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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tun DrM - my hero

In the last few weeks I have been entertained by two of my favourite people in the world.
Yes. Tun DrM and Lee Kuan Yew. Felix Ungar and Oscar Madison. The pot and the kettle. The men with the plan. The visionaries. The beacon of liberty, freedom, progress, development and oh yes, the Asian Values.
One calls the other, firstly, "little Emperor of a tiny Middle Kingdom." Then he downgraded the other - two days ago, to be exact - from being an Emperor to just a Mayor. The other one insinuated that his counterpart is delusional. And it goes on.
Nobody knows who is right or who is mightier.
One thing which I know for sure is this. Both were benevolent absolutists bent on achieving anything which they managed to conjure up in their respective warped mind regardless of the consequences of their respective acts. Both are old people who really should just stop churning out vitriolic and do some good instead, like by not saying anything about anything.
Latest by Tun DrM is a mind boggling pronouncement that Malaysia belongs to Malays and that the non-Malays just have to live with that fact by accepting the culture and language of the dominant community. He has reportedly said :
“This country belongs to the Malay race. Peninsular Malaysia was known as Tanah Melayu but this cannot be said because it will be considered racist.
“We must be sincere and accept that the country is Tanah Melayu,”  (The Malaysian Insider)
I am Malay. Tun DrM is my hero. Thank you very much Tun.
As dirty talks go, that must have outperformed Linda Lovelace and the whole Dallas team put together.
I do not know why some people are obsessed with the ownership of this country. It is as if this country is full of things which could be owned and are in fact owned. On my last count, Bahasa Melayu is owned by Malays. The word "Allah" is also owned by Malays (who by Constitutional definition is synonymous with   Muslims). There are also "special rights" which are owned by Malays. 30% of the economy are owned - well, actually, are supposed to be owned - by Malays.
In fact, I know of one specific Malay who is going around town owning everything and anything - mostly government projects and monopolised businesses -which are "ownable."
And now this. Malaysia is owned by Malays.
I am so glad to know that. Because the last time I went back to my kampung, I saw countless Malays riding old motorbikes, struggling to pay their water bills and school fees (who say our schools have no fees?), eating plain rice and ikan masin day in and day out, working in leased padi fields with just enough money to buy rice and ikan masin after paying their landlords for the padi field and the rentals for the tractors and harvesters.
Now I supposed, these poor Malays could go to the land office and claim this land, which has been declared as theirs.
Nice. The Malay problems are solved. Poverty among the Malays is solved. Declining standard of education is solved. Health care problem is solved. Inability to think is solved.
And with one sentence (or two), Tun DrM has managed to solve the issue which had been ghosting his mind since 1969. Yes folks. THE MALAY DILEMMA IS SOLVED.
Take that Minister (Senior) Lee Kuan Yew! What do you have to say about that huh? You surely have not solved the Chinese Dilemma, have you Minister Lee? In fact, you do not even have a Chinese Dilemma to begin with! How very inferior to Tun DrM you are.
I have written so much on the so called social contract and on how Malaysia gained her independence as well as the thoughts and rationale which went into the framing of some of the provisions of our Federal Constitution, especially article 153. I am not going to repeat them here.
I am not going to argue with Tun DrM anymore. Let's just assume - and it is really a very big assumption - that what he said is correct. Tanah Melayu belonged to the Malays. Let's just take that as the gospel (oh, I forget, I am Muslim, and so it should be the "Quranic") truth.
But is there a Tanah Melayu now? In 2011?
The truth is Tanah Melayu has disappeared from the face of the Earth at 12 midnight 31st August 1957, when Malaya, and later, Malaysia, was born. When the late Tunku Abdul Rahman was screaming "merdeka merdeka merdeka", Tanah Melayu achieved its independence and she morphed into this new state called Malaya, which later became Malaysia. All her citizens became Malayans, and later Malaysians. They may belong to different ethnicity, different race, different faith, different tribe speaking different language and dialect, but they all became Malayans that early morning.
This country belong not to Malays anymore that morning. This country belongs to Malaysians from that morning onwards.
If the Tun's favourite hypothesis of the social contract is correct, true and accurate - that there was a round table agreement between leaders of the three main races where the Malays have agreed to allow the non-Malays to become citizens in exchange for special rights - then by that same token, it means that the Malays, through that very social contract, have agreed to disclaim their ownership of Tanah Melayu in exchange for some special rights.
I am not making this up. I am saying this based on what Tun DrM has been saying all this while.
If ever there was such an agreement - as repetitiously blared by Tun DrM and his ilk -  that would be the natural and legal consequences of that agreement.
If that being so, on what basis, I wonder, is Tun DrM now founding his claim that Malaysia is owned by the Malays?
As for Lee Kuan Yew, you do not have the right to even speak about us, okay. You have not even identified the Chinese Dilemma yet. You little Mayor!


shaike said...

"outperformed Linda Lovelace and the whole Dallas team put together."...hahaha.. Debbie must be proud.

LAT said...

If Dr M is your hero than Art is my HERO k ? I hope Dr M treats no body no body but Art as his HERO too !

Kris said...

Well said Art Harun... This ridiculous postulation that this country belongs to a singular group of people is about as inane as anything I have heard but expect no better coming from the mouth of one who only serves his own wants and needs and will manipulate anyone and anything to garner support for him to only, and I repeat this, serve his own wants and needs...

He will destroy this nation if needs be to serve his ends...

Belinda said...

I still don't understand what Dr M was talking about. I don't see how the Malays can own our nation any more than they do now. The only thing I can think of is that he wants voting rights removed from non Malays or the right to stand for public office. What else is there?
Regards, Belinda

Tiger said...

So, being the son of an Indian, Dr. M also does not belong in this country?
I see.....

donplaypuks® said...

"This country belong not to Malays anymore that morning.

This country belongs to Malaysians from that morning onwards."

Bravo! Nuffsaid!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

JJ said...

Haha..don't think even for one second that Mamakthir cares about the Malay especially the poor lots.

Mamak is worried that since a change of government might happen comes next GE, he has to stir racial sentiments and hatred to help the current regime in power.
The scumbag has just too many skeletons in his closet to see him spending his last days in Sungai Buloh prison when PR comes into power.

I bet Mamak will then fled to Kerala India to seek political asylum and unashamely claims that he , being an Indian is oppressed , persecuted and victimised by the Malay !
Such is the opportunistic and despicable character of this lowlife.

If then he is asked whether he considers himself to be a Malay or an Indian, I bet the bugger will say " of course I am Indian ,you see my father Mohamad Iskandar Kutty was an Indian who migrated from Kerala to the then Malaya, so how can I be a Malay when my father was an Indian ? I have always consider in my whole life Kerala as my hometown and India my homeland..."
Most probably he will say with contempt "...to hell with the Malay..." .

Nanda said...

Enjoyed your piece as usual sir.

A small correction, I believe 31st August 1957 was the birthday of Malaya and 16th September 1963 is the actual birthday of Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

I hope they (TM n LKY) continue taking potshots at each other.I am amaze at them ..late in their life eventually admitting their regrets, failures and disappointments.
A whole new expose and lesson to us and leaders..present and future.
One big Egoistical battle for relevancy without actually being accountable anymore.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Harun

You cant just switch off history and culture. It's there forever.You cant erase the physical and conceptual being of Tanah Melayu. Past midnight 1957, the Chinese schools are still here,
and Chinese language is widely spoken in the commercial world; The Common law is still referred to and Lord Denning is still mentioned in law classes. The word pariah is still discussed and deliberated. The lion dance is still roaring behind a pick up truck during CNY festival.Chinese newspapers are flourishing. Hindraf is always running amuck. These are not things that you can just passed a law and deemed illegal and void.Damn obtuse lawyer


Anonymous said...

Dr. M won't be satisfied until Malaysia is in flames with the Malays and non Malays at each others throats. He is no statesman by my reckoning. There are so many ills in our country and he chooses to talk about race. Art said it spot on when he said "Tanah Melayu has disappeared from the face of the Earth at 12 midnight 31st August 1957, when Malaysia was born"

Anonymous said...

Never Wrestle With a Pig: You Will Both Get Dirty and the Pig Will Love it

Anonymous said...

I thought Mahathir said (in his university application) that he was Indian?! So why is he claiming the world belongs to the 'Malays' now?

Anyways...I think his fantasy 'bumiputra land' was kaput long ago when the portugese, dutch and british kicked ass in this region. The only gave 'Malaysia' independence in 1957, and not 'surrendered' to the umnoputras for fear of their keris!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOO....itu nguap,
zzzzz....itu ngantuk;
##@@##..itu bualan coffeeshop,
rrrrrr.. itulah nyanyuk!

Gajah sama gajah berlaga,
Pelanduk mati ditengah;
Berperang mulutnya orang tua,
Seluruh negara menggelabah!

rob said...


Just to digress a little.

Malaysia in its original state (pun intended) was an amalgamation of 4 countries namely Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah.

Yes, Sabah and Sarawak are countries by their own rights. Hence asking for protection of their citizens through various ways including work permits, etc

Whatsoever I know no country except my Malaysia.


rob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Follow Mahathir's logic, then Strait of Malacca rightly belongs to Malacca hence Malaysia !
Wah.. Malaysia can start collecting levy for passages of ships in the strait !
Art may be you want to propose to the government to privatise the project to you ?
You can be a very very rich man in Asia, just think about it ok ?

Anonymous said...

Hello Indah Water ...you guys missed a shithole ....

Anonymous said...

Please lah, Pak Harun, stand for a parlimentary seat in the coming general elections. I will do my best to help

Anonymous said...

day dream ah??! Tanah Malayu
Now is Tanah Umnoputra, MCAputra, MICputra. Sarawak is Taib Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Sarawakk is Ta../GC.. Kingdom, one takes the forest, and other took the forested lands for palm trees but no paying $$ for it.
King invests $ in home land, but these king-PINS invests in swiss bank.
Swiss bankers are laughing everydays as this $$$ are belonging to them; not the kingpins anymore.
Now we know why Swiss is rich.
What peoples said, if u don't spend the money, the money is not yours.
He son likes to spend on chix, and got AIDS, so cannot perform as MP, or minister at federal, have to stay at UK to pop handful of anti-virus cocktails. Not sure he official wive kenna too.

man on da street said...

I for once will agree to Tun M that this is the Tanah Melayu and existed from days of yore , any one would like to dispute even before the Yap Ah Loys , or the Ghee Hins, or the Hai Sans ever reach these shores or our Indians friends settled in the estates., even till sometime ago nicknamed the SS Rajula, the kapal bawang that brought them here! Achieving independence does not erase the actual ethnic race that was here earlier from the Tanah Melayu, omly compromising to appleased the tuan mat sallehs . the slave drivers, the conquerors of a rich country filled with minerals and fertile soils. So if history is recorded as such that the other races other the existing Malays at that time, is brought here to fullfilled the tuans orang putih hidden agenda, so tanah sapa la wei?Some may be rich when they reach this shores at time, which I doubt , only to become rich thru underworld activities, so are the chettiars, just like 10 dua, borrow ten pay twenty, is that right, of course not, but dont blame the chettiars. Blame the dunggus that borrow from them, thus they become rich i.e either thru underworld or arm twistings n they rise to become enterpreneurs in Malaya, organised. With money of course you can control the economy till today. UPon achieving economic wealth, and a little push thru political expedience, now you say Malaysia is not and does not belongs to the Tanah Melayu. What arrogance. Even the americans, australians, new zealanders who acquire lands from days of yore,{no need to teach history lessons here} will never admit that the original inhabitants are the original bumiputras will they , mate? For the not Malays we will never extract your rights, will never deny your rights. You all are also true Malysians either thru bithrights, or your ancestors have equally contributed their heart and soul to our our beloved country, but really ponder , who are actually here first before your ancestors reach this shores? I claim my ancestors rights to what actually belongs to them , theres no two way about it for me.

Anonymous said...

Tanah Melayu??? Tun Dr M, shall we send an international team to uncover Kota Gelanggi? Shall we further explore Bujang Valley (Lembah Bujang)? Tun Dr M, take note I use the word "uncover" and not find, because Kota Gelanggi is there for us to uncover. Kota Gelanggi is NOT a myth.

Anonymous said...

When Mahathir and Mr. Lee Kuan Yew argues ... they sounded like a couple who went through bitter separation. That said, I think LKY still has working brain cells at his age ... whereas his opponent displays of acute brain cell losses.

Anonymous said...

Inability to think is solved <-- if this does come true then I'm thinking that everybody will look at Dr M as an old grumpy man who should be left alone and not to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

You said, "One thing which I know for sure is this. Both were benevolent absolutists bent on achieving anything which they managed to conjure up in their respective warped mind regardless of the consequences of their respective acts. Both are old people who really should just stop churning out vitriolic and do some good instead, like by not saying anything about anything."

I would say....that old racist Mahathir is corrupt, nyanyok, good at bailing out his sons' companies, created a corrupt culture, distrust his successors, etc. He took Malaysia down the drain.....as you said....poor malays living on white rice + ikan asin only day-in-n-day-out.

LKY, the respected statesman of SIngapore has brought Singapore to great heights and prosperity. The nation is safe, great infra-structure, efficient civil service, provided affordable housing to every citizens...the very poor ones get to stay free or at S$10 or S$20 rental/month, near zero corruption, a good home team comprising the police, navy and airforce.

Even the Indonesian young lady who married the kelantan prince - her mother was told by a taxi driver that the Singapore police will help anyone in need of help. In malaysia, mana ada...polis will turn around and accuse you and set up traps by putting machette, parang and drugs in your car, in your shop and say you are a criminal. babi punya polis di malaysia.

Mahathir the racist said the minority has to accept that Malaysia belongs to the Malays coz it is Tanah Melayu but scream at LKY and said that the Singapore malays are for window dressing only.
Biar Mahathir mampus lah....apa guna...bila dia mampus, Malaysia ada harmoni sesama bangsa.

I don't know how he is going to kick the bucket....I bet a painful one!!!

cram said...

Very arty piece of work ! En. Harun

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is not a medical doctor. He was maybe donkey years ago.

He's now a bomoh, a Spin Doctor!

dharma said...

Well said Art. definitely the Quranic Gospel! As for LKY - he has long been above Senior Minister. He's at present the Mentor Minister (or is it Minister Mentor, i forget, dont make much of a difference though) trying to conjure up a Chinese & Indian dilemma by getting as much Chinese and Indian migrants to challenge the 'complacent Singaporeans' who are demanding minimum wage. He's creating the Chinese and Indian Dilemma as we speak. TDM better buck up! although it would be best for both to just shut up!

Anonymous said...


I like this gem –

‘If the Tun's favourite hypothesis of the social contract is correct, true and accurate - that there was a round table agreement between leaders of the three main races where the Malays have agreed to allow the non-Malays to become citizens in exchange for special rights - then by that same token, it means that the Malays, through that very social contract, have agreed to disclaim their ownership of Tanah Melayu in exchange for some special rights.

I am not making this up. I am saying this based on what Tun DrM has been saying all this while.’

But then, can a senile old man has some fun in his terminal year? Detrimental to the health of the nation? As long as it’s not to his, I bet!

BTW, care to do some search on the ‘creation of Tanah Melayu’?

Micheal Chick (of Malaysia-today) has given some insights, based on historical facts, to dispute this misnomer, created by the manipulative British colonial masters. Why not put yr analytical mind to clear this myth, that's cultivated single-mindedly among those blur-sotongs?

& based on track records, LKY is definitely more benevolent than that mamak. LKY’s accolades in many of the world bodies & MNS speaks volumes. Mamak’s? unless u considered been a proton & Petronas advisor equates those of LKY’s.

One more thing, LKY DOESNT disclaimed his ancestry, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Well said...especially from a "true genuine Malay'. However and wahtever whitewash Tun M is doing or using, he will not be able to "cleanse' the fact that he is of Indian ancestry and that running in his body, is Indian blood or should we say, the 'tinge " of his indian blood will never disppear generation after...Sad that a PM of htis contry for 22 years, he is still palying the racial issue to keep him alive...why can't he do the "right' to let Malaysian remember him in histroy for the goods and not the bads? I dail to understand....

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed? Dr M just call LKY names. Whereas LKY just state incidents to back up his case. This is class. No wonder LKY gains so much intrrnational respect while Dr M only gets attention from theclikes of Mugabe.
Strange that there should be a reversal of roles when one considers each other's profession. The doctor should be analyzing while the lawyer should be making noises. The contrary is happening.

Anonymous said...

The orang asli should come out and say that this country belong to them. The rest of the population migration can be traced as far as from india,china, middle east etc, not to mention nearby indonesia.He truly a spin-doctor, can even change ppl race by constitutionally define.

Anonymous said...

A person who is ashamed of his very own father's ethnicity is truly a shameless, contemptible and despicable character.
Mahathir is one .

Anonymous said...

Mr LKY is a world class achiever, he excel in his study at Cambridge University, he lead Singapore from a small poor island city to a world class country with GDP higher than developed country, the country Airline, Industries, Universities, infrastructures, human capital, institutions are best in the world. He did it within a short period of 20 years.

Mr Mamakthir has created a racially divided country, majority of the citizen are crippled with dependency attitude, parasitic life style, ministries filled with elite looters and corupt officers, the country is in political and economic delima, social and economic institution falling apart, corruption rampant, deception, suppression are part of life.

The contrast is angel and devil, make your choice. Even devil and evil have their own followers too.

Anonymous said...

Can you ever trust a fellow who is ashamed of his own father?

thebullmastiffs said...

There have been much arguments about the so-called "social contract" where Malays are given special rights with respect to affirmative actions, etc. But nothing so far has been conclusive. Whatever it is, for a contract to be valid, there must be certainties in at least 2 issues, i.e. subject matter & duration. While the subject matter is certain, the duration is not. Therefore, the so-called social contract cannot go on forever. It must come to an end at some point of time. Don't you think so? Circumstances change and so must others that are changed by the changing circumstances. In this little space, let me say this to the Malays; "How much longer must you be subsidized by the non-Malays? Are you not ashamed? You are weak. You have no strength of you own. You don't have the competitive edge and you will never acquire the competitive edge for as long as you live on handouts. Work hard, follow the example of the immigrants the world over who become successful by sheer hard work. You have been deceived by your leaders but that's not an excuse. BTW, I am a Malay...I work hard. I don't live on patronage. I don't offer bribes to get jobs. I enjoy none of the so-called special privileges and treatments afforded and handed out to the Malays, except education where I am a beneficiary of the "help the Malays education policy". But that was 3 decades ago. With the education you receive, learn how to be independent and develop your inner and economic strength! Though I struggle to make ends meet, I never even try to take advantage of the the so-called "help the Malays economic policy" coz I am ashamed but I survive. I am contented and I am proud of being a non-privileged Malay...

Anonymous said...

Anon 10Feb11 22:42

Yr Mr LKY does it 'dictatorship' style in Spore which is impossible to do it in Malaysia. If being kiasu makes Spore a successful island, then let them be. None of the former PM's has come close to his achievements. Whatever it is, he is the best PM we ever had, so mind your language. Respect is to be earn and he has earn mine period. I am sure other's not here agrees to it!

discount viagra said...

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Anonymous said...

I wonder when this "obsession with LAND" will ever end
ScotLAND only for Scots?
EngLAND only for English?
ThaiLAND only for Thais?
SAUDI Arabia only for the Sauds?
Which country in this world has more 'Malays'? Malaysia or Indonesia?
If you are a Melayu and you migrate, does that mean that you're not Melayu anymore....cos there's no Perlembagaan to protect your Melayuness?
Chinese will forever be Chinese, Iban will forever be Iban, Melanau will forever be Melanau BUT.....
An Indian can be a Malay...after joining UMNO...can be PM also lah...like our friend

kkbboy said...

Hey, what about the poor aborigines? And the Dayaks, Kadazans, Ibans, Muruts etc. ? MALAYSIA is not their TANAH too?

Mohan Dass said...

Kindly let the Malabari Muslim Mahathir with roots in Kerala know Tanah Melayu was not inhabited originally by Malays!! The original inhabitants were the aborigines.Then came the Muslims from Yunan Province in China and settled in Tanah Melayu as it was known to be in the Malay Archipelego which consisted of Indonesia, Celebes and all the other islands surrounding including Borneo.By the way dont forget the Indians were here long before the Malay ever existed there. This whole area inclusive of Tanah Melayu was under control of the Great Indian Majapahit Empire.Proof you try not to discuss- the Bujang Valley in Kedah. By the way Kedah was known as Kadaram by the Indians!!Long before you knew about Malays.Also try to to explain the relics in Gelanggang,in Johor, of Hindu and Buddihst origins.Dont cover the truth discover it.Learn your history esp your own roots before you open your mouth and spew racist remarks!!! in trying to champion the Malay Dilemma.Tun, why dont you exit gracefully instead of trying to stir the shit?

Anonymous said...

Reply to Mohan Dass,

Whatever your reasons or truth as you may called them, the fact remains that Malaysia/Malaya was formerly known as Tanah Melayu. We all know the aborigines were the original settlers in the world but those who claimed them, owns the land. I am sorry no one has ever heard of Kadaram. You would have made a handful of history only if you come to this world a century earlier. Just leave Tun M alone ok.

Anonymous said...

Tun Dr. M - A rotten sour grape that is now in the decomposition stage.

Anonymous said...

One lawyer slays a former prime minister in one fell swoop!