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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A short rebuke of Ezam Mohd Nor

Dear Ezam,

With reference to your manic and almost maniacal spewing of hatred last Friday, I just have this to say to you.

You are an embarrassment.

This is Ramadhan. Muslims fast during Ramadhan. Good Muslims do not only fast and suffer mere physical pain during the fasting – a 6 year old can do that – but they reflect upon themselves and upon their surroundings and they abstain not only from food and drinks, but also from all things evil and ungodly.

The hunger pang and thirst which Muslims suffer during the fast are just the surface of  something which is deeper and more meaningful. Good Muslims correlate the mere physical abstention to a more meaningful spiritual experience. Without the spiritual experience and realisation of fasting, the act of fasting becomes and is reduced to a mere ritual and yearly routine.

Perhaps it was not a surprise that you did what you did last Friday. That is because, well, you are just being yourself.

Jihad in Islam has been totally misunderstood, by the non-Muslims and Muslims alike. And who is to blame for such misunderstanding when there are people like you going around running amok after Friday prayer and rabidly calling for jihad and threatening to burn down news portals?

May I ask you Ezam Mohd Nor, exactly against whom were you going to jihad? All Christians in Malaysia? The Damansara Utama Methodist Church? Oh yes, against those Christians who are conspiring to proselytise all Muslims in Malaysia and elsewhere. Yes, I forgot. But exactly who are they? And where are they?

Jihad does not mean declaring a war. The word “jahada”, which is the base word for jihad simply means “to strive” or “to struggle”. Throughout time, this word has been twisted, manipulated and misinterpreted by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The result is that Islam has been painted with this black images of suicide bombers seeking martyrdom and of cartoons like yourself running amok after Fridar prayer and in the compound of a mosque no less.

The Quran ordains:

"Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loves not transgressors." (2:190)

Yes. It asks us to fight and strive. But only in the cause of Allah and against those who fight us. We are not asked to look for fights. Even if circumstances require and demand us to fight, the Quran implores us not to transgress limits.

May I therefore ask you Ezam, were there any party fighting us last Friday? If so, who? And did you not stop to think that you were not transgressing the limits last Friday considering the nature of our society?

What is the best jihad of all jihads? You think it’s burning down other people’s office is the best? Well please go and study the Quran and the traditions.

You gave a fiery speech. You called for a jihad. You threatened to burn down news portals (assuming it is possible to do so). Well, you could have used your speech in a better way, namely, to call people to the ways of Allah. That is true jihad. Allah commands:

"Who is better in speech than one who calls (other people) to Allah, works righteous, and declares that he is from the Muslims." (41:33) 

Do you know what are the best of jihads to Prophet Muhammad? On one occasion, a man asked the Prophet Muhammad :

“Should I join the jihad?' He asked, 'Do you have parents?' The man said, 'Yes!' The Prophet said, 'Then strive by serving them!” (Sahih Al-Bukhari, No. 5972)

Yet another man asked the Messenger of Allah :

What kind of jihad is better?' He replied, 'A word of truth in front of an oppressive ruler!'" (Sunan Al-Nasa'i , No. 4209).

So please Ezam, take your jihad away. Islam does not need your kind of juvenile jihad.


Ervik said...

You are phenomenal in making an abused word like"jihad" to a more meaningful one.

Anonymous said...

Arty, this is a good one, hopefully EMN gets to read this article, but then an idiot and opportunist like EMN will never understand what you are trying drumming to his head.

Anonymous said...

The fact that he can exhort people in a mosque to burn down other people's possession during the holy fasting month is VERY CLEAR testimony that Ezam Mohd Nor is NOT a Muslim, even though he has a Malays name and hangs out at the mosque on Friday.

He may be going through the motions of prayer at the mosque but he is probably thinking on things other than prayers, e.g. the SYT at the Bangsar joint the nite before.

Ezam has no moral nor value nor dignity. Don't waste you time on him. He's just a strainer on a pee pot as the public loo.

Elaine said...

Art... I don't think he will ever understand what you are trying to say... I mean does he even have a brain to begin with?

rej said...

Thanks Art - not juz becos U put that sorry excuse for a senator Ezam in his place - but for enlighting us in the process of what puasa and jidah means.

shafeek said...

Que se vayan todos! (all of them must go!)

Greg Lopez said...

Dear Art,

I have faith in Malaysia because of people like you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

jgn buang masa layan orang2 yg desperate mcm mamat ni..biar je dia dgn impian dan cita2 dia...bila kita layan org yg pendek akal ni lama2 akal kita pon akan jd pendek mcm dia...

bbt said...

I have not seen Islam and Prophet Mohd. protrayed in such a cool and fair manner.Why can't the religion be this simple like you have put it?

Leithaisor said...

I sent these comments in the comments ection of an e-paper... but for reasons which I cannot fathom, they were zapped some time later (!!!). Anyhow, allow me to post them again here...

One moment, surrounded by the crowd of supporters, UMNO-appointed member of the Dewan Senat, Ezam was so "fervant wira for Islam". And "brave" enough to declare:

(begin quote)
"Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, we are giving you a very last warning. Our warning is a serious one. If you do not stop this rubbish, we are going to burn you down!"
(end quote)

Senator Ezam threatens to 'burn down' news portals
Aug 12, 11 3:52pm

Next thing you know, what should happen when lawyer Surendren stated about Ezam's fiery threats the following?:

(begin quote)
"Needless to say the making of this blatant threat is a criminal offence under our laws," said Surendran.

"The police and the Attorney General must take immediate action against Ezam Mohd Nor under sections 503 and 505 of the Penal Code, for criminal intimidation and mischief."
(end quote)

PKR: Ezam's threats against web portals 'criminal'
13 Aug, 11 11:51am

KOSTAN...... U-turn... "I didn't mean 'burn' literally" pulak. What happened to his "serious" warning? Megaphone battery habis ke? Or lack of spinal column became evident?

(Sounds just like that big-time "war-general" al-Katak who threatened all sorts of consquences pre-BERSIH 2.0, only to cower at home on 9th July because his wife would not allow him to go out, no? .And now want to claim to be taking over the the role of "Islam's defenders" from PAS! Aiyoh, want to try to fool the people again meh... Your croak, croak, croak tadak
uuuuumph lagi lah.)

And what says "PM for all people" Najib and "Do Not Take Inconsiderate Action That Can Harm Racial Harmony" IGP? Cakap serupa bikin ke?

Kevin Low said...

Dear Art,

You remind me of the old Pak Hajis I used to work with and learn from. I learnt not only about my job but also about Islam and being a Muslim. In fact I learnt more about Islam and Muslims from these "untrained" Muslims than I did from those who professed to be "trained" in Islam.

Anonymous said...

I get the impression that Muslims are generally an angry and fiery lot. Always looking for a fight against an enemy, real or imagined. I think people in 'high-places' should think really hard before opening their mouths otherwise it will make them look stupid as in the case of Ezam Mohd Nor. Like a little boy trying to get mummy's attention!!

Anonymous said...

It is sad that Islam has been misunderstood by some Muslims who therefore through their ignorance and behaviour gives a bad image to the religion. Islam is a just and peaceful religion and not about spewing hatred towards non Muslims. I've seen the video and indeed Ezam is an embarrassment to Muslims and Islam. Ezam, pls repent as Allah is most forgiving.

bh toh said...

Biasa la.
All these fellas nak jadi hero but end up eggs on their faces. Of course their biggest hero, er Biggest egg - Ibrahim Titiwangsa

Thanks Art. Everytime guys like you rebuke these idiots, makes me feel there's hope yet for our country.

Anonymous said...

Ezam is a disgrace to his race and religion finish full stop.

Anonymous said...

I worked under a Muslim boss and I can tell you that he is more a Muslim than those noise-making ministers and politicians out there!! I asked him "Dato' how come they are Muslim but behaved as not?" I love his reply!! He said " They are half-past six Muslim"!!!

Anonymous said...

Wah Ezam, ini ajaran baru ni bakar membakar bagus juga,hebat sekali, syabas ezam tapi tau bulan ni apa?

chan chong sun said...

I am an atheist but after reading your article my tears started to flow. Not tears of sadness but of joy that there are still many sane muslims around. It is true that people like Ezam brings disrepute and shame the the great religion of Islam. This unrepentant idiot has many a time cause embarassment to other good muslims like ganging up with those Penang mamak thugs to create disturbance on the Penang Bridge. Shame on you, Ezam, that is if you have any human feelings at all.

Anonymous said...

In Buddhism, there are two buddhas in the home that children should pay respect ..... they are the parents. Saddhu! Saddhu! Saddhu!

The two replies from the Messenger of Allah at the end of your article made Islam so tolerant, understanding, righteous ...... and beautiful.

telur dua said...

What kind of jihad is better?' He replied, 'A word of truth in front of an oppressive ruler!'" (Sunan Al-Nasa'i , No. 4209).

Truly wise words.

Anonymous said...

Is Islam a religion or an ideology?

Only an ideology can instill such passion and hatred against fellow human being - true or false?

vince said...

I think Ezam uttered those words at the spur of the moment when he was making the speech and encouraged by those surrounded him, just like a mob when they go on a rampage at that moment where they lose their self control. When they regain consciousness, they regret what they do.
At this holy month, let's us forgive him, if not we will be like him.

Anonymous said...

A man with true conviction. I salute you sir for speaking the truth.

sang kancil

Anonymous said...

What do we teach in schools? We reap what we sow. After decades of UMNO type of education and not forgetting BTN style of indoctrination what are the end products? People who don't/cannot think and confuse over "form" and "matter"!

Anonymous said...

sad to say, Ezam try to use word without understanding, if he has a cause, go and do jihad against corruption first.Prophet preached compassion whereas he preach hatred and destruction.I bet he will use common excuses like defending islam.

Anonymous said...

Being a Muslim convert, I had to endure many questions, suspicious looks from Muslims and Non-Muslims and even criticisms from nons, even my parents. I even had ex-co-workers who viewed me as a traitor to their race. I worked so hard to convince them that Islam is the right way. I hard to work extra hard to convince them and show how much life has changed for the better as a Muslim.

Then along comes these so-called "Defenders of Islam" who spew all sorts derogatory statements against nons (some imams in masjids included) and embarrasses not only me, but real practicing Muslims as well.

I've seen how the Indons practice Islam there. There's even a church in Medan with a Christian cemetery behind it. No one makes any noise. They are the most populous Muslim nation, with 94% being Muslim, in a nation where Islam and its practices are not forced down the throat of their populace. Do they need these stormtroopers like Ezam, Katak Ali, JAIS, JAKIM and whatever? NO!

Anonymous said...

Islam is a beautiful religion to us who understands it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you understand. Not all his Jihad is for God.
Can't he do it for UMNO? He is not doing it for your Holy Book. Can't he do it for Najib's good book? Can't he do it just for his cheque book?

motherchell said...

Dear Art,
You have explained Islam the same way Hawkings explained 'The history of Time". The nons understand better every now and then with greats as you! Ezam can't and will not. He is carrying the scepter of Evil for his handlers.-- the only passage for survival with the parrots around!!
His end is near-- he knows that and he wants to take on the Almighty now to prove to the morons he a new powerful hero
. He does not understand what retribution is all about!
Thank you Art for the gems in your words !!

Anonymous said...

Methinks saudara ezam fishing for a safe BN seat to stand in for next elections

rokuth said...

I wonder how many people realize that by definition, Christians are Muslims too? We're just a little 'off' the narrow path...
The truth is that there are zealots in all religions, not just Islam. If we look at the recent massacre in Norway, the man who did it was not a follower of the Prophet. He was afraid of the changing face of Europe from that of an all white, all supreme to a mix of people who were predominantly Muslim. Fear does strange things to people, as does hatred. We do not need to give in to either.

halimah said...

good one art, alhamdulillah. May Allah bless you and reward your effort, ameen. I still remember u said, = i m the richest man on earth as my mom stays with me, i can kiss her everytime i wakeup in the morning and before i go to bed at nite=

Anonymous said...

aiyah ...sori lor....ezam passed out his pea brain that morning....flushed away.....or maybe it was lodged inside his ass...le...sori again....ok?

Anonymous said...

he wants to 'jihat' so dat 7 ...oops 72 virgins akan shiokan dia lah !!

Anonymous said...

To be fair, he has a legitimate anger. After years of toil, sacrifices and steadfast loyalty, he is today cast out like a piece of worthless garbage. But to put on religious robes of righteousness to create for himself that aura of 'sacred authority' will not work. Again it's just another feeble attempt to use religion to legitimize power. Maybe he ought to ponder on this incident in his quiet moments. Only then he will realized that he should direct his explosive anger at the one who has betrayed him instead of using others as a hitting board.

Anonymous said...

At least this month of Ramadan taught us something.....A MALAY is not necessarily a good Muslim. He is actually STARVING. The spirit and values of 'puasa' is beyond him. How sad.

Abrocadabro said...

Ezam is one real desperate politician - trying to impress his current political master - after having failed the last one.

How else can he gain their trust? Only by being a fanatic like Ibrahim "the Katak" Ali - purportedly as defender of the Malay race and protector of the Muslim faith.

Do you think by doing all these, he could gain Najib's trust? Tough luck, Bro. He's Najib's gain and his loss. They are making use of him as their barking dog.

Anonymous said...

Wow I learn something new today .
All this while I thought Jihad /Holy War means go to war to fight enemy of Islam and better still get killed in the process.

Thanks Art for the writeup.

Chirstian Love said...

I am a Christian, well explain and sharing. At least I know that the word in Quran do show mercy and love. Thanks Art, and thanks for rebuke to Enzam, unless he convicted and repent. Otherwise, he is lost sheep.

Anonymous said...

This is the guy who with the other gansters were stopping the traffic on the Penang bridge. They still cannot accept the current state government of Penang.

flyer168 said...

"A short rebuke of Ezam Mohd Nor"


You have put it wonderfully & straight to the point, syabas.

In Bolehland it is the "Holier than thou" Ketuanan UMNOputras vs the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, etc

Their version has & will always be...

To insult Islam, Muslims, the Malay Race & the other peace loving citizens -

Threatening & creating fear...like the Mafia!

They are just "Super Butlers" to their "Masters"....hoping for Brownie points.

And they are the ones creating the "Reaction" by the non muslims...

Please read this...

Islam and Apostasy » Publications » Family Security Matters - http://www.familysecuritymatte...detail.asp

Quote "Late last year, Pamela Geller was interviewed with an Imam from New York over the plans for the World Trade Center mosque.

During the interview the issue of apostasy was raised by Geller.

The Imam calmly opened his Koran and quoted,

"there is no compulsion in religion, it is stated right here in the Koran."

The verse reads:

“Let there be no compulsion in religion.

Truth has been made clear from error.

Whoever rejects false worship and believes in God has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks.

Finally to share this...

For the remembrance of universal values upon this holy day, free and peaceful peoples declared 23 February as “World Islam Day”, emphasizing universal values such as justice, law, brotherhood, peace, security, and faith.

The Last Sermon - The Farewell Sermon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Farewell_Sermon

The Last Sermon (Khutbah) was given by Prophet Muhammad.

•Inspired by a verse of the Holy Koran (Koran, Mâide 3), he said:

“Today I brought your religion a completion for you and I chose Islam for you“

Islam religion was actually completed.

•The Last Sermon emphasises basic human rights, not only rights for Muslims, but for all mankind.

•The Prophet Muhammad asked that this holy message be spread from those who heard to those who did not hear.

•The faithful consider the Prophet Muhammad presented a gift to mankind on that day.

The Last Sermon, which is the summary and completion announcement of Islam, is a major step for mankind, presented to not only Muslims but all mankind.

More so....during this fasting month of Ramadan.

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Art.....Thank you so much for writing about this Idiot.....I just hope he is following your blog and gets to read this. I think this idiot just want attention la....damn pathetic!!! Once again...Good job Art!!!

Anonymous said...

Aku rasa mamat ni asyik tengok cerita Hantu Mak Limah. Tu yang asyik nak bakar je. Character dia pun lebih kurang dalam cerita tu. Mamat Khalid ada banyak pilihan kalau nak cari pelakon komedi. Cerita baru ...Pulanglah kepangkal jalan.

BOGO said...

Dear Art,

Our enemiesare our imperfect senses like anger, lust, greed and envy. One should declare 'Jihad' to fight against their own imperfect senses, then focus on the teachings of their respective scriptures (as-it-is) or the messengers of God to ultimately serve God and His devotees in the way it's described in the holy scriptures. If all true followers of religion do this, the earth we live in now will be like HEAVEN or even better.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

God does not need human beings to defend God but politicians need to defend themselves against their own species, ...sadly, religion has been hijacked..

Anonymous said...

There you are this is the kinda Muslims that this country need not of Ezam, Ibrahim or others of the same breed. If Islam is the right path, pls show non muslims how it should be done.

Anonymous said...

For a man like EMN, it is simply a matter of him having a "small" voice straining to be heard by his daddy. Its always easy to make a noise but can he stand behind it? I think not.

Balanced said...

Dear Art,

You and I know how Islam started and why there are so many similarities between Islam and Christianity. It is time that people like you take an active role to educate the misguided muslim followers and leaders to go back to the Quran for truth. (Personal note : We walked to the Underground station together in London after the dinner talk with RPK on May 31. May I have your mobile no. so that I can invite you for lunch?)

Anonymous said...

It is exactly people like Ezam that makes me embarrassed to admit I am a muslim

Anonymous said...

who give religion a bad name? not religion by itself but the followers,...

not surprised some dont understand,i even read some scholars quoted sayings that are extra-quranic, yet some believe them

make fun said...

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Anonymous said...

@bbt "..have not seen Islam and Prophet Mohd. protrayed in such a cool and fair manner.Why can't the religion be this simple like you have put it?" = this religion IS simple... it's based on LOGIC - there's no argument about it.. it's the PEOPLE who made it to look complicated and evil...

Anonymous said...

He is not afraid of corruption but however he is scare of,..not being perceived as 'true' muslim, that why he defending this and that

Anonymous said...

UMNO thuggery personified.

i rest my case.

Sea MunnKey said...

ART for PM!!! Screw the rest of the present government!!

Use The Power Of Your Vote To KICK-OUT Umno/BN! said...

Scums and traitors like Ezam, Nalla and other Shit-holes of the same kind deserve to come home to roost in the UMNO pit of vipers and venomous snakes!

Basically you just ignore them, don't waste your time, comrades!

Prepare diligently for the crucial "Mother of All Battles - GE13"

KICK the UMNO-BN mutther-fuckers OUT once and for all!