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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Who's the fool this April?


Friedrich Nietzsche said, "Unless you have chaos inside you, you cannot give birth to a dancing star."

If that statement were to be applied to a nation - and that nation is our nation - and interpreted literally, I wonder how many dancing stars this blessed land of ours would have produced. Enough for a new cluster somewhere between the Milky Way and Andromeda perhaps?

It is April. We are just seeing off its first week. And what have we had this past week? A sex video. A murder in a religious school. And yet another death at MACC's office.

Of course, I am not even counting the election in Sarawak; the fake egg story which appears in our newspaper today and porn downloading in the wee hours of the morning at MACC's office (yes, it is MACC again) while a really important investigation on how a royal sum of RM2000 was being swindled was going on.

Let's start with the death at MACC's office yesterday.

According to the Star's report and a statement by MACC yesterday, Selangor Custom and Excise assistant director Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed, was found dead on the 1st floor of the MACC's office at Jalan Cochrane, Kuala Lumpur yesterday between 10.15 to 10.20am.

The late Sarbani was initially arrested by MACC on 1st April 2011 for investigations. He was released on surety on 2nd April 2011. According to MACC, he came to MACC's office yesterday at about 8.26am requesting to see the investigating officer. The officers were having a metting. He therefore waited at the lobby until 9.30am.

Later, he was escorted to an officer's room in order to get the investigating officer to see him. The officer whose room was being used was with him.

At 10.15am, that officer left him alone in that room. He (that officer) left the room in order to get the investigating officer to come to see him.

That is the story as told by MACC.

I find the story strange. It is strange because what the actors in the story did defies normal human behaviour. I would ask the followings:-

i) the crime which was being investigated was widely reported by the mass media. It was an achievement of sorts. Now, here's my question. When a suspect of a crime which has been described as some sort of a breakthrough came to MACC requesting to see the investigating officer, would any ordinary human being who is an investigating officer not regard that request as being very important? Wouldn't any ordinary human being go to see the suspect immediately? Why was Sarbani made to wait in the lobby for 1 hour 4 minutes? What if he changed his mind about talking to the investigating officer? Wouldn't that be a loss to MACC?

ii) what meeting were the officers having so early in the morning so much so that an arrested person who was out on surety but was back in MACC's office voluntarily to talk about the investigation could not be attended to immediately?

iii) why would another officer (whom Sarbani never requested to see) escort Sarbani to his room when Sarbani actually asked to see the investigating officer?

iv) if the purpose of escorting Sarbani was to bring him to see the investigating officer, why wasn't Sarbani escorted to the investigating officer's room instead?

v) I find it odd that the escorting officer came to take Sarbani and brought him to his room to see the investigating officer. He then left to get the investigating officer. This is what MACC said:

"Penama tersebut kemudian telah diiringi oleh seorang pegawai ke bilik pejabatnya untuk mendapatkan pegawai penyiasat menemui penama tersebut. Pegawai yang mengiringi penama tersebut telah berada bersamanya dalam bilik pejabat pegawai berkenaan.

Pada jam lebih kurang 10.15 pagi, pegawai yang mengiringi beliau telah meninggalkan penama tersebut di pejabatnya dan keluar sebentar pergi mendapatkan pegawai penyiasat. Dalam beberapa minit kemudian, pegawai tersebut telah kembali ke pejabatnya dan mendapati penama berkenaan tiada dalam bilik berkaitan."

vi) normal human behaviour would dictate that before the escorting officer came to escort Sarbani to see the investigating officer, the investigating officer would have been told that Sarbani wanted to see him. He would ensure that the investigating officer was already available. However, here we have a situation where the escorting officer brought Sarbani to his room. They then spent 45 minutes (from 9.30 to 10.15) in that room together.

vii) after 45 minutes in the room together, the escorting officer left Sarbani in that room alone. He left because he wanted to get the investigating officer. Why didn't he get the investigating officer earlier?

viii) aren't there telephones with extensions to all officers in MACC's office? If so, why was there a need for the escorting officer to actually physically leave his room to go and seek the investigating officer?

ix) the body was found between 10.15 to 10.20am (the time was narrowed down to only 5 minutes). The escorting officer left Sarbani alone at 10.15am. He came back some minutes later. Does MACC want us to believe that within 5 minutes or so, Sarbani left the escorting officer's room; walked around the MACC's office; looked for a window to jump out from, opened it and jumped out? And he did all these without anybody seeing him, a total stranger, wandering around in the office? And not only that he did all those things within the 5 minutes window, his body  was actually also discovered on the 1st floor within that 5 minutes window!

x) why didn't MACC state on what floor was the escorting officer's room?

xi) I also can't help to wonder whether this time, the CCTV in MACC's office would be in good working condition.

These are the questions which MACC should explain. For one death to happen in MACC's office, allegedly by falling off from its building, is one thing. For two deaths to happen within two years in the same exact manner is another thing altogether.

Prior to the Mac Death, of course all of us, long suffering people of Malaysia were again entertained by a video. Yes. A sex video whose main protagonist seems to have an uncanny similarities with Anwar Ibrahim.

I do not wish to delve into whether the video is genuine. I also do not wish to go into whether it is Anwar in the video. Much have been written about those questions. I neither have the knowledge nor the ability to find out the answers to those.

The sad thing about the video is the one issue that is forgotten. The one thing which has seemed to be missed by everybody. The forgotten one.

It is the lady in the video.

She was obviously a collateral damage of sorts. Insignificant. Irrelevant. She doesn't seem to have an iota of right, a semblance of dignity nor a teensy weensy honour which is protectable by us, members of this 2011 society.

There she was sitting. In her nice top and skirt. There she undressed herself. There she was ensconced in a towel. There she was standing, hugged and kissed. There she was. And that was it.

No mention of her otherwise. Who is she? Why was she there? Why was she doing what she was doing? Who is her family? How would she feel? How would her family feel?

She has a father I am sure. And a mother. I am a father too. I know how I would feel if I see my own daughter in that video. How would you feel if she was your daughter?

Who cares, right? She chooses to do the thing which she did. She probably get paid for it.

Who the hell cares? Right?

Then we have a religious school teacher who tied a 7 year old for two hours, assaulted him for an alleged theft and left him to die.

What kind of beasts do we have in our school? In a religious school to boot.

What is happening to all of us? As a society, all of us, individually and collectively, have to take responsibility for all these malaise which have infected us and threatened to infest our being.

I want to tell a personal story about life in school.

I used to smoke on the ceiling of my hostel before we would go to sleep. Every other night, about four or five of us would climb up the ceiling and shared a ciggy. It was a male bonding thing.

One night, we crawled on top of the head prefect's room and poked a hole in the ceiling. And we peeped. Just for fun. And we caught him buggering a Form 2 student!

No action was taken on him. Because he was the hostel's head prefect. Much later, he voluntarily left the hostel.

Guess what the head prefect worked as later in his life?

Yes, you guessed it right. He was a primary school teacher.

Now, doesn't that send a shiver down your spine?


zainou said...

Two deaths in the same manner within 2 years at MACC is sure a funny issue. Somehow, when things go wrong, this would happen. A last option of getaway?

And you are totally right Harun, many of us, including me, have belittling the lady in the sex video. Perhaps we enjoyed watching one that we are oblivious to our senses. Lusty bro... cmner nak tahan..

I have been a teacher and I know how difficult it is to control the kids. Sometimes, I feel I want to judge the situation on my own. Like being a Superman. Or should I say, defeated by my emotion, which I gratefully did not or actually I don't have the cock to. Some teachers however do have the cock. And thats when they go wrong. not being the Superman but the villain. One point that we should gather here is of the deceased kid; the mother died, the father rarely stays at home to work regularly outstation, we do not know how is the step mother treating him and there he was, send to a boarding religious school. Most likely, the poor boy yearns for affection and was attracting attention. of which our Superman (the culprit)has failed to realized.

"Now, doesn't that send a shiver down your spine?"
oh shit!

Anonymous said...

Funny,why ppl like to commit suicide in MACC building eh?? That always the other party's argument to defend their innocence but the circumstances leading to the fall do challenge us to think, sadly most of the times, it violate logic.

Anonymous said...

Art, I'm with you on the collective responsibility for all these malaise.

As parents we need to educate our children properly and adequately. Hopefully in 2 generations our beloved nation would be back on the right track.

I'm not into politics but the level these adversaries have stooped to is repulsive to say the least.Its the doing of people who have lost their conscience if not their soul. Everything including the sanctity of religion is fair game. There appears to be no fear in trespassing God's domain.
To these people, you could be cursed for 7 generations and struck by lightning tomorrow while crossing the road.

Repent before the grim reaper pay you a visit. I pray that God will bring you back to the right path.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia have collectively gone insane - majoring on the minors and minoring on the majors. The thing that buggers me (nothing to do with your former head prefect) is the blatant arrogance of the power that be, the "so-what?" attitude even when they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar, or up someone's nether end. Some cultures used to commit harakiri, but I guess malaysian practises shiok-sendiri! For fook's sake

elizabeth said...

Don't MACC have visitors room? I personally find it puzzling that the escorting officer brought Mr Sarbani to his room, what more leave him alone in the room, unattended to. Wont the escorting officer have documents at his office that he may not want any tom dick or harry lay their eyes on? What is happening to this country?

Anonymous said...


The MACC officers were probably having an officers porn viewing/meeting in the morning so they could not be disturbed. The MACC will soon be telling us that 2 deaths in 2 years is an insignificant statistic considering their "success" rate of catching corrupted buggers who cheated RM2,000. Didn't a certain UMNO minister blow MACC trumpet by declaring the Indonesians wants to model their anti-corruption agency after the MACC? Perhaps the Indonesians want the MACC to teach them how to entice their suspects/witnesses to commit suicide, self strangle, fly out of windows, etc when the heat is on.

halimah said...

salam art,

i m too with you art, on the collective responsibility, is it not high time for us all to look at the manual of how to live as a human, which we all are. Only the creator of human has full knowledge on the codes of conduct for man.
To all of us regardless of what color your skin is, muslim or not as long as u stand like a man, then Al-quran is for you. Read it and understand it. This is everyone's birth-right.

Chester Khuan said...

After reading several articles I have this conspiracy theory. Let's just assume (just an assumption) that MACC officer(s) kill that custom officer, they manage to prove 2 things:
1) They are not racist, TBH is Chinese, custom officer is Malay
2) They are not biased and pick on opposition members only, custom officer is a civil servant.

Anyone got anymore points to add to what MACC is trying to prove assuming they did kill this custom officer?

abdullahjones said...


Anonymous said...


Hang dengar dak hari ni, murid balas dendam tumbuk muka cikgu, sampai hidung patah di Padang Besar, Perlis.

Kelmarin Cikgu bunuh murid, murid tumbuk guru patah hidung.

Eh awat la no..


Anonymous said...

Malaysians seem to have lost their humanity.

Anonymous said...

cynicism is running high,now who can be trusted? This claim of suicide is a bit premature.Question, Do they showed suicidal tendency/symptom prior to their falls? Something is not right, i hope the truth will come out.

Next question- If judiciary cannot protect u, who can protect u?? even the recent verdict of the judge in TBH case was not helpful, if not suicide or homicide, then how he die? dont tell me he died of natural causes.So, can you blame us why we are so cynical.

Singam said...

I have no basis for saying this apart from gut feel - but I believe there is one huge difference between the two deaths:

One refused steadfastly to say what they wanted him to say while the other was about to say what they desperately did not want him to say.

Anonymous said...

Sadly , we are been 'conditioned' into belief system.Those who believe suicide, will believe so, those who do not believe, will not believe so,..btw, how many talk about element of 'foul play'!

Anonymous said...

a lot of things in malaysia send shivers down our spines.....but what can we do? tell us man...

Anonymous said...

which school is that Art?


underdog said...

I tried to be level-headed when reading the news,even on TBH's case.But recent events such as Taib's enormous graft,sex video and now the death of Sarbini have made me lose my cool.

I am very very angry. I know the government/BN is bullying us.They take away the people' money,and now they take away the people' life.

But there is nothing we can do.There's no transparency in judiciary and those in Bukit Aman.

Suddenly, I feel so helpless.

All I can do is bury my head under the blanket and cry.

Ipoh said...

With commandment as clear as this, you will expect the 'muslim authority' to be the first to take concern on the well being of the girl.
Well... i guess they have more pressing haram issue to focus on.

[24:33] ..... You shall not force your girls to commit prostitution, seeking the materials of this world, if they wish to be chaste. If anyone forces them, then GOD, seeing that they are forced, is Forgiver, Merciful.

anakbuah said...

No need to go to MACC office to commit suicide unless you want to be killed!

To me, there are other parties will benefit for his death - maybe freight forwarding companies, other top custom officers or 'invisible hands'. Or even top VIPs or political figures might be involve!

Police looks so dumb and stupid. I actually started to loose my faith in our security and judiciary system. Like Mr. underdog, I'm seriously believes "the government/BN is bullying us"!!!

TBH and Ahmad Sarbani's death are great lost to our justice system. The real evil is still out there, smiling!

sam/PRAY, it works said...

Actually macc should not jump to the conclusion of suicide. They should report it as an incident of death they will investigate. Shows a guilty conscience?