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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Doctor Is Not In

Starting from the 2nd installment of the Godfather trilogy, right to the final episode in Godfather 3, we saw the chief mobster, Michael Corleone, vehemently attempting to legitimise his "businesses".

We saw how he bought the Vatican and consequently, an honorary award from the Church. We also saw his efforts aimed at justifying the murder - at his behest - of his own brother by insisting that "loyalty" was essential for the perseverance of the family.

In fact, the whole thing was, to him, about the family.

It is an irony of course that at the end he lost his family and died a lonely death.

That was of course a fiction. But fictions do often take their cue from real life.

In The Rhetoric of Oppression, I postulated that the oppressor often finds the need to legitimise or justify his oppressive acts. It is admittedly somewhat odd for an oppressor to do so. This is because of the untold powers that an oppressor normally has over the oppressed, making legitimacy of his oppressive acts totally unnecessary.

However, nature almost demands that an oppressor should do so. Whether this natural demand is precipitated by a guilty conscience is speculative. It is also beyond my intellect to know.

Whatever the motivation of the oppressor to legitimise or justify his oppressive acts might be, one thing is clear though. The rhetoric of justification or legitimisation is often a tired one. It is often a long rambling of some sorts. Incoherent sometimes. And at others it is so full of irony that one begins to doubt the sanity of the author.

In doing so, the oppressor clings to every single "fact" - even manufactured facts - which might lend credence to his arguments for legitimacy. And quite often - in fact, almost invariably - the oppressor is not about to blame himself or things which are or were under his control.

Umberto Eco, in "Turning Back The Clock" sums it up thus:

"In general, in order to maintain popular support for their decisions, dictatorships point the finger at a country, group, race, or secret society that is plotting against the people under the dictator. All forms of populism, even contemporary ones, try to obtain consensus by talking of a threat from abroad, or from internal groups." (emphasis is mine).

Recent events in the middle-east is a case in point. Just look at what Gadaffi was saying a week or two ago. He blamed the uprising on enemy countries who were supporting the "terrorists" in his own state. That he did to justify and legitimise the slaughter of his own people by the army which was supposed to protect the people in the first place.

Such is the warped mind of a dictator. And such is the trend of the legitimisation process of an oppressor or a political tyrant.

On 2nd October 1935, Benito Mussolini stood in front of Italians - which according to him numbered 20 million! - at Palazzo Venezia. That day he declared his intention to go to war with Ethiopia. He sought to legitimise his planned act thus:

"For many month destiny's wheel, driven by our calm determination, is turning towards its goal.....It is not only an army striving to attain its objectives but an entire people of 44 million souls, against whom an attempt has been made to commit the blackest of injustices: that of robbing us of a little place in the sun.....

We have been patient for 13 years, during which the circle of selfishness that smoothers our vitality has grown ever tighter. We have kept patience with Ethiopia for 40 years! Enough!....

And it is to this People (the Italians) that humanity owes some of its greatest conquests, and it is against this People of poets, artists, heroes, saints, navigators, and those who cross the oceans, it is against this People that they dare talk of sanctions!" (emphasis is mine).

Imbued in his speech were manufactured "facts" designed to legitimise a war. That war was necessary as it was a destiny for all Italians, according to Mussolini. It was also necessary because the Ethiopians have been robbing the Italians from what they obviously deserved. The Italians have been very patient and the time has come to fight back.

And of course, how can the great artists, poets, navigators and heroes - and even saints - of Italy be subjected to such demeaning treatment by Ethiopia?


In Malaysia of course we do not have dictators in our midst. We may have some benevolent absolutists who espouse democracy with "Asian values." (I have always wondered what is so special about Asians so much so that we should have democracy with Asian values. Do we, Asians, breathe different air or something?)

Be that as it may, in recent weeks we have seen a riot of attempts by Tun DrM at legitimising or justifying his legacy of oppressions. Those attempts culminated in the launching of his memoir, "A Doctor in the House."

That memoir has of course attracted a litany of scorns as well as balls-polishing statements. No less than Tengku Razaleigh has denounced the  memoir for being a trash-bin of political lies. Needless to say Anwar Ibrahim pukes all over it.

As for me, well, let's just say I am in no hurry to purchase it. After all, my copy of the Malaysian Maverick was found to have crushed a poor lizard to death in my car's glove-box compartment sometime ago.

It is without doubt, in my mind, that A Doctor in the House is Tun DrM's attempt at legitimising his legacy. And he did so with the finesse of Paul Gascoigne in an English pub.

Mussolini's war speech reminds me very much of Tun DrM's greatest bogeyman for the Malays in Malaysia.

This country belongs to the Malays. It is the Malays' destiny to occupy and own this Tanah Melayu. The pendatangs have come to rob us, the Malays, of what little rights that we have here. The Malays have been patient. Enough with that! How can we the Malays, the heroes, warriors, Kings and Rulers of this land be treated like this?

Let's unite. Let's protect our rights. Or we will be beggars in our own lands.


How about Operasi Lalang? Oh, the police did that.

The ISA? Well, I wanted to repeal it but the police said no.

UMNO? Well, Tengku Razaleigh, whom I defeated in an election - where he (Ku Li) and his cohorts paid money to the delegates - fairly and squarely caused it to be declared as unlawful by the Court.

Tun Salleh Abas? Well the King had wanted to remove him because he complained that the renovation works at the King's house was too noisy for him. Anyway, I did not dismiss him. The tribunal did.

Anwar Ibrahim? He is a freaking sodomite. He is a sex maniac. I have seen four women who said they had sex with him. He just had to go.

Daim Zainuddin? He is the best thing to happen to Malaysia since Parameswara a/l Sri Vijaya.

Lee Kuan Yew? He is just a mayor of a small town.

Memali? Musa Hitam did it. I was away.

Of course, he is also not to be blamed for the Forex losses; the BMF scandal; the Proton debacle (hey, Proton is a success!); Maminco; Perkapalan Nasional bail-out; the one-way highway concessions; the independent power producer robberies; the various human rights abuses; the shrinking of the natives' rights; the AP porn; money politics in UMNO; the total subjugation of the judiciary to the Executives; the Royal Constitutional crisis; the weakening of almost every public institution and their consequent subservience to the Executives; rampant cronyism; blatant nepotism; the whatever else.

And the story goes on and on and on.

Everything he did, he did it his way. And he did it in the best interests of the country.

The bad ones by the way were not even done by him. Get it?

On April 29, 1945, a guy with a small moustache over his lips sat down and softly dictated a letter to his secretary, one Frau Trudl Junge. That man was one of the worst - if not THE worst - animal the Earth had ever had the misfortune of hosting.

Adolf Hitler was his name.

That morning he was not feeling too happy. The Allied Forces were pressing on and he sensed that his days were numbered. The sword of Damocles was hanging on his head and inching its way downward.

He had to legitimise his acts. He had to justify the nightmare which he had managed to enveloped the world with. The 6 million souls whom he had mercilessly forced out from the bodies of the olds, the young, the women and the children were screaming in his head.

He just had to legitimise and justify.

And so he wrote:

"It is untrue that I or anybody else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was desired and instigated exclusively by those international statesmen who were either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests. I have made so many offers for the reduction and elimination of armaments, which posterity cannot explain away for all eternity, that the responsibility for the outbreak of this war cannot rest on me. Furthermore, I never desired that after the first terrible World War a second war should arise against England or even against America. Centuries may pass, but out of the ruins of our cities and monuments of art there will arise anew the hatred for the people who alone are ultimately responsible: International Jewry and its helpers!.....

But I left no doubt about the fact that if the peoples of Europe were again only regarded as so many packages of stock shares by these international money and finance conspirators, then that race, too, which is the truly guilty party in this murderous struggle would also have to be held to account: the Jews! I further left no doubt that this time we would not permit millions of European children of Aryan descent to die of hunger, nor millions of grown-up men to suffer death, nor hundreds of thousands of women and children to be burned and bombed to death in their cities, without the truly guilty party having to atone for its guilt, even if through more humane means."

Yes, Mr Hitler. The Jews started the war. And you were just defending yourself.

And finally the "truly guilty party have atoned for its guilt" through "more humane means." I suppose being gas-ed in a chamber and having their skin scaled out from their flesh and turned into a lamp shade was "humane means" to you.

We all know that.

And oh yes, Tun Salleh was rude to the King and so he was dismissed. Tengku Razaleigh destroyed UMNO.

Anwar Ibrahim has his brains in his crotch.

Quick. Call the Doctor.

Oh wait.

The Doctor is not in.

Acknowledgement: Turning Back The Clock; Umberto Eco, Harvill Secker 2006.


Anonymous said...

2 thumbs up! GREAT article as usual! XD

vince said...

Classic, only thing it is too short

*P* said...

very good argument for pointing out the attic in said doctor's "house" may be well on the way to major-league 'reput'ing. :-)

Ricardo said...
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cws said...

The doctor is sick in the head!

Anonymous said...

Burn the house down!

Anonymous said...

Excellent sarcasm. And you can bet there are plenty of people who will rejoice the day that TDM ends up the way Hitler did.

MXV said...

Thank you for organising the thoughts and cries of my heart.

Anonymous said...

Magnificent! Freaking awesome, and was speed reading and couldnt stop. Thanks mate.

Anonymous said...

His new favorite song is Shaggy's "It wasn't me".

Anonymous said...

I have stopped listening to the rants of this sick old man long time ago, much less reading through over 800 pages of lies and conceit.

Pat said...

I truly enjoyed your juxtaposition of people and ideas with our great statesman and his deeds. Only someone living here, with eyes wide open, would understand just where you went/are going with this.

A brilliant piece.

Anonymous said...

Just like Hitler, he knows his time has come.

Anonymous said...

Hope he will get another heart attack soon, we then light the firecrackers and celebrate.

Anonymous said...

awwww... the bitter art with his sarcasm...

enjoy reading the book then? probably u puke in vain... hahaha...

Marjorie said...

Amasing piece. Time is running out for de evil doc. A real irony to be compared on the same level as Hitler. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

The Doctor is not in the House. He's probably busy falsifying a medical report for Sai-FOOL.

Anonymous said...

Dr.M now sits at the same level as Mussolini and Hitler, ugh?

Fret no more Malaysians, we have produced our own man capable of spewing the "rhetoric of oppression" found among Europe's rabble-rousing elected leaders. We know how democracy with a little hint of European values had led us into before, no? So, be very afraid of elected leaders (i.e., dictators) who added "Asian values" to their democracy. For democracy is the most sacred form of government which should not be tainted by bayonets-mimicking minarets or collectivism.

But what does it say about Malaysians as a whole: a people of a nation who elected this one Dr.M who is "incoherent" and might be "insane"? Did I hear "manufactured consent blinded Malaysians" being thrown around by our democrats.

I think we are seeing a Germany and an Italy circa 1930s-1940s on the rise. Only our democrats know how to put Malaysia on the right path. They could smell lies from a distance because only they are capable of observing and recognizing truths (or should we say, truthiness) even when they refused to peruse a book they reviewed. Democrats are endowed with the ability to read minds and they usually use book to hit on Geckos.

Deux Anges said...

I pity the poor cicak in your glovebox!
Anyway, another excellent piece. I do like the literary and historical references.

hi said...

If only the doctor was Pinocchio; this world would have no deforestation problems to grapple with!

Singam said...

The doctor's mind has taken leave.

Anonymous said...

Great piece of writing and how true it is in describing the sick mind of the racist doctor who suffers from selective amnesia. This doctor also suffers from "he thinks he is legend in his own mind" syndrome. No matter how many memoirs (aka comic books) he writes, he will never change the fact he has the same devilish and evil mind of Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot. May God have mercy on this poor doctor's soul when his time comes.

joeawk said...

I have spat at him since I was 17 and he was then education minister.

If he had just disappeared from the scene, there will be many fools who believe his virtue for Malaysia. Now that he refused to go away but intend on writing his own story, I won't be the only one to want to pee on his grave,

Anonymous said...


You wrote:

"And at others it is so full of irony that one begins to doubt the sanity of the author.

In doing so, the oppressor clings to every single "fact" - even manufactured facts - which might lend credence to his arguments for legitimacy. And quite often - in fact, almost invariably - the oppressor is not about to blame himself or things which are or were under his control.

Fully agree with the above.

When mahathir psyhes himself to believe his own history/version of events, he soon believes that those versions are the truth.

He is a real psycho and afraid to be called Melayu celup or Mamak. That is why he kept saying Malays's rights have been threatened, etc. He knows by doing so, the Malays at large will see that he is FOR the Malays and will not be opposed. Acceptance as a Malay is what he wants the Malay population to his as....he is afraid of rejection.

His psychology can be so easily read...one of fear...fear of being rejected as a Malay....

ikan tongkol

Anonymous said...

He can manufactured stories and reasons to justify his evil deeds in his so called 'memoirs' BUT when the time comes to meet his creator there will be no more lies,deceits and fabrications....all the evil doings and misdeeds will be put right in front of his face...like watching your own video...and what a pity that he won't repent even at this age...when the house says 'go' and the graveyard says 'lai...lai'.If I am his child I would be shamelessly embarassed.

Anonymous said...

He can manufactured stories and reasons to justify his evil deeds in his so called 'memoirs' BUT when the time comes to meet his creator there will be no more lies,deceits and fabrications....all the evil doings and misdeeds will be put right in front of his face...like watching your own video...and what a pity that he won't repent even at this age...when the house says 'go' and the graveyard says 'lai...lai'.If I am his child I would be shamelessly embarassed.

Anonymous said...

Great Articulations and Analogies indeed.The Truth will set us Malaysians free from the Lies of the Great Liar.

OZserver said...

Do I want to pay RM$100 for a fiction, written in the doctor’s usual elegant prose style, and intricate mind teasing story construct. As he said, if he were Chinese, he would write with even better style and the story would be even more intriguing, and he would be able to get more people to buy the book. Damn the Chinese, if only he can be as cunning as them.
By the way, what % of the RM$100 would he get, his usual 10% as Soros suggested. Being so naive and innocent in financial affairs, I bet you he would have had his close mate, perhaps sometimes surrogate, Daim, negotiate for him. Being the great negotiator that Daim is, the good doctor would be getting at least a bit more than Soros had estimated, and a bit more for himself as well. What great gift to Malaysia, this pair of Kedah sons have been.

panca said...

When his time arrives, wonder the rot will be extraordinary offensive like what he did now?

Anonymous said...

Pure Genius!

kfoey said...

The Doc burnt the house but luckily or rather unluckily he was out of the house.

Anonymous said...

the thing about this sick bastard is that he lies thru his arse
if his father is from kerala,,,,isnt he a pendatang?
and if he is not a pendatang...why are other kerala mari pendatang?
u see all he is and was and will be is a con men
proton ciplak kris ciplak tein towers ciplak actually mahatir is just a low caste thief

Anonymous said...

If UMNO protects malays and if malay future is umno protected ..

why does umno gives cronies billions in AP's and other quotas ...while every week even UMNO TV3 shows malay suffer ????? Hidup Tok Guru Nik Aziz

Anonymous said...

Hell is waiting 4 u mahatir the thief and racist :)

Anonymous said...


Linda J said...

I wonder how Marina feels about the book?

Anonymous said...

When he breathes his last, how long will it takes for him to go under? Will you have the time to come by for a file pass? Would you regret it that you have dithered? Good bye. Enjoy your rest.Take your time, you have all the time you want.

Anonymous said...

If 50% malaysian can understand your writing, we will be a Developed Nation by now.

HTC said...

Anyone who promotes and fans divisions in society on racial, religious, and political grounds should be exposed, challenged and condemned. TunDrM is a typical example of such a person. His thinking on race and politics is at least fifty years behind time. The sad part is that there are many political leaders in Malaysia today still think, talk and behave much the same way. They do not deserve to be there. These self serving leaders have brains of the same size as that of a cockroach. If we allow our political masters to continue governing this way, Malaysia's future prosperity and prospect is surely doomed. Wake up every one!

Anonymous said...

malay politicians keep harping the fear that their malay rights being taken away, for 50 years they have been saying this but who actually has attempted to change the constitution,none,nobody even suggested it.They feed the fear of insecurity into the malays and the funny thing is, ppl buy their story. btw Hitler was quoted to say this'- leaders are lucky bcos people are stupid.'

Anonymous said...

otak kamu yg penuh taik udang.

meorUSA said...

when my 6yrs,13yrs,15yrs and 17yrs.... girl,girl, boy and boy ....read your piece and the commentaries, they thought their parents homeland is infested with godfathers , mussolinis and hitlers.
it is cool.....but they said the real bad guy is the writer.

karen said...

Im a fiction fanatics but there's no way im gonna waste RM100 on this. Brilliant piece as usual, Art.

Anonymous said...

thumbs up my friend.....since i can clearly see that all the comments written here are certainly from those who should i say from the sad,frustrated and no thinking brain pkr followers who i'm sure are so in love with mr Y or at least with pok nik or better still with mr poo singh.....

there is no medicine for this kind of love/sickness i'm afraid and not to waste anymore time trying to talk sense into you all who can't obviously differentiate between night and day, right or wrong, diamond or glass, hittler or godfathers even between a good statesmen while the rest of them are just mere politician trying to make a buck or two....oops! i was wrong because mr y did make millions while scavanging the kementerian kewangan when in power.......got that or was it too much for u all to understand?

Gonna Make a Change said...

A key to have political supremacy in this country....

"I have some Indian blood flows in my veins, I am also a Malay in sentiment and in spirit."

Does any bigot have a problem with that?


Anonymous said...

art, I think although you write very well but your misplaced cynicism is unjustified. You condemn for pure condemn sake and fail to see things in it's overall context. if you can't praise him for his achievements then you should not condemn him either because if you really did read the book, you should at least think for a second of what it's contents mean. why does he need to lie? as few as those supporters of your blog here that hates him, millions of malaysians adore and respect him. this you cannot deny and being one of the most popular malaysians to date, he really does not need to lie. he may have hidden agendas... we all do. heck, you have plenty of it! but the fact remains he did what he could to propel the nation to another level. if he is expected to do ALL things right, then he would be god and not human. please don't be too judgmental at the expense of being rationale, fair and constructive.

Joshua said...

...Doctor in the House is actually an anagram for Dictator in the House.

You have nailed it when you compare his whitewashing effort to Musolini and Hitler but on a serious note, let us not make trite comparisons between a toothless 'benevolent' dictator who squandered a nations's wealth and one who murdered millions based on a deep, satanic hatred of a certain race.

If not for the extreme and ultra racist views of TDM, Malaysia would not have woken up to the dangers of this man's vision.

Even today, TDM's views appeal
to the lowest denominator of tribalism. We must walk away from that precipice and do it fast this year before the One World Government emerges in 2012, 2013 or 2014 to take away Malaysia's and other countries's sovereignty.

The global elitists are already conspiring to take over Libya by stealth on the pretext that Gaddafi is killing his own people. If racial turmoil escalates in Malaysia, this will be a great excuse for the globalists to take over Malaysia.

So we should liberate our lives from all so called political fix-it-all doctors and heal ourselves of this racial scourge.

g. said...

i think the important thing to remember is that those with power are always mere humans and if you took a sample of say 50 people and ran a survey to see which of those 50 would make the best leader, even the person in pole is no guarantee of proper, wholesome leadership. Its not as simple as looking for the person who displays the greatest affinity and inclination towards running a country, nor as easy as picking the man or woman who displays the greatest morals compared to his peers. I think it is the man who can at every step of the road make the most righteous choice that benefit and protect the most amount of people. He who can intelligently balance and pay credence to the wishes of the minorities and majorities without compormising his own principles and the principles that color his nation. A "humane tactician" who rules without fear or favor. Is that asking for too much? When it comes to protection of civil liberties and the promotion of peoples joy and prosperity, how much is too much?

(an amateur observer)