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Friday, June 17, 2011

What were you saying again, YB Datuk Zulkifli Noordin?


I read the Malaysian Insider report that YB Datuk Zul Noordin had called to prevent the planned BERSIH rally on July the 9th.

By the way, I did not know that the YB had been bestowed a Datukship. I am sure he deserves it. Congratulations YB Datuk.

YBDZN (short for Yang Berhormat Datuk Zulkifli Noordin – I learn to shorten things from PEMANDU), for the uninitiated, stood in the 2008 GE in Kulim under the PKR banner. His political tagline was, “it was time to change, new hope.”


During the campaign, he repeatedly reminded the voters to use their vote wisely. He implored them to use their “sacred hands” to choose a candidate who was commanding and not to chose a devil masked as an angel. This was what he wrote on his blog on 27th Februuary 2008:

Undilah calon yang berwibawa, bukan jerangkung bertopeng dewa.”

I admire his tenacity and conviction, I must say.

He asked the people to vote someone who was clean, someone who was not corrupted or corruptible. He wanted a stronger opposition to fight abuse of power; to fight against corruption and to fight for a better Malaysia. He asked the people to vote for a responsible representative who would  fight for the people’s rights and whatever things which are closed to the people’s heart. Love this!


However, unfortunately, perhaps while suffering a momentary lapse of refinement, he was also prone to a bit of theatrical indulgence such as displayed by this, which appeared on his blog on 5th March 2008 titled “Orang kata KJ macam beruk…”:


That was most unfortunate. But hey, the man has his opinion.

As he was feeling the heat of the election campaign – which was understandable, as he was a rookie of sorts – he developed a dislike against the then Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR). It looked like the “macam beruk” blog post was not the last showing of his penchant for name calling.

This was evident in his post, titled, almost inevitably, "SPR Barua BN." Wow. For a person who describes himself as the “servant of Allah” and who always fight for Islam, he was very Islam in his language. But hey, the man has an opinion, right?

In that post, YBDZN berated SPR for cancelling the usage of the indelible ink in the 2008 GE. He wrote:

“Memang kita sedia maklum mengharapkan ketelusan daripada SPR samalah seperti mengharap gajah dapat melepasi mata jarum.”

Then in April 2008, he advocated freedom of expression by speaking, not once, but three times, about a planned gathering called “Black 14” as a show of support for Anwar Ibrahim. His three posts on that subject appeared here, here and here.

Then, on 21st August 2008, he reproduced a letter from Dato’ Salehuddin Hashim, the then Secretary General of PKR to the SPR, which, among others say:

Saya sangat mempersoalkan kredibiliti dan kerja SPR kerana apa yang timbul bukanlah perkara baru malahan ianya adalah perkara sama yang berbangkit pada setiap kali pilihanraya walaupun berbagai-bagai aduan, kritikan, dan cadangan telah dikemukakan kepada pihak SPR.

Sehubungan dengan itu saya meminta dan berharap agar SPR dapat meneliti untuk bertindak dengan serius dan bersungguh-sungguh terhadap aduan yang saya kemukakan seperti berikut;

i. Nama Pengundi Hilang

ii. Pemilihan Hari Bekerja Sebagai Hari Membuang Undi

iii. Menggunakan Agensi Kerajaan Untuk Tujuan Kempen Umno/BN

iv. Laporan Media Yang Berat Sebelah

v. Penggunaan Pasukan Anggota Keselamatan

vi. Mengambil Kad Pengenalan Pengundi

vii. Sogokan Wang kepada Pengundi

Dilaporkan bahawa kempen Umno/BN telah menggunakan sogokan wang untuk meraih undi. Petugas Umno/Bn bertemu pengundi menawarkan wang supaya pengundi diminta mengundi calon Umno/BN atau pun pengundi menyerahkan kad pengenalan mereka. Tindakan ini selain menyalahi etika pilihanraya dan mempunyai unsur amalan rasuah.

Kerjasama dan tindakan dari pihak Tan Sri saya hargai dengan ucapan terima kasih. Semoga usaha bersama kita memartabatkan demokrasi Malaysia akan mencapai kejayaan.”

It thus came as a complete surprised, and not to mention, puzzlement, that YBDZN was quoted by the Malaysian Insider report saying as follows:

“Datuk Zulkifli Noordin said today that Malays will weaken themselves if they are used by anti-Islamic leaders organising next month’s Bersih rally to call for free and fair elections.”

I suppose YBDZN now does not think that the SPR is “barua” BN anymore. And I suppose YBDZN now feels that all his concerns listed above have been adequately addressed by the SPR.

Hey, the man has a right to form an opinion okay. And obviously, that is his current opinion.


SANSIRO said...

This is the same jerk who was escorted by the cops into BAR Council discussion.

Richard Cranium said...

Lallang personified.

Kris said...

He says whatever is expedient. It is entirely possible that he could have an opinion on the world being flat and that there is life in Uranus if it suited him I guess...

Anonymous said...

Now who's the barua?

Anonymous said...

Zul Katak,hang baruah tulin.

Anonymous said...

A gud one ART!

mut said...

What if Islamic leaders (who have much more standing not to mention credibility than YBDZN) are in support the Bersih rally?

What would his stand be then? His tongue twisting will just choke himself lah !

Anonymous said...

He's munafik...don't you think so?

IbnAbdHalim said...

He's first class whore politically.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Into Umno, back to Umno lah. Exactly like all previous....Ezam, Rais Yatim, Ahmad Zahidi,Ibrahim Ali.... and all the katak-katak. And don't forget the biggest of all munafik, the ex PM who twice ( if memory serves right) was out of Umno and now leading a merry band singing Malay-saja song.

Anonymous said...

you want Datoship, emulate Yang Barua DZN

nick said...

Just another parasite trying to suck the blood of the people and spread disease. A parasite with a kopiah is still basically a parasite.

Anonymous said...

The minute you open your stinking mouth, the whole World of flies coming to groped your stinking throat. You are a pure Barua of the lowest standard that we had ever seen. How much UMNO pay you to run away from PKR, you damned mada paka arsehole sonuvitch.

Anonymous said...

A very unprincipled person this zulkifli nordin fellow.A bloody skunk if I may say so.

Anonymous said...

Truly he was referring to himself (perhaps subconsciously) when he said "jerangkung bertopeng dewa". A devil in Islamic garb!

Anonymous said...

We heard the witch from Jelapang frogged because of her husband's (& son's) ah long debt. We heard that the other 2 froggies were caught on video in some engaging activities, thus their credibility were compromised. But I can't really figure out why this guy so desperately frogged, as he's a Syariah lawyer, somemore on DSAI's defense team. Can someone throw some light??

Anonymous said...

ZN is a despicable man, just prior to 12th GE, I was conned by the bugger to donated RM 300 to his campaign funding...oh shit... a waste of my money.

The lowlife is an idiot too always thinking that Allah need him to defend Him.

Anonymous said...

A relevant observation Sir. I think, that this hypocrite is best left alone, to rot, and to remain in obscurity.
According to the blog below: his datukship was conferred on him by, not surprisingly, by the Sultan of Pahang. I daren't say more, the laws of sedition are a deterrent, and I can't afford you as my lawyer, ha, ha.
Well done Art.

Anonymous said...

Many many moons ago, a PAS MP told me that Zul Noordin was on PAS blacklist. I was not privy to the real reasons but 'he was a doubtful character'. I shared this info with someone who is close to me and who also knows Zul quite well. He pooh-poohed it. Then came the election petition and this close friend of mine was asked to be a witness. Initially he agreed but then he discovered that at least one of the documents bore Zul's forged signature so he told Zul that he couldn't be a party to deceit. I have kept this 'secret' for a long long time but RPK had written about this in one of his articles so I am merely confirming it. UMNO pulled out from the election petition and I suspect that that was the time Zul really sold his soul to the devil. The rest as they say is history. May Allah forgive us all. Sigh...


Anonymous said...

First class hypocrite, hiding behind religion..sway like a dollar note

aziz said...

He's a piece of shit.

AmirHarun said...

Time has unfold what plighted cunning hides.

Anonymous said...

this kulim wonder, as KT would like to describe, is a real wonder. what does he stands for in life? a piece of bird shit, i guess.

Anonymous said...

It is now proven beyond all doubts that the prolific titles given out by the Royalty is worth zilch, especially when someone as empty as Zul Noordin is now a datuk. The reigning champion empty datuk is of course Ibrahim Ali but he is facing strong competition from Zul Noordin as the supreme champion empty datuk.

I was at my golf club yesterday and someone called out datuk to which 80 other people responded. I never knew so many people shared the same first name. I am pretty upset my father did not name me Tun Tan Sri, sigh!!

Anonymous said...

Don't blame DZN.

Money nearly used up. He has to make some noise to stand a chance of being ask to stand in the next election by UMNO ... though we all know he won't have a freaking chance.

Anonymous said...

He protested the rally, not the memorandum. If I remembered correctly, he said on national TV that you can submit a memorandum without the need to go to the streets..

And the Bersih organizers hadn't even made an appointment to meet with the Agong or his rep. It's pretty apparent the memorandum is actually a less important agenda.

Just a thought, you know..


rexuan said...

its like that la with u ppl. jumps to Pakataik side, whats bad said abt opposition vanished. when aborts the Pakataik, the like of fart-harun will dig the past of such fellow. matter not or think not the truth within..

resident.wangsamaju said...

Racist guy.

Firdaus Shahnaz said...

He might be a genuine hypocrite, the stinkiest shit for some of you, but please mind this, DSAI won't even lay a hand on him. Apasal?

Anonymous said...

hippopotamus sized hypocrite.