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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is it really, Professor? #2

Out in the Midday Sun - The British in Malaya 1880-1960 cover

Out in the Midday Sun - The British in Malaya 1880-1960

Need I say more?

*thank you to Shirzad Lifeboat who shares this on fb.


Anonymous said...

"Oi depa pakai diut saja jadi minyak pelicin no, bayar Malay Chief yang hilang power dan dignity.

Sekarang depa kata depa ada dignity tapi pasal apa dok ambik duit minyak lagi ha. Aku hearan juga no. Kali ni duit minyak rakyat pula yang bayar.

Apanama said...

Thank you for sharing this bro

Anonymous said...

Nahhh! That copy you put up is an excerpt from a fiction.

Who are you to challenge esteemed and learned people like a Professor, a Professor Emeritus and a former Prime Minister?

If they say something is white even though it is black, everyone MUST agree that it is white. Otherwise, they use ISA against you ... or the new laws, ISA 2.0

Anonymous said...


The UMNO fellas including their number 1 member TDM cannot read nor understand the English language which explains why they believed Malaya was never colonised by the Brits.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is not under UMNO or the Malays. It was the Alliance or the Barisan Nasional that had full control. All this talk about the Malays in control is non-sense!

Anonymous said...

But why, only now, are they coming out with this new revelation ?
I mean this new twist...

Malaysian historians just realised it ?

Or they just found the right time to share this ....I mean the convenient time.

Sorry someone told them this was a convenient time to open up ?


malek said...

I have the book!
Bought it in England back in 2001!

The screenshot is from page 29 in the second chapter, The Meeting of Two Worlds...

KhoodanKling said...

Khoo Khay is a Chinese extremist. the latest he said there was no such thing as Hang Tuah or Puterei Hang Lipo.

Khoo Khay Kim adalah seorang extrmist Cina. Trbaru dia kata Hang Tuah tak wujud. Puteri Hang Li Po pun tak ade. Tak ada hubungan antara Cina dan Melaka. Tak ada Cheng Ho etc.

This old man has his own reasoning to say that the Sultans were never colonised. In his NST article he said that this means the Chinese immigrants were invited by the Sultans and not the English. Get it! therefore they are legit.

Khoo Khay Kim ni penipu. Kalau Cina dah jadi rakyat Tanah Melayu why did the British put them in concentration camp New Villages. Why did the Sultans bantah British ambil tanah untuk buat New Villages. Tanah ini masih hak jajahan Sultan Perak.

Jangan hairan, dont be surprised next he will say the Chinese Emperor is the righful Sultans in Tanah Melayu... crap pot Cina..

Yang hairan Kling pun setuju.. dah sama kononnya professor..ngok..