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Monday, April 25, 2011

Yang Amat Arif Tun, tsk tsk tsk...

I am real busy this week. So there will be no real writing by me.

However, ladies and gentlemen, feast on this news from the Malaysian Insider.

This is exactly what our judiciary has been reduced to. A place to implement "new and fresh" ideas in order to speed up justice. Speed up justice konon!

When a "new and fresh" system is hatched out without proper and in-depth thought and planning - if at all they think in the first place - this is what is going to happen. It becomes STUPID!

This e-filing is beginning to sound just like one of those rip-off initiative of which the recent 1Malaysia e-mail is just but one example.

Just feast, and then weep, on this one:

"First, lawyers are required to get an organisation certificate that costs RM1,500 each from MSC Trustgate, a third-party company, in order to make the e-filing.

The certificate is only good for two years and is non-transferable.

But the lawyers are questioning the need to pay a third party for digital certificates, noting in the Singapore experience, it was all handled by the court registry.

They claim the RM1,500 fee goes against the principle of access to justice as the costs will then be passed on to their clients, who will have to pay extra for fees.

They also have to pay an extra RM40 to get a digital signature to put down on their documents. That too is non-transferable from one lawyer to another.

Next, the lawyers are required to pay up the court fees in full before the system will process their applications.

However, the contracted service provider, Formis, failed to synchronise the online payment to allow a transfer of funds between the banks.

“Banks do not allow corporate accounts to perform online banking transactions. Only individual account holders can use online banking freely, for example, CIMB clicks and Maybank2U.

“And law firm bank accounts are corporate accounts,” lawyer Brendan Navin Siva explained to The Malaysian Insider.

As such, lawyers are now still lining up at the court to make the payments by cash."

RM1500 non-transferable digital certificates which are only good for 2 years?

RM40 digital signature which EVERY LAWYER who wishes to file documents under their own name has to have?

There are 13000 lawyers or so. Half of them - about 6500 lawyers - are court-going lawyers who have to file documents in courts. I am not good with Maths. You all do the Maths.

And what's with the failure to synchronise online payments to allow transfer payment between banks? What did they expect? That all lawyers have accounts with ONLY ONE BANK, ie, the 1BANK? And payment from corporate accounts are not acceptable?

Singapore took 8 years to implement their e-filing system. And we wanted to do it with 1 month notice.


Full story is here.


Bentoh said...

who's the third pparty gonna be? tricubes? only 1msia email allowed in registration?

Ah Beng Crosby said...

To milk dry the rakyat, that is the sole objectives of these e-filing system.

Leithaisor said...

What a lovely piece of good news!

For the right folks in the right place to collect a huge pile of $$$ that is.

Is there truly any justification for the big sums of money which are being demanded for digitak certs which expire in 2 years, RM40 digital signature for each lawyer and such?

Well, I think the Bar Council would be stringer than most to argue against any attrocious rent-seeking attempt.

But in the worst case sceneio, I would also think that at the end of the day, in most cases it will come down to the rakyat paying MSC Trustgate.

Are we all supposed to then raise our voices together in a loud shout of "TIDAK MEMBEBANKAN RAKYAT!"?


sowhatsup said...

and FYI the RM40 for individual certificate just for 1 year .... ptuii again

Tiger said...

Satu lagi projek kerajaan BN, untuk menghisap darah rakyat!

UP41 said...

Welcome to the digital TOLL age - our lords have advanced from physical road toll to electronic tolls. Is this the only electronic toll? Of course not. JPJ car/insurance renewal is another example. Ask your insurance agents how much they (you) are paying to get an idea. It is better than physical road tolls - since most of us pay without knowing we are paying - so no protests. And the digital highway can be set/ expanded faster than physical highway/toll with fraction of cost. Is this the last ? You sure know the answer.

Anonymous said...


There will still be plenty more stillborn ideas (aka "cronies get rich schemes") to be implemented as long as the judiciary remains in UMNO's hands.

barelylegal said...

Let me make a wild guess,the 1bank's name is CIMB :(

Anonymous said...

Haha "MSC Trustgate"... appropriate term. Our compnay and a few other MSC status companies around PJ been FORCED to pay these "MSC Trustgates" RM(Many Thousands) monthly rent money, for a useless small office space in the old Sony Bandar Utama building, or get our MSC status removed.

Now..... what do we do with it? The space cant even be left empty.

Anonymous said...

gomen pokai oredi lah..

Anonymous said...


Singapore took 8 years to implement their e-filing system. And we wanted to do it with 1 month notice.
This is to show the whole world especially Singaporeans
Malaysia Boleh !

rob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rob said...


It seems the system was first implemented in Sarawak by Sarawak Information Systems Sdn Bhd

Somehow it got imported across the South China Sea by Tech Innovasi Sdn Bhd and voila ...

So since you raise its useability then i am afraid Change Requests will have to be raised resulting in VO (and more revenue).

Dare I think that Taib is also a beneficiary?

Antares said...

Beyond CBT.... Nabob bin Zakar & the Umno Geng proudly presents... TBT!

What does TBT stand for?

Tak Boleh Tahan.