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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The One Dimensional Man

In Dear Mr Lee, I reproduced what Herbert Marcuse said in his work, The One Dimensional Man, namely, in a mass society, shaped and moulded by the State,

"the multi-dimensional dynamic by which the individual attained and maintained his own balance between autonomy and heteronomy, freedom and repression, pleasure and pain, has given way to a one-dimensional static identification of the individual with the others and with the administered reality principle."

You all want to see an example? Watch this!

Warning: Do not watch this while driving. This was performed by professionals. Do not try this at home.


cinafong said...

That was absolutely bonkers. That guy should stick his head in the sand now

Crankster said...

The dude looked like he was humping his car. Apparently he was making more space for that last drop of petrol.

Anonymous said...

Ya loh, one dimensional indeed!

All the 'excellent' claim of education produces kiasu personality like this, what a shocker.

Then again this couple could be a S'pore PR from M'sia. Then where the finger should point?

Better example is the phenomenon of "chope-seats" by placing a packet of tissue to 'pre-booked' a table at a food court. That's real world class S'porean act.

Closer to home, how many dimension can a M'sian be - when day-in day-out, one get troglodytic religious sermons to justify one's up-bringing.

Up-bringing, indeed. We r just a siamese-twin with the causeway acting as the common umbilical cord.

d'enricher said...


Well what have he got to loose, every single sen is money, sine its cheaper here in Malaysia.

By the way, he pumps RON95 or RON97?

How does one check the Foreign car really does not get the subsidise petrol other than the notice plasted at the pump?

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,

We, Malaysians aint no better either, actually, if we are seriously honest with ourselves.

In our quest to build the biggest, largest, tallest whatnots, we have forgotten the meaning of civic mindedness. Just take a look at how we double/triple park, the way we drive on the road, smoking when there is a No Smoking sign, spitting in public, littering all over the place etc etc.

Yes, Singapore has their ugly side ... but at least their institutions like the police, anti corruption, judiciary are not tainted like ours. Plus, we are a few light years behind them in education, health care and public transportation.

And the fact that multinationals are parking their regional offices there means Singaporeans get the quality jobs.

Spook the Sphynx said...

" And the fact that multinationals are parking their regional offices there means Singaporeans get the quality jobs. Anon 18 February 2011 09:39"

Don't be silly lah. The multinationals are not there because the Singas are any smarter. The real smart asses took off long ago. MNCs just want the crummy aliens old Chok Tong and K Yew brought in and baptizing as new singas!

Read the temasekreview.com/ and go tease them there and say you todak are no position to langgar them neither! ;)

Anonymous said...

Very common in Indonesia actually... see it all the time

Tiger said...


Daniel said...

actually i don't understand. Will this help to pump more into his car?
I have seen this before in JB. My wife and I had our jaws dropped when we saw this.
But, does it really help?