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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seriously, do these look like 6000 people to you?

pudaraya rally crowd 01

crowd pix from bersih official fb


Source: Awesome collection of Bersih pictures here.


Vicky Khoo said...

It was a very ,very strong turn out and I am ashamed to say I was too cowardly to attend.I salute all who went to make their stand known in a peaceful manner.
It was interesting that comments like"BN won the elections so let them rule",I don't dispute that but I as a non bumi am extremely hurt by the hatred that is drummed up by the govt towards the non bumis.As a govt of a multi racial country, should'nt ALL citizens be treated equally? should'nt Help be given to the poor irregardless of race or religion,help in all ways,housing, education, medical etc etc Can anyone tell me if that is being done? Has Tolerance and Respect for others been a policy of the BN govt?The issue I have with BN is the hatred that has been fanned since the last 25 years,as a non bumi, I get nothing from the govt, no special privelages so why are we "targeted".Oh yes we came from China, yes we did, I can prove my great grandfather was born in Malacca.His father came from China and worked his butt off and saved and saved whatever he made and gave his children an education and then they worked and started businesses and educated their children.......and it has been like that till today,not a penny or a helping hand from the govt.Don't blame us for anything, take a good look at yourself in the mirror ,who are the rich ones nowadays,hey the bumis !! a small percentage of very super rich bumis are up there with their political connections but,the wealth of the nation are not distributed to where it is needed, why ? please tell me.Please also tell me where your great grandfathers came from? Peace and Harmony to all Malaysians, that is my wish.

pinsysu said...

never under-estimate the power of zero ... the IGP lost 1 of his marble here ... i mean 1 zero. he meant to say 60,000. wahahaha ...

long live Bersih 2.0!
long live baharuddin ahmad!
long live rakyats of Malaysia!

Anonymous said...


Yes it does. Look carefully, count carefully. Google uses spatial density measures that takes into account the number of persons that occupy a given amount of square space, maybe 5 meter square or 100 meter square. Unequipped with such methodology coupled with an actual satellite picture, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out just by doing the same kinds of calculations of our own, that the number 6000 to 10,000 is very plausible, and not the 50,000 that they'd like to believe. The exaggerated figure of 300 or even 100,000 is way, way off the mark.

Just make a metal mapping of your own, divide them into same-sized squares, and start pro-rating.

You will be surprised.

But with the Bersih rally having failed, I wouldn't want to pinpoint too much or rub too much as regards of this over-bloating of numbers. After all, what else could we live by even if a false sense of feel-good myth is also taken away?

Yours Sincerely,

Ambiga Boogie

Anonymous said...

Ambiga Boogie,
You said the right thing! Never mind the 6000 or the 60000...they forgot there are 27 millions more at home!
If we feel proud that such a thing has happened in this country, then we are a really sick lot. Non-civilised!

Anonymous said...

Vicky Khoo,
Dont start this racial-hatred thing.

Anonymous said...

Enough damage in terms of "I hate you, you hate me" have been done as a result of Bersih rally. You need not add your 2 cents to further grow the enimosity among the people. Be thoughtful in your writings. You should write something that unite people, not widen the gap with wedges like this. Sorry, I dont find this amusing.

Richard Loh said...

I think it is much less than 6K. My school maths teacher taught me how to count but on the sideline we are told to follow what the govt tell us, if they say its 6k it must be 6k and don't argue with the govt. Period

Richard Cranium said...

Ambiga Boogie, & Anons 13:09, 14:35

Are you part of the "silent majority" your taiko spoke about, ah?

Anonymous said...

Ambiga Boogie is just a wet in the ear, syok-sendiri kaki.

Big word on projected image density count! Dude, how deep r u into it?

Google used it for fun while CIA & the US military use this technique for warfare.

Oh, I used it for counting the migratory wildebeest population in the Serengeti.

Or perhaps u r the one, whom the IGP depend, to count the number to 6000?

Care to compare notes?

Anonymous said...

IT DOESN'T Look LIKE 6,000.

It LOOKED LIKE 10,000.


TAKKAN 120,000 pulak?

That WASn'T EVEN 50,000!

Anonymous said...

i things not more than 15000.what a shame.

Anonymous said...

umNO's shit ...oopps...cif (sorry) :
" ...hhahaha, we have 3 juta members
& we need ONLY 1 juta can kowtim BERSIH 2.0 , hahahaha !"

mca's shi...oops ...cif : ' yes yes YES ....my Tuan aku , yayayaya !'

gerakan's sh....cif : ' ya ya ya ya YES , my mighty Tuan !!'

Anonymous said...

Ambiga Boogie, does that include Police SB among them dungus.


Anonymous said...

HEY , we have > 3 juta non-umNO ahli2 to kowtim bn lah ...ok !?

donplaypuks said...


I was in Petaling St from Friday night through to 5 pm Sat evening.

Where the crowd was in Jalan Sultan alone there were more than 6,000 ordinary peaceful Malaysians.

And they arrested 1,667 persons and did not manhandle any? How about that gas cannister fired at Anwar's aide? A figment of our imagination.

Rosemajib and Kerismudin have a lot to answer for, particularrly for misusing and misdirecting the Police and then blaming it all on the POlice. They have brought PDRM into disrepute. They should be hung by their goolies - if they have any!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

donplaypuks said...

"But with the Bersih rally having failed...." Ambiga Boogie

With rallies here, in UK, USA, Oz, S'pore, Korea etc., you think BERSIH failed?

Don't look at 1 venue and say the crowd was 6,000. They were gathered in at least 6 different places! So, the headcount was 50,000- 100,000 at its peak.

The very fact that Najib first tried to scare everyone into not attendng and then postponed his UK and Vatican trip (where he was going to receive the Papal Order of The Paradigm Shafting Royal Rod) tells you how successful BERSIH was.

Don't forget Marina Mahathir too was waiting near Stadium Merdeka. I know because I spoke to her there personally! You think she'a a stupid uninformed citizen?

Remember, Najib first said PDRM can handle it all and tried to downplay it, then did another infamous U-turn? More than that, he was insincere in offering Bersih a stadium venue. He LIED about it. You want such leadership in Malaysia?

The writing is on the wall. Rosemah, pack up the 5,000 pairs of shoes and 500 suitcases oreddy, like yesterday! (Don't forget the $24 million diamond ring. Kek, kek, kek!)

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

fyi : helo , there's a difference antara "BERSIH" & "BERSIH 2.0" , ok ? tq !!

Bilakah '3.0' !?

Tarzan : " come i with jane. "
Son bin Ali : " ...i ...i...biniku say cannot ! "
Semivalue : ' ayam kambing ! '
Pope : " ...forgive ...FORGIVE !"
osama: '...?...!...? '
Obama : "...maybe."
MM : ' i'll ask my dad 1st.'
Dr.xxx : " see 1st lah, ok !? "
Pat : ' steamboat business very busy lah ....'
aku : " YELLOW is the color of my true love's hair , in the morning,
in the morning ...I like the best ! "

Anonymous said...

Really whether it is 6,000 or 60,000 what difference does it make.

As Gandhi said: "Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth."


Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious...
Let bygone be bygone lah...
Bersih is over, so get back to work and your lives as usual.
Why are we becoming more divided now than ever? Name calling, ridiculing others that have different opinion than ours...please put a stop to all these cyber agression.
If this is what the result of Bersih is, then Bersih has failed. It is taken over by politics. I should not have walked that day.

Anonymous said...

It's 6000 because they counted the yellow shirts only. The rest are bystanders not supporters!

Vicky Khoo said...

Anonymous,Sorry you disgaree with me that help should be given to the poor irregardless of race or religion.If you think that is a way to start racial hatred,soemthing is very wrong with your line of thinking.I also believe that tolerance and understanding of different cultures should be encouraged and that is fuelling racial hatred.......??? what i said about my family is the truth and nothing but the truth.I guess you don't like the truth. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

so that is 50 K ...out there. huhu..comeone lah...even independent news agency put it around 10K.


Ayah Man said...

Aljazeera estimated the crowd at 20,000. While other foreign press observers estimated the crowd to be in the region of 15,000 people.
BERSIH and its supporters boasted the crowd to be about 50,000 - 60,000.
Very astonishing to everybody, what happened to 300,000 - 400,000 who had agreed to join the walk?.
Most of the DAP stalwarts not there, PAS big boys not there, Keadilan heavy weight not there.
And now BERSIH have RM 100 suit in the offing.
What have the group really attained?

Sea MunnKey said...

Sounds like that there's a few posters that's been questioning the size of the crowd and/or accusing one of being a racist ... so what's your point here? Trying to dispute as to the exact numbers of BERSIH rally supporters?

It's a fact that non-muslim Malaysian citizens have been treated as a second class citizens ... I don't see any good reason why they should be treated that way for so long. All Malaysian citizens should have equal rights and freedom of speech regardless of their ethnicity and religions!

Any negative "internal" impact on the nation are blamed on the non-muslim community or the interference of some Western government and the government is solely to be blamed as they're the ones responsible for not putting a stop to all the finger pointing and accusations and most times with no solid evidence to prove their racially motivated agenda. As long as the M'sian government can find a "scapegoat" to divert any scandalous controversies away from them, that's alright with them!

Crankster said...

That is certainly not 5,000. Not even 10,000, not even 50,000. It was over 100,000. Obviously, many products of Malaysian school are unable to count. I'm hardly surprised. It's usually the uneducated and ignorant that enjoy shooting their mouths off.

Tok Nyadat said...

I don't care if it was 6000, or 60,000 or 6 person, what I want is a fair and clean election (not erection).. no hantu voters, no gerrymandering, no election fraud, no money politics, no buy-elections..and YES to equal airtime and news coverage .. that's what the rakyat need.. regardless what/which political parties contesting, let there be a level playing ground, without cheating and buying vote, without ghost voters. EC must be impartial, neutral, not becoming one of the BNs' component party... ada faham ka? - Yang tak faham2 ialah all those associated with and affiliated to Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Banggang @ UMNO Baru (Unclever Malay National Organization)

Anonymous said...

May be you need to check and observe on McDonalds Olympic Fun Run this weekend and ask the officials how many took their goodie bags. Then you shuld be able estimate then...Or watch our national team vs Arsenal/Liverpool/Chelsea at national stadium with a 87,411 capacity all-seater...you should also be able estimate but remember you need to discount the gaps of the rally

Anonymous said...

The BODOH people went to rally for PR to stay in power not through democracy... They did expect to win in the last GE and you can see that they were not ready to form states government + do not have enough credible candidates to lead the states. The know that the won because of people's anger to Abdullah's Regime and they know cannot win in the next GE so they want to make use of BODOH people to do riots and you can see PR leaders have chicken out and acting exagerately... see what syed has said "As for those Pakatan MPs, (I believe there are 80 of them in Parliament), they could have tabled Private Members Bills to push for changes to legislation in relation to SPR procedures or Election Act, but they didn't? Not a single Pakatan MP who has been in Parliament since 2008 did anything. Yet they go out accusing SPR (and by extension the BN Govt) of not conducting Fair Elections. It's the SAME ELECTORAL ROLL that made them win seats in Parliament in the first place. OMG!"

Aren't you all STUPID!!!!

Anonymous said...


Actually I am more interested in the 500 UMNO Youths who walked for only 200 metres before chickening out and the zero turnout of Ibrahim Ali and his Perkasa groupies plus the missing 15,000 or is it 50,000 silat exponents supposedly to be led by a certain Tan Sri Mad-haguru. What a shame the absence of Ibrahim Ali/Perkasa and the Mad-haguru followers dulled the event. A little birdie told me that the Ibrahim Ali did not even venture out of his home as he was too busy stocking up Mi Segera in his kitchen cabinet while the Mad-haguru could not wake his followers up from their sleep.

Anonymous said...

Why so concern on the numbers when the whole intention was a failure. Ambiga got the opportunity to hand over the memorandum to YDP but chose not to do so.

This rally was just to benefit Anwar and nothing else. Its just to shame the government of today to the world and nothing benefit the rakyat.

The oppositions line up are no difference to me, they are just a bunch of opportunist with no credible standings. Just to create racial and political tensions among the rakyat.

Anwar harus bertaubat, dia telah banyak menyusahkan rakyat. Talking about fairness, can you really be fair in your own home_to your children, friends, neighbor and so forth?. Ask this to your ownself before you demand others to be fair to you. Hopefully then you understand the meaning of fairness.


Anonymous said...

csl : " i counted ONLY 65 chinese !
IF i want i can easily order 65,000 of my members to march ...BUT tak mau lah ...wat FOR !? "

Anonymous said...

Pope : " welcome ALL sinners from malaysia ! "

Anonymous said...

Once, the lice-orphan : "1+1=many ! "

Vicky Khoo said...

The point is not the numbers, they marched for what they believe in,there are others who may or may not think the same way but they choose not to march.That is OK , it is their choice and their right.
Anonymous ,we have BN govt since forever,you may like how they are governing, fine, don't call people "Bodoh",but there are people who want change,who want transparency,maybe you are very, very rich so you are happy with the situation, fine, but there are others are not,give another "coalition" a chance, if they are also no good, then election time, voters can again vote for change,that is democracy.We don't know if other parties are good or not until we give them a chance.In every party there are good and not so good polititians, in every race there are good and not so good people, you cannot put everyone in the same basket just because they speak the same language or they have the smae haircut or they have the same motorbikes etc etc...

Anonymous said...

The calculation from this blog : http://chewal.blogspot.com/2011/07/jumlah-peserta-demo-haram-bersih-20.html

and this blog : http://shuzheng.wordpress.com/2011/07/10/bersih-success-success-yes-of-course/

the numbers are 8,000 to 10,000. The police numbers are quite close.

Anonymous said...

according to IGP "looks like 50,000, sounds like 50,000 but its 6,000." Borrowing from that lawyer of 'Apanama' former PM.

Anonymous said...

can u imagine if the rally was given permission? i think the number will numb BN!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you la Najib, you made me, my family, relatives and all my friends more angry with your BN.

Come 13GE, we will show you.

Anonymous said...

actually, bn's negative reaction plus polis' brutality/cruelty have contributed to BERSIH's victory !!

bn, terima kasih & let's meet at 3.0 ...oops 13 !

Anonymous said...

Anos @19:07
That is where you are wrong! I have never seen the spirit of true 1Malaysia so apparent than during the BERSIH 2.0 rally. Different races come together for a good cause. We help each other when the police using chemical weapons on us!
If you were there, you should know. Obviously you were not!

Sea MunnKey said...

I have a "strong hunch" that a whole lot of BERSIH symphathizers didn't show up at the rally 'cause they were practically scared and intimidated by how Najib and his goon loyalists (i.e. police & FRU's)would swoop down,arrest & throw them in prison under the pretext of ISA "threat to the nation". Simple as that!

Najib and his henchmen don't like criticism as most of the critics are downright true judging from what has been going on for decades. UMNO and it's affiliated parties are enjoying the reaps of financial richness via corruptions, "behind the scenes" rich business contract dealings passed along among family members, etc. and truly a bunch of hypocrites!!

This injustice does affect all common Malaysian Malays, Chinese,Indians etc.alike! They DO NOT get to rightfully enjoy the wealth and prosper in the nation's economy. Common Malaysians livelihood is at stake and all the government talk about is the security and well being of the muslim & malays at stake because of the presence of non-muslim Malaysian citizens interfering and meddling in their social affair and religion!!

Many non-muslim Malaysians have endured this suppressive treatment for far too long and all they want is to be treated fair and equal! What's wrong with that?? That's what 1Malaysia is all about ... EVERYONE as ONE!! Not racial segregation please!!

Anonymous said...

one day.....maybe there's a world where we won't have to run... and
maybe, there's a time we'll call our own Living free in harmony and majesty,
Take me home.

carine said...

i am impressed! Some of my Kaya Kaya business Man were involved too! Where are all the guts from? is Justice! I will were Yellow every saturday, and will buy more even i don't like this color, we must stand out and do what is suppose peacefully, not like the government servant (mata in chinese), they are not Rakyat Protector, They are gangster ! Even i was at my hometown that day but my soul and spirit was there with them, the warrior, Great Salute to all of the bravest young and old heroes........! TA PID!!!

Eric JKLim said...

Seriously speaking The Oligarghs are in serious trouble. The more they promote their images worldwide, the more protests are being thrown at their faces. History has always shown the tyrants & dictators the exit. Do we serously think and want to believe that they would clean up their mess and be BERSIH ??

Eric JKLim said...

Seriously speaking the "Oligarchs" are in serious trouble. Desperate on holding on to power, the PM is on Mission Impossible to shore up his image abroad. Instead, he should be wearing Baju Melayu with a keris tuck on his waist...yes the same one he and his cousin waved at his own rakyat of Chinese descent. Try waving it on the Brits for colonising and plundering our wealth...I would proudly say I would salute your bravery and Perkasa would named it BERANI X-men 1.0

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Wisata Baitullah said...

Photos are very nice with a view of thousands of people and their old buildings around it.

I think that people who are in the photo over 60,000 people.

Maybe this photo was taken when the carnival event or it could be great people who do the demonstrators.

Wisata Baitullah | Travel Haji Dan Umrah Sesuai Sunnah