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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Queen committed a diplomatic blunder!

ARTiculations demands a full and unreserved apology. Now!

Queen #Bersih


Anonymous said...

Is this photo from PM Najib's recent visit to the UK?
If it is, I wonder if the majesty was trying to tell Najib something subtly? Even the roses in the background are yellow.
When I first saw the title "How dare she", I thought you meant her even granting the visit to Najib. But when I look further, I got what you mean!. Good one.

chris said...

he may be too thick to get the message from HM

Anonymous said...

God save the Queen!

Anonymous said...

Haiyoo, everything is politicised these days, even what Queen Elizabeth wears. Some people are so presumptious that they feel that the yellow colour is the monopoly of bersih and that if anybody in any part of the world happens to wear yellow the person must be the supporter of bersih. Even if any of our Sultans wear yellow dress ( which happens to be the royal colour)for any official function, the Sultan must be a supporter of bersih. Wake up, man.

art harun said...

Anonymous @ 10:16,

I think you are the one who needs to wake up. I am just looking at the funny side of this picture. I am not politicising this picture. I am no politician.

And yes, I am fully awake. Are you?

alt.MY said...


Queen: Yes, the Palace does require constant cleaning. How do you manage to keep things clean, Prime Minister?
Najib: Oh, Your Majesty, when things get a little bit messy, I call in a special team to hose the dirt down.
Rosmah: Oh, yes Your Majesty, my husband is always making a mess. But if it gets very dirty, he gives me a ring.

A little later...

Queen: One remembers the bright colours in Malaysia. One does so like bright colours. Yellow in July for instance, seems apt, somehow...
Najib: Yes indeed, Your Majesty looks resplendent. This colour is quite popular in Malaysia too.
Rosmah (whispers): eh, but tell her not to wear yellow if she comes to visit, ok?

Anonymous said...

Aren't you people tired of twisting and spinning? The Queen wore yellow too at William and Kate's wedding. Shows she is happy to meet Najib, bless her!

borhan said...

If yellow is the case so now someone has to ask malay rulers to give up yellow as royal colour Chose red .But red is link to communist.

Anonymous said...

Najib :-
Alamak pening aku ini, sini kuning sana kuning , semua kuning ...semua orang sokong Berish...

Anonymous said...



I'm dying laughing.

The British Queen sure know how to express her humour. The best part is her understanding of the Commonwealth issue at the far-reach of the old empire.

Compare with some people - SSDD!

Richard Cranium said...

Anonymous @ 10:16,
Anonymous @ 10:54

haiyo, anons, humour is lost on you, la. Relaks, la, bros.

Si Comel said...

Talking about dry humour =.p Mr. Phillip Hammond should apologize too. LOL!

usabukata said...
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aravind said...

What subtlety! I doubt it was a coincidence. Look at the roses.... you think that was to match her dress?

usabukata said...

peduli apa sama ini queen. dia bukan queen malaysia. sengaja atau tak sengaja itu hal dia. kalau sengaja semua orang musti ingat apa jadah dia mahu 'masuk campor' hal malaysia. kalau tak sengaja maknanya dia tak sensitif atau lebih jelas tak tahu diplomatik.

warna kuning memang dikaitkan dengan warna diraja (dimalaysia). so what.

ini nuar memang bikin susah semua orang. boleh jalan sama dia punya refomasi ke demokrasi ke revolusi ke. masa duduk dalam kerajaan apa dia buat? dia pun amalkan kronisma, nepotisma dan segala ma.. termasuk 'main'.

ini semua cita-cita politik masing baik nuar & the geng (pkr), pas dan dap.


Anonymous said...

Kalau ada maruah, QE2 menyindir PM Malaysia le.

Tau tak kerajaan British sama peka dengan kerajaan Malaysia berkenaan protokol semasa lawatan Ketua-ketua negara.

Tu jelas cara diplomatik kalau tak dah kena penampar kat muka.

Leithaisor said...

I wonder how the (self-proclaimed) FLOM who was beside Najib [going by other photos of the occasion) felt?

I would not presume to be able to tell what Queen Elizabeth may or may not have intended her choice of dress to signal.

But I certainly felt happy with her choice!

And harbour the hope that she indeed was procliming loudly and clearly just what she thought of Najib and his regime did to try to cow BERSIH 2.0 leaders as well as supporters.

And I just read on Malaysian Chronicles about his inept sidekick:
"Hisham extends crackdown: After the Chinese press, online media is next".

Anonymous said...

" @#$%^&* , u very well know i hate the Bersih YELLOW ....! "

Adrian Phang Boon Hwa Pariah Dog said...

Jibbie should send his goon Khairy and the Pariah dogs to demonstrate at the Queen for wearing yellow!

Skilgannon1066 said...

Of course, any supposed connection between the "Yellow Shirts" in Thailand and the colour favoured by the Bersih 2.0 people in Malaysia is purely fortuitous!

What is noticeable about Thailand, though, is that more and more Thais are willing to stand up and question the untrammelled application of draconian lese majeste laws in the kingdom.

It is interesting that the Thai royal family has chosen to remain discreetly aloof from the fervour caused by the recent elections in the country. Perhaps the divisions in Thailand between the pro-monarchy royalists centred around the military top brass and the so-called urban elite and the backbone Thaksin supporters drawn from the ranks of the rural plebians and lower income groups in the country have confounded the calculations of those who would want to maintain the status quo.

Belinda said...

She looked great in yellow and how appropriate for the occasion. Is it possible she has such a subtle sense of humour. I hope it was deliberate.

Anonymous said...

A true Queen, she still looks after and supports the people of her Old Empire!

Anonymous said...

Yellow obsession & delusion..??

Don't get too much yellow in the brain, bro..can cause "otak kuning" disease..

Next what..? Digiman also support bersih..?

Hey, guess what.. why not try to get all those yellow fanatics or yellow skinned people to be in yellow attire and throw a full support to Yellow Harimau Malaya playing against the Red Liverpool..

Hardly see any yellow skin in yellow at all in Bukit Jalil on 13th July..same also when we play against the Red Indonesian.

Typical of them. Berjuang untuk Malaysia konon..Yellow my foot..when come to real action only the non-yellow skinned do the dirty job.

:D muhahahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

dean ali said...

Haha...Funny to see how people still doesn't get how funny this really is. Yes, yellow doesn't belong to Bersih. Never was and never will. Same as reds don't belong to neither Liverpool nor ManU! But who was it so dumbfcuk to actually arrest people wearing yellow two weeks ago? ROTFLMAO!

Anonymous said...

Anon@15 July 2011 16:01

Supporting a friendly football match against a foreign country, an art of patriotism? U must have been bought, through & through, by dn’s idiotic definition!

What about some other transparent acts, worked with sweat & tear, so that u can be free-loading now & takok?

Or, u only seek form than substance?

Oh - do bring up the oft-quoted dn-choir's chorus of only the Malay M’sians serve in military forces to defense the country.

Bloody moron!

U just can’t recognise the hard-earned contributions of the Nons to the national building in a different approach. U only see might as a mean for patriotism. I should have known a scoundrel where it stands!

Easily fooled by dn, just bcoz u can’t read truth M’sia history, & only filled with the syok-sendiri craps from btn.

Answer me – who were the heroes of the military forces before the independence? There were sizable non-Malay M’sians & many in commanding posts too. Many of them served through a turbulent period of our nation building, where live & death were the real issue of the servitude, unlike now.

Don’t u ,EVER, forget that the highest military honour for bravery has been bestowed upon many of these non-Malay heroes.

The dwindling number of Nons in the M'sian military services now, due a lot to the racial ceiling imposed. Many just give up & retired to a better opportunity outside the military. Moreover who would like to serve with their lives for many of the current nincompoops, masquerade as military commanders. Then again, what military challenge is M’sia facing now? R we at war with any body? Good brains might as well be deployed in other more rewarding adventures, where the contributions for self & COUNTRY r equally important.

Then again, how could an idiot like u, could understand what’s patriotism? After all u only see colour as a form ONLY!

Anonymous said...

Now all should wear Yellow T embossed with the word "DAULAT TUANKU" in conjunction with the successful completion of our AGONG term of office! This should drive them nuts!!

sans prejudice said...

Perkasa and Patriot goons should contemplate staging a protest outside the British High Com against HM QE2 for showing disrespect for their great leader and FLOM. She ought to know that yellow is anathema to UMNO, what more its chief.

Anonymous said...

Moron @15 July 2011 17:07

"Supporting a friendly football match against a foreign country, an art of patriotism? U must have been bought, through & through, by dn’s idiotic definition"

- So, not supporting anything Malaysia, condemn everything Malaysia and love to put this nation at par with Zimbabwe is how you morons define your patriotism eh? hehehehe..nice one idiot!

"Answer me – who were the heroes of the military forces before the independence?"

- I can quote many way far before independents, how about Dato Bahaman, Dato Maharajalela, Tok Gajah, Mat Kilau, Tok Janggut, Dato Sagor & many more or even the brave Lt. Adnan? The figures just make you nons toeing your own feet for counting to feel yourselves significant.. macam lah bagus sangat..hahaha..
So what make you then? decendant of traitors to your own homeland trailing the white master's ass to this Tanah Melayu? Idiot.

"Don’t u ,EVER, forget that the highest military honour for bravery has been bestowed upon many of these non-Malay heroes.
So how do you define your fucking patriotism?"

- Yeah moron, now it is all just history..digesting from the current developement & facts, the history in the making is that the nons are the potential traitors to this nation..

Hard earns contribution my ass as if WE don't contribute any, thought in reality volume foldable more than any of you in combine..

So start your soul serching of the real meaning of patriotism you identity crisis decendant of pendatang...fucking idiot.

:D muhahahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

Anonymous said...

i wonder whether she's wearing yellow undergarments to match her dress...

Skilgannon1066 said...

Heh, heh - anti spudkins is frothing off at the mouth - again. Gormless, as are most of the Perkasa persuasion, but, then, the Universe doesn't play favourites when handing out stupidity.

Whether QEII wears yellow, red or lilac is besides the point. The wardrobe choices of senior Brit royalty are matters to ponder on another day.

What is gormless is the way anti spudkins emotes on "patriotism". All the patriots he extols didn't prevent Malaya from being colonised by the Brits, did it? Or were the powers of the Royal Navy then far more persuasive to the denizens of the peninsula then than the concepts of patriotism and maruah?

Oh, wait - maybe anti spudkins lost out on in the days of the Brit colonial empire, when people of other hues were brought in to labour in the estates, schools, hospitals and the fledgling business sector.

One can understand the angst of such left-outs!

Anonymous said...

Said matter happen merely coincidence..


Trend Report: Queen Elizabeth in Yellow at The Royal Wedding



The Color Yellow

The Meaning of the color Yellow
The color and material used in Elizabethan Clothing was extremely important.

---- >>> People who could wear the color Yellow was dictated by English Law! These were called the "Sumptuary Laws".

The colors of Elizabethan clothes, including the color Yellow, provided information about the status of the man or woman wearing them.

This was not just dictated by the wealth of the person, it also reflected their social standing. The meaning of colors during the Elizabethan era represented many aspects of their life - the social, religious, biblical and Christian symbolism was reflected in the color Yellow!



English Sumptuary Laws

English Sumptuary Laws were well known by all of the English people. The penalties for violating Sumptuary Laws could be harsh - fines, the loss of property, title and even life!


Anonymous said...

Rosmah ought to show the Queen her new 30 carat diamond ring

Anonymous said...

Art, when the maggots crawl out and infest your blog, you know for sure that what you write about is hitting home big time! :-)

Anonymous said...

Queen Elizabeth wore a St Patrick Blue dress and an emerald green cloak when she arrived in Ireland in May, for first state visit of bristish monarch in 100 years to the rebellious Catholic south of the Island. ST Patrick is of course the patron saint of Ireland and Ireland is also known as the Emerald Isle.

Princess Kate Middleton wore a white dress and a red maple leaf hat on Canada Day during her royal visit to canada in July

The british royals appear to know exactly what message the colour of their clothes is conveying; or perhaps chose to convey a particular message by the colour of their clothes

Anonymous said...

like your article....

what a letdown for Najib to bow to someone wearing yellow. He must be cringing inside....

serves him right for treating the rakyat bad.

Anonymous said...

intentional or otherwise, this utter shame is self inflicted by jibby.

Without QE2 giving any hint, i think jibby will feel the yellowness himself. Dia yang makan cili.

Beside, even communist country wouldnt ban any color, what more this is a democrazy.

serve him right.

Anonymous said...

This is priceless! I wish I could read her mind at that moment...

chan kong art said...

Hahahaha...good one Art. But still the humour is lost on some of the moronic cybertroopers who chose to defile this humourous post with racist rants. God bless the racist morons and guide them they way..and make them appreciate humour. Maybe the lack of appreciation are making them pissed. Do you think they will orgnanise a protest at the British Embassy here?

Anonymous said...

:D muhahahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies

‘- I can quote many way far before independents, how about Dato Bahaman, Dato Maharajalela, Tok Gajah, Mat Kilau, Tok Janggut, Dato Sagor & many more or even the brave Lt. Adnan?’

U r a REAL disgrace! Go check REAL history-lah, pariah!

FYI yr dato maharajalela was a orang asli slave trader. He fought for his right to trade captured orang asli as slave. tok gajah, mak kilau? Please-lah, where do u read yr history? BTN?

Some of these people u mentioned WERE the REAL traitors of the land – that’s to all the Malayan then. Surprise?

Let me be childish – how many of yr kind were the wearer of Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa?

‘- Yeah moron, now it is all just history..digesting from the current developement & facts, the history in the making is that the nons are the potential traitors to this nation..’

Now who’s the moron?

Read again! R M’sia at war with anybody? Oh, for u, with the ‘pendatang’? Thus the 'potential' traitor?

Who started ICMM2 to recruit muslin foreigners as M'sians, so that he could hold on to his power? Isn't that an act of HIGH treason?

‘Hard earns contribution my ass as if WE don't contribute any, thought in reality volume foldable more than any of you in combine..’

Go & check with that mamak about this fact. Don’t be surprise to call him pendatang also, troglodyte.

Now back to yr starting line – ‘- So, not supporting anything Malaysia, condemn everything Malaysia and love to put this nation at par with Zimbabwe is how you morons define your patriotism eh? hehehehe..nice one idiot!’

Should I say – ‘So start your soul serching of the real meaning of patriotism you identity crisis decendant of pendatang...fucking idiot.’

Really form over substance. Period!

Anonymous said...

bravo! how dare she wear YEllow

Old Fart said...

Art, get a few UMNO Youths and Perkasa types together and make police reports in every States' Police Head Quarters. How about that? Can hold banners and rallies to criticise the Queen. Don't need Police Permit also and you get Police to mind the traffic some more.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 15 July 18.00,

My, my, aren't you in a fouled mood. You have so much hatred and venom in your comments that I got lost reading them. To be honest with you, your comments don't make much sense at all as you were trying desperately hard to impress us with your Queen's English. Much better if you write in simple English as it would not be lost in translation from Bahasa Melayu to Bahasa Inggeris.

Don't be like a Ibrahim Ali in the making. One can imagine you sitting in front of your computer with your eyes gorging out and twisted facial expressions while you were aggressively typing in your venomous garbage. Cool down and count to 100 before you let loose your fouled comments again.

flyer168 said...

Hello Art,

Yes, a "Subtle Royal Flush" of yellow for Jibby, mama & his coterie of s...t h...d cabinet Ministers, etc,...

Oh yes, Britain could do with Bolehland's timely Projects/Deals/Donations...

Just to share this...

Now Putrajaya hands LRT deal to UK firm ahead of Najib visit - http://www.themalaysianinsider...jib-visit/

Speech by the British High Commissioner at the British Malaysia Society event - http://ukinmontserrat.fco.gov....=599960082

Jibby & gang going to Rome next to meet the Pope...

To talk about the "Allah" issue or Bolehland's donation to the Vatican?

How about this...

OANA (The Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies) - http://www.oananews.org/view.php?id=187580&ch=BNS
July 15, 2011
SURABAYA, July 15 (Bernama) -- Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is arriving here later Thursday to a busy schedule, which includes a meeting with a group of young Indonesian entrepreneurs and corporate figures in Surabaya in his effort to woo investors to Malaysia. The Deputy Prime Minister, who is accompanied by his wife Noorainee Abdul Rahman, will be here on a three-day working visit until Saturday. Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia after ...

Looks like Bolehland is Leaderless?

Rather, Bolehland can do without them all...!!!

Jibby, Mama & gang are enjoying the last kopek, to spend more of the the rayaat's tax $$$ with new deals/projects !!!

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

:D muhahahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies

'Be grateful that someone still entertain a pendatang pariah who cannot make up his identity and existence nor know his own place on earth to be stranded thousands of kilometer away from his DNA origin.'

So, where's yr DNA origin? Africa, like all others?

See where yr foam-in-the-mouth lead u to?

Muhahahaha.... a real troglodytic thick-head.

BTW, do u honestly think that those 75mil talent pool of Muslim from China or among 150mil of Muslim from India WOULD seriously consider assimilate with u?

Dream on!

Anonymous said...

The Queen seems 2 b saying 2 Jibola, cockneyedly:

You start all innit? Bluurdy 'ell a bluurdy yell thars wot yo get wonnit!

yellowed V

nick said...

Only those who are IQ challenged would argue that the Queen by sheer coincidence wore Yellow that day. Head of state as she is, most definitely was briefed on the protocol and etiquette (especially the subtle message her wardrobe would convey) approved by the British government.

Being a strong willed monarch and with a sense of justice, she might have persuaded the British govt to subtly send a message to the Malaysian people and to the Malaysian gomen. The UN has voiced their displeasure and it is not lost on the international community that England should choose to support UN's action too. It's diplomacy at work and at its best.


Anonymous said...


send your goons over to london and arrest the queen. its illegal, eh?go have an Anchor to steady your ship, hisha.

Anonymous said...

Pak Ibrahim .....get your goons to protest at Buckingham Palace. Lodge reports at all England's police stations, Scotland Yard, M15 .....

Anonymous said...

Art, sure you are looking at the funny side of the picture.Of course, you are not politicising this picture and indeed you are no politician. Ambiga also said the same thing when she organised bersih peaceful walkabout. Anwar & the gang just happen to drop by. Get real,man.

art harun said...

Anon @ 17 July 2011 12:24,

Yes. I am politicising this picture. I admit. Thank you for politicising this picture too by dropping by and commenting.

Hahaha. You crack me up.

Main, Pancut, Kasi Bersih said...

?? I don't understand the irony / funny side behind this picture. Can somebody with the real brain enlighten me? All I can digest from the comments are that you guys are all morons.

Anonymous said...

Such a disrespect for our beloved prime minister and the first lady of malaysia. The Queen has forgotten her manners and insulted her guest!

I'd say the government of Malaysia should retaliate BIG time.
1. Demand for a public apology from the Queen
2. Recall its consul general from the UK
3. Severe all diplomatic ties
4. Tariff on all British products
5. Visa for all British visitors
6. BUY British LAST
7. Close the British consulate in Malaysia
8. Special taxes on all British companies with presence in Malaysia
9. UMNO Youth to burn British flag
10. Ibrahim Ali to send his perajurit to UK to demand apology from the Queen.
11. Pull out all the Malaysian VIPs children from schools and Uni in UK.
12. Arrest everyone in Malaysia with the name Elizabeth, Liz, Lisa, Liza, Eliza, Beth, Lizzy and any other name with connection to Elizabeth.


Anonymous said...

Main pancut. Continue with your main and pancut.

You will be ignorant forever. No matter how many art's article which were meant to
"enlighten" its reader, i
t will still be loss to you.

Some entity are not destined to be enlightened in this life or the next 709 billion's.

Save yourself the trouble and continue main pancut

Anonymous said...

So why not politicising this picture also ???






(Rainbow flag (LGBT movement) - The rainbow flag, sometimes pride flag, LGBT pride flag or gay pride flag, is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements in use since the 1970s. The colours reflect the diversity of the LGBT community, and the flag is often used as a symbol of gay pride in LGBT rights marches.)


That photo were taken at - Toronto Gay Parade..

Perhaps also coincidentally.

Muahahahahha.. You crack me up.

Anonymous said...

These peoples also have on 'KUNING' :


I wear yellow to prevent suicide..

Kah kah kah kah.. the color is kinda gay though..

Anonymous said...

QE : " hey, your people are having fun on my YELLOW dress ! "
pm : " I tahu...just they wait till i balik ! "

Anonymous said...

All those comments about how great HRM is and how she cares about the people in her Commonwealth make me laugh. Do you honestly think she gives a rat's ass? If you do, go back to your history books, people and see how the palace ruled their empire..( I mean the one outside their beloved England). We're fighting our own fight brothers & sisters!

Sea MunnKey said...

The Queen is so totally BERSIH!!!