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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Besut boot camp for 66 sissies, screamed our premier English newspaper, the New Straits Times yesterday (19th April).

I have a question NST. When are you going to change your name to something like the New Bigots Bugles?

So what's next NST? The next time you are reporting on a cooking class for some mature women, why don't you headline it, "Cooking Class for Old Pussies" huh? Or how about a headline saying "Two niggers arrested in Chow Kit" the next time you report an arrest of two Nigerian students? Nice eh?

It is appalling to see the level of bigotry perpetuated by  a section of our society nowadays. It is simply shocking to see that in the year 2011 - that's year TWO THOUSAND AND ELEVEN, guys and gals - the editor of our premier English newspaper would allow such headline and word to be used to describe male schoolchildren who were born in a way which makes them a little bit different than others.

Let me spell it out, if you hadn't known, Mr Macho Editor.


[sis-ee]  Show IPA noun, plural -sies, adjective


1. an effeminate boy or man.

2. a timid or cowardly person.

3. a little girl.


4. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a sissy.

1840–50, Americanism in sense “sister”; 1885–90, Americanism for def. 1;
sis  + y 2

The word "sissy/sissies" not only means "effeminate". It also brings with it an insidious, and often, chauvinistic connotation. To describe a man or a boy as a sissy is to demean him and his nature. It is a crude description of a person for having a "lesser sex."  The word sissy itself is derived from the word "sis" , which is short of "sister" with the letter "y" added to it. Now, how demeaning can that be?

We now live in an unforgiving society. That I have said many many times. Young and pregnant teenagers are subjected to much ridicule and humiliation. They are scolded, humiliated and ostracised. Is it any wonder why they dump their babies in some drains?

In this society of ours, we focus on externalities. We never delve into the internals. The spiritual aspect of anything. Not even the spiritual aspect of our faith.

When we talk of externalities, we talk about conformity. And when we talk about conformity, we quickly reject and even demean those who do not conform to our being; our values; our form.

We never ever try to emphatise, let alone understand and accept. The most we do is we would try to tolerate them.

How sad is it for somebody to learn that he or she is just tolerated by society? Why don't we travel into the unknown. Allow me to take all of you on a trip.

On this trip, you were born different. You are a man. You are built like one. You sound like one. You look like one. You grow like one. You have all the external attributes of one. 

Deep down inside however, you are not one. Something is wrong. Something is unclear. Some doubts linger. You are not comfortable being one. You don't think you can behave as one. You look to the opposite side of your being and you think, that's what I am. You look at yourself in the mirror everyday and you yearn to be the being which is trapped in this external suit of yours.

You look around and you wonder why you are different. After all, you never asked to be born, let alone  born like that. You look around and you wonder who you could go to and talk. You wonder who you could befriend. You wonder who you could relate to.

When you walk, you know there are people looking at you  from the edge of their eyes. You know what they say about you to their company. You know they are sniggering when you walk pass. With each of their look; their sniggers and their remark, you could feel the hurt. You could feel that you are almost not welcome into "their" world. And those who sit with you; drink with you; study with you; they are just tolerating you. Deep down inside, you are alone. Unaccepted. Unwanted.

That is the world that "they" live in, ladies and gentlemen. That is it. Now how do you feel? You feel nice to be labeled "sissies"?

And of course, in this society of ours, where conformity is a must, these different creatures have to be "changed". They must be changed to conform with us; with our form; with our ways; with our being.

Of course, it is said, in this life, there are options. We want to show "them" so. But the only acceptable option is to be like one of us. Now. What option is there when the correct option has been pre-determined? Change or otherwise you are unaccepted; unwelcome and unloved. What option is there?

Then of course, we have heartless people who call them sissies.

To me, it's bigotry. And when it comes from a major newspaper with a large following, that's intitutionalised bigotry.


Anonymous said...

By labelling our unfortunate children so harshly is subjecting them to become anti-societal. Maybe creating a new generation of psycho... Kerajaan BODOH.

Tiger said...

What to do, Art?
Can't expect much more from a GLC media.
Brains turned into mush the moment they opened their mouth or hold pens.

Anonymous said...

Hehe somebody labelling the kerajaan

*P* said...

alas this says it all:

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Art's take here. At the same time, I am disappointed that there was not a mention about the camp itself. I am utterly and completely convinced that the camp will NOT turn these normal souls over. In fact it is counter productive, a waste of time, money, manpower and resources. Just imagine how their school mates will treat them after the camp. They will be permanently labelled abnormal unless they miraculously changed which they will not. The strictest of societies with mob justice and lynching of these groups of people (think Iran, Uganda, Malawi, Kenya) will not even turn them to so-called "normal". (I am fully aware that homosexuality and effeminism are NOT necessary the same.)

Anonymous said...

being sissy is no crime,does not hurt ppl. They r all God's creation.

Anonymous said...

i dun see any problem with the camp, except for the name. obviously, its politically incorrect. however, for time being, we may have seen and feel disgusted for the "nyah" with all the negative notions we have on them.


i think this program should be continued, we will never understand them but atleast let them understand themselves.


aziza a.s. said...

New Bigots Bugles indeed! Just like TV3 labeling Africans as Mat Gelap. How discriminating! Yes, it's alright to highlight their notoriety but calling them that is like painting ALL Africans with a broad brush of hatred! Just as bad as referring them as niggers or even 'coloured ppl'.
Major newspaper my foot! I wonder if this would ever happen during Pak Samad's days.

aziza a.s. said...

New Bigots Bugles indeed! Just like TV3 labeling Africans as Mat Gelap. How discriminating! Yes, it's alright to highlight their notoriety but calling them that is like painting ALL Africans with a broad brush of hatred! Just as bad as referring them as niggers or even 'coloured ppl'.
Major newspaper my foot! I wonder if this would ever happen during Pak Samad's days.

Anonymous said...

Art is a sissy lolz

Ramli said...

I hope the powers that be who decided on this course be bestowed with at least 3 children of similar disposition.

I sympathise with the children and feel sad that we have descended to the level of the NAZI's in their treatment.

Anonymous said...

I'd like nothing better than to call myself an out and proud Malay (ergo Muslim) man but the odds are stacked against me.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia comprised a lot of sick people...they never put themselves in another person's shoes....they have no empathy and feelings towards unfortunate people.This country is still uncivilized....all that other countries aren't having or doing can be found in Malaysia. Maybe that's what you called leadership by example.If the leaders are sick people what do you expect from a mere chief editor.

PansyCure said...

I believe the reason there are more effiminate men now compared to decades ago, is the food. In particular chicken. The hormones injected into chickens are messing about with male testosterone production, particularly at maturity.

This is why effiminate men have higher pitched voices. Its scientifically proven that boys that lack testosterone when they hit puberty don't develop deep, manly voices.

Thus, the way forward is to fix the problem directly, and not the symptom.

People should change their diets to organic food. That'll prevent them from getting dosed with hormones.

Those who are effiminate, and want to change, should be given testosterone jabs and get their levels up to the correct levels.

Anonymous said...


What about the dickheads in the Trengganu Education department that started all these? And of course the greatest dickhead of them all, the Education Minister himself is elegantly silent on this matter. Why? Because the Edu Minister does not know what's happening to the education system in Bolehland as he is still celebrating his role in the Sarawak election fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Does the 66 include Saiful what's his name?

sheila said...

It's a fact that the majority of Malaysians are homophobic, especially the religious, overly zealous Bible Bashers, God botherers and Muslim fanatics. Unfortunately, most of these 'superior' chosen ones do not tolerate anybody out of the norm. Hence, this pea-brained idea of a boot camp which victimises children who are God's creations. It's just the same small-mindedness one sees a lot.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the kids' parents can use the RM50million 1malaysia email address to voice their concerns to our PM. Oh and perhaps the edu department practices 3malaysia (1 for UMNO, 1 for opposition (mca, gerakan,mic does not exist in the eyes of the UMNOians), and 1 for the gender inbetweens). Maybe that's y our DPM is so quiet

ManlyMan said...

The govt should use this issue of sissies to legislate laws that limit and finally eliminate production and availability of hormon laden factory farmed meats.

Parents should feed their sons organic, free range animal products. And the will mature to be real men, instead of effeminate men. If we ever go to war with anyone (Sg, Brunei or Australia), we need real, tough men to defend outr country and attack our enemies. I don't want to be in a tank/trench with Chef Wan, Jimmy Choo or Mama Juwie.

This way we kill 2 birds with 1 rock and create a healthier, gender correct Malaysia

Anonymous said...

How is it our GLCs have become magnets for idiots, semi-literates and enormously puffed-up cronies ?


Dawn J said...

Well done. Enjoyed the read.

Anonymous said...

see see ...not again !

freckled imp said...

Its odious enough that they make one's "race" a label. To get to this is indeed, truly, a sorry state of affairs. What is it with them and labelling?!?!

Parody of Bolehland said...

It has been proven those who pass judgement and abhors those they think are misfits and deviants are in the end caught loving the very things they hypocritically condemn. Perhaps these people are closet cases wishing they would be in the company of the very people they regard as 'not normal'
I'd rather be in the company of effeminate people who are honest and sincere than normal people who are corrupt, abusive, narcissist ego sexist vain pots.
These editors most times make themselves self appointed moral guardians who sits alongside some holy clerics pontificating about morality and what not. But are peddlers of porn in their media with no compunction to publish detailed sodomy cases or protest against such reporting.
It's more than institutionalised bigotry, it has become part of their DNA. BN is building a Bigot Nation too!
And sending them to boot camps are we turning 'sotongs' into 'sharks' after four days of catwalk, showing of their manhood paintball guns and what not huh?

Anonymous said...

this is pure bigotry. why cant we just accept people for what they are. it is nature no one is born the same except clone