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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Tipping Point


Apparently, Pak Samad Said, our Sasterawan Negara/National Laureate, read the last two paragraphs of the following speech on 19th June 2011 at the launch of Bersih.

I copied the following speech of his from his blog.

“Murbawan Malaysia tidak senang dengan apa yang sedang berlaku di negara ini. Kita menghantar pesanan yang sangat waras. Demokrasi perlu murni dan terus dimurnikan.

Kenapa kita tidak boleh memperbaik situasi? Kenapa kita harus membiarkan demokrasi diperkuda oleh segelintir kuasawan yang tampaknya bermaharajalela?
Telah lama kita tidak senang dengan aliran demokrasi yang diperkuda ini. Telah lama kita inginkan demokrasi yang bersih, bergerak atas landas yang murni.

Kita sedar bahawa jalan ini tidaklah mudah. Maka itu, kita menjadi lebih berazam. Kita maklum bahawa gergasi media arus perdana kini sedang ikut garang menghempit kita dalam arus peristiwa yang semakin durjana. Kita sedang berlawan dengan keangkuhan yang pejal. Oleh media arus perdana ini, kita sewenangnya digambarkan sebagai kumpulan “siasah” yang sangat bercita-cita buruk. Lebih buruk, kita digambarkan sebagai kelompok yang sengaja ingin menggelorakan masyarakat seburuk hajat.

Kita tidak begitu. Kita ingin memperbaiki jentera demokrasi agar lebih berhati nurani.
Kita tidak menginginkan demokrasi yang kasar dan sombong; kita merindukan demokrasi yang tulus dan betul.

Inilah gerakan kita yang, sayangnya, terpaksa bermula di tengah keangkuhan kerajaan yang merasa segala-galanya sudah betul, malah sudah syurgawi, di tanah air ini. Kita sebenarnya masih dalam derita yang terus dicipta oleh tangan kasar berhati angkuh yang sangat bercita-cita.

Kita merindukan suara kuasa yang waras dan insani; suara pembimbing yang ikhlas dan mengerti. Kita tidak memerlukan suara angkuh dalam era yang sudah terlalu lama sombong ini. Kita mengharapkan tangan kuasa yang berhemah, sedia memimpin dan berdamai, turut bantu mencipta iklim demokrasi yang harum.

Memanglah kita mengkhayalkan dunia indah itu, walaupun kenyataan yang terserlah dan mengembang kini sedang menunjukkan di atas kepala kita sentiasa sedia terapung awan kelam yang menjanjikan tofan.

Jikalau berlaku, kita bukanlah kelompok manusia yang gamam berlari; kita, sebaliknya, adalah manusia yang cekal berdiri. Kita ingin memupuk demokrasi yang lebih berhati nurani.

Dua ratus tahun dulu seorang tokoh kecil Sam Adams, dengan kelompoknya yang kecil juga, telah mencurahkan teh ke dalam laut di pelabuhan Boston, Amerika. Kata Sam Adams: “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set bushfires in people’s minds.”

Kita nyalakan unggun api itu pada malam ini!”

(the original site is here).

Frankly, I think, the Home Minister, has lost the plot. Pure and simple.

To summon Ambiga and gang to the police station is one thing. At least, the Home Minister could say that he and the police were just doing their job to protect the state. Although I do not agree with that, I could live with it, to be fair to him.

But to drag a frail old man, our National Laureate - whose spirit and commitment for a better society is obviously not as frail as his physical body is – to the police station for 90 minutes just for reading out the last two paragraphs of the speech above is plain madness.

It is a sign of the Home Minister losing his marbles; not thinking rationally and acting recklessly. It is overkill and over-reaction to a situation which DOES NOT AT ALL WARRANT SUCH ACTION BY THE POLICE!

The planned BERSIH rally is about electoral reform. Now, according to some people, it is about the communist wanting to take over Malaysia by overthrowing the government; about Christians organisations funding BERSIH; about anti-Islam and anti-King forces and whatever else within their infantile fertile imaginations.

To me, the dragging of Pak Samad to the police station is the tipping point. Now it is about anger; about some young elitist turk being discourteous to an old man; about Malay culture; about respect; about uncouthness (is there such a word?).


Pratamad said...

You are next, bro, to Dang Wangi, if Kerishamuddin is good enough to have consistency.


Anonymous said...


For the love of Malaysia, what is wrong actually, can't we dream of a country better ... much better that what some people think is already good enough ... from their point of view.

Yesterday in the news, I saw the people of Greece demonstrating very peacefully, so why not here ???

SANSIRO said...

As someone who practice law - it must be painful for you to realize this clown Home Minister read law as well right?

pinsysu said...

uncouthness? got this word ... my problem is what are we dealing with? ibrahim ali & the gangs & their backers are behaving more like zombies than human beings with conscience. zombies dun use their brains but only use their claws ... and that oxford moron wasting his talent ...

Anonymous said...

oh my. anyways i am now pretty sure that Jip has a sinister plot up his mind. I fear that he wants the rally to go on with all these threats and when it does he will create a chaos - we have already seen his 'rowdy' boys in Tropicana.

Wake UP! said...

Salam. Sasterawan hanyalah pandai berkata-kata tapi tidak pandai membangunkan negara.

Lebih baik negara kita lahirkan lebih ramai para saintis dari sasterawan tak guna.

KoSong Cafe said...

I am reminded of a poor translation of a film dialogue... Din, 'kau dah hilang guli kah?'

Anonymous said...

Telah lama.. memang telah lama, Pak..

Anonymous said...

Art, in the Malay culture, what this "half-baked lawyer" did to the revered old man would have been called "kurang ajar".

As for your comments that he reads law, I will add that he was called to the BAR but from pictures posted on the NET, I think he got drunk when he was called to the Bar. Too much alcohol can screw up a brain that is in the first place filled with shit.

Anonymous said...

Worries not, Pak Samad.

If this is what they want, then...

Anonymous said...

Sememangnya tangkapan Pak Samad hari ini akan menjadi titik permulaan kepada keruntuhan suatu kuasa angkuh lagi gila UMNO-BN. Jika kita diamkan diri, maka kuasa angkuh ini akan datang mencari kita. Hari ini Pak Samad, esok mungkin cikgu anak kita, lusa mungkin jiran kita, akhirnya bila kuasa angkuh ini datang kepada kita, tiada lagi orang yang akan mempertahankan kita lagi.

Anonymous said...

Uncouthness, Art, even if there is no such word, there ought to be such as word now to describe Hisham the Kris

Anonymous said...

From the time he said.. 'the only thing I learnt from Pak Samad (the real Pak Samad ..A Samad Ismail, when he was arrested) was how to `mencarut'..., I knew I can never take A Samad Said seriuosly.
And what is 90 mins interrogation to Pak Samad's 5 1/2 years under Malaysian detention. And that is not counting the arrest by the British.
Yet Pak Samad did not gripe nor grumble.He held on to the nationalistic cause and remained an icon till his last breath.That was the real Pak Samad ( A Samad Ismail) ..the enigma.
But this Pak Samad ? well..he is just a dreamer.. (again from the words of the real Pak Samad)


Anonymous said...


When it comes to UMNO protecting their greed and ill gotten wealth, there is no such thing as Adat Melayu. UMNO will use Adat Melayu only when it suits them in gaining more corrupt wealth and power.

Does UMNO feel any shame, persecuting the old and defenseless and protecting the antagonists? No, not at all. As long as the means achieves their ends, UMNO is even willing to sell their own mothers and daughters.

Anonymous said...

I got the feeling that there are people who try to use Bersih to back-stab and topple the head, after all there are no honor and loyalty amongst thieves and crooks.

Anonymous said...

bullies have no sentiments. uncouth is not in their vocab. Thats UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Art, Democracy in Malaysia is dead. Hishamuddin has not lost the plot! Th plot is to remain in power at any cost! Even if innocent blood is shed. It is about remaining in power. These people are no different from those in the middle east countries that have ruled for years. BERSIH to me is just about fair elections and their demands are just! BERSIH is not about politics! It is about removing the unfairness in the system, so that the people can make a change in the next election. The campaign for BERSIH did not make any threatening remarks or otherwise, on the contrary, it is the supporters of the government of the day that have threatened to shed blood, Umno Youth, Perkasa, Anak Mamak, PUKIMMA and etc. What a sham to have a weak PM. All that talk about 1 Malaysia, Rakyat Didahulukan and etc.etc. This Najib is the worst PM of all time. In fact, there was ever only one good PM. The best we ever had was the first and he seems to have been the last. TAR must be rolling in his grave today at the thought of what ha become to Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

A big mistake by Hisapmudin, he angered a lot of people when he tried to intimidate the well-respected Pak Samad as a warning to other intellectuals not to support Bersih 2.

Bad move Hisapmudin !

Anonymous said...

Chief , so will you be present at Bersih 2 ?

art harun said...

Anon @ 30 June 2011 11:43,

Err...is this a trick question? :)

Anonymous said...

Mr Art this is not a trick question, the reason I ask is if you attend the rally then I will too as you are my idol.


Anon @ 30 June 2011 11:43

Ghostwriter's Apprentice said...

A response to Wake Up!

I believe you have no understanding how science works.Erwin Schrodinger, a Nobel Prize winner in Physics, in his essay Science and Humanism clearly articulated that the goal of science is to "find out as much as we can about the spatial and temporal surrounding of the place in which we find ourselves put by birth." Science is about uncertainty.Science, and modern physics in particular, shows that there is an element of uncertainty in every description of the world, and that tolerance must be built into every scientific statement. It was in Germany under Hitler when science was used as a nation building exercise(and as a tool of "monstrous certainty" in the words of Jacob Bronowski, a historian of science). Bronowski further urged us (in his book The Identity of Man) to look to science and to literature as constant reminders of the need for tolerance in its social and ethical sense. Science and literature are both equally important to our psyche for they make us better human beings.

Anonymous said...

Sam adams had it right
Numbers not needed to win fight
More useful is righteous spark
As beacon, in oppressive dark

JR lowell had it right
Truth always in noose tight
Even if wrong squats on throne
God won't leave his people alone

MLK had it right
Keep hope alive, thru lonely night
Struggle will be costly to some
But in the end, we will overcome

Rosa parks had it right
Keeping seat on mundane bus ride
Common decency pushed to edge
Redress being liberty's pledge

Cory aquino had it right
People power is no matter slight
Citizens standing on the line
Consigns tyranny to decline

East europeans had it right
Against regime of shackles tight
Shoulder-to-shoulder against wall
Solidarity made it fall

Tienamen folk had it right
Paid for in lives lost that night
Truth has power to hold off tanks
And to spread quietly in the ranks

Tahrir crowd had it right
Holding ground against armed might
Square earns its sanctified name
Tyranny slouches off in shame

Samad said has it right
Dire, is our present plight
Truth played by powers unseen
So why can't we come clean?

Toh kin-woon has it right
Manfully keeping discourse polite
Quiet truth above noisy heckle
Is roar of lion, over howl of jackal

As you ponder right or wrong
Ask if your conviction is strong
In this time of high alert
What colour is your shirt?