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Monday, June 20, 2011

My creative thoughts on the FB pages with unquantifiable creativity

The Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia and Citrawarna 1 Malaysia FB pages are just about as creative as having sex with a personal friend in a hotel and getting caught doing it on video!

For the record, I did check out the two FB pages. There is nothing creative about them at all. They are just like any other FB pages.

There is the usual profile picture, which in the case of the Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia page, is the Petronas Twin Tower picture (how creative is that?) and in the case of the Citrawarna page, is a picture of whatever building with fireworks littered on it. The second picture is not even original as it bears the url of a website from which it was taken.

If that was creative, then boiling eggs and frying sardines must be creative too. So is passing motion in the morning.

By the way, I did a FB search on the other FB pages supposedly created by the Ministry of Tourism. I could not find the Festival Pelancongan Seni Kontemporari 1Malaysia page. Nor could I find the Kempen 1Malaysia Bersih page. Meanwhile, the Fabulous Food 1Malaysia is not even a page in the normal FB sense. It is just an invitation page consisting of 4 different invitations. Correct me if I am wrong. I stand corrected on this as I did not thoroughly search for them. All I did was to type the FB page name in the search box on FB and it did not yield any result.

Let me tell Minister Yen Yen and Choi Soi Lek about being creative without having to spend 1.8 million.

Those pages could do with a bit of sprucing up guys. Put on them pictures of sexy nice and obedient women wearing 1Malaysia bikini with a Visit Malaysia watermark and I guarantee you would have 300000 “likes” in 3 days. 

In addition, put some applications where fully dressed sexy nice and obedient women could be undressed one by one by clicking on a Visit Malaysia icon which moves intermittently on the pictures. 

Alternatively, try putting some apps which would allow visitors to click on only 2 pictures of sexy nice and obedient women after which they have to mandatorily click on a Visit Malaysia icon before proceeding to view another 2 pictures. Repeat ad infinitum.

Just to maintain the cheapskate approach, the pictures do not have to be originals. Just steal them from the Net and paste it on the pages. Just make sure you all do not mark “X” on the forehead of the women in the picture because that is not so nice lah.

I guarantee there will be about a million “likes” in about a month if you follow my suggestion.

While we are talking about tourism, may I suggest something to Minister Yen Yen please? No. I am not going to charge 1.8 million. Promise. I swear. But if you are going to give me some money, I take lah.

Here’s my suggestion.

BERSIH is going to rally on 9th July. PERKASA is joining with banners and probably with some effigies too. I am sure a lot of burning pictures and effigies will take place too. YB Khairy Jamaluddin and his UMNO Youth guys are going to be there too. At the time of writing this, the Obedient Wife Club has not decided whether to obediently follow their husband in the planned rally.
The police and FRU will surely be there too. There will be batons, rotans, guns and tear gases. And yes, a lot of water courtesy of water canons from that red water vehicle.

You know APCO would charge you 5 million for this advice.

I am doing it for free.

You see, why not spin the whole event to the foreigners, especially the ever gullible Singaporeans (Malaysia should start coaxing the Singaporeans to come visiting Malaysia again you know, after the nude squat incidents recently).

How to spin it, you ask?

Easy. Tell the foreigners, especially the ever so gullible Singaporeans, that the BERSIH rally is Malaysia’s annual answer to the Thai water festival, otherwise known as the Songkran.

How? Creative or not?

And it doesn’t cost you a single sen.


Richard Cranium said...

PERKASA is joining with banners and probably with some edifices too. I am sure a lot of burning pictures and edifices will take place too.

erm, are they going to burn down the palace ah?

Karen said...

Art, i love your article!!!! YOu've just plant a smile on my Monday blue's face.. :D

Anonymous said...


Great idea of 1Malaysia Songkran festival. I hope Ng Yen Yen adopts your creative idea.

I would also like to add that if the malaysian tourism facebook contains sexily clad images of Ng Yen Yen and Chua Soi Lek in various stages of undressing, the facebook will have 500,000 hits per day, climaxing with an orgasmic 5,000,000 hits per day when visitors get to the last page of the malaysian tourism facebook with Chua Soi Lek making out with Ng Yen Yen. How's that for creativity?

SANSIRO said...

Yen Yen - just send out mass SHOW CAUSE letter to everyone in her ministry - why she cant fire them since none of them has this idea before ART

Anonymous said...

Too much credit to Yen Yen.

She does not have a clue as to what 'Songkran' means.

She spends most of her time trying to breathe in her 3-size smaller outfits. That's a pretty amazing feat in those outfits ... I mean being able to breath and try to look intelligent.

I remembered reading somewhere about this scientific research that says, if a person is being suffocated, she will try very hard to breath by forcing air through her nostrils into the shallow part of her lungs ... just enough air for the blood to circulate and keep vital organs alive, e.g. heart, kidneys, livers ...

Needless to say, very little air (or blood) will flow to her brains. The rests ... I will leave it to the intelligent readers to figure out!

FF1 said...

Ahem, its effigies Art, not edifices.otherwise this article would be rated excellent.

FF1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
art harun said...

FF1, thanks for pointing that out.

My bad!

nick said...

Does anyone really believe that there was no hanky-panky involved in the FB issue? I think not and Ng Yen Yen, no matter how much you use double speak,creative hand gesture and techno mumbo jumbo...no FB pages is worth RM1.8mil. Heck, even those geniuses that created FB didn't charge the user! They earn income through adverts placement. But then again you are so Tekno-coli to understand that (borrowing a phrase from Dato Sak). I wonder how many Birkin bag can you buy with RM1.8mil?

Sharon said...

Art, your search was wrong - try "curi curi Malaysia" or "cheating mana Malaysia". Lets march!

d'enricher said...


You know what, that is why since 2008, assuming that is all we have record of, RSAF made fly by 2508 time. Now with the RM1.8 Million FB, more time will they come.

Anonymous said...

Interesting & creative ideas!

Can I engage you as my company Marketing consultant?

S H E N G S A W said...

muahahahah...uncle art. you nail it again! bravo!

see ya with raincoat soon...

Anonymous said...

NO, it's 'curi-curi wang 1malaysia' !

Anonymous said...

tell me which MCA-driven project is not inflated?

this is small change. PKFZ cost us RM12b for a bloody white elephant.

these MCA fellas are rich beyond their dreams and for the philanderer, everything is creative when the $ sign pops out. you dont call MCA=Most Corrupted Association for nothing.