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Friday, April 22, 2011

What is leadership?


Sometimes a comic strip is worth more than 20 volumes of philosophical studies on a chosen topic.

Just look at the above. And think about:

- work not for me but with me

- lu tolong gua, gua tolong sama lu

- undilah saya, untuk kesejahteraan masa depan semua

- if I am elected, I would resign in two years time

- undilah saya, saya Bersih Cekap dan Amanah

- don't be afraid of the ISA, it will not, and I give you my solemn promise, that it will not be abused or used to stifle political oppositions

- blah blah blah blah blah.


abdullahjones said...

thanks for not LOSING IT this time mr.art. HATE when you ALMOST LOSE IT. ;)

Anonymous said...

The explanation for Leadership sounds a lot like Religion.

Antares said...

Art could also be referring to lidahship. Quite reptilian.

Anonymous said...

leadership is.......

when its well accepted, its government initiative.

when its not accepted, its private initiative

Anonymous said...

Leadership also is.....

When "diam-diam", gambling/rare earth licence was issued.

When "out in the open", oh we have not issue final approval/panel to be set up to study.

I think we really re-examine the definition of leader vs politician

Anonymous said...

I might adopt a cobra into your backward,why not ? it's safe as long as your don't get too close,and I get a fat adoption fees!

Frankie said...

Got screwed too many times with such promises and Saiful thought he had it bad.

Anonymous said...


You forgot to include "People First, Performance Now" and "1Malaysia".