaysia.

A non-Muslim lawyer - apparently, he is an MCA man, whatever that may mean - allegedly wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and carbon copied the letter to some other parties. In the letter, he complained that he has been awaken from his nightly sleep, even at 5.45am, by the azan (Muslim's call for prayer) which is broadcast loudly from the nearby mosque every morning.

He obviously found the azan annoying. Not to mention disturbing. That's because the azan would wake him up from his sleep at 5.45am.

I am not going into the issue on whether in Islam, it is mandatory or even encouraged that azans be broadcast loudly over the loudspeakers, especially in areas where non-Muslims are known to reside.

I am also not going to delve into the practice, by some mosques and suraus, of not only broadcasting azans but also morning lectures and recitation of the Quran loudly over the loudspeakers. This is because the letter written by the lawyer was only about azan.

Let's start from the obvious.

We live in a multi-ethnic-faith country. On Fridays, non-Muslims have to endure traffic jams in areas where mosques are located and near such areas. Muslims would be parking their cars - some double park and some even triple park - near the mosque during Friday prayers.

On Sundays, Muslims and non-Christians would have to endure traffic jams in areas where churches are located when Christians, in turn, do the same in order to attend their Sunday mass.

Off and on, Muslims, Christians and people of other faiths, have to endure some Hindu celebrations. Take the Batu Caves processions for example.

Then we have the Buddhists or Chinese celebration. Loud drums and firecrackers for example.

As a people, we accept those kind of things as part of our daily metropolitan life. Even if some of us do not accept them, we tolerate them. We do so out of respect for our friends and their faith. We do not question them. We do not oppose their acts.

We don't do so although sometimes we are inconvenienced by such acts. But the colours of our life and the conscious joy of knowing that by not objecting we are deliberately partaking in this beautiful celebrations of life far outweigh the inconvenience that is caused to us and our daily life.

Frankly, I find the lawyer's complaint about the azan rather unreasonable, if not downright rude. If he was complaining about the loud recitation of the Quran or the whole morning ceramah being broadcast  from 6am, I might say a different thing. But to complain against the azan is, I think, unreasonable.

This is the face of Malaysia which is becoming more and more conspicuous nowadays. More and more pronounced. More and more frightening. The face of intolerance.

This is sad. Because Malaysia used to be one not only in display but in substance. And really, if no effort whatsoever is taken to address this underlying cross-race-faith intolerance or un-acceptance, a bigger and uglier disaster awaits all of us, I am afraid to say.

If I find the first act unreasonable and sad, the response the act was almost, in current climate, predictable. After Friday prayer, about 100 members of Pekida demonstrated outside the mosque. Banners were unfolded. Effigies were burnt. I mean, why am I not surprised?

Muslims around the world just love burning thing. In Malaysia, we not only burn things (this is not restricted to Muslims as the recent burning of the book Intelok would prove), we spit and stomp on things. We even severe a cow head and carried it all over town, blood and all.

(If I am permitted to digress here. Why is it that Muslims only demonstrate and burn things when non-Muslims are perceived to have insulted Islam? Muslims are not seen to have done so when fellow Muslims kill other Muslims. Like when the Shite kill the Sunnis and the Sunnis bomb the Shite mosques and kill 67 non-Sunni Muslims, for example. I don't understand.)

That the demonstration reeks of political motivations is obvious. YB Nurul Izzah, the PKR Memeber of Prliament for the area concerned, was asked what her stand was on the issue. Her calm and collected response and call for calm was, in my opinion, a measured one. And the correct one too.

If anybody needs proof that the next General Election is not going to be fought on issues affecting the economy and well being of the nation, he or she just need to look at the utterly sickening issues being churned out over the last two weeks.

Umi Hafilda. The azan issue. The Selangor state secretary issue. These are the three main issues creeping out from the bowels of our politicians in the past two weeks.

Yes. Forget about how Petronas' money is being used. Forget about what economics plans we have to counter our over-dependence on the US economy. Forget about how in a country hosting and boasting of the largest oil palm company in the world there seems to be a shortage of cooking oil. Forget about the real issues.

Because I foresee the next General Election is going to be the worst General Election in terms of utter madness and gutter politics. Mark my words. Zaid Ibrahim's photo-shopped picture with some bottles of brandy during the Hulu Selangor by-election would be chicken feed as compared to what will be forthcoming in the next GE.

Thus the second face of Malaysia over the last week was predictable. And there is no hope of it going away. All that we can do is to pray hard. Pray hard that it would not affect our sanity.

The exact aftermath of this whole azan issue is almost comical. According to a certain Minister, the issue was resolved when the "MCA man" has agreed to move out from his home.

Yes, ladies ad gentlemen, in Malaysia, that is how we solve problems. If you do not like it, you leave.

At this juncture, it would not be out of place to quote what Zaki Azmi, the Chief Justice, said last week. He said he is so proud of the judiciary as it is now the best in the Common Law countries. He is even prouder because, according to him we do it "the Malaysian way."

Yes. The Malaysian way.

And that, to me, is the frightening part of it all. The Malaysian way. We do not have space technology. No problem. Buy a seat on a space tour and call our participant an astronaut. Better still, get a space agency to certify that he is an astronaut.

Industrialisation anybody? No problem. Form a company. Use someone else's engine. Knock it into some old chassis. Impose APs and stratospheric taxes for export cars. Make our "national cars" cheaper than the rest. There you go.

The Malaysian way.

Back to the issue at hand. Yes. The "MCA mystery man" has agreed to move out. And so the problem is solved.

What about his deep seated intolerance of the azan and his underlying anger? What about the mobs who demonstrated, burning effigies and carrying wild banners, displaying a serious disability to engage in a civil manner? What about the larger picture of current Malaysia in a boiling broth of inter-race-faith discontent?

No. Problem is solved. Move on please.

Taking this third face of Malaysia to its logical - and probably comical end - may I suggest the followings?

In Selangor, in order to solve the Khusrin issue, perhaps PKR or Khusrin should be asked to leave Selangor.

After all, in Tenang, there is already a report that a teacher was asked to leave Tenang to Johor Baru for failing to "control his wife" as the wife was reportedly going to be PAS' candidate for the Tenang by-election.

In addition, in order to solve the Teoh Beng Hock death, why don't we ask the MACC to just leave Malaysia?

Then, in order to solve all the police death issues, why don't the police force just ask the IGP to leave? Or perhaps the whole Home Ministry should just pack up and leave.

The three faces of 1Malaysia. And just in two weeks in this spanking new year.

Now, who was it who says that Malaysia is a boring place, eh?


zaha said...

damm spot on....I hate Malaysian way...

Raison D'etre said...

Hey Art,

I womdered WhyTF the prefix MCA came into the picture of the azan controversy?

As the late Bruce used to utter before pummeling a stocky antagonist to death circa The Chinese Connection aka The Fist of Fury: Why?! Why?! Why?!

(Actually he said something along the lines of "WHy did you kill my teacher" or so in my badly dubbed version)

Would HELL have broken loose had it not been the case?

Scared shit, Art. Scared the begezuz.

PahNur said...

P. Ramlee had spotted the Malaysian way of solving the problem. He summarized it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr3REML0LRc

Anonymous said...

‘Frankly, I find the lawyer's complaint about the azan rather unreasonable, if not downright rude. If he was complaining about the loud recitation of the Quran or the whole morning ceramah being broadcast from 6am, I might say a different thing. But to complain against the azan is, I think, unreasonable.’

Even when the decibel of the azan calling reaching ‘supersonic’?

In the old azan was done with pure human vocal effort. That means no matter how loud, the calling can still be tolerated. Afterall it’s ONLY a short duration. But now it’s not uncommon to use state of the art electronic amplification. The loudness can reach ear-drum breaking level if that speakers r not mounted high on the minaret!

So, how?

BTW, what the difference between the Quran broadcast & the azan calling? Ain’t their ultimate aim is the same? Can one be louder than the other’s in a contest?

Then again that the fact that the lawyer only complaint about lately the volume of the azan calling has should up seem to have lost among the argument.

Someone's testing the new hifi or overeact? But which parties?

What about this for a thought;

•‘One painful type of torture being inflicted in our society, among the myriads of other kinds, is the merciless use of the loudspeakers.....

•He does not spare even the sick and the weak among the neighbors who have no interest in receiving the sounds he mercilessly thrusts upon them......

•They consider it a way to propagate their faith, and they sincerely believe that they are serving the cause of their faith. A wrong principle has taken root and is quite popular in our society now. Unfair deeds carried on with a fair intention are considered to be fine _ allowable and proper.

•The fact is, the sincerity of intentions per se, does not make the deed proper. It is also necessary for the methods to be proper. And such a merciless use of the loud speakers is not only contrary to the basic principles of propagation and conveyance of faith, but it also produces exactly the opposite results.......

•In the light of these ahadith and traditions, reciting the Quran loudly and disturbing those asleep during the salat of tahajjud is definitely not allowed. The Fuqaha (jurists) of the Muslim nation are unanimous in that. They have written that a person reciting the Quran in a loud voice at a time when people are asleep is actually committing a sin, even if he was on his own roof. (khulasatal fatawa vol I pg 103 and shami vol I pg 403 & 444)

~ Mufti Taqi Usmani, The Merciless Use of the Loud Speakers’

What should be the right thing to do in a civilized society? How does one view the relationship with one's god without inflict upon others' right?

Or is it going to be - this is a Islamic country. If you don't like it, get out!

Santo said...

during my college year in germany, what part my apartment and the church is only a tram railway. of course i have to endure a 'painfull' ringing of bell on sunday morning. but this problem easily solve by shutting up my window. the sound of church bell then became my lullaby.

patrickteoh said...

Another astute observation my dear friend. Thank you for sharing. But did the fler complain about the loudness of the azan or did he just complain that the azan should not be broadcast at all?

Anonymous said...

You appear to have miss an important point. The MCA man did not complaint about the azan but he only complained about the loudness of the azan. My brother who stays is Johor Bharu once made a friendly complaint to the surau committee that the cone speaker was put directly to his house which made the azan sounds too loud. The committee members reciprocated by turning the speakers towards the direction of the field. That solved the problem. Non-Muslims are not against azan but sometimes its volume is amplified too loud that cause irritation. Not everybody wakes up at 5.45 am. How about those suffering from insomnia for whom ability to sleep is a luxury.If you want non-muslims to be reasonable Muslims must be reasonable too.

siewchinteo said...

this article would have been funny if not for the fact it is the effing truth, pardon my french.

Jeremiah said...

The best way to sincerely appreciate the customs and religious practices of other races/groups is the aesthetic and creative appreciation.

As a Christian, I have no problem hearing the faint call of the azan prayer at dawn. It reminds me that I am in Asia, not in London or Paris.

As a writer or artist, I do not reject the experience of being part of a community of different people (the smell of incense in a Chinese altar, the festive lights, etc). I absorb each experience as much as I can and I reflect on my personal values.

All this aesthetical experiences does not make me a a more or less moral person. It makes me more observant and truthful to who I am.

Just as a person walking through an art gallery does not have to be outraged or angry after coming out of it. He is either bored or interested. So all Malaysians should be aethestically grateful for such a variety of communal sounds/colours.

Of course, the azan should not be so loud to the point of annoyance.

Anonymous said...

chicken feet is a chinese delicacy.....you meant chicken feed?

TMWayist said...

Hey, the Malaysian Way (TMW) is great! We get to be the champions (if only in Malaysia) and get celebrated in the Malaysian Book of records - like longest satay. And the Brand Laurette Awards like for best Malaysian Car - Proton or Perodua ..yay! TMW keeps the tadpoles happy in their drying patch of water, so who cares about the rest of the world.

semuanya OK kot said...

"Forget about the real issues."

Exactly. As long as we can distract you with more frivolous issues, you won't have time to think about, let alone articulate food security, law and order, equality, economic management, environmental protection, education, health security. Long live the kleptocracy!

eugene ng said...


suara subuh said...

when non-muslim talks about the harshness of Azan. i just feel sad and dissappointed. all of you should know that The Azan is meant to call on the muslims, marking that it's the time to do their prayers.

and this whole ruckus that the Azan being so loud at 5.45am is just unreasonable (i agree with Art. I HAVE TO. I'M A MUSLIM)

i mean, the nature of Azan itself must be loud and clear. so that Muslims at home could hear the signal.

talking about homes, come on, we're living in a home made of bricks and not made of woods or bamboo. pure vocal voice just wont do the job anymore, try shouting at your wall. and call your neighbor living 5 doors away (or more).

"hey dude, can you not hear Man United sucks? i just shout at my wall so that you can hear me"
(just an example)

Anonymous 17 January 2011 14:28.
well, i dont know, but there's a lot fr you to learn. there's no use to argue something which you dont know its nature is all about.

my, you can't even differentiate the aim of Azan and Quran broadcast!

or maybe just for the sake of our tolerance as malaysians. can we, instead of blaming the loudspeakers and azan for being so loud. use them to mark the start of your day. make it your alarm clock..save money on batteries though.

Anonymous said...

i love the malaysian way. I love malaysia and malaysians. I know u've all heard this before, but i you really dont like this country, pack up and leave. Australia is opening up western australia to immigrants. Really, i've been there and its really nice, take my word for it.

ridwan said...

Art...bro....you write beautifully...and hit the nail...guess this is what RPK was warning us about...the racial tension being caused by UMNO/BN/PERKIDA@3Line/Perkosa come GE13. We must unite & throw this shit government into the gutter as well just like the politics they practise!

Anonymous said...

Fellow Malaysian from Sarawak

In modern days, life is more sophisticated than old days. People in the past never for example offered 24 hours services with shift system. Hence peolpe sleeping pattern are different from the past. What consider right in one religion may be unacceptable to others who are not of the same faith. Get out or move out may not be the right answer. In a multi-racial and multi- religious society, we need to learn to compromise. Also remember that the more freedom we have, in term of loud public display, be it modern music, New year celebration or religious reasons, it can cause annoyance to other who do not share the same interest. Hence inter- religous dialogue is very important to keep our society harmonious and peaceful.
Very loud Azan or church bell or other loud public call for prayer on daily basis can be annoyance. So how to solve it? Well following are a few answers worth thinking aboout 1. Make sure your house window is tight so that you cannot hear it. or 2. Use alarm clock instead of church bell, beating of drum or azan.(unless the religious book say you are not allowed to use alarm clock)or 3. politely ask them to lower the volume a bit or change the direct of broadcasting. Well, utimately, we need to give and take and engaged in peaceful dialogue. I think this would be what God want us to do -- be peaceful and considerate to other human beings.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha...I took can not abhor the bodohway.

A pollution is a pollution weather it is air or sound. It affect everyone.

Good luck bodhland and the bodohs...

bumi-non-malay said...

Sorry Art...you missed the point Big time...

1. Loud speaker, azan is 5 times Seven times 365 days = 12775 Noise times in a Year.

2. Christian catholic Bell once a week = 1 * 52 = 52 Noise times a year

3. Indian Thaipusam noise = 1 a year.

4. Chinese New year crackers burning, other religious celebration is maximum 15 Noise time a year.

This is not about tolerance its about UMNO Malay muslim Abusing their Dominance with Arrogance in Malaysia.

The REAL point However is missed. A religion or God that mandates the calling via 12775 (a year) calls needs to seriously examine their Religious commitment to their God. If a muslim don't know the time of worship on a daily basis should stop their Hypocrisy and change religion to one that is not so Hyprocrite. Don't fall in love with Religiousity when you are a MUNAFIK!! Go check how many people turn up at that time. Its just a religiousity thing that UMNO-muslims wants to kick a stink to stay in power and continue Raping the nation with their corruption!! Frankly I think Malaysia UMNO muslim should make only ONE Azan Call a Day....to bring the Noise level Ratio with other culture/religion noise times a year to a more respectable level. As it stands, non-muslim have more than tolerated the noise!! So please don't lecture us on faces of Malaysia.....look in your own back yard first and wonder why you muslim needs to be reminded to pray 12775 times a year and not do it on your own graciously, willingly and honourably!! No need to tell the world how Pious you are...and God is not deaf of blind either!!...neither are many non-muslim!!

Anonymous said...

Good day sir,
I've never commented on your writings before, this is my first. I respectfully disagree with you on this. As bumi-non-malay says, you've missed the point altogether! I dont ever remember the call to prayer of Muslims being so loud to the point of annoying before. This is a new trend in the past few years. I live a few meters away from a surau, in a kampung with about 60 Muslim family. We have to endure these calls to prayer blasting directly towards my house very early in the morning. And then there's the ceramahs, preachings and religious songs. The songs are played after the call to prayer and remain upto 7.30am. What would people like us do?
We did send a petiton asking if the authorities could find another space for the surau (when we first came to know about the proposal for a surau), as ALL the houses facing it are non-Muslim houses. (This arrangement came to be as earlier this land had a pigsty.) Our petition, I suppose, ended up in the trash.
How long can we go on? When at every turn we're expected to shut-up or asked to leave if we dont like it here...There will be a tipping point, no? And I am terrified just at the thought of it.

Anonymous said...

suara subuh,

‘this whole ruckus that the Azan being so loud at 5.45am is just unreasonable’

‘you can't even differentiate the aim of Azan and Quran broadcast!’

Do enlighten me, pls, as I’ve put mine up-front on the table (even with quotes from one of yr learnt Imam)!

Then coming out with this gem;

‘or maybe just for the sake of our tolerance as malaysians. can we, instead of blaming the loudspeakers and azan for being so loud. use them to mark the start of your day. make it your alarm clock save money on batteries though.’

Why not buy an alarm clock, set it as loud as u like for yr azan or whatever calls within the confinement of yr house?

That will be civilized for the least. & that should apply for all the kariah member of that mosque’s vicinity.

Vocal call can't penetrate the challenge of a bricked/concreted structures, then lets resolve with modern technology. Not the speaker but the humble alarm clock!

After all this is the Internet age, we r not talking about the bygone troglodytic age & their practices. Yes?

Anonymous said...

Malaysians have become selfish. We forgot about being considerate. First of all we should be considerate to our neighbours, friends and society. If we practice a little consideration nothing like this will happen.

Desertbug said...

The Malaysian way has evolved and is continuing to self destruction. Tolerance levels are significantly lower than the '50s. There's been one too many "champions" leading astray the unthinking rakyat. Sentiments stirred needlessly in defiance of another. Segregation started in the early 70's in schools no one made the effort to nip it in the bud. The non malays were cowed into submission through fear of the loss of a motherland. Now the trend of thought is for three motherlands - for the three dominant races. Unity is gone. Malaysia will fall into the brink, struggle to rebuild, race will stand in unity before rising again. Yes there instances when the Azande is just too loud. Then there were times when the volume was adjusted midstream because the mullah realised it was way too loud. Tolerance ? Call it what you want - I think that's the Malaysian way.

donplaypuks® said...

The issue was clearly the degree of loudness of the azan transmitted over loudspeakers and not the azan itself per se.

Whether it was too loud would depend I suppose on how close your bedroom window was to the mosque.

The relevant authorities should set decibel level standards for all such sound transmissions from mosques, temples and churches so we can guage transgressions objectively in future.

we are all of 1 Race, the hUman Race

SHAFEEK said...

I think the semejid pipple are overzealous in in their use of the PA,which also happens in Kampung Sungei Penchala. I think they have taken a book out of Mao Tse Tung's methods on how to brainwash the citizenry with systematic loud barking of some arab nonsense and disturbing their peace and quiet.

VP said...

Im my housing area ,I hv one surau behind my hse abt 200 meters,Another one to my left about 700-800 meters,another one across the highway 700-800 meters away.Why so many within a 1km radius???The one behind was built on a playing field,as what is happening all over Msia.I hear the call from all 3 angles.Wouldn't it be considerate if only 1 does the call since I can hear from all 3.Or is it the case,God hears the one with the loudest vocal.As far as I know God hears my inner thoughts,I don't need to talk to him loudly.As the Prof wrote in Mkini,during times past in Arabia,event the prophet and his followers told the highly vocal followers to mind about those who are sleeping or resting.Muslims in Malaysia need to know they are talking to God and not Ben 10.Those who want to talk to him will dutifully get up and walk over to do their daily duty.Its a fallacy to believe otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Tolerance is mutual feeling. I think majority suraus like to put their loud speakers to the fullest and they have these bilals whose voices are damned annoying with bad pitchings.In Islam you need to be well qualified to be a bilal...not just any tom,dick or harry as in the malaysian way.Prophet Muhammad chose Bilal becoz he had a beautiful and soothing voice.In the area I live the bilals are sometimes retirees..so you can imagine it. Malaysian bilals shoud go thru auditions like in reality shows and then go for vocal training. Azans if beautifully recited can be therapeutic not only to muslims but also non-muslims.Meanwhile,azan is a good alarm clock to muslims and non- muslims alike.The sound of the morning azan will wake up the neighbourhood to start their search for livelihood....I believe all faiths believed that waking up early in the morning bring luck and good fortune.So, we should look at it positively....and simultaneously, muslims should not blast the loud speakers in the suraus..we should not create unnecessary dissatisfaction and disturbances to others.Finally both muslims and non-muslims must have high tolerance coz we're living in a multi-racial and religious country.....what say you Art?

Anonymous said...

This issue had arisen in London and also in Paris. Everyone thinks he is in the right.

This is really THE case where even if you win .....you still lose

Both parties


Anonymous said...

Art, thank you for the article
you know your comment about people voting based on issues -- you must be joking -- we are asians >> we dont give two hoots about the economy, corruption etc as long as it does not affect us directly -- during elections ( and always ) we swallow what the political parties tell us and that's rthe reason the same jokers get voted in again and again
cheers, keep on writing

Anonymous said...

Nowadays ppl work 3 shifts unlike ancient times. Azan prayers that are not very loud and from a nice voice is actually very pleasant even to non-Muslims like our family. At times,we miss a certain Imam praying with a melodious voice!

Anonymous said...


Thou shall not object nor comment on anything related to the malays, islam and the royalty. If anyone is not happy with the way things are in this beautiful glorious country under the capable leadership of the PM and his supreme UMNO party, then get the fcuk out of this country.

Anonymous said...

not long ago, they installed a loudspeaker in a surau inside the condo complex, those units near it felt the impact of loudness, my unit is far away and i find it soothing and pleasant.Nowaday, the foreigners/immigrants dominate it and the azan sound abit unfamiliar.(maybe their accent )

HUAT said...

The complain was VOLUME of the loudspeaker and not the Azan or Quran reading.

To compare this with the Friday and Sunday inconveniences is not right. They are once a week and in broad daylight when everyone is not suppose to be sleeping.

This is 5 am in the morning and EVERY MORNING. Once woken at that time some find it hard to go back to sleep again. So it does not matter whether the loudspeaker is for 1 minute or 10 minutes. It takes only a 1 second loud noise to wake you up. If there is a baby then then once woken the secondary noise by the baby can be much much longer.

Anonymous said...

hi art,

just an observation, on my usual trip back to malaysia for holidays, i too noticed that because the azan call is now over a loudspeaker, the call now is substantially louder not too mention quite coarse and 'stabbing', probably down to the quality of the loudspeaker. there are also overlapping calls being heard?, pls remember just an observation. Unlike the times when during my younger days we used to have a mosque just behind our house where the call is more 'nyaring'? in fact(speaking as a non muslim) i missed those kind of 'quality' call for prayers as i have gotten use to it as it has a serene kind of quality to it.

Anonymous said...

well, if one accept loudspeaker as technology innovation, then digital clock with the special call-function shd be acceptable as another innovation. Anyway ppl still able to pray without reminder.

LAT said...

To bumi-non-malay,

I fully agree with your rational argument !

Sorry Art...you missed the point Big time...

Anonymous said...
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