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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The set-point for Dato' T?

In The Three Faces of Malaysia, I said:

"Because I foresee the next General Election is going to be the worst General Election in terms of utter madness and gutter politics. Mark my words. Zaid Ibrahim's photo-shopped picture with some bottles of brandy during the Hulu Selangor by-election would be chicken feed as compared to what will be forthcoming in the next GE."

The General Election has not been called yet. However, Malaysians have already been forced to swallow political toxic sludge this week. That takes the form of a video which apparently shows someone resembling Anwar Ibrahim having sex with a "woman of eastern" resemblance in a room somewhere in Pornsville.

First it was an Indian sex video. That was a long time ago. Then it was the Chinese politician's turn. And now, it is the Malay's turn, I suppose. As a Malay, I am troubled by the fact that, from the various reports I had read, the act lasted a mere 17 minutes.

Compare that to the Indian and Chinese videos. They lasted far longer. (Not that I had watched them lah. I am writing this based on hearsay lah). Which begs the question, is Tongkat Ali for real?

Clearly the NEP has failed the Malays. Pemandu, please take note.

Okay. Seriously. (Huahahhaha...it's hard to be serious. Because this topic is funny to a T. LOL!!!).

Let's just view this whole episode from a political point of view. 

In Malaysia, everybody loves sex. Especially when it is someone else who is being exposed.

And when the person involved is said to be the opposition leader, a representative of the people in our Parliament, the person who is set to be the Prime Minister if the opposition wins the General Election, sex and sex acts definitely are important, if not, definitive.

Anwar has of course denied that he was the person in the video. A dark conspiracy was then exposed by a PKR MP, Johari Abdul. Dato' T was then revealed to consist of not one, but three persons. "T" for "trio" (as opposed to "trinity", I suppose).

So, now, everyone is out in the open. The cards are all laid out for all to see. The video however, to people like you and me, remains elusive.

The question is, and will always be, "is it (the video) authentic?"

Let's set aside the authenticity question for a while.

Authentic or not, the damage has surely been done. Anwar's reputation is already sullied. To most people, the first reaction was, "oh no, not again!"

In politics, from the politicians' perspective, morality usually does not have a home.

Politics is the art of persuading the people to embrace one's ideas and oneself. How one goes about achieving that, in an extreme situation and at least in theory, does not matter. Morality may be a political weapon - or even a political goal - but it surely is not the governing tool of politics. That is why immoral politicians are sometime still preferred by the people and politicians with accepted moral norms are sometime rejected by the people.

The fact that morality and values are subjective also makes it difficult for moral to "govern" politics. Furthermore, moral norms and values are susceptible to changes precipitated by time and situations.

Morality therefore could be a determinative factor to the people. But not to the politicians.

There are two sides of the moral equation in this latest sexual expose.

Firstly, is it morally wrong for the trio to expose a sexual act of a supposed opposition leader in order to gain political mileage or to kill off their political opponent? While at first glance that question seems to be an easy one to answer, a deeper look at the issue would quickly muddy our judgment. Why?

The reason for that is because the answer to the first question is dependable on the answer to a second question.

The second question is, is it acceptable for a politician - especially if he is a leader of either the government or opposition - to commit a sexual indiscretion?

Of course there are various other questions too. For example, what would the people say about a leader who not only commit a sexual indiscretion, but who is also caught while doing so? If the leader has been caught doing it many times, the next question is what would the people say about a leader who not only commit the act and being caught but who also commit it multiple times and being caught multiple times?

In the last two questions above, morality is not the only issue. Diligence becomes an issue. How diligent is he who commits the act, being caught doing it once, and then he does it again and being caught again?

So, those are the questions. (Of course, the other question, to some connoisseurs of esoteric and exotic fulfillment, would be his choice of sexual partner or partners. Let's not wade into that bubbly water, shall we?)

Now, if the answer to the second question, from the people's point of view is in the negative, then who the hell cares about the first question. Dato' Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet or whatever can go on exposing and who bloody well care, right? In fact, their expose may, in that instance, backfire and harm them and the party which they represent.

If however, the answer to the second question is in the affirmative, it could well be argued, while attempting to answer the first question, that the trio has a duty to make the expose, so that the people know exactly who they are supporting (or not supporting) and the moral values which he represents.

Politics is about image and perception as much as it is about reality. In fact, in more times than not, it is about all about image and perception and nothing else. That is why the Prime Minister spends millions engaging APCO to sell his 1 Malaysia concept. Never mind about the reality. All that matter is perceptions and of course, to put it crudely, illusions. But illusions, more often than not, captivate. That is why, for instance, people pay hundreds and even thousands to watch David Copperfield and his ilk.

If morality is not a virtue of politicians but it is or may be a determinant to the people, it then becomes necessary for Anwar now to clear his name.

If this was a tennis match, Anwar's detractors have served a 167 mph serve through the expose. Anwar and his people have returned the serve by revealing the dark conspiracy at Flamengo Hotel. The Trio have however returned the ball by saying that one of them was actually at the scene and proposing a Royal Commission consisting of opposition leaders to determine authenticity of the video.

That last ball must now be returned by Anwar and his people. If not, the point - and it may be the set point - would go to Anwar's detractors, in so far as the perception war is concerned.

In my humble opinion, as far as the perception contest is concerned, Anwar has no choice but to return the ball - by showing once and for all that the video is not authentic or that the "actor" in it was not him - to prevent the Trio from winning.


greeneyesjelly said...

art, u have a point anwar should return the ball. but for me, i don't really care if it's anwar in the video. even if it's indeed anwar, well, congrats dato seri, you can now add a new job title in your resume, but please carry on with your work. if p/r keeps on entertain this kind of stunt, i'm sure more will come.

donplaypuks said...

It's easier to concoct a conspiracy than to prove one.

But do remember that Anwar has the Constitutional presumption of innocence on his side and it's up to the Dirty Trio to prove their case.

I am not so sure public perception is against Anwar; it fact, it may well be quite the opposite since the porn movie apparently shows the hero stud firing two shots within the space of 17 minutes!

But seriously, if anything, with Sodomy 1, Sodomy 2 and the judge doing a massive U-turn despite strong evidence a chief cop deliberately broke the law and tampered with evidence, the Omega Watch affair has backfired on PM Najib and UMNO.

I mean the Star, Special Branch Officers and top UMNO officials all seeem to have a hand in this sordid affair. Their (PM Najib and UMNO/BN's) criminal culpability will become evident if Home Minister Kerismudin and the police fail to take the Trio to court, and the AG, secure a conviction, especially since the despicable perpetrators have publicly confessed! It should be a slam dunk case for the prosecution and thye won't have to wait 3 years. But then again, this is Bolihland and who knows what will happen.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Kee Thuan Chye said...

President Sukarno was hugely admired for his sexual prowess. Whenever he went out of Jakarta, his aides would arrange for him to sleep with women. It was a matter of pride that he performed. It was machismo. And he probably would have lasted way more than 17 minutes! So, morality tied with sex in regard to a politician? Few people really give a hoot about that. It's only the holier-than-thou ones that go around crying sinful! sinful! Most people who watched Chua Soi Lek's performance in his video were amazed by it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, I am of the opinion that u are wrong again jusk like your thoughts on Interlock...why should DSAI return the ball..he is innocent until proven guilty..DSAI carry on your good work...Karan

Anonymous said...

Lol! most people who watched CSL.. were amazed by it...! Cant help but agree... if only i am a couple of inches more gifted! Cheers mate!

Anonymous said...

Dear Art, have the Dirty Trio broken any laws related to distribution of pornography materials? If so, why have the Dirty Trio not been arrested? Kindly advise as I require a ready defense in the event I am charged with distribution of porn (PS: have to resort to distribution of porn as a sideline business as I'm having difficulty paying my Astro subscription and internet charges)

Thank you sir.

Tan Sri Datuk

art harun said...

Dear Tan Sri Datuk,

Being in possession of porn material is an offense. Organising and arranging a public viewing of the any porn material is also an offence. Anybody who knowingly let their premises to be used for the viewing of porn material would have breached municipality regs for allowing their premises to be used for immoral purpose.

Semua salah. They should be charged.

Belinda said...

Let the mud crawlers crawl in the mud and everyone else stay out. Anwar isn't a mud crawler.

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,

I couldn't care less who Anwar bonks in his spare time. As far as I'm concern, the person involved in the showing of the video should have been in jail a long time ago for having sex with a minor. No way should the ball game be given any significance when the player himself is sullied and the umpire is completely biased.

Anyone that believes that a suspected accomplice to a murder is better suited to run the country than a stud should get his head properly checked. Hopefully the voters are wise enough to make their own decision based on where the country is heading instead of where politicians put their penises into.

Batang Berjuntai said...

Tiga Abdul Tiga Datuk,
Jalan malam meraba-raba;
"Naik Turun" hingga terbatuk-batuk,
Aiyah,main senyap-senyap saja la!

Pilihanraya menjelang tiba,
Filem lucah menjadi senjata;
Apalah guna dibuat huru-hara,
Sekadar membuka pekung di dada!

Anonymous said...

strange is the obsession of Malaysian politics and media on sex. even if it was indeed Anwar, so what? it's between him and his wife and his God.

much has been said on the internet about Taib Mahmud's corruption and spectacular properties, but little to no coverage has been done on it.

Anonymous said...

A tennis match it may be, opponents slugging it out. The crucial elements are two main points. Firstly, the audience to this tennis match is getting tired with the way Anwar is being hounded and persecuted at every turn. This is terrible and it is not something we wish happen to our enemies (not that we should have enemies.) But the relentless way that Anwar is being vilified, speaks greatly of the ruthlessness of those who are abusing all manner of state apparatuses in carrying out their dastardly deeds. It becomes a zero sum game when it is either Anwar is utterly destroyed and never mind the consequences.
Secondly, Malaysians are waking up to the "evil and frivolous" means of those who are persecuting Anwar. The sole intention is to destroy the credibility of the man and thus destroy the opposition to their continuing hold on power. It is nothing but the quest for power, not to do good but to continue to rape and plunder the nation for their own.
We reap what we sow, and God will not be mocked. What they reap will damage our nation to no end, as what is happening now in terms of the racial polarity and divisions seen across our nation.
The end must surely come to the evil that is plaguing our nation, as surely as there is a God Almighty. I believe the change will come, beginning with Sarawak because the evil done over 30 years to a nation and the various peoples in the land of the hornbills must be eviscerated. Just as the changes that have come to the Middle East, change will come, to East Malaysia first and then to the entire nation.
Then it is up to every right thinking Malaysian, regardless of race, religion or creed, to come together in solidarity to heal our land and thus move forward, one nation, a truly 1Malaysia that speaks of our diversity and unity (not the much politicized version bandied about for plotical gain.)
Will we be able to do it Art?

The Kafir said...

Art, we obviously have perception issue with Malay populace and that can cost dearly to any political standing and knowing for sure that this issue can tear into pieces a Muslim individual's position, UMNO found its source in scandalous sex to destroy a character of high integrity. Non-Muslims view extra marital sex as one's personal preference and prefer not to mix it with anything beyond that point. Malays are rather emotional, sensitive and take things a bit too personal hence their confusion.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprise why ppl say this is sewer politics, first AI accused of homo, now try to prove he straight but in malay politics, sex scandal could end his career, in chinese politics, need more than sex scandal. Question, why should AI did the scene in the presence of Datuk Eskay,reportedly he claimed he's in the video?

Anonymous said...

Dear Art,
It is apparent that our system practices double standards. I hope the Trio will be brought to justice.

To answer your 2nd question, I dont care if the leader is sexually intrigued, as long as no force or rape took place, mostly no C4 involved.

Anonymous said...

Art, I'm afraid I can't agree with you on this one. The ball is actually in the court of the unholy trinity to make the case...the tsunami of public condemnation has all but proved that the inepts in power have grossly miscalculated public sentiment. But then again (at the risk of being labeled a racist) I must say that I will never understand "melayu politics + morality. When, if ever, will malays collectively rise up to say 'enough is enough'? Abasir

Richard Cranium said...

Or, Dato T for the Three Stooges. Larry, Curly, and Moe.

Anonymous said...

i don't know about the rest of you but i'm fucking fed up with all this nonsense. one thing for sure, in the next election, my vote will definitely go to any independent candidate who is contesting

gan said...

Coming from a child rapist, a crooked bridge robber and a Perkasa racist, who could believe this piece of crap?

Anonymous said...

And in the final set, the Trio wins...

Anonymous said...

Ya Allah...jauhilah negara ku dari azab mu.

Anonymous said...

aiya! send the video to US/Europe labs for verification since ppl are skeptical of our institutions, if true, Anwar shld step down, if not true ,his reputation/stature will shoot up, fair proposal

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a guy who bonk a minor?

Anonymous said...

As a retired school teacher allow me to look at the whole issue from a different perspective. Clearly I have no idea what's in the mind of these people but one thing is sure it sent ripples to EVERYONE yes EVERYONE. Schools just mirror the society and students' actions just mirror the mores and core values of our current society. I don't envy the Ustaz/ustazah teaching Agama Islam but imagine teachers teaching Moral Education/Civic in schools! Any wonder discipline is a big issue in schools but then are we any better? But then again who gives a hoot? I'd better stop if not I'll rant on and on.......Sigh!

Anonymous said...

To the tune of Bangawansolo....

Bangali one so long
Cina one no potong
Keling one so big and strong
Melayu one kena melelong - betul ke? 17 min aje....

Raison D'etre said...

And now they want an artist to "verify" the video's authenticity.

Yowza... Malaysiawoodville!!!

Crap. The whole world is sinking and all they care is to bonk the people about.

Carp. Again.

Jeremiah said...

The mere talk of a sex video in a conservative country (albeit the blatant sale of x rated pirated discs) is actually a form of double defilement.

By trying to ascertain whether your neighbour had sex with a women not his lawful wife, you are entering into the privacy of his bedroom. Why? Just because he is supposed to be a politician?

BN is trying to defile our consciousness with the waste of purile obsession over a video that is actually an invasion into a person's life. In any case, it is an act of pornography to even view it.

The second defilement is the defilement of polticial discourse. Where is the debate over policies and reforms? The BN strategy is that you can't talk about economics and political reforms with a person whose personal live is morally unsound. Well, this dirty tactic is likley to bring down the nation if every politician resorts to/condones the spying of people's private lives.

In the UK or the US, you would be mocked by the press or man in the street for even trying to vilify a man based on a sex video. How base and profound indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm is pornoghrapic now legal in MAlaysia ? Police dont come and arrest you for watching huh?......LOL