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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I don’t know whether I am supposed to cry, laugh, jump for joy, do a poco-poco or just polish my shoes.

But, according to a Malaysian Insider report, Tun Dr Mahathir now agrees that the ISA should be repealed. He however denies that the ISA had been abused.

The good Tun also said that Malaysia’s decision to repeal the ISA puts us on a “higher moral ground” than the UK or US as these countries apparently now detain people without trial.

Good one Tun. Thank you for firstly admitting that with the ISA around, we, as a nation, were on a lower moral ground. I agree with that.

By the way, the UK and US do not detain journalist,  opposition politicians, people with political ideologies or belief which happen to be different from yours, people who spread stupid rumours via text messages (we call “sms”), a Muslim who apparently converted to Christianity and who apparently was actively trying to convert other Muslims to Christianity, passport forgers, bloggers and the likes.

The US does not even detain its own citizen without trial. They only detain “aliens” under the Patriot Act. Even then, the remedy of habeas corpus is readily and absolutely available to them. The US’ attorney general is obligated under the Patriot Act to make a report on all the detainees for the scrutiny of the Senate every six months.

Here, it was you who amended the ISA to take away the power of the Courts in relation to habeas corpus. The Courts, after your amendment, could only look at fullstops and comas while entertaining habeas corpus applications.

You also amended the Federal Constitution to take away the Court’s inherent and judicial powers. Our courts are the only courts in the whole universe which DO NOT HAVE JUDICIAL POWERS UNLESS THE PARLIAMENT SAYS SO!

(And here we have people like Tun Zaki, the ex Chief Justice declaring that he has managed to restore our Courts to its former glory. Has he even read article 121 of the Federal Constitution?)

By the way I have only one question.

If the ISA is so bad, so much so that it makes Malaysia and all of us to be on a low moral ground, and so much so that Tun DrM agrees that it should be repealed, doesn’t that make all actions under or pursuant to the ISA abusive?


Anonymous said...

you left out the case where we detained a journalist under ISA for the sake of her SAFETY!

LAT said...

Well, looks like BN has one stone to kill 2 birds ! Repeal ISA "sound" very good to the general public so that BN will garner a few more votes for this so call "good" move by BN whether it be eventually repealed in the Parliament ; if BN lost in the next GE13 then they would pressure the PR government to repeal & implement in full legal force their "sound good" idea of repealing ISA to save these crooks from being check-in to the Lakeside Hotel Kamunting and also to paint a very bad picture against PR if they fail to repeal what BN has intentionally failed to repeal. I would say that our current PM (N) & the longest serving ex PM (M) have shared the very same high paid adviser on this "sound good" repeal of ISA again at the expense of we good tax payers monies.
Memang "Ada Udang Disebalik Batu".

C++ said...

Bhai Art...

Let forgive that fella la... after all .. he is "Mudah Lupa" type... hahaha...

By the way... it's his "Cari Makan" remarks la... hahaha

Anonymous said...


The shape-changing skill of that mamak is legendary, so why work on it?

Just to shift the discussion gear into the 2nd (I missed the late one on The triumph of civil society), let's go back to Raja Aziz Addruse's cynical remark of 'keep knocking'.

What happened after the 1st wooden door crumpled & yet a second steel door was revealed?

Knocked with a hammer now instead of yr bare hands?

Enough time & patience to repeat the same ordeal once again? Sketches of Nelson Mandela/Mohandas Gandhi all over again?

7 billion people on Earth now - yet we got only two INDIVIDUALS, Mandela & Gandhi, over a period of 80yrs. The chance of such human endurance repeat again, within a GROUP, is almost zilch.

So, I wouldnt celebrate any time soon for this repeal of the ISA, while the contents of the two new replaced laws r unknown.

Rosmajib has a persistency of showing flip-flopping, just like Abdullah. Perhaps this is the meme of the stereotyped umnoputra!

In short, this act IS not sincere!

Rather than repeal the ISA it would be much HONORABLE to reword & to strengthen the democratic nature of the ISA, iff that's the intention in the 1st place.

Remember old wine in new bottle? NEP replaced by NDP, then morphed into NVP - they r all the same in content except in acronym!

Thus, looking in this light, any surprise that that mamak would now trying to defense Tunku, for Tunku's role in Malaya independence? Any wonder his current word about changing ISA?

Crocodile tear, through & through. A stereotype umno meme, indeed.

Yusof said...

Dying to read your comments on Mat Sabu's charge...

nick said...

That's TDM for you, quick to take credits for things he didn't earn and equally quick to shift blames on mistakes, abuses, mismanagement and corruption that he perpetuated. TDM, master of sleight of hand! Now you see the Petronas Money and then you don't, cos what left is the debt of hundreds of billions. Thus his slogan of Malaysia Boleh (jalan!!!!)


Shujata said...

I hear you...Well said, as always!

Pop Yea Yea said...

I thought Tun Kutu died already and the guy you see around is some well paid joker.

Malaysia only has a history of less than 5.5 decades. The Yanks and the Brits have been doing bad stuffs for centuries. Whatever is called or is similar to ISA is same thing by any name. Call an apple by any other name it's still what Eve gave to Adam.

Donno why Malaysians would be conned by Tun Kutu. When he implied the West was no better in this particular sense ...Tun Kutu is just as bad as those guys anyway! Of course Malays have a "kengkang" idea about history. Isn't it enough when Zainal Kling "kangkang" himself told us his greatest thesis?

Whatever happened in history that's bad had happened long before Tun Kutu was born.

Should he imply he's as "good" or as "bad" as the West don't matter. He was so inadequate he had to screw us up with the big scam of Hicom and Proton. All of a sudden stupid UMNO and other Malaysians think they had arrived.


Many Malaysians feel scammed now perhaps it's because only they've realized they been screwed by inadequate Mahathir and his stupid Proton project!

I don't feel inadequate ... I just feel I wanna fix these screwups and feel greater. Why do I need APCO who must have been working for Tun Kutu for babi years or those MFs in McKinsey?

Have to admit the Malay voters who voted for UMNO and BN feel pretty stupid by now!

When Tun Kutu said the West are just scums following Malaysia's ISA, maybe I'd have believed him if he had put on his Nehru jacket when he said that! ;)

LoyarBeruk said...

Ayo, that fella Dr M really don't know how to retire lah. He and Kuan Yew same same lah.

The system is - first you become a youth leader, then you become a politician, then if you're lucky, PM. Then after that you retire and become Elder Statesman.

NOT Elder Politician. Elder STATESMAN.

Stop playing politics lah Tun. Your time is over in the political arena. This country needs you to do us a big favour and become an ELDER STATESMAN lah.

You should motivate the country to be better by motivating the political players to be better. Not descend into the arena and play politics!

An Elder Statesman would say - "Yes, ISA abolishment is a good thing for the nation. I wished the country was ready for its abolishment when I was PM, but it wasn't. Abuse of ISA? Yes, of course there is abuse just like all other laws are open to abuse. But we need to make sure the new act makes it more difficult to abuse."

Now THAT's what an Elder Statesman should say...